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Theia Zhulong Tasya



Teia Zhulong Tashia




Female Female


17 (Pre-Timeskip)
25 (Post Timeskip)




125 lbs


March 31, X776

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Kaelis Wing Kairos Flight
Ten Wizard Saints Symbol BD1Ten Wizard Saints

Previous Affiliation

Dragon Gunfire Mark ImageDragon Gunfire
Ura's Mercenaries MarkUra's Mercenaries
Shattered duskShattered Dusk (captured)

Guild Mark Location

Left Ribs


Guild Master

Previous Occupation

S Class Mage


Ten Wizard Saints

Previous Team

Draconic Vanguard


Chase Grimsted

Previous Partner(s)

Gul (disciple)
Seraph Kinmichi
Kazuo Hashira

Personal Status

Izar Tasya (Husband)
Alysa Tasya (Daughter)
Amir Tasya (Son)
Zhulong (Adoptive Father)
Phobos Aegletes (pseudo-grandpa)


Light Dragon Slayer Magic (Luminescent Alloy Dragon Mode, Primal Dragon Mode, Draco Surge)
Mirror Magic
Cochlear Magic
Siphoning Magic


Manji Sai
Dragon Luminous Blade

Manga Debut

A Cry Shakes The Morning Dew

Theia Tasya (シーアー・多志矢 Teia Tashia), whose maiden name was Theia Zhulong, was once a wandering Light Dragon Slayer that found home in the arms of the Dragon Gunfire guild, rising to the status of an S Class mage. After a series of events, she left the home she once had to later go on and start her own legal guild; it functioning as a place of rehabilitation and mentoring to mages looking to get into the world of magic. As a girl whose charisma is as illuminating as her magic, she draws favorable judgment from all those in her presence. Quickly making friends, Theia tries her best to do her guild proud and become as powerful as she could be.

Once an S Class mage of Dragon Gunfire, she was part of what she thought was the guild's "strongest team", Draconic Vanguard; that is, before her ex-boyfriend, Seraph Kinmichi, had decided to leave the guild to pursue other endeavors. Her other partner, Chase Grimsted, left as well and went on to commit some haneous crimes. After her old partner's capture, Theia managed to convince the Magic Council to let her help rehabilitate Chase, starting a mentor program with him in the legal guild, Kairos Flight. Theia devotes a great deal of her time to Kairos, hoping to help and inspire other mage’s to transcend their abilities and achieve new levels of growth in both their magical and personal lives. She does however spend a great deal of time honing her skills, a strength and charisma that was recognized by the Magic Council and earned her a spot on the Ten Wizard Saints. When she is not busy with her guild, she is often seen in the adoring arms of her husband Izar Tasya, with whom she is happily married to. She aspires to continue growing strong and hopes to one day shine light on the darkness within people's hearts, achieving a sense of clarity and understanding between the people of Fiore.


Theia is undeniably a beautiful girl, people calling her soft features “cute” and “dainty”. Her facial features reflect these soft, graceful lines; with her jaw line appearing like the smooth curvature of painter’s brush stroke, coming to a small point at her chin. Her skin is like silk over glass, giving off a fair complexion that radiates a sense of elegance. Rarely hidden behind any make up, she has a natural blush about her cheeks, a feature that sits gracefully beside a nose so low-profile it is merely a bump just above her dusky pink lips.

She has emerald eyes that glisten brightly in the sun and are rimmed with light brown, thick lashes that brushed her cheeks every time she closed her eyes. Emotions and thoughts crash like waves at the walls of these timeless stones, giving the only insight into the flurry of events playing out in her head. Although her faint brown eyebrows conveyed her moods easily; as if you were reading it from a book. The prominent emerald feature is framed by her soft cascading hair that curls gently around her face. Her ivory hair has streaks of sun bleached fallow to give her appearance a sense of warm comfort, while maintaining a radiant aura about her. Her hair is typically unbound aside from the twin braids that will rest along each side of her collarbone, always dressed in black ribbon. The rest of her hair flows freely around her, reflecting her whimsical and unchained soul, with her layers a remnant of the pixie cut she had in times past.

She is pretty short,standing only at 5'2, and so it gives her a child-like appearance. Until recently, she used to be angered when people called her a "little child", but has matured and doesn't get as huffy. Instead she chooses to show that her size is not at all a comparison for her strength or kindness.

Theia usually wears various outfits of white and black, making her green eyes pop out as her most recognizable feature. Her signature outfit involves a large black shirt that reveals the black tank top. She wears 3/4 black sleeves on her arms and thigh high socks on her legs. She likes to wear skirts and dresses because she enjoys the way they feel when you spin around, but will choose to wear pants when going out on jobs, for they offer her better protection from scrapes and cuts.

In X800 Theia was part of the special "Top 10" issue of Sorcerer's Weekly, earning herself a 2 page spread and interview for her spot as the "number one cutest female mage in Fiore". Rather humbled and thankful for the ranking, Theia graciously agreed, and has the two pages framed in her room next to a photo of her and her teammates. She is also a part time model for Magick Monthly, having even earn the honor of appearing on the cover of an issue.

Theia magazine copy


Theia is a very bubbly person and loves to laugh at jokes. She is overall a very sweet girl, and will go out of her way to help people. She is always up for making new friends, and is a very loving person who will do anything for you. If she could, Theia would make friends with everyone she meets. She is willing to go the extra mile and do truly amazing things to get to know someone on the deepest level, and that is why she thrives on finding the places where she can truly be surrounded by people that she loves. Her infectious enthusiasm has the dual benefit of giving her a chance to make more connections, but also gives her a new source of information and experience, as she will take her new friends' opinions into her existing ideas and come up with a completely new look on the world.

She loves to experience new things, and doesn't hesitate to step out of her comfort zone to do so. She is a rather imaginative person, always coming up with new grandiose ways to tell the same story. All this adaptability and spontaneity comes together to form a person who is approachable, interesting and exciting, with a cooperative and altruistic spirit and friendly, empathetic disposition.

Her free and loving spirit shines through when she is around animals, she has a bleeding heart for anything with four legs and fur. This animal lover has a habit of taking in strays to help nurse them back to health. Her teammate, Seraph Kinmichi, witnessed this love first hand when they undertook a job to rescue kidnapped pets. Upon completing the mission, Theia begged him to take home over 120 stray dogs and cats.

Being the daughter of Zhulong, she is a strong advocate for fairness, and has a very strong moral sense. Having to listen to him preach his long winded lesson, she has developed her own sense of what is just and right, and will not hesitate to let other know when she feels something is immoral or unfair.

Theia does have a few negative traits however. Indeed, she can be extremely stubborn. She has a strong drive to prove to others that she belongs with them, and that she can take care of herself. She does, however, enjoy working with a team and will put her life on the line for the safety of her comrades. But when Theia sets a goal for herself, she believes it is something she must complete on her own, and will get very angry if someone tries to take that satisfaction from her. She does tend to overthink things, always looking for a deep meaning behind an action. So in order to reach her goal, she sometimes needs a gentle reminder to look past those things and focus on what is really important.

