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The Phoenix Saga is a series of stories contained within Arcs detailing the adventures of the Phoenix Guild. Headed by Victor Alexander he navigates the hazards of expanding his company eastward while ancient threats begin to rise and return. Dealing with the first Dragon Slayer in over three hundred years, he adopts Morgan Deschain as his own daughter and becomes a critical figure in the Guild he leads. As to what end will be met with her power awakening to meet destiny? Only time can tell.

The Cinders of Change Arc

The establishment of the Phoenix Guild and its first mission that tests their skills and limitations. 

  • Unified Connection, Tales of Enigmatic Encounters (Debuts Victor Alexander, Godfried and Noriko Hayate)
  • Birth of Phoenix (Victor Alexander, Diana Lance and Kenneth's Debut)
  • The Slayer's Dogma (Victoria, Christina and Morgan Deschain's debuts; Victor Alexander and Diana Lance)
  • Rise of the Phoenix (Thornton Bertram's Debut, Kenneth, Victor Alexander, Diana Lance, Morgan, Christina, and Victoria)
  • Arts of Darkness (Morgan Deschain, Victor Alexander and Maria Alexander's debut) 
  • Flock of the Phoenix (Vanessa Alexander, Yui Tetsukumo and Wess Smith's debuts; Noriko Hayate, Diana Lance,  Victor Alexander, Maria Alexander, Morgan Deschain) 
  • Flight of the Phoenix (Showcasing: Victor/Maria/Morgan Alexander, Yui Tetsukumo, Victor Alexander and Diana Lance; Mentions: Godfried, Maria Streak, Thornton, Kenneth, Wess Smith and Noriko Hayate; Introduces: Garz Field, Mina Sarrk, Donovan Treuce, Rowlie Bann, Faer Pleigh, Elaine Lyte, and Swartz.)
  • Power of the Phoenix: (Showcasing: Victor A., Noriko H., Wess Smith, and debuting Godfried. In Support, Maria A & Maria S., Yui T., and Morgan D. Antagonists: Swartz, Elaine L., Fiona Angel, and Ketchum.)


Along the Trodden Trail Arc

The adventures that Morgan Deschain takes on her first contract and other happenings along the way. 

Eyes on the Prize Arc

Myst's faction, with Faer's alliance, begins to enact a series of events that spiral the World of Magic out of control to those who'd seek stability and peace. Meanwhile, Morgan forges new friendships and alliances in her continued goal of gaining strength for the one day of putting an end to the Ragnarok Beast's reign of terror. 

A War of Shadow and Justice

The Black Rosary Axis has officially declared war against the Council protected nations. Backed up by the union of the Coven -mysterious underworld power led by the enignmatic and dangerous Blood Queen, Myst- and Black Hell -the strongest and most elusive Dark Mage Guild in Ishgar- they are armed with the forces of Black Vox's prisoners, Midi's slaves (some treacherous sorcerers) and puppeteered monks who survived the assault in Joya. With Iceberg allying with the treacherous criminal regime, the Council Alliance is faced with a threatening force that can potentially overwhelm the countries, starting with Iceberg's long hated sister nation of Stella. Borders drawn, soldiers called to arms and mages recruited, the famous wizard God Serena is brought out of concealment and makes his presence known; who will come out on top in this War of Shadow and Justice?!


The Cast, accordingly, will change depending on viewing time or attention they'll get accordingly to each Arc. As such, there will be a separate list of Protagonists and Antagonists, both with their own support cast, to make sure the list doesn't become too bloated with time. With that said, here's the first Arc's cast. 

Arc I Cast


Support Protagonists


Support Antagonists

Behind the scenes/Trivia

  • This is the first series I've written a Arc List for the RP's we've done and yet to do. Will hope to expand in the near future. 
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