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"You're probably thinking, 'Why name the energy source for the island a novelty?' Well, that's because novelty means something new; a new idea that is brought to fruition... And that's exactly what this is. What our GOAL is. With this, we will bring about a new beginning."
Magic Containment Room
The Superpowered Universal Novelty (SUN)

ザ ちょうたいこく ばんこく しんあん (ザ ひ)


Za Choutaikoku Bankoku Shinan (Za Hi)

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Megaton, No Man's Land, Isle of Nome

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The Superpowered Universal Novelty (ザ ちょうたいこく ばんこく しんあん, Za Choutaikoku Ban koku Shinan), or The SUN (ザ ひ, Za Hi) is the "magic engine room" that supplies power through out the Isle of Nome and keeps it afloat. Unless maintained, the entire island could rapidly plummet into the ocean and sink underneath the ocean due to its weight.


The SUN is an underground room in the island that contains the source of power which keeps the island afloat above the ocean's surface. The room itself is intricately adorned with ornate decoration, and large pillars which keep the platforms up. Along the carpeted path leading to the containment unit, with the power source within, there are a group of statues aligned parallel and facing towards one another along the sides of the path. The containment unit itself is a large cylindral container in the ground, with the gravity lacrima core stored at the bottom, in the middle of its diameter. The lacrima itself is fed with light energy from smaller lacrima, which is filled with the solar energy produced from sunlight. The room itself did not exist during the island's discovery; in fact, it was built by Messiah shortly after he overthrew and killed the Sworn Son. He then realized that the island did not have enough magic to sustain life and suspend itself in the air for more than ten years. In response, Messiah searched throughout Earthland for seven years until he came upon the gravity lacrima, and turned it into the core for the Isle of Nome. At an unknown time, he forcefully implanted his Familiar Spirit within the core through unknown means, as a failsafe to prevent his death by the hands of another. It is rumored that there are other lacrima that also function for other parts of the island and are also contained within this room, but that has yet to be proven.


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