She is a hard worker, always training to become stronger, and even when she comes across mages stronger than her, she will do her best in the fight so that she can learn even more about the world of magic and improve from there. This can be seen when Theia entered the Dragon Slayer Royale, where she was pitted against dragon slayers whose strength far outweighed her own. After losing her first match to a Fire Dragon Slayer named Razia Sultana, Theia was rather bitter and disappointed in herself. Having thought she had grown up a lot since joining Dragon Gunfire, she believed that she could have made it much further in the royale than she did. Once leaving her match, Theia has been filled with a new found light to help advance her magic and fighting skills so that she could return to the royale the next year and prove that she is more than just a pretty face. She even went as far to as the women who defeated her for help in learning a new kind of magic that could give her a greater strength to be used to protect her friends.

Even so, Theia believes in a 'humble power'. That those who boast about how big their sword is, are destined to be cut by its own edge. It is her biggest pet peeve, and angers her deeply, when a mage brags about his power; for she believes that those who fight only to show-off are not of pure heart and will never be truly strong. Zhulong has taught her that "If you expect respect from others, you must first show it first yourself. Those who do not respect life, and see themselves above it all, are destined to fall to the wrath of life itself. " That is why, no matter how strong she becomes, she will always have a great deal of respect towards others and maintain her humility.

During a battle, her attitude changes to a more serious nature. She looses her bubbly nature as she carefully analyzes her opponents movements, spells, and attack patterns. She sets her sights on a win, and does whatever she deems necessary to complete her goal. Shown in fights with her team, and even in the Dragon Gunfire's Promotional Trial, she assumes the the role of the strategist and carefully choreographs counterattacks to beat her opponent.

At a point in her history she was kidnapped by Shattered Dusk and turned into a third generation dragon slayer. These dark mages injected her with a serum that wiped her of all the admirable qualities she has, and replaced her personality with one of blood-lust and rage. After the dark guilds defeat, Theia was able to regain her sense of self and return to the happy-go-lucky person she was before. This event did leave a rather deep scar though.

Theia only gets glimpses of the pain that she caused others during her time as a brainwashed killing machine, and it fills her with a seething pain that brings tears to her eyes. After these events, Theia vowed to herself that she would never critically hurt those with pure hearts ever again, and that she would continue to treat life with respect. She was, however, filled with a new found fiery passion to take down all dark guilds for the pain that they caused her and her new comrades. It is this reason that she continues to test her strength and bring light to all the shadows of the world.


Abandoned as a baby, Theia was left in the middle of a meadow crying for any kind soul to help her. Hearing these mournful sounds, a passing dragon, named Zhulong, found the child and decided to take her in as his own. He taught her how to read, write, and fight, as well as granting her the knowledge to use his exclusive Light Dragon Slayer Magic, as well as a name. However, one day Zhulong notified her that he was to leave, keeping it hidden that he knew he would never return until the day was right. Feeling strongly for the girl, and not wanting to leave her alone, Zhulong brought her to a dear friend of his to continue to raise her. The older man, Haruko, reluctantly took Theia in and continued her training in magic. Because of all the kindness Zhulong showed her in her younger years, Theia decided to take on his name as her surname to show her gratefulness to the Light Dragon.

After events unknown to Theia, Haruko had grown spiteful of Theia and abandoned his duty as her teacher, driving off into the sunset and leaving Theia in a pool of tears. Saddened once again, but not wanting to give up without a fight, Theia chased after the man she called her teacher in search of answers for her sudden abandonment. It was along this path that she met a man named Kazuo Hashira who was after the same organization, and someone she befriended to help her along her journey.The two faced many a perilous situations, barely scrapping by on their protegee magic abilities. The men they were chasing after, one of them being Theia's teacher, were part of an organization called the Solis Knights. This hunt for answers led the two mages to a city called Probaso, in which they found that Haruko and the other Solis Knight were trying to stop a slave uprising, making sure the people stayed in their chains of slavery. Hurt by the sight she saw Theia confronted Haruko and asked for answers. What was supposed to be a peaceful discussion turned into a fight of light, one that Theia could not come out on top. Haruko explained his reasoning to Theia, saying that he was cursed with immortality, and that he could not love if he ever wanted to return to a mortal life. Heartbroken and hurt on the ground, Haruko could not bare to see Theia in such pain, and so in order to protect her heart and keep the existence of the Solis Knight organization in tact, Haruko used a very strong Memory Control spell to erase her knowledge of such events concerning the Solis Knights.

Years later, after having found her own footing working in a small bakery shop, a precarious man entered the store. Without so much as a warning, she was injected with a powerful sleeping drug, and taken away to a dark guild called Shattered Dusk. This dark guild had apparently seen her prowess in the Light Dragon Slayer Magic, and kidnapped her to bring her to a secret experimentation site. After the sleeping drug wore off, Theia woke up to unimaginable pain coursing through her body. Glancing down she saw that she had a scar on her chest, reminiscent of aa surgery in which the dark guild implanted her with a Light Dragon Lacrima. Before even realizing what had been done to her, she was brainwashed and turned into a ruthless killing machine set out on destroying Fiore.

After being taken from the operating table, Theia's next memory was waking up in extreme pain in front of a large group of people. She later was told that they called themselves the Toveri Alliance, and that she had just been fighting in a war after being implanted with a lacrima containing Light Dragon Slayer Magic. With this new knowledge of becoming a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, Theia felt a strange sense of anxiety at this new power, but a sense of calmness from being rescued from the dark guild.

It was at this meeting with the Toveri Alliance that she met a powerful mage named Ura Fulgur. Having been an honorary member of the Alliance, Ura assisted them in rescuing the captives of Shattered Dusk's experiments. Theia took a vested interest in what Ura had created, and the type of guild that he was a master of, as he almost reminded her of her old teacher Haruko. After a brief discussion, Theia asked if she could join Ura's Mercenaries and finally have a place that she could call home. Ura agreed to have her be part of his guild, and with great excitement she headed out for the guild building. Her time with the mercenaries was not long however, as a man would soon come to ask for her assistance in building his family.

While out on a job for Ura's Mercenaries, Theia ran into a powerful mage named Aether Cade. Recognizing him from his time in the war, Theia approached him to ask what he was doing. He said that he was on the search for new members for his guild, called Dragon Gunfire. Remembering that she possessed dragon slayer magic of her own, Aether asked Theia is she would join him and his guild, lending her help to bring their somewhat small guild to a group worthy of being recognized across Fiore. Feeling conflicted, Theia went back to Ura and asked him what she should do. Dragon Gunfire was a powerful guild, and they wanted her to be a part of it. Ura, both saddened and filled with pride, told Theia that his guild was open to all travelling wizards; and that even if Theia had found a permanent home, she will always be part of his guild. With joy that she could now call herself a member of both Ura's Mercenaries and Dragon Gunfire, Theia left the small guild hall of the mercenaries and set forth for her new home among the mages at Dragon Gunfire.

