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The Tale of Team Moon Drop


Seven...a country situated above the legendary Fiore, next to the cold country of Berg and above the forest country Bosco, it is a relatively quiet country. No special Legends, no disastrous mages, no horrific Dark Guilds, it is perhaps a country of solitude and peace. However, with the arrival of the year X779, the wheels of fate would slowly grind, eventually giving the country of Seven a legendary status...all thanks to one team...Team Moon Drop.

Despite having originally been set as the Author's primary storyline, it has been confirmed that this series will come to an end after Dragon Hunting. The author thanks all readers for having taken the time to actually bother reading his (horrible) writing and hopes that particularly new users will be able to use this as an example on the effects of rushing head first into editing without planning properly beforehand.


The Tale of Team Moon Drop Prologue Arc

Retrieval of Maria Shields

Set Out!

Dragon Hunting

Main Characters in the series

Silas Cocytus

Dante Royard

Conway Blackwood

Mithra Vardiel


Gottes Hexenjäger


Serum Santos

Florence Godspell

Ashuron Ren


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