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The Palace


Location Statistics

The Palace (きゅうちょうのてん kyuuchounoten) is the main building of the Paradox guild. It lies in the middle of a great desert. It has six towers on the wall and two towers beside the in the middle of the wall. Each S-Class Mage of the guild has his/her own tower as home, even if they are traveling or are on a mission, the tower of multiple floors are still their property. The two great towers beside the building are the rooms of the Guild Master and de Location Master. Underground there are plenty beautiful rooms to house every single other member of the guild.

The desert arount Palace is a dangerous and burning desert, only members of the guild how know to travel trough it savely. The traveler, who is also a mage of the guild, guides visitors through the desert to the entrance of The Palace.

Because The Palace is in a great desert, it is also a notable resting point for many traders who travel trough the desert from city to city. This also made The Palace a great trading market in Desierto. This means the guild building gets its many suplices of food by buying food from traders with the money from the rent of many visitors who stay at The Palace.

Paradox main

The Palace, the main building of Paradox, in the middle of a desert. With The traveler who guides two visitors to the guild.

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