It didn't take very long for Theia to become an S Class mage for the guild. According to it's master Aether Cade, Theia earned the highest marks during the guild's Promotional Trial, something that she was quite proud of, as it was a symbol of all the hard work she had put in. This makes her one of the top mages in the guild, as well as the highest ranking mage in current team, Draconic Vanguard. Made up of Theia, Chase Grimsted, and Seraph Kinmichi; Theia believed that Draconic Vanguard stood at the top of Dragon Gunfire, even if the Masked Duo team held two S Class mages. She believed that their teamwork, versatility in battle, and quick thinking made them a formidable opponent for even a guild master to take on. Seeing that her two teammates seem to have clashing personalities, Theia takes on the mediator role frequently when the two begin to argue while out on a job. That being said, the three mages put their differences aside when the time is needed, and cooperate with ease amidst chaos.

This team only stood for a few years, taking on challenges during the Othrys War, and overcoming their ruthless forces with ease. After those events however, one of Draconic Vanguard's teammates, whom Theia had just broken up with, left the guild and the team to pursue other endeavors and didn't say so much as a goodbye. Theia's best friend Chase had left the guild as well, undertaking various illegal activities in neighboring countries, that Theia could not overlook. Leaving Dragon Gunfire as well, feeling a bit of regret as she left Aether during a heavy decline in Dragon Gunfire's forces, she went in search of Chase only to find him in the grasp of the Magic Council for his crimes. Knowing the type of man Chase was at his heart, Theia couldn't help but plea for the good in him to the Magic Council and beg for a chance at rehabilitation. Seeing the strength of Theia's conviction, the Council agreed to let Theia take Chase under her wing for rehabilitation. This rehabilitation program led them to the creation of Kairos Flight, a guild focused on rehabilitation and bringing out a mages fullest potential. With Chase and Theia as the guild master's, Theia thought the best way for Chase to awaken the goodness in his heart was to help others who need it. the guild itself has become somewhat successful and is well known for its giving nature.

During the time that the guild was starting up however, Theia received numerous requests from a man who went by the name of Gul. Asking her relentlessly, Gul desired to learn how to use his Light Dragon Slayer Magic to the utmost potential and would only learn from her. Once things were settled at her guild, and the man's persistence did not waver, Theia gave into his request and took Gul on as one of her only disciples. The passion and vigor that Gul showed in their first few weeks of training solidified Theia's resolve in passing along the skills and morals that her master had taught her. The two trained tirelessly and spent a great deal of time together, to where some even thought that they were somehow related as brother and sister. The potential that Theia saw in Gul was breathtaking, and Theia knew that he would someday surpass her, and so when Theia had taught Gul all she had learned she let him go with the simple request to "find a way to shine light in the darkness of people's heart"; something she herself strives to do.

Only months after her disciple had left, Theia received a message from Samarra Inari about a war that was declared by the Kingdom of Aeternum. Not wanting to be idle, Theia left the care of her guild in Chase's hands and flew to the aide of the Ten Wizards Saints. When she first landed on the continent she found herself in the company of the Koma Inu squad, where she asked for details from her good friend and Alliance leader, Samarra, but had also come to meet a man by the name of Izar Tasya. Their meeting was brief, but Theia felt something stir in her heart that she couldn't ignore once the war was over. Theia and the other Wizard Saints found themselves faced off against one of the strongest of the Nine Elementals, yet their opponent did not seem to have a handle on her magic, and the wizard saints easily defeated her. This victory was one that helped shift the tides of war and ultimately lead to an Ishgar victory. Once back home, however, Theia remembered the feelings that stirred within from meeting Izar, and she set out to find where she could talk with him again. Her actions were a bit slow however, as she received a letter from the magic council, asking her to meet at their headquarters right away. Theia had thought that her search for answers about the sudden feelings in her heart was put on hold, when in fact, the Magic Council summon was the only answer she needed. To her surprise the Chairman of the Council had summoned her, and it was none other than Izar Tasya. He too had felt something upon their meeting, and begged to see if it was more than the heat of war that had caused his heart to beat so hard. This meeting was all they needed for them to find that they would make one another unbelievably happy, and the two began dating and seeing each other numerous times a week.

After years of joyous dates, adventures spent together, and laughs that had been had, the two took a trip to Izar's cabin in the snow where Izar decided to pop the big question. With such elation, Theia agreed to marry him, and only a few months later the two had a small ceremony where the closest of their friends were invited to attend. Wanting to keep it relatively small and intimate, Theia invited her best friend Carwen Khapree to be her maid of honor, as well as inviting her grandpa Phobos Aegletes to walk her down the isle. Inviting a few other friends of hers from her past, as well as that of her disciple and some of her guild members, Theia felt overwhelmed with all the love that surrounded her on that day. With a wedding and reception that seemed to last the whole day, no one felt any tinge of sadness aside from the soreness they would feel the next day from dancing for so long. With a beautiful ring on her finger, and an even more radiant man as her husband, Theia's life was one of the best fairytales she could ever ask for. Only a few months later, she got a very big surprise that would change the way she would live her life from now on. She found out she was pregnant. And not just with one; she was pregnant with twins. Eight months of random cravings and big mood swings, Theia finally went into labor early, due to her small frame having to support two healthy little babies. With purple hair like their father, and green eyes like herself, Theia gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Alysa and a handsome baby boy named Amir. With two little rays of sunshine now in her life, Theia has rearranged her schedule at the guild so that she can spend as much time as she can nurturing and teaching her children about the ways of the world; finally being able to pass on the teachings of her dragon father to those who share his magic.

