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"Witch Hunter was founded on the principals of knocking down those who could be potentially seen as a threat. As of right now, we are the threat.The only obstacles standing in our way are the ones we place on ourselves. We will not fail. We will not lose. We will not give up. We will not settle."

"The Mavis Vermillion of the New Generation"

Thea Nexu (テア接続 Tea Setsuzoku), also known as The Dawn of a New Age (新しい時代の幕開け Atarashī jidai no makuake), and commonly called Goddess (女神 Megami) by her guild mates is the new Guild Master of Witch Hunter, located in Crocus, Fiore. Thea left her father's care at a young age to travel around the world learning philosophy. Years later, after hearing news of her father's death, she returned to her home to find that he had placed her as the next Guild Master despite the two never communicating since she left. She took the position and within a year boosted Witch Hunter's reputation earning her the adoration and respect of her guild and half of Fiore.


Thea is a young female of a short stature. She has big, bright, blue eyes and long blonde, wavy hair with two braids in the back that reach down to her ankles with a laurel wreath of grapes and vines around the left and right side of her head. She wears a long white robe that looks similar to a stola, with loose short sleeves over her shoulders that are secured by a round fibula, and a long pink ribbon tied under her bust. It's usually not seen, but underneath her long robe she is depicted barefoot. She is commonly seen with her trident-shaped wand, Azalea.



Patrem Nexu

Thea's father.


Rye Unmei


When Thea found out the Nemo had quit the guild to join Griffin Heart, she instantly placed a target on his head. Whenever the two are close proximity, she often sends Quincy to take care of him. Thea's treatment towards Nemo can be quite childish.


Thea's pride and personal joy. She is really protective of Quincy and acts as a mother figure towards him. She loves teaching him new magic spells and seeing him progress.


Magic, Abilities & Equipment

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Magic Abilities

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Azalea (アザレア Azarea) is the name of Thea's magical wand. It is longer than her body in height, and is in the shape of a crescent moon pointing upwards, a spherical red gem center, and a pointed tip that extends through the gem.



  • Thea's appearance is based off of Scheherazade from the Magi series.
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