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After he finished his solo mission, Arthur returned to his guild. "Hello Everyone! I'm baaack!" he said in a cheery tone, but nobody was there. I guess I came a little early... Oh well he thought as he checked the dining room. He looked at his pocketwatch and realised that everyone should be here any minute. He decided to go to his room and leave his stuff. As he put his backpack on the ground he heard a fammiliar voice,

"We're home!" said Juliet as she entered the guild headquarters. She was in the escort of her older sister, Emily. After hearing her voice, his heart started to pound harder. He ran downstairs to see them.

"Juliet, you're here!" he said happily as he ran towards them. He was gonna hug her, but he thought it was innapropriate. 

"Oh good, Mister Know It All is back." said Emily in a sarcastic tone.

"It's nice to see you too, Emily." he said.

"So how was the mission?" asked Juliet curiously.

"It went well." he said as he took a shiny yellow gem out of his pocket. "Fourth Legendery Gem, Topaz!" he continiued. As he said it, he heard footsteps coming from behind him.

"Welcome back." Sakura said as she and Ryuunosuke were walking into the room. "With this, three of the 7 gems have been found. Good work."

"Thank you!" said Arthur as he put the gem around his neck. "Would you mind if I keep it? It has a great sentimental value to me... The previous owner and I were really close, even thoe we knew eachother for only four weeks."

"What do you mean by knew?" asked Juliet.

"Well, he's kind of, um... Here." he said as he took a yellow key. "He was about to die, but when our gems touched, he became a spirit. This is his key." he said in a sad tone.

"Well he's alive ain't he?" Shana said to comfort him as she came into the room. "It's not like you won't be able to see him again since you have his key you know. If you let the past haunt you, you'll be one of the first to be taken down in a battle."

"Yeah, well... I guess you're right." said Arthur as he clutched the key.

"So what wa- Is his name?" asked Juliet who was trying to cheer him up.

"Zaha. Well, it's not his real name, he lost all his memory, but he likes that name, so he named himself Zaha" he said as he tried to smile. "Anyway, I haven't eaten anything homemade in like five weeks" said Arthur as he put the key back into his pocket.

"Then let's have lunch." Eriko said as she was bringing food to the table. "You must be hungry from your trip."

"Yes ma'am!" said Arthur as he sat on his chair.

"After this, get some rest before we go looking for the next gem I've located." Ren said as he was tinkering with the device he had given Arthur to track down the gems. He was currently improving it.

"Mr. Know It All just became Mr. Gem Finder... No comment." said Emily sarcasticly, but Arthur didn't even bother to answer.

"What do you mean by 'we'?" asked Arthur who was confused. "I'm having company?" he continiued in a bit more excited tone. "Who's it gonna be?".

"I'll be helping you out from the base." Ren replied as he pushed his glasses up. "Emily and Juliet also insisted in coming with you. Kurogane will be on standby for this as well. Shana will be sniping for you and Eugene... Wait, where is he?" Ren asked confused

"I'm right here." Eugene said seemingly having appeared out of nowhere, causing everyone to jump in surprise.

"When did you get here!?!" Shana exclaimed in surprise. 

"I was here the entire time." Eugene replied calmly furthering everyone's shock.

"Do you guys ever get used to this?" asked Arthur refering to Eugenes mystical appearance. The Nakamura sisters shook their head. "So you insisted on going with me? Why?" asked the young celestial spirit mage.

"Well... Um..." said Juliet as she began to blush. "I wa-We were worried about you." she continiued.

"Well it's gonna be a lot easier with you guys." said Arthur. "What gem did you find? And where is it?" he asked Ren.

"The ruby gem has been located in the city of Aino." Ren replied as he finished improving the radar. "The exact location and owner is unknown but we've pinpointed it down to a private school in the area."

"So when are we leaving?" asked Arthur excitedly.

"You just came back from a mission, you should be resting." said Juliet in a worried voice.

"Pffff I'm fine... The last two days I didn't do much." said Arthur as he finished his meal. 

"We probably won't be doing much for the first part of this so I think we should be fine if all we're doing today is searching for the owner." Kurogane said with a kind smile to reassure her. "How about this? Arthur won't be involved in any combat today if there's any?"

"That should be good enough." Eugene agreed. 

"But... I'm perfectly fine." said Arthur, but Juliet gave him a serious look. Arthur sighed quietly. "Fine, I'll just sit and watch." he said.

Juliet felt relieved. "Now if you'll excuse us, we need to pack for the mission." said Juliet quietly as she went upstairs, towards her room. Emily followed her. After five minutes, everyone was ready. "Shall we?" asked Juliet shyly. 

"Let's get going then." Eugene said as he activated the Dokodemo door which was set to their destination. After walking through the door, they found themselves in the private school that Ren pinpointed it to. "Ren, why'd you set the door to be in the bathroom?" Eugene asked through the communications device as the door already closed on them.