Magic Abilities

Dragon mode copy

Theia entering Dragon Force

Light Dragon Slayer Magic (光竜滅竜魔法 Kōryu no Metsuryū Mahō):This magic allows Theia to control and create light either from either her own body or by gathering the light particles from the surrounding area. Being a Wizard Saint, Theia has been recognized for her mastery over her own element, having exceptional prowess in gathering light at a faster rate than that of a normal mage to help replenish her reserves. Theia is also able to absorb the light particles in the area through her mouth to replenish her Magical energy and regain some of her stamina and occasionally heal her wounds. She is freely able to create or manipulate the light as she wishes, giving her freedom to generate both free form and light-make like spells alike, allowing for a variety of uses such as attacking, defending or even supporting her team. The attacks could also be changed from having blunt properties to explosive or slicing properties almost instantly and the damage caused is said to be a degree above regular Light Magic. In the case of Theia, her Dragon Zhulong taught her quite a few unique abilities that allow any part of her body to transform into something similar to the anatomy of a light dragon allowing for a more destructive power. She will typically use this power in her Dragon Force to obtain claws and a greater power to take down her foes. After being implanted with a lacrima during the Shattered Dusk war, Theia effectively became a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, and so can enter Dragon Force at will. This also gave her an increase in magical power, giving her an immense stamina and output, and also allowing her to achieve feats such as shifting her body into photon particles to avoid attacks.
  • Photokinesis: Theia has the unique ability to manipulate the light all around her, which puts he at an advantage against other users of light magic. This also makes any fire based attacks rather useless as well. Because of the light dragon slayers ability to control light on the electromagnetic spectrum, this gives her access to manipulation of infrared light. Infrared is the unique wavelength of light given off from flames that can be felt as heat. This is because the photon emission from the combustion transfers the kinetic energy from the created photons to another body, which is what we feel as heat. Even thermal radiation up to 2000 Kelvin is 99% from infrared light. So most fire attacks are rather futile against her because Theia can choose to manipulate the infrared light produced by the flames reaction and cause it to dissipate. This does come with limits however, such as she can only completely cool attacks that run up to 2000 K, making it very useful against fire attacks, as they can get up to around 1800 K. It is useless against elements such as plasma and lightning, which can get into the hundred thousands, or even millions as far as temperature. There is also a limit as to how much light she can move. An attack that spans larger than 40 square feet would be too large to completely cool, but she is able to reduce the temperature a bit to lessen the damage. Speed is another deterant, as this photokinesis would only work if she had time to prepare for it. So close range attacks like fire coated fists would still hurt just the same because she can't react quick enough to dissipate the heat.
  • Light Dragon's Roar (光竜の咆哮, Kōryu no Hōkō): The most basic of all dragon slayer attacks, Theia builds up a large amount of magical energy on the inside of her mouth and proceeds to produce a large blast of light upon release of the stored energy. This is typically started with a large intake of air to help expand her chest to make room for a greater output of ethernano. Due to intensity of the light produced, this roar is incredibly dangerous, and can blast through even the toughest of metals. Theia has the ability to alter the wavelength of the light to allow for a more brute force attack, or even change the consistency of the light to make it infrared. The shorter the wavelength of light, the more damage will be done by the attack. Because short wavelengths of light have a higher frequency, the Light Dragon's Violet Roar is the most powerful of all her single color roars, acting as a million tiny needles piercing your skin at a high speed; while Light Dragon's Red Roar is the weakest of all the roars, but the most “dense” feeling. Her ultimate roar is Light Dragon's White Roar, where each visible color is combined on the color spectrum with the same wavelength and frequency, causing it to be a powerful roar that is said to be able to pierce dragon scales, according to Zhulong. Her roar has been shown to have an impressive range of over half a mile before dissipating out, making it one of her more powerful mid range attacks.
  • Illuminating Dragon Claws (竜の爪を照らします, Ryū no Tsume o Terashimasu): Theia creates sharp claws by gathering light into her fingertips, being able to extend them out to various lengths to help catch her opponent off guard during her swipes. The claws are so sharp they can cut cleanly through a thick steel door and every time Theia swings, the claws leave a trail of light that is extremely sharp and durable that can be used for multiple defensive purposes. Some would say that the trail of light that the claws leave behind appear like rips in space, what with their illuminating jagged appearance that seem to float unhindered. Theia will sometimes use this as a defense, slashing in an X formation to cause a mesh like appearance of light that can be used to block an average level attack. These slashes can also be pushed forward to cause deep lacerations upon connection. The downfall to this is that the slash marks made by the claws can only stay in physical form for around 15 seconds, though when used as an attack their travel speed can easily give them enough time to transverse fifty yards before fading out of existence. Should someone try and catch Theia’s wrist before connecting with her claws, they are also able to shoot light needles from the finger tips, at the loss of some of her claw length, but it allows her a chance to get free and cause some serious damage.
  • Surging Dragon Fist (波動竜拳, Hadōryūken): The entire point of this spell is exert one's own fighting spirit and energy at the target; in this sense, the greater Theia's will and magical power, the more powerful the technique becomes as a result. By focusing her magical power and the ambient amounts of ethernano in the environment to a single point, she will shape it into an orb-like construct. Upon command, she shoots it outwards in the form an energy beam that transforms into a large Chinese dragon-based entity spanning over three times the size of Theia and very elongated in shape; its length dependent on how much power is put into the creature. As the beast detaches itself from her fist and charges forth towards its unlucky victim, Theia is able to control the mastodonic creature through their sheer will and magical power; it can also be done through hand movements for more fine-tune control. Whenever the technique is prepared, Theia is surrounded by a large dragon head made of her own willpower and magical energy, acting as a form of intimidation against those it's aimed at; however, this means that it would work on everyone, as there's people who's will is enough to resist such a fear tactic. The more powerful the will and magical power, the more resistant to the draconian aura. Yet it's strength is able to handle that of even the most seasoned mages, its pure ethernano construct capable of taking on an S Class mage without falter.
  • Light Dragon's Blinding Fist (光竜の眩惑鉄拳 Kōryu no Genwaku Tekken): Similar to the way of releasing an aura, Theia will channel her magical energy into both of her fists, surrounding them in a bright white-golden light. However, Theia will release an almost undetectable amount of ethernano into her arm, muscle, and shoulder’s structure to help strengthen the resistance of her body as well as increase output of the punch. This light around her fist is of a greater molecular speed and density, making it act as a greater protection as well as a means to deal a more damaging hit on her opponent. She could easily use this spell to pierce through or block physical or magical attacks, depending on the strength of the attack. She uses this attack to mostly up the power of her close range combat. This spell doesn’t take up much ethernano either, as the output of such an attack is relatively close range and can be recycled by reincorporating in the lost photons. This means that Theia could easily keep this up for the duration of a battle, and even use other spells simultaneously.
    • Radiating Strike (分かれ出る当て身 Wakarederu Atemi): While using Blinding Fist, Theia is able to alter the wavelength of the light surrounding her hands into that of infrared light. Infrared light is the unique wavelength of light, although unseen to the human eye, is felt as heat. This appears invisible to those of normal eyesight, giving her a surprise advantage in close combat. As most people would attribute her size to someone of little strength, leading them to not fully guard against her fiery hot strike. Even to mages with keen eyesight, like that of other Dragon Slayers, her fists only appear slightly hazy, as if they were staring through the heat wave that bounces off the hot pavement in the summer. To Theia, or other Light Slayers who can see the wide spectrum that she can, it appears as a red hue, the light crawling up her arms like a flickering flame. By generating a great deal of infrared light, Theia is able to hit with extreme heat, coming close to that of a Fire Dragon Slayer's attacks, and leaving her opponent with scorched skin.
    • Photovoltaic Strike(太陽光発電ストライキ, Taiyōhikarihatsuden Sutoraiki): Using the metallic rings on her fingers as her conductor, Theia will bombard the metal molecules with high energy photons from her Blinding Fist to help dislodge the valence electrons within the ring and give the object a sitting charge. Through intensive training and ethernano manipulation, Theia has developed a slight tolerance to the electricity that surges through her during the photovoltaic attacks, but the same cannot be said for her opponent usually. When this strike hits it can cause extreme local muscular contraction, stunning the area for around a minute from one hit. Consecutive blows can cause the paralysis to spread out and increase its duration.
