Chronicles of the Black Knight

Chapter 13


"Since you're new around here we'll be giving a trial mission to start out with," said Mard.

Jason stood before him, the Tartarus guild mark having recently been branded on his right forearm.

"What is my mission?"

"There is a very unique item in a very secure facility.  It's called the Nightingale Armor.  It increases the magical power of the wearer.  Most of the demons here can't use it, but it would do you much good.  Your mission is to steal it."

"What am I to do?"

"Do whatever you see fit."  Mard left him and Jason exited the guild hall.

Jason snuck through the window of the complex, it was the dead of night.  He ran into a guard but quickly dispatched him a blow to the head, knocking him unconscious.  Jason quickly ran through the complex, silently and quickly dispatching any opposition he encountered, yet he had not killed anyone.  He went through a door and he saw it: the Nightingale Armor, an armor as black as night.  He saw someone turn around and point a gun at him, Jason quickly closed the distance between them disarmed, he was about to go for a knockout punch when he noticed something.  The fear in his eyes.

"Please don't hurt me," he whimpered.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you," said Jason. "Just don't try to stop me."

He ran over to the Nightingale Armor and reached out to grab it, but the armor contorted around him and attached it to him.  The armor had automatically put it on him.

"Well that's strange."

"You're so much more powerful now," said a voice.

"Who said that?" said Jason looking around. He didn't see anyone except for the guard.

"I did," said the voice again. "You remember poor old Mephiles right?"

"You!  You're the demon that entered my body."

"I couldn't maintain control of your body, but maybe I can, if even for a split second..."

Suddenly Jason's eyes turned black and he made a finger gun at the guard.

"No!" Jason called, being unable to control his own body.

"Black Bullet!" A black beam went from Jason's finger gun piercing the guard.  He fell to the ground, blood oozing from the hole in his chest, his face contorted in a combination of fear and pain.  Jason's eyes turned back to normal.

Jason sunk to his knees.  "What have I done?"

"Don't worry Jason, you didn't do anything"

Chronicles of the Black Knight
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