"To be logical, nobody would really check in here." Shana said calmly being the cool minded character as usual. 

"I don't think that's the real problem here." Kurogane said with a somewhat nervous smile towards the situation at hand. "Anyway, we should get out of here quickly."

"Wait here!" said Juliet as she went outside. She bumped into some randoms students. They were wearing special school uniforms. The uniform consisted of a white shirt, red tie, knee lenght blue skirt for girls, blue panths for boys and a blue jacket with the schools logo on it. She entered the bathroom again and took her paintbrush. "Pict Magic: Uniform!" recited Juliet as three male and three female uniforms appeared in mid air. "Put these on, just so we don't stand out." she said. Arthur began to take his shirt of, but Juliet stopped him. "In there!" she said as she pointed at the stalls that were on the end of the room.

Eugene and Kurogane went into their own stalls and changed into the uniforms. "But now where do we put our clothes?" Kurogane asked as he carried his kendogi in his hand.

"Ah right, that thing weighs a lot." Eugene said remembering how heavy it really was despite it's soft appearance. 

"I've got a portal box so let's just put our stuff in there." Shana said having already changed into the girls' uniform, her beloved sniper rifle nowhere to be seen. Most likely, it was already in the portal box in question.

"Our turn now." said Arthur. Juliet, Emily and Arthur entered the stalls and came out. Emily took her Dimensional Card and stored their previous outfits within. "Thanks." said Arthur who was looking himself in the mirror. "I look good in this." he said.

"Dream on..." said Emily sarcasticly. "Now, I think we should seperate in two groups. That way we'd find the owner faster." she said.

Arthur nodded and said "How about this... Boys on one team and girls on other? That way we won't be suspicious."

"That sounds good." Eugene replied. "In that situation, we'll have at least one person with good senses in each group. Shana has better eyesight and hearing being a sniper and my senses are already inhuman being a Dragon Slayer. Let's move out. The guys will search the northern part of the school and the girls will search the southern part of it." He said as he handed a map of the school to everyone.

"Hey, Mr. Gem Finder, take this." said Emily as she gave a card to Arthur. "This is a Call Card, we wil be able to comunicate through it. Also, I'd be able to track you with it, so don't lose it." explained Emily. Arthur took the card and put it in his pocket. The two groups seperated.

"You're prepared for anything." noticed Arthur who was talking to Eugene, refering to the maps. "So, what happened while I was gone?" he asked curiously.

"A bunch actually." Eugene replied. "First off, Juliet got herself a boyfriend." He said jokingly knowing about Arthur's romantic situation. "I'm kidding." He said after seeing Arthur's shocked face. "Actually, we just carried on like normal taking down dark guilds." He then stopped in his tracks. "I hear music a bit away from where we are, let's check it out." He said before going off in a certain direction with the two others following. Following the music led them to a room where through the window, a girl with scarlet red hair was playing piano and singing.

"Beautiful... Voice..." said Arthur who was stunned by the melody even after it was over. He then noticed something strange about that girl. He felt a weird presence of magical energy radiating from the girl. "A beautiful voice you have there." said Arthur as he entered the room.

Upon hearing Arthur's voice, the girl quickly looked up from the piano to see Eugene, Arthur, and Kurogane standing in the doorway and her body began to shake upon sight in fear. "I-It's a guy!" She stuttered in fear.

"Um, sorry, we weren't meaning to disturb you." Eugene said as he stepped forward, gently pushing Arthur behind him guessing what's probably going to happen. He couldn't say another word as the girl had already advanced on him with unnatural speed and punched him square in the gut with full power, sending him into the wall of the hallway as the girl just ran out of the room with a scream. "Well, that was unexpected." Eugene said as he got back up after being hit. "I think you two noticed as well but I think we've found the holder of the gem. There's one problem though, from my analysis, she has androphobia, or fear of males. So we can't easily approach her or risk getting hit like how I was earlier and she packs a punch."

"Well, I guess I could summon Puella or something..." said Arthur as he reached for Puellas key, but instead he caught Emilys Call Card. "Or we could simply call the girls." said Arthur as he shook the card. "Hey, Emily. We've found the owner. You can come here." he said to the card. 

Emily took the card and out it on the map Eugene gave her. "They're here." she said as she pointed at a hallway on the other side of the school. 

As the girls were walking, Juliet asked them "What do you think about Arthur?"

"Just from the time I've known him, I'll honestly have to say that he's a work in progress as celestial wizard mage and a person." Shana replied honestly. "I'm not saying he mistreats his spirits but he just doesn't know how to synchronize with them. It's more like he hasn't experienced being inbetween the fine line of life and death. His way of fighting is more comparable to an inexperienced child who's never been in a real fight for his life. If the two of us went against each other, the battle would be over with one shot. That's the difference between him and the majority of our guild's strong members."

"Well, you know my opinion about him." said Emily. "I think he's a-" she continiued, but got interrupted by Arthur who was waving to them.