  • Light Dragon's Shimmering Arrows (光竜の水明雨注 Kōryu no Suimei Uchū): First Theia will concentrate her ethernano into the palm of her hand, causing a small glow to spread out as this technique is activated, encircling her hand in a raidiant golden glow as multiple streams of light are sent out to attack the enemy. The spread of these beams can cover a distance of 260 feet straight, and 35 feet across, making it one of most widespread and threatening attacks in Theia’s arsenal. The beams themselves are always connected at the point of origin, allowing Theia to alter the beam's direction after being shot by the aid of expert ethernano manipulation. This makes it possible to strike multiple enemies with pinpoint accuracy, even bypassing hostages held in close proximity. The beams start off at a thickness of 8 inches from their point of origin, and gradually get thinner as the travel down their path, ending at a mere quarter inch thickness at their maximum length. They can easily puncture steel or earth, and even make their way through viscous liquid due to their vibrational frequency. A unique trait about this spell is her ability to increase the number of beams to a substantially large amount, splitting them in half in the process. An initial attack can generate 15 different beams, each which can easily be controlled by Theia. But should she desire to split them up towards their 480 beam maximum, the maneuverability of the arrows lessens, turning the attack into more of a barrage, rather than a pinpoint attack.  
  • Light Dragon's Wing Attack (光竜の要撃, Kōryu no Yōgeki): Crouching down and putting her two fists together, Theia brings about a decent amount of ethernano into her arms and hands. This ethernano swells outwards, taking shape in what appears as large draconic wings, spanning a total of 32 feet arched upwards. The benefit of this extremely dense attack is that can be performed both at close range, or “thrown” from a distance. Once formed, Theia will bring her hands as far back as she can and then proceeds to swing her arms forwards into an extended clapping motion. Should an opponent be in close range of this clap, he will feel the concussive force of this photonic attack like a freight train hitting him head on. The light itself can cause minor lacerations from its molecular speed, but the true power of this wing attack comes from the barrage of force. This is even a two part attack, as a shockwave of pressure from the force of the wing attack will follow a couple seconds after the initial strike. This does as much damage to the body as it does to the earth; effective ripping up rocks and roots half a foot under the surface. This can act as a boosted attack as well. Whereas by aiming one attack at the ground, she can propel herself upwards about ten feet, allowing her to use the force of gravity to aid in the strength of subsequent downward strike of the second “wing”. This increased power does come at a cost, for Theia is subjecting herself to the rubble and debris shot up from her attack on the initial boost. 
  • Illuminating Whip (照らす鞭, Terasumuchi): Sticking her hand out in an outstretched fashion, Theia will begin to channel her ethernano out of her palm into a concentrated stream of golden white light. This stream takes on the shape of an eight foot long bullwhip, with a heavier light concentration near the handle to balance out the sleek tapered length of the whip. The amount of control Theia has over this whip allows her to easily hit her target with the accuracy that can clean the wick off a candle. She can easily use this to wrap around a target’s body to constrict and crush them with great force; or fling them into objects or the ground for excruciating pain. She has even been seen using this whip to latch onto object to save herself from a fall, or to swing herself around and object and use the momentum from a more powerful hit.
  • Light Drive (ライトドライブ, Raito Doraibu):An ability that amplifies Theia's physical and magical prowess by harnessing the power of the Dragon Slayer lacrima that was implanted inside her. The lacrima helps distribute the magic particles stored within the crystal at a rapid pace, accelerating the output of ethernano into Theia’s own magic circulatory system. This overall effect enhances her strength, speed, and combat potential almost tenfold; allowing her to stand toe to toe with enemies that are much more powerful than she is. She effectively enters a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical performance as she is completely cloaked in an aura of bright white light, allowing her to better employ her Dragon Slayer Magic. It is said that while in this state, “the user demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing, and it amplifies the powers of their Dragon Slayer Magic without exhausting [them].” Being a third generation slayer, Theia is able to enter Light Drive at will, making it an extremely useful ability and boost during a fight.
    • Light Step (光歩, Hikariho): This slight adjustment to her Drive allows Theia to quickly dodge incoming attacks within fractions of a millisecond. By quickly shifting herself into light particles, a feat that is achievable in half the time needed in her Drive form when compared to normal. Theia is able to shift herself into photons and transverse these particles across space to appear at a location within a twenty feet of her original stance. This allows her to almost “flash” to a different spot to counter a linear attack or appear in the null spaces of a multifaceted attack to come out unscathed. 
    • Flash Step (瞬間歩, Shukanho): Similar to that of Light Step, Theia will transition her molecular structure into that of photons; but these are moving at a far greater speed. Giving off an burst of 1850 lumens, if an opponent happens to be looking her way when she performs this spell they will experience severe photo-bleaching, seeing spots for around 15 seconds. Now this spell has be akin to a Transportation Magic spell, for she is able to cover a distance of up to 60 feet in a matter of millisecond, but she can only travel in a straight line and is incapable of passing through solid objects. Because the photons are moving at light speed, should an opponent step in her way, they will experience a great deal of force that is able to knock the wind out of them. The photons themselves will dissipate to travel around the object, but because of their strong atomic bonds, they will rejoin back together quickly, allowing Theia to form on the other side of the object. 
  • Light Body (明り体, Akari Karada): While performing this relatively complex and useful spell, Theia integrates her Light Magic into her flesh and fuses it with her body. In doing so, she becomes a mass of photon particles. Once she has shifted into this form, she gains the signature intangibility of the elemental magics, which allows Theia to let physical and magical attacks pass harmlessly through her body while she is transformed. This form also grants Theia some traits typical of light; capable of freely moving around at light speed, being able to travel long distances and rapidly appearing at her destination as if she was teleporting. This can act as a boost to her physical attacks as well, in which she will typically shift into her photon form and travel with an insanely high velocity to her target, shifting back a mere second prior to impact. This will give her punch an amazing amount of force behind it, capable of shattering bones or concrete, as long as she reinforces and protects her arm with ethernano prior to contact with her target.
  • Veiled Body (隠す体 Kakusu Karada): One of her most useful abilities to the novice mages who don’t have as well developed sense of magic detection, Theia is able to refract the light particles around her body, effectively gives off the illusion that she is invisible. This is because no light particles bounce off of her body; rather they are emitting a wavelength to reflect that of what is behind her. This allows her to obtain the element of surprise, or escape from a difficult situation, without her enemy visibly detecting her. This does take up a lot of focus and energy to stay in this form, and so she only has 12 seconds before it begins to take a deeper toll on her magic. But given her speed and agility, this is more than enough time to be able to land a substantial hit, or escape to better cover.
  • Luminous Cloak (発光マント Hakkō Manto): Theia coats herself in a shroud of light that increases the damage of her attacks, as well as greatly increases her endurance, and even her speed slightly. This is due to the light being emitted and recycled into her aura that gathers up ambient ethernano to bring into her body and replenish her muscles more rapidly. Her speed has been noted to increase two fold, giving the appearance that she is merely floating on the earth, for the light being emitted from her allows her to simply glide over the earth, lowering resistance, and increasing speed. When wearing this cloak the light given off by the shroud can help blind the enemy, making it extremely useful, especially in close combat. The photo-bleaching of the opponent’s eyes can last for over 2 minutes depending on the exposure, and direct visual contact with the cloak for over 3 minutes can cause permanent retinal damage. Although those who have an affinity towards Light or Lightning Magic are immune to its visual effects, as the ethernano that flows through their body has altered the physiology of their rods and cones, making it possible to withstand such intense lumens. An added benefit of this form is the resistance to light based attacks, as they become integrated with the luminous cloak, reinforcing its properties. The strength of a punch in this light clad form is able to easily break through brick, stone, and weaker metals; but given the output of ethernano into the cloak, the power of a mages physical skill can be increased.
  • Light Clone (クローン Kurōn): A highly advanced technique for that of a mage, this spell allows the caster to construct an almost identical clone of themselves made out of ethernano. Akin to the ninja way of Shadow Clone Jutsu, a mage will have to expend a great deal of ethernano to give shape to a human body. The clone is able to perform physical techniques and interact with the environment due to it having physical substance, and has an ethernano network as an exact replica of Theia, giving it the ability to perform known spells as well. The clone itself is not of its own free will, but is instead directed by original by fluctuating the ethernano output of the clone’s construct. Theia can even send her consciousness through to the clone to give it the ability to speak, but this leaves the original body open to attack as one’s mind cannot be in two bodies at the same time. This is why Theia will generally hide her real body and send her consciousness to the clone to help use it to assess her targets abilities before getting injured herself. Typically used in combination for a close range, omnidirectional attack, a clone’s maneuverability and power can be highly advanced depending on the skill of the caster. But this is all dependant upon the control of the caster and how well they can keep the clone in their line of vision, because without seeing the environment the clone is inhabiting, their movements would see inorganic and tip off their opponent to the likes of a clone. This technique can be used for more than one clone, however, it will evenly distributes the caster’s magic between each clone, which comes at a cost of weakening the overall effectiveness of the clone and expend a great deal of energy. If the clone is seriously injured, it will revert to its natural light-state, at the same time blinding whatever opponent dealt such damage. Theia has used this as a trap herself, as she will use the clone to latch on to her target and then stab herself in the chest to cause the clone to revert and blind her enemy. Another great benefit of this is that a small portion of ethernano from the clone is returned to the caster’s body, in which their brain will process the information gathered by the clone. This can help a great deal with intel and even with training on a new technique. As the time to master a technique can be halved if using a clone.
