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The Strange Mage Arrives

This all happened in a very small city just by the northern border of Fiore, on a very sunny day.

Inside the tavern it was very loud, people were yelling all over because of a fight in the middle, it wasn't a fight with magic, but one with just fists. It was two men, one who was very muscular, and the other who was rather small. Around them were a ring of people who seemed to be betting on who would win and of course most thought the big guy would win but then someone came in though the door.

He was wearing a white robe with a hood and black clothes underneath. The man walked up to the bar and sat down, not caring about the fight. He sat there waiting for the bartender to notice him until he finally gave up. So he stood up and went over to the circle to see if it really was interesting. He closely studied the two men and then openly said: "It's obvious that the small guy will win, can't we just sit down and take a drink?"

This made everyone look at him. The big guy seemed furious at him for thinking so and yelled: "How dare you say something that is so obviously false?" after he yelled that, he tried to punch the little guy with all of his strength but since the punch was clear long before it happened, the little guy had time to dodge and get behind him. The little guy punched him right in the spine and he fell down to the ground. When that happened, the mysterious guy stepped in and pushed the little guy into the crowd so that no one would get really hurt.

"When the time calls for it, just forfeit the fight big guy..." The mysterious guy said. Then the big guy simply turned around and stared at him using a deathly look as he said: "Who are you supposed to be?!" and the mysterious guy answered with a calm voice: "Daichi Kitakaze, that's who I am. So let's end this and have a drink?"The big guy didn't accept that but tried to punch Daichi but without effort he dodged it so that he could cover his hand in fire and use Gloves Of Fire Right in the big guy's stomach. This burned through his shirt and made a burn mark as he flew about two meters away, right in front of the crowd. "Anyone up for a drink now?" he asked looking around with a smile at the others.

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