"Over here!" said Arthur. After they greeted each other, Arthur said "We found the gem owner, but she's afraid of me.".

"Who isn't?" said Emily sarcasticly.

"I mean, she's afraid of men in general, so that makes the three of us useless. It's your time to shine!" he said, refering to the girls.

"So how are we supposed to do that?" Shana asked. "We're not exactly buddies with this girl."

"Yeah, with Shana, she'd probably scare the girl off with her attitude." Eugene said jokingly.

"You want me to stick my gun up your nose!?!" Shana exclaimed in fury before Kurogane stopped her trying to keep the peace. 

"Actually, it'll be hard for any stranger to approach her." Kurogane said. "She only fears men but she also seems to avoid other people."

"That can be confirmed by how she seems to keep to herself in that piano room." Eugene said. "I'll get Ren to do a background check on her."

"You know, it might make things easier if we had Yuna here." Shana said with a slight joking tone that wouldn't be caught on except for the people already knowing the situation. At this sentence, Eugene mentally tensed up but on the outside, he kept his regular composure.

"Wait, who's Yuna?" asked Arthur. He then looked at Eugene and pictured him turning into firework. "Did we recruit new members while I was gone?".

"As much as I know, we didn't." said Juliet. Emily shook her head.

"She just doesn't come to the guild very much." Shana replied. "Eugene go get her will you? Ren was already asking for help in his lab anyway."

"Fine. I'll see you guys later." Eugene said before activating a dokodemo door on the closest door to him and went back to the guild hall. 10 minutes later, another door opened and a graceful girl with long black hair came into the hallway where the group was. 

"Good day to you all." The girl said with a beautiful smile.

"H-Hello. Nice to meet you." mummered Arthur.

In the mean time, Juliet created another uniform. "Here, you're gonna need this." said Juliet she gave the uniform to the girl. "I'm Juliet by the way, and this is Emily."

"Thank you." Yuna said with a smile as she accepted the uniform before using her magic to turn her own clothes into the ones she just received. "I'm Yuna, it's nice to meet you all, I hope we'll all get along. Beg my pardon, but I don't believe I've heard your name yet." She said directing it towards Arthur.

"Who, me? I'm Arthur. Do we know each other? You seem a bit familliar." said the celestial spirit mage as he took a closer look at Yuna, which made Juliet jealous.

"Now that we know each other, let's work on our strategy." said Juliet in a pitchy tone.

"I agree." said Emily looked at her cards, trying to find out something about Yuna with tarot.

"Yes indeed." Yuna said. "Arthur-san, could you please not stand so close to me? I believe your girlfriend is going to have a misunderstanding." She said keeping her composure. At the same, she used a small undetectable amount of magic energy to mess with Emily's cards making it so she couldn't read anything about her.

"She's not my- We're just friends." said Arthur as he began to blush, as well as Juliet. He then went three steps back and stood next to Kurogane.

Emily put her cards in her pouch in frustration and said "So how are we gonna do this? Solo or paired?". 

"Paired is ok." said Arthur. "So, do we draw names out of a hat or do we just choose a partner?" he asked.

"Hey guys, can you hear me?" Eugene's voice could be heard over the communication devices. "Because we can't have too many people undercover at the same time, I'll be helping out from the base. Anyway, I've located the girl to the roof of the school. Be careful about how you approach her. Even if the girls go there at once, she'll probably become too nervous."

"Roger that." Shana replied in confirmation.

"Pairs of two?" asked Arthur. "I'll stay here with Kurogane." he continiued. "We're gonna stay here, in case anything suspicious happens." he said as he observed Yuna.

"I'll go with Shana." said Juliet quietly.

"That leaves the two of us." said Emily, refering to Yuna and herself. "We'll go first. You guys, try to blend in." she said. As they were climbing the stairs, Emily asked "I know what you did with the cards. Why? What are you hiding?". 

"I'm just warning you to be careful about what you try to look into." Yuna replied with a somewhat sad smile. "What you were doing invades other people's privacy and you might see things you'll never want to see. I'm sure Sakura-san has already mentioned this to you, but a majority of us have gone through traumatic experiences that have scarred us for life. Are you sure you want to see something like that? If you're sure, I'm willing to show you only if you promise not to pry into the lives of others without permission." 

"I'm sorry. I was just trying to see if we have anything in common, or do you like Arthur, since, you know. I try not to be obvious, but I like him." said Emily as she began to blush a little. "Now it's your turn. I won't do it anymore, I promise." she continiued.

"Very well then." Yuna said before taking out a magic card which was just recently made by Ren. "Ren made this card which allows one to share memories with others. I'll be sharing with you our memories of our past along with the feelings we felt during that time. Prepare yourself" She said with a somewhat sad expression before she activated the card, creating a flash of light that enveloped them both. The next thing she knew, she was immersed in a darkness.

"Yuna's" memory 

"Please stop." Emily could hear a scared child's voice break through the darkness.

