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Somewhere in a jungle that is surrounded by mountains, there was a young boy who runs from mountain bandits. He was screaming for help, he was screaming so hard that all the birds in the jungle flew away, but sadly there was no town nearby. Kid somehow slipped on them and hid behind the big tree, when suddenly a panther jumped on him, he was so scared that he couldn't move. Suddenly panther got blown away into the trees where he quickly got up. A young man with black coat got out from the bushes. His appearance could not be seen, because of trees covering his figure. He said "Don't worry little boy, 'cause I'm here."

Eldred is walking uphill, hearing the screams he begins to hurry to the location he heard it from, he huffs under the weigh of his armour; "Do not worry, I am coming boy." He keeps running, the panther from nowhere comes tries to detain him, with a slight swing of his arm he slaps it out of his way.

The man covered in shadow got visible and it appeared to be Kaito Mizushima. He said "NANI?! Hey, you stupid why did you take my hero scene?! Come here so I can show you what I'm made of!"

"You would take to violence that fast? You are truly an idiot..." Eldred remarked. Looking to the child, telling him to go to the village. "You were made of shadows, a shadow dragon slayer perhaps?" Eldred said with a sly smile under his mask. "I am Doom Wood, The Shattered Earth. And I am a Wood God Slayer. Please step aside..." Eldred gave a sincere apology.

"Idiot you say. Well, as far as I can see there aren't any villages in a radius of 17 km's and I'm not even a Slayer." Kaito laughed. "Kid, you better stick with me." He said.

Eldred looks at the child, sighs, then begins to walk away. "I have no time for this, goodbye." Waves behind him.

"You, wait a sec, I have to kick your ass!" Kaito starts running at him.

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