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Professional Wrestling

The Odawara's main source of sporting pleasure comes from the pro wrestling federation of the island. The largest being the Archipelago Championship Wrestling Federation (ACWF). Most of the action in the fights is choreographed, but wrestlers have been known to deliver painfully physical strikes and excruciating submission holds. Each match is placed in a wrestling ring, the matches have no time limit to them, and the only way to win a regular match is by disqualification via countout (staying out of the ring for too long) or breaking of the rules, pinfall, submission, or even the rare knock-out. 


Depending on the type of match it is, will depend on the overall rules of the match. The most common match is One on One; these matches consist of two wrestlers and their managers (optional). The objective is to wear out the enemy until one can either pin their opponent, make them submit, or (at rarest of times) knock them out. The basic rules of a One on One bout are as followed:

  • No use of foreign objects unless it is wore gear (masks, arm/shin guards, etc.).
  • If the wrestler doesn't release the other when they are in the corner before the referee counts to five, they are disqualified. 
  • If a wrestler doesn't break a submission move\hold when the opponent's foot or hand is on the bottom rope before the five count they are disqualified.
  • If a wrestler breaks a rule or performs an illegal move (eye gouge, low blow, tight/hair pull, etc.) after the referee gives a warning about it, they are disqualified.
  • Absolutely no magic is allowed in the match. Not all wrestlers know magic, so magic has been banned from the ring altogether. The use of magic during the match will mean disqualification. 
  • If someone else interferes in the match, the wrestler intercepted is the winner. 

Types of Matches

Tag Team Match - A team of two wrestlers tag in between each other; therefore if one is tired and can hardly go on, the other can take over.  

Triple Threat Match - A match between three wrestlers at the same time; it's a race against each other to win before either of your opponents do. If it's a title match and the one being pinned or submits isn't the title holder, they still win the title.

Fatal Four Way Match


ACWF Championship 

ACWF World Heavyweight Championship

ACWF Cruiserweight Championship

ACWF Interisland Championship

ACWF Tag Team Championship

ACWF Women's Championship


  • Some information on the rules of Professional Wrestling is taken from the prowrestling wikia .
  • Hawa11anGam3r helped with rules and Championships.
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