"Stop, stop, don't kill him!" Yuna's feelings of fear and anger were being tranferred into Emily as she opened her eyes now seeing the event through Luna's perspective. Emily could only watch and feel as she saw Yuna's child sized arm hold a sword, cutting down people in armor to protect somebody. Afterwards, she saw how people were shouting words of hate to her, calling her a murderer and telling her to die before Emily's conciousness switched to another person's

Eugene's memory

Emily felt how Eugene felt alone in the world after his Dragon parent left him. She felt the feeling of nobody lending a hand to you in a time of despair as well as his hatred towards people who thought of him as nothing more than a wild animal needed to be rid of. After a while it switched again.

Mune and Eriko's memory

Emily saw and felt Mune's emotions during the time his parents died in a fire and his feeling of helplessness when he was crippled. She felt Eriko's hopelessness because she was deaf and bullied. Shortly after seeing a few scenes of them being bullied and such, it switched again

Kurogane's memory

Emily felt Kurogane's immense pain while he was experimented on and his feelings when he was just treated like a lab rat. Emily could feel his loneliness and feelings of isolation.

Shana's memory

Emily saw from Shana's perspective that her parents were shot down without mercy right in front of her and her feelings of wanting to shoot down their killer.

After all of the memories had been processed through Emily's mind, she found herself in the same hallway. "I'm sorry about showing you so much of our despair." Luna said with her head down. "But those are the burdens we bear so we can live for those who don't have the strength to fight on. Those memories are what make us who we are today."

After seeing all of those memories, Emily fell on her knees. A tear shed down her right cheek. As she stood up, she hugged Yuna. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You smell familliar." said Emily, trying to cheer Luna up. "C'mon, let's find that girl.". The two of them continiued to climb the stairs. As they reached the top, they saw the girl Arthur, Eugene and Kurogane saw earlier. "Now what?" asked Emily.

"We must approach her carefully." Yuna replied. "Luckily, she hasn't met us yet so we have a clean slate with her. Let's go greet her first of all." She then opened the door to the roof and walked outside. Upon hearing the door open, the scarlet haired girl turned to see who it was, fearing it was a guy but she relaxed somewhat when she saw that it wasn't. "Oh, I didn't know anyone was up here. Mind if we join you?" Yuna asked with a smile.

"I don't mind." The girl replied.

"Mind if I ask what your name is?" Yuna asked as she sat down next to the girl.

"Atsuko, Atsuko Himura." The girl replied shyly

"What a warm sounding name." Yuna said with a smile. 

"And you two are?" Atsuko asked.

"Oh pardon me, I am Yuna Hisakata." Luna replied.

"Emily Nakamura, it's a pleasure to meet you." said Emily as she streched her hand towards Atsuko. "So, what is a beautiful girl like you doing out here all alone on such a beautiful day?" asked Emily as she faked a smile.

"You know that sounded like a pick up line right?" Eugene said with a bit of a laugh in his tone through the communication devices. Luckily, Atsuko couldn't hear his voice or else she'd panic and this chance would be ruined.

"I just like being up here." Atsuko replied. "Also, there are too many guys inside the building and I don't feel comfortable around them."

"I don't want to violate your privacy, but if I may know why?" asked Emily. "I think we'll be good friends!" she said as she patted Atsukos shoulder. Besides, there are some pretty cute guys down there!" 

"I don't trust any of them." Atsuko replied as she sat down and hugged her knees to her chest. "All guys are wolves who try to look like innocent sheep on the outside." As she said this memories of the incident came back into her mind. 

"Well, as much as I respect your point of view, I dissagree with you." said Emily. "There are some pretty nice guys in this school, you just haven't given them a chance to prove themselves." she continiued.

"Oy, don't say stuff that only scratches the surface." Eugene said in a low tone into Emily's communication device, knowing about this kind of thing from experience. "I know that Luna showed you our memories so you should know that saying something generic like that will only scratch the surface of a person's heart." At this, Yuna then stepped forward.

"Something happened in the past didn't it?" She asked. "I'm sorry, but we don't understand your pain because we probably haven't been through what you have been through. But all you're doing is running away from the problem. If you can't break free from the past, you won't ever be able to move on!"

"I know that, but I just can't stop shaking whenever I'm in front of a guy." Atsuko said with fear. "How am I supposed to face that?"

"Well just do what we do!" said Emily with a smile. "I don't want to force you to do anything, but the only way to overcome your fears is to look it in the eyes and say 'I'm not scared of you!'." said Emily, trying to encourage Atsuko. "That's what I did with my bizzare fear of clowns. I did get banned from the circus though, but it was worth it." said Emily as a joke. "Now, are you coming with us?" she asked with a smile.

"Um, Emily she already does that as I';ve experienced first hand." Eugene said through the communication device. "She already sort of faces the problem head on by hitting them with a full power punch. Perhaps we should focus on making sure she doesn't do that first."