  • Light Dragon's Shining Impact (光竜の映射振盪, Kōryu no Eisha shintō): Theia engulfs her entire body in a whitish-gold light, expelling and circulating ethernano at a faster rate than normal to coat herself in a dense, oscillating light that ferociously wears away at a surface like a high powered water jet against a cliff. She then channels a great deal into her feet to give her a high speed boost as she propels herself towards her opponent, hitting them with a powerful headbutt. She protects her head from any damage by shifting the coat of ethernano to be the thickest at the point of impact, allowing it to absorb the energy and expel it out the back to further propel her forwards. Theia then halts the propulsion from beneath her feet to plant herself underneath the bent over opponent and release all the light in her coat to send the enemy flying up in the air. This huge release of magical pressure can launch a target about 10 feet in the air; giving Theia enough time to generate another attack, typically Illuminating Whip, to slam her target back into the ground with great force. 
  • Light Dragon's Wings (光竜の翼, Kōryu no Tsubasa): By sending greater amounts of ethernano to the space around her should blades, Theia is capable of releasing it out and molding it into large wings made of light that can be used for multiple purposes such as attacking, defending and of course flying. Theia is capable of moving these wings by flexing and relaxing the muscles in her back alongside a variance in ethernano output to give her added thrust. A bonus is that she is able to mold and release “feathers” from these wings that she can shoot forward at an opponent to overwhelm them with destructive, high frequency light that releases a small explosion on impact. The wings are also incredibly durable and quite difficult to destroy, making them a great shield due to their dense ethernano oscillation. This mode of transportation also helps prevent Theia from getting motion sick, a plague that devastates all first generation dragon slayers, and allows her to travel distances relatively fast; moving at speeds up to 90 km per hour, similar to that of the fastest bird alive. Previously, Theia was unable to master the art of this spell and could only use it for a short period of time. She had trouble controlling the amount of magical energy given to each wing individually, causing her to give one wing an uneven amount of magic, making her unable to fly properly. But after her experience in the Dragon Slayer Royale, as well as her long journey to find Seraph in a secluded island, she focused hard on perfecting this mode of transportation and is now able to hold it for about an hour uninterrupted, or 25 minutes during battle where her magic is taken away by other spells.  
  • Light Dragon's Solar Flare (光竜の太陽フレア, Kōryu no Taiyōfurea): Creating a large concentration of magical energy above her head, Theia creates a sphere of densely molded light that consists mainly of the infrared spectrum. This infrared spectrum gives it an invisible quality to it for those who do not have the keen senses to pick up on such a wavelength. In order to help fool the senses, Theia will create a central pocket of visible light, so that her target will be tricked into thinking they can dodge an attack only spans a given distance, when in fact the projectile can be twice or thrice that diameter. Theia does her best to condense the ball into having a smaller diameter, thus making it a more accurate projectile attack, but she has only been able to get it down to about 4.5 feet wide. The light itself is can be altered in its wavelength to suit Theia’s need, whether that is intended for a massive photonic explosion that can blind someone, or an infrared explosion that can ignite flames onto the nearby landscape. She can then proceed to throw it towards her target, and upon impact, it explodes to level out the land up to a 2 mile radius. She can even use it as a handheld orb similar to a Magic Orb, but is required to alter the light’s properties to prevent mass explosion; she will instead give it a high frequency vibrational property that allows it to eat through the hardest of substances such as adamantine and iridosmium.
  • Light Dragon's Photon Shield (光竜の光子盾, Kōryu no Kōshi Tate):  One of her most practices skills, and the spell that her teacher Haruko would drill her on the most, Photon Shield serves as Theia’s highly used defense. By manipulating the light particles in the air and combining them with her own ethernano, Theia is able to construct a highly durable hexagonal shield that can span around 120 square foot area. This spell is immovable to those without photokinesis, but to Theia it is a freestanding shield that she can easily use in conjunction with her movements to help block incoming attacks. It’s ethernano frequency and molecular density is so high that very few magic attacks are able to pierce it’s construct on the first hit. Though those of S Class Rank and higher have been seen cracking it through the use of a very powerful attack. Needless to say, that repeated hits will eventually cause it to crack and shatter, leaving Theia with little time to construct a new one. She generally has a refractory period of ten seconds before she can effectively create a shield of a suitable thickness. Once created her spell can last for a time of twenty seconds to two minutes, dependant on the size and thickness of the shield and how much magic Theia wishes to devote to keeping its structure intact. Though generally used to block incoming attacks from opponents, these photon shields can be used in many other ways, such as trapping her foes, using them as a means to limit her opponent’s movements, or even as a creation to aid in travelling over areas where there is no solid earth beneath. A unique variance of her Photon Shield has been developed after witnessing the reflective abilities of Ice Mage’s barriers. By altering the shape and elasticity of her ethernano construct, Theia is able to simply “bounce back” an offensive attack back at her opponent. This only works for spells constructed out of magic, and won’t working with objects like knives and swords, but has the means to redirect projectiles with this highly elastic shield. This Photon Bungee Shield () is something Theia can only do on a small scale currently, as it takes a great deal of concentration to manipulate her ethernano into something with elastic properties, so omnidirectional or surprise attacks generally are not combated with this shield variation.
  • Light Dragon's Total Eclipse(光竜の累算食, Kōryu no Ruisan Shoku): Theia inhales and absorbs all visible light from different sources, in order to create an area of pitch black darkness within a confined space. This is one of Theia's strongest spells, as it robs her opponent of all sight, allowing for her to easily land attacks. This spell, however, cannot work without a confined space; for there is too much light for Theia to negate. Theia does like to combine it with her Light Dragon's Photon Shield, making a box with the shield itself around the target, and then consumes all the light present in the box. After having fought Phobos Aegletes and studying the properties of a similar attack pulled twice on her, Theia is able to cast this dome of darkness by containing her ethernano in a vibrational field created by her Cochlear Magic. This gives her a definite border in which she can expel all light particles past, giving no room for light that isn't of magical construction to enter.
  • Static Discharge (静電放電 Seiden Hōden): More of an ethernano ability, rather than a Light Magic ability, Theia will first build up magical energy in her core and then slowly expanding her aura at a high molecular vibration, only to pull it back towards her core once more. Static electricity is then generated by the vibrational friction caused between the ethernano particles in her aura, and the molecules in the air. The molecules of the two materials of different composition tend to stick together on contact due to a form of chemical reaction. This is very close to a chemical bond; the adjacent dissimilar molecules exchange electrons. And when one material is physically moved away from the other, such as the condensing of ethernano back into Theia’s core, it is regarded as friction. The result is that excess electrons are left behind in one material, while a deficit occurs in the other. With the air having developed a slight charge, Theia releases the stored ethernano energy from inside her, causing the previously charged air molecules to become electrically overstress and come alive with streams of lightning going off in all directions. Depending on how long Theia collects radiant ethernano, the reach of this spell is positively correlated. A typical discharge with a collection period of 5 seconds will reach a radius of 10 feet, while doubling that time will double the reach. A mage’s body can only store such energy for a given amount of time however, and so the maximum reach of this spell tops out at a charging time of 160 seconds, with a reach of 320 feet. The epicenter of this attack, with a 15 foot radius, will yield the most devastating damage; while to outer rim will only cause little discomfort, described to feel like the shock that occurs when you rub your feet on the rug and touch another surface.
  • Radiant Aura (炯然霊気, Keizen Reiki): A unique ability to the Light Dragon Slayers, this power allow the user to cancel any ocular magics. Learned from the Light Dragon Zhulong, this ability was passed on to Theia by infusing her with Zhulong's own magic. This magic shines a special light that is infused with Dispel magic, thus giving Theia the ability to cancel out any eye magic powers within her vicinity. This power does have a downfall, however, if the target's magical power far outweighs her own, the abilities effect will be weakened. This can be seen when Theia was forced to fight the renowned Sōzōshin (創作の神様, God of Creation), Nikolai Ichor, and his ocular power of Creator's Eye. Theia's ability was only able to disrupt Nikolai's ocular magic slightly, and was not able to disarm it completely due to Nikolai's magical prowess.  
