" It's another boring day, huh." Charlotte said, as she sensed a murderous presence. " This presence, big brother!" Charlotte exclaimed when she saw a white haired individual in a long sleeved, zip up, tinted white shirt, and black pants.

" Well, it seems the final of the monster trio is back." Aimi said as she was smiling.

" Well, it seems so." Hiroshi commented as he was observing the bugs outside.

" You seem to have a big welcome, Raizen." Rosa commented.

" Hmph, whatever." He said unemotionally as he left, while giving a signal to his sister.

" Anyways, in five minutes, could all present mages assemble here." Rosa said as all the mages in the guild were wondering what was happening.

The Warning

While all the mages assembled on the bottom floor. The "monster trio" were on the top floor, listening to the controversy.

" We are about to have a guild war." Rosa stated, shocking everyone in the building, even the S-classes were surpised by the fact.

" May I ask why?" Charlotte wondered.

" Actually, the Red sand guild has declared war for unknown reasons." Rosa stated.

" Well then, we must get ready for battle." Aimi said as she jumped down from the top floor.

" That seems sensible, let's begin." Lucian stated as everyone went off, polishing their skills for the upcoming battle.