"What's wrong? Little Mister Dragon got hurt? Anyway, I'd introduce her to Arthur. He could use some punching." said Emily to Eugene via the communication device quietly. 

"Hey, I couldn't use any of my magic to protect myself or else she'd be hurt." Eugene replied.

"Who is she talking to?" Atsuko asked not being able to hear Eugene.

"It's nothing, Now, let's pretend that I'm a guy. I'm gonna say hello. What do you do?" asked Emily as she looked at Atsuko.

"Well, I guess I'd say hello back." Atsuko replied. "But you don't look like a guy at all so my body isn't really reacting at all."

"It may be wise for her to practice with real males." Yuna suggested to Atsuko's fright.

I could use Sexy Men Card thought Emily to herself as she blushed. "I think I know the right guy." said Emily with an evil look on her face. "C'mon, let's find him." she continiued. As the girls were climbing down the stairs, they heard Arthurs laughter. "That's him!" she said as she pointed at Arthur. She then took a card from her pouch and said "Say hello to her."

After hearing Emily's voice and seeing her, he approached Atsuko, leaving a ten meter distance between them. "Hello! Nice to meet you!" he said with a smile on his face. "I'm Arthur!" he said as he stretched his hand towards Atsuko.

Since Arthur was yet in Atsuko's punch range, she merely hid behind Yuna nervously. "H-Hello." She replied nervously.

"Look, I'm not gonna hurt you." said Arthur as he gave his keys and whip handle to Juliet. "See? Now, one more time from the top. Hello, nice to meet you!" he said as he smiled at Atsuko. "I'm Arthur."

"H-Hello, I'm A-Atsuko." Atsuko said remaining in her spot in fear."

"You're almost there, but try not to shiver. Are you cold or something?" asked Arthur. "One more time. Hi! I'm Arthur. It's nice to meet you." he said as he smiled and got a step closer to Atsuko, leaving the distance between them nine meters.

With that, Atsuko stepped back a meter not wanting to get any closer to the male. "Please don't get any closer." She said with fear.

Arthur sat on the ground. "Tie me." he ordered.

"My pleasure!" said Emily as her eyes began to glow. She then took one of her Weapon Cards and released a long piece of rope.

As Emily began to tie Arthur he asked Atsuko "Do you trust me now? One more time. Hi! My name's Arthur, nice to meet you!" he continued.

"I'm sorry but I don't!!" Atsuko exclaimed before running as if death itself were on her tail.

"Way to go Arthur." Eugene said, his sarcasm being able to be heard through the communication devices. "Maybe you came on too strong. Sometimes, the more discreet approach is the better one."

"Well I had the best intentions." said Arthur as he freed himself from the robes. He then approached Juliet and took his keys and Lumiere Fragor back. 

"One more mistake like that and we'll run out of men."  said Emily as she looked at Kurogane. "You're gonna do better then Mister Gem Finder?" she asked him.

"With him, he can take a beating just fine." Eugene said. "The only problem after that is the risk of Atsuko's health because of the Magical Barrier Particles, also known as Anti-Eternano, inside his body."

"Perhaps we should go with a gradual approach." Yuna said. "Perhaps we should have the guys crossdress and let her get friendly with them."

"I ain't wearing a too-too..." said Arthur as he backed away.

"Oh, contraire, you are." said Emily as she looked at Arthur. She then took the communication device and said "Even you, Mister Dragon. Both of you are going to wear a too-too."

"Why not Kurogane then?" Eugene said with a bit of a pout in his tone. "Then again, there's no way we'll ever be able to disguise him as a girl. Ah well, I'm already wearing a skirt so it looks like Arthur is the only one going to wear a too-too."

"W-what do you mean?" said Arthur as he looked at Yuna.

Emily began to laugh like a maniac as she released a pink tootoo from one of her Clothing Cards. "I knew it would come in handy someday, I just didn't know when.". At this point, she was on the rolling on the floor.

"You're being mean." said Juliet as she poured some water on Emily, trying to make her stop. "You're welcome!" she said in a sarcastic tone.

Right after, they heard a noise from the other side of the communication device and Yuna glowed for a short time. Yuna then touched her neck and spoke. "I mean, I've been with you this entire time." Both Eugene's voice and Yuna's voice said at the same time. 

Arthur stepped three steps back and took one of his keys. "Wait. You're you? Eugene, you're Yuna? Or is it other way arround?" asked Juliet curiously. "Why would someone dress as a girl on purpose?" she continiued.

"Yeah, it's me." Eugene said only using his orginal voice now. 

"Eugene has the ability to copy anyone's personality as well as Transformation Magic." Shana explained. "Sometimes he creates an original personality and uses his magic to change his appearance to fit that personality. His Yuna personality was created a while ago."

"I knew that acting like myself would get myself punched around her so I switched into Yuna's persona, one I knew Atsuko would be comfortable to be around.." Eugene said with his usual grin.