  • Double Sight (光幻 (ダブル・サイト), Daburu Saito lit. Light Illusion): When performing Double Sight, the user intensifies their light, releasing a burst of pure photonic energy that covers the immediate vicinity for the smallest of moment- the sheer amount of light unleashed causes a shift in the atmosphere, causing illusions all around. When the light settles in a matter of seconds, anyone in the area will see two or more doubles of the caster- this is because Double Sight is an all-around illusion-casting spell that affects the area around the user, blurring the light in the area so that everyone will see double. Generally, the illusions manifested by Double Sight are completely indistinguishable from the real thing to the naked eye and simple sensory-type magic, though those who have dealt with illusionists before can distinguish the two. While it is possible to manifest more than simple copies of the user and perhaps their allies, it is the easiest to perform. The user can also use Double Sight in conjunction with their spells and attacks, allowing them to mix up the fake with the real, allowing them to hold up enemies and create greater opportunities to launch their own attacks, causing feints of a sort to distract the opponent from the real deal. Even so, Double Sight requires a considerable amount of mental focus in order to continue stabilizing the illusions, even moreso per fake manifested, making it extremely difficult to sustain for longer than a few seconds per spell cast, though it does not cost much magical energy.  
  • Infrared (光霊気感 (インフレアド), Infureaedo lit. Light Aura Sense): By using Infrared, the user is capable of focusing and expanding their light, albeit in a non-offensive measure, focusing it into their own Magical Aura and subsequently, their sight, enabling them to perceive the infrared spectrum, a type of electromagnetic radiation; which serves as an alternate Sensory Magic of sorts. With Infrared, the user can visualize temperature variations in the immediate vicinity, including those within objects and in the environment. This spell is incredibly useful for observation, and as stated above, can serve as an alternate version of Sensory Magic, as the user is capable of observing the heat presences of everyone around them, which can change at any time, alerting them of any shift in emotions, stamina, health, or magical power. Infrared can also be utilized as a form of night vision, allowing them to sense radiation that would normally be invisible to anyone else.
  • Lumen Grid (ルーメングリッド, Rūmenguriddo): Placing a magic circle out in front of her, Theia releases a tight grid pattern made out of light. This grid can expand to cover an area of 35 square feet, with each individual square making up 2 square inches. This is one of the more ethernano expensing spells as the individual squares are sealed with pure ethernano to solidify the construct of this grid. Meaning that Theia, at maximum capacity, can only give form to this spell for around 30 minutes. The amount of time greatly decreases as the battle progresses, making it only capable of defending off a short burst attack, rather than a steady stream of attacks. The moment that an offending attack comes into contact with the grid it acts like an elastic net and bounces the foe's power back at them at such a speed that it seems that Theia had cast it herself. This is due to the high resonant frequency of the ethernano, causing it to vibrate at such speeds that the interaction of the energy clouds emitted by the ethernano particles will keep them held together, but still allow them to stretch and recoil back into their original form. It is able to affect physical as well as projectile attacks of both magic or non-magic origin, so much as they are within the scope of this spell and an adequate amount of ethernano was put into the spell to reinforce it. It is the utmost highest in defensive spell in the proper hands, but should the magical energy of the opponent overwhelm the caster, the Lumen Grid will merely shatter, but can slow down the attack enough for the caster to get out of the way. This can act as either an offensive trap, or a defensive wall, making it a very versatile attack. In Theia’s case the luminous lines that make up the grid pattern have the capability of blinding those who look at her attack, also distracting them from the counter attack.
  • Light Dragon's Scatter Shot (光竜散弾,Kōryu Ryū Sandan): By gathering light from the surroundings she can create a giant magic circle in front of her hand or hands that shoot out beams of light. Theia can choose either to have the beams shoot out in a linear fashion or to shoot out in multiple directions making it great for a wide-spread attack.  
  • Light Dragon's Radiance (光竜輝き,Kōryu Ryū Kagayaki):  A spell that is a showcase to Theia’s abilities at Photon Manipulation, she outstretches her hands towards the sky and clenches her fists together. This action is accompanied by the condensing of ambient light with that of the ethernano in the air to form thin constructs similar to that of senbon. She can create close to one thousand needles that are suspended in the air and can be sent off in various waves with a swish of Theia’s hands to tell the needles to rain down on her target. She can choose whether it has cutting or explosive properties by altering the flow of the ethernano in the senbon. By changing the ethernano into fast moving circles it will give it the ability to slice through objects, where condensing it into a small orb in the center of the needle will give it explosive properties. The typical spray pattern for the needles is a solid conical shape that reaches an area in a twenty foot diameter from its point of origin.  
  • Light Dragon Blinding Angel (光竜盲目の天使,Kōryu Ryū Mōmoku no Tenshi): Creating a Photon Shield around the target, Theia seals off their body from the rest of the world. With a clench of her fist, a thousand tiny shard of light shoot forth from the shield onto the targets body with enough velocity to pierce steel plated armor. With shards coming from all angles, this attack acts more like an Iron Maiden rather than a blinding angel. The duration of the spell depends upon the density of the Photon Shield created. Because the needles are formed from the magic of the shield, when the shield runs out, so does the spell. A quickly constructed barrier of 1 inch will last about 15 seconds.    
  • Firefly Shrapnel (ホタルの榴散弾,Hotaru no Ryūsandan): Cupping both her hands together to make a single pocket, Theia will release her ethernano as well as draw in the light within the atmosphere to create multiple small orbs in her palms. These orbs are only about three inches in diameter, but are a combination of both atmospheric and ethernano-based light to create a pocket of pressurized air between the two different molecules that have been combined together. Scattering them across the playing field, these small orbs are made up of concentrated, high energy photons with an internalized pocket of compressed air that will explode upon contact. During the explosion, the target will be blasted with a high speed particles that feel like a million shards of metal are being blasted at their skin. The unique construct of these small orbs make theme immune to nullification type magic’s, and are able to stay free standing for long periods of time due to their integration of the surrounding atmospheric light. This spell has been called an attack akin to a mine field, as Theia can set it up at the beginning of a battle, the series of orbs able to withstand a time limit of one hour before imploding on their own.  
  • Needle Bringer(針ブリンガー, Hari Burinjaa): This spell releases a rushing wave of massive light spikes that rip from the earth below and rise to the surface, impaling and tearing anything above it apart. These needles themselves are extremely sharp and immensely destructive stampeding through most defenses and literally ripping the ground up as they surface. When impaled by the sharp points the target is instantly struck with a mass of light energy that can cause extreme pain and deep lacerations.  
  • Apollo's Wrath (アポロの怒り, Aporo no Ikari): By gathering and generating light between her open facing palms, Theia can clap her hands together to bring about a massive spear upon release. This spear can be wielded like that of a normal weapon, but it’s luminous construct makes it a deal a great bit of damage if even a graze from it occurs. The spear itself stands about 7 feet tall, but it is connected with a light chain that is freely shaped and manipulated by Theia. It connects on her right wrist and can increase the combat range of the spear by an additional 5 feet. The main wrath of this spear comes from its impact in the earth when it is launched at an opponent. When thrown, it produces a massive blast of light behind it to increase its speed, allowing for optimal power to penetrate even the thickest of metals. When it digs the tip of its spear into an object, whether that is a person or the earth, the spear will look as if it is collapsing, the light compressing down and traveling into the earth. When the length of the spear has traveled down into the earth it will spider web out in a 20 foot radius, where merely 2 seconds after impact, the light hidden beneath the earth will shoot up like a multitude of geysers. The light beams will cover every square feet of space in its domain, ensuring that even if it’s target escaped the initial pierce of its blade, it will be struck by its secondary means of damage.
  • Tempestuous Light (大嵐の光, Ōarashi no Kōryi): Similar to a Fire Dragon Slayer's Flames of Emotion, this effect is generally caused when a Light Dragon Slayer feels very strongly about something. Due to the fact that Theia's magic is strongly connected to her emotions, when Theia becomes very angry or passionate about something her light will become exponentially more intense in correlation with her feelings. She also begins absorbing ambient ethernano at a much greater rate, which causes an excess of magic stored up inside her. This excess magic is leaked out of her pores, giving off the appearance of a golden white light radiating from her skin that dances around as if it were flames. This acts as a defense of sorts, for anyone who touches the light will get slashed and burned by its intensity. This outpour of magic generally allows her to achieve a more heightened state, one that surpasses even her Light Drive. This increases both her speed and strength nearly threefold! However, this state causes a heavy strain on the body’s ethernano system and will eventually cause Theia to pass out after only thirty minutes or so. In the past, she is seen to only be able to pull off two to three attacks with this light, in both her Light Dragon form and Luminous Alloy form; but its strength typically only requires one direct hit to incapacitate her target and calm her emotions down before she is rendered unconscious.

