" Well, we are at the location they desired. But where are they?" Aimi wondered when a large amount of evil magic came from behind them.

" There you are!" Rosa stated. " Ribbon frenzy." She stated as ribbons from around her went towards her in a fist fashion, effortlessly destroying rock.

" Well,well. That isn't nice. Iron sand wall." Another voice said, as he easily blocked the attack.

" Tetsu. Why did you wage war on us." Rosa demanded an answer, in her fury as her magical aura was enveloping everything.

" I must prove my superiority." Tetsu replied as his hundreds of mages came from behind him.

" It seems we are outnumbered." raizen stated.

" Indeed, let's do this." Aimi said as the monster trio got in place.

The Monster Trio's power

" Infinite pumpkin cannon." Aimi chanted as a countless amount of pumpkins fired towards the enemy, creating massive explosions.

" Bug Twister." Hiroshi said as a large amount of bugs came from their centre, effortlessly blowing tens of mages into walls.

" Dance of the senseless flower." Raizen said, as countless bones appeaed from out of his body, creating an indestructible force that was blowing away mages effortlessly while they were trying to fight back.

" Well, that is enough." Raizen said, as he flipped back to his side, and almost half of the mages were gone.

" Damn you, you pathetic trio. I will wipe you all out!." Tetsu shouted and he created a torrent of iron sand aimed at Rosenkratz.

" Ribbon wall." Rosa said as a wall of white ribbons appeared to block the attack. " I never expected, you, one of the wizard saints would do this. Oh well. It seems war is inevitable." Rosa said as both sides prepared for a huge battle.

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