Arthur sighed quietly as he put the key back on his belt. He then picked up the tootoo and said "Excuse me, I have to get dressed, literally.". He then left to the bathroom and put on the pink tootoo. As he left the bathroom, Juliet giggled quietly, while Emily was on the floor, again.

While they were waiting for the boy to come out of the bathroom, the group went into small talk. "You know, it's kind of weird hearing your normal voice while you still look like that." Shana said directing it towards Eugene who still had Yuna's appearance. "I mean look at you! You're as feminine as can be! You look like the perfect ojou-sama!" 

"Although, you could use some help with make up." said Juliet quietly as she drew a make up kit and threw it at Eugene. "Other then that, you're perfect!" 

"Thank you although I tend to prefer a natural look." Eugene said as he caught the make up box. 

"Again, it's weird to hear your voice with that feminine form!" Shana exclaimed. 

"Anyway, where's Arthur?" Eugene asked ignoring Shana.

"I'm not coming out looking like this." he said in a serious, kind of sad tone.

"Oh, come on! How bad can you look?"  said Emily as she opened the bathroom door. After seeing Arthur wearing a pink glowing tootoo, she bursted to laugh. Juliet tried not to laugh, but failed. "That's not your color." said Emily sarcasticly.

"Indeed, even when you crossdress, you should wear colors that suit you." Eugene said with his girl's voice before switching back to his normal one. "To be honest, that'll probably scare Atsuko off even more seeing a teenage guy wearing a too-too."

Arthur threw the too too at Emily and said "Green one or nothing.". Emily shook her head, telling Arthur she has no green tootoo. "I ain't crossdressing anymore." said Arthur angrily.

"At the very least, put on some clothes, it's indecent." Eugene said switching back to Yuna's voice. "It appears I'm the only one who can sucessfully crossdress for this."

"You know, that sounded weird too." Shana said.

Arthur shot the door angrily. It was so loud, the entire hallway heard it. He got out dressed in the school uniform Juliet gave him earlier. "So, what now? Do we track her or wait here?"

"It might be best to face her head on instead of going the long way around." Eugene said still using the Yuna voice. "Although I think it means I'll be taking on a lot of hits, we can't waste too much time because we know that the enemy is on the move."

"Enemy? What enemy?" asked Arthur who was back in his school uniform. "Be careful, I'm not allowed to fight today." said Arthur sarcasticly.

"Like you'd do any good." said Emily. "Now, how does the enemy look like?" she continiued.

"With the discovery of the Legendary Gems, of course there'd be dark guilds that come after them for their own benefit." Shana said. "In fact, me and Kurogane were ambushed last week by some people from a dark guild known as Death Hand. It's very likely they'll find out the ruby gem is here too and attack this school to get it."

"At the very least, we have to figure out a way to make sure they won't be able to get the Gem but we won't even be able to do that if we can't get close to Atsuko." Kurogane added.

"A lot of dark guilds want to get their hands on the gems too... Zaha got kidnapped, and we were attacked by two demons, plus we kept getting ambushed by dark guilds." said Arthur as he looked at the gems around his neck.

"W-well I didn't know it was that dangerous." said Juliet quietly as she grabbed the pacifer around her neck.

Arthur approached her and hugged her from her back. "Don't worry, I'll protect you!" he said as the two of them began to blush.

"Oy vey, this is stuff straight from a cheesy romance flick." Eugene said having switched back to his original voice and personality. "Come on Romeo, save your pick up lines for later. Let's get this started, Ren just detected dark mages on the way here."

Arthur felt a wave of anger moving through his body, but he decided not to react. "Come on then." said Arthur as he took one of his crystal keys and recited "Open up! Gate of the Lightning! Ignis!". A young man with silver spiky hair appeared in front of Arthur. There were several little lightning bolts around his hands. "Check out this cool trick I learned. Ignis, focus." said the celestial spirit mage as he closed his eyes. After thirty seconds, Ignis began to dissolve, leaving a trail of golden dust in the air. "Check this out." said Arthur as he put his hand forwards, creating a small lightning sphere. "Pretty cool, huh?" he asked.

"Your point?" Eugene said as he generated a energy sphere of the same size with more power and less time. "Showing off with something flashy is kind of pointless to do. That still doesn't show you're strong. Then again, you wouldn't really know why I say that would you?" He said that last part with a slight bitter tone. Shana and Kurogane also felt a similar fashion because they knew what being strong really meant due to their pasts and how a display of lightning couldn't be called true strength. Emily would also know about what they're feeling having seen their memories.

The sphere got bigger and fired a large lightning bolt towards Eugene, pushing him back. "Whoops, sorry. Sometimes I pick up personality trails from the spirits I replace, and Ignis is... Well... Semi agressive and sadistic." apologized Arthur as he took another one of his crystal keys. Afterwards, he recited "Open up, Gate of the Charm! Puella!". Puella appeared in front of Arthur. "Now let's kick some dark guilds!" said Arthur.