    Light Dragon's Revenge

    • Light Dragon's Revenge (光竜ラゴンの復讐,Kōryu Doragon no Fukushū): When Theia reaches the peak of her emotions, her aura takes on the appearance of golden light dragon. Letting off a fearsome roar, the dragon takes on a path of it's own, locking on to the magical signature of whatever caused Theia's emotions to run rampant. The attack very seldom misses, unless the target completely erases their magic essence.  

Dragon Slayer Secret Art:

  • Light Circuits (光回路, Kōryu Kairo): By generating a large amount of their magic to surround them it appears as though all light is being absorbed into the user who then proceeds to let out a large shockwave that not only knocks away everything in its path,but once the blast is over, large numerous lines which some are interlinking with each other making them look like computer circuits are drawn all over the surrounding area. The lines shoot out beams of light targeting her opponents that explode on contact and anyone that gets near gets blasted by a blinding flash, stopping her opponents movements momentarily.Any attacks towards the drawn lines are quickly deflected by a barrier of light and the user has the lines bend the light around themselves to make them appear invisible.
  • Great Dragon's Photoelectric Burst (この巨大な龍の光電バースト, Kono Kyodaina Ryū no Hikari-den Bāsuto): Cupping her hands together, this attack can be performed in five different levels dependent on the level of strength desired from the output. For the first stage of the fist, an output of 20% of full power is released. For this, Theia will cup her hands together by holding the wrists together and keeping the palms open. She will then extend both of her index fingers towards the center of her palm and begin emitting high speed ethernano from both of them, keeping the force contained within the space in front of her. Her fingers act like rods for the light energy to bounce back and forth, the particles of energy hitting one another in the space between her fingers, causing the particles to become more excited and give off a great deal of static electricity. Due to the speed and containment of such a spell the ethernano will continue bouncing off one another, generating more and more energy and static electricity, that after a "charging" time of only 10 seconds this concentrate light and static electricity will have an output of 30,000 amperes for a 20% power blast, as well as a light of 20,000 lumens, the attack also known as First Strike (先制攻撃 Sensei Kōgeki). Once the charging period is complete, Theia will push forth a large surge of ethernano from the middle of her palms, breaking the containment she had on the mass and sending the blast of lightning forward in a beam towards her target at a speed twice that of a lightning strike. This spell is able to increase its power and output by increasing the number of "rods", or fingers, that Theia puts into the palm's space to channel her ethernano. When all five fingers are used for this attack, the Fifth Strike (フィフスストライキ Fifususutoraiki), the electrical output is equal to that of lightning forming at the top of the cloud, a strike that exceeds a billion volts. Its light is of such a high frequency that it will be able to pierce through a S Class level Barrier Spell and blind the target for up to 5 minutes. Its speed makes it an almost sure strike, but even in the wake of the attack, buildings can be leveled in a five mile radius when Theia unleashes her Fifth Strike. This spell is said to be derived from the legendary spell Kamehameha (かめはめ波; lit. "Turtle Devastation Wave") of old times, when dragons still roamed the earth.
  • Great Dragon's Burning Fist (拳燃え偉大な竜, