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The Rising Order is comprised of the four S-class Mages of Phoenix Rising. Each has the power to defeat whole guilds on their own and leave nothing but ruin. They are also given command over the Phoenix Rising guild, to carry out the orders of King. Each S-class mage or more known as generals by their subordinates is given a section of Earthland to look after, making sure the guild itself is never implicated or found to even exists. They work in the shadows controlling the legions of guilds under the control of King making sure they do his bidding.
The Rising Order
Phoenix Rising
Name Rising Order
Master King
S-Class Mages Mao
Rhina Marth
Type Elite
Location King's Underground City


This group of elite wizards known as the four generals of Phoenix Rising or more precisely The Rising Order, command the hundreds of Dark Guilds under the control of Phoenix Rising. Their sole purpose is to command their followers to do the bidding of King, without anyone actually realizing the Phoenix Rising or King for that matter exist. They act from the shadows and dispose of anyone who ever gets too close, with the exception of a few chosen people or better worded by King "Toys". Each general is tasked with controlling the section or region they were assigned. They retain their secrecy through fear, as whole guilds have been annihilated when the guild masters refuse to work under King. Each General will only present themselves to the masters of the dark guilds in their region and even then it's usually done in a means their identities stay hidden. Each general roams their region freely, as of yet their identities are unknown to the council for their actions are always blamed on other dark guilds.


These are the regions that each general is to look after. To make sure that King's absolute rule remains unquestioned. While each of the generals are allowed to wonder onto each others territory, they cannot do so without the permission of either Mao or King. Each general is completely responsible for their own regions, with no exceptions.

Mao: Pergrande Kingdom,Bellum,Iceberg,Joya

Rhina Marth: Sin,Enca,Desierto

Amodaus: Stella,Bosco,Seven,Fiore

Gore: Minstrell,Midi,Caelum


Member Occupation Magic Status
Mao S-Class Fire Devil Slayer Magic Active
Amodaus S-Class Shadow Magic Active
Rhina Marth S-Class Explosion Magic Active
Gore S-Class Fire God Slayer Magic Active


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