Emily nodded and transformed her necklace into Aqua Autem, her staff. "Let's go!" she said in a serious tone as she began to spin her staff, generating small ammounts of water.

"No need to get too excited now you know, the enemy hasn't appeared yet." Shana said not wanting a teacher or something see them carrying weapons.

"Agreed, we should be focusing on the situation at hand first." Kurogane said. 

"Actually, you guys may want to keep on the lookout." Ren said through the communication device. "There are some suspicious looking people outside the school gates. They're probably waiting to ambush Atsuko and take her Gem. They seem to be at least A rank."

"Since when are we ranking people by letters?" asked Arthur as he appeared the other end of the hallway, leaving a transparend light blue trail behind him.

"How? And why?" asked Juliet as she took the Illusion Card from her pouch. She then activated it and she looked like she was a Majorette.

"Ignis is also extremely fast, and we should hurry if we don't want them to find Atsuko." said Arthur. "A rank is supposed to be strong?" he asked curiously.

"The magic council uses this system to rank any mage, good or bad based on their skill." Eugene explained. "The strongest is generally S rank. Following that is A rank, B rank, C rank and then D rank. So yes, A rank people are strong."

"You three are about mid to high C rank as far as I can tell." Ren said to the trio. "Shana is an A rank, Eugene is a high A rank to low S rank and if Kurogane could use magic, he'd be a high S rank."

I'll show you C rank thought Emily to herself. "If we're C rank, that means we can only observe this battle right? I don't want us, C ranks, to get hurt." said Emily with a bitter tone.

"Don't be like that. We should be able to help them." said Arthur, trying to cheer Emily up, but then he realised it was pure sarcasm. "There are three A ranks here, we should be fine. Besides, how many of them are there?" asked Arthur.

"The only reason why Eugene, Shana and Kurogane have a higher ranking is because they each have had at least 10 years of actual life or death combat experience. You three have had at most a month or two. There's a huge difference because of that experience. I'm by no means saying that you're weak." Ren said to the trio telling them the reason for their ranking. "Anyway, there are about 20 of them outside."

"T-t-twenty?" asked Juliet. "That is like... 7 of them on each of you." she continiued, refering to Eudene, Kurogane and Shana.

"We may not be A rank, but I'm sure we could take down at least five." said Arthur refering to Emily, Juliet and himself. "Remember, The Power of three shall set us free." he said with a smile. 

"What are you talking about?" asked Emily who was confused.

"It's just a phrase I came up with, pretty cool,huh?" answered Arthur, trying to encourage Juliet and Emily. 

"I'll have to be frank, that was one of the stupidest lines I've ever heard." Eugene said flatly. "Anyway, we're going to have to start with battle form alpha, Shana sniping from a distance with Kurogane in the front. Emily will be right behind him and Arthur and Juliet will be behind her in a wish bone formation. When I join the battle, we'll switch to battle form ghost. To you three who don't know it, just fight how you usually would."

Arthur was at the edge at the moment and his body was covered with electricity. "Okay then, I'll spare you the rhymes I thought of." he said as he charged forward. He opened the doors. The dark mages saw them and began to rush towards them. "Shall we?" said the celestial spirit mage with a grin as he began to fire lightning bolts at them as a distraction.

"Way ahead of you!" Kurogane exclaimed already on the ground fighting off the enemy. Eugene had seemed to disappear into thin air and Shana had gone up to the roof without anyone noticing to snipe foes Kurogane couldn't get to in time.

"C'mon!" said Arthur as he took two of his crystal keys and recited "Open up, Gate of the Paper! Charta! Open up, Gate of the Sword! Gladius!". A woman in white dress with a dmsll piece of paper appeared in front of him, alongside Gladius and Puella, who was summoned earlier. Now, Charta, attack them with Yellow Dance. Once they're blinded, Puella will use Seduction on three of them. Gladius, you will use Regressus then, hopefully knocking them down, said Arthur to his spirits telepathicly.

In the mean time, Emily catched up with Arthur. As she looked at her opponents and said "Desperate times call for desperate measures! Summoning Magic! Glacius!" recited the young girl as a giant penguin appeared in front of her. She then used half of the  water she generated earlier and formed it into two large waves. Glacius used the other half and formed two identical waves and they began to rush towards one of the dark mages. "Secret Art: Quatro Nebula!" she recited as the waves hit her opponent, blasting him in the air. "Glacius, Frozen Crackling Hornes!" said Emily as the penguin released a bolt shaped beam of ice energy that froze the opponent. As the enemy hit the ground, he was unconcious. "And that's how we do it." she said as she high-fived the penguin.

Juliet threw the pacifer arround her neck in the air, reciting "Door to the Chibi Spirit World: Open! I summon forth Celia of the Sky!". Celia appeared in front of Juliet and she began to attack the mages with large fire spheres. "Ice-Make: Ice Serpent!" recited Juliet as she created a large serpent made of ice that froze of of the mages. That same mage was hit by several fire spheres created by Celia and has fallen to the ground.

At the same time, Charta threw a piece of yellow paper in the air which released blinding light and has stunned some of their opponents. Puella created three red glowing hearts that stunned three of them, not allowing them to move. Finally, Gladius jumped into the air as his blade was burning. He then made a U turn and landed on the one in the middle, creating a large blast that knocked himi down. At the same time, Arthur released three lightning spheres at the one on the left, leaving him unconsious. Puella then created several yellow hearts and send them towards the one on the right, pushing him back. She then threw one of her tessen fans and have knocked him on the ground. The fan has returned to Puella in les then five seconds. "And these are so called A rank?" asked Arthur as he looked at the unconcious mages.

"That was just the first wave and they were low A rank." Ren said as most of the enemy got back up seemingly not affected. "Pretty soon you'll be able to see the difference between your power and theirs." Kurogane then charged at the foes holding off 5 at once while Shana shot them down. 

"These aren't the same guys that can be beaten up so easily so keep your guard up!" Shana said before continuing to shoot the enemy with high condensed magic attacks. Kurogane kept on fighting off the ones charging at him.

"In that case..." said Arthur as he took two silver keys and recited "Open up, Gate of the Heavenly Bird! Apus! Open up, Gate of the Shield! Scutum!". Scutum and Apus appeared in front of Arthur. The only plan I can come up with is to distract or stun them. said Arthur to his spirits telepathicly. Apus created a large storm made of feathers, traping two of their opponents inside of it.

"Guess I'm gonna have to summon her." said Emily as she recited "Summoning Magic! Aelita!". A deer with oinkish fur appeared in front of Emily. "We're gonna need your human form for this one." said Emily as she looked at the mages that we're trying to attack her, but Glacius countered every one of their attacks. The deer transformed into a human girl, wearing a pink outfit, simmilar to her fur. "LoveBlast!" said Emily as the girl began to focus, creating a small pink growing sphere in front of her

In the meantime, Juliet drew some animals in the air and recited "Call of the Wild!". She created seventeen animals which began to attack one of the mages that were 'defeated' by Arthur, Emily and herself. Celia kept summoning fire spheres, but they got smaller each time.

I could summon him, but I'm pretty sure I'd collapse if I did thought Arthur as he was looking at Zaha's Key.

Emily took some of her cards which created a large blizzard in ront of her, freezing one of the opponents. "We're just gonna keep doing this, the whole restricting them thing." said Emily to Kurogane and Shana. In the meantime, the pink sphere Aelita was creating was getting bigger. Emily said that it's big enough. Aelita fired a large beam of Love Energy which stunned three of them. "Water Slicer!" recited Emily as she created three blue swords made of water which she threw at the stunned mages. knocking them back

Back at the base, Ren heard an alarm and he immediately checked it out. Right afterwards, he started talking into the communication devices to tell his guildmates. "The enemy isn't just at the front, they're entering from behind the school too!" He exclaimed. 

"I'm already there, I'll take care of it." Eugene replied though the communication device. 

"You still can't handle it alone though you idiot!" Shana exclaimed. "I'll snipe for you at least."

"No, keep your focus on the front, the others won't be able to counter some of the attacks without you." Eugene said in protest before engaging in battle with the enemy coming from behind.

"Crap, we're going to need support back there." Ren said as he bit he thumb in anxiousness. 

Arthur looked at Puella. "You can do that, right?" he asked. She nodded as she threw her tessen fans towards the opponents. "Here we go." said Arthur as he took a yellow key from his pocket. "Open up, Gate of the Ninja! Zaha!" recited the celestial spirit mage as he began to collapse. Puella ran towards him, grabbed the green rock on his necklace and released the energy accumulated within. In the meantime, a young boy dressed in a ninja outfit appeared in front of.

"Long time no see, Arthur." said the spirit as he rushed towards the enemies, reciting "Requip: Will Breaker!". Two swords, one green and the other red, appeared in his hands. He pushed them back several feet and some of them fell to the grounddue the pain the red one caused.

"Um... You kinda need to go to the back side." said Arthur as he pointed at the other end of the school. He then gave the map to Zaha and started to attack the opponents with lightning. Zaha has sprinted towards Eugene. "Eugene, reinforcement is on the way." said Arthur to Eugene via the communication device.

Emily put several cards on top of eachother, creating a giant storm above her opponents. Lightning bolts began to struck them, blocking their path. "Aelita, Wind Prison! Glacius, Lava Ray!". The summons began to attack their opponents, pushing them further and further.

"Celia, I know we said we'll never use that skill again, but it's our only chance." said Juliet as she drew some animals, sending them towards her opponents. "Can you copy Kurogane?" she asked. The Chibi spirit nodded as she sat on the ground, mumbling something. She created an eact same version of Kurogane, leaving everyone shocked. The Mist Kurogane began to attack the opponents, with exact same moves as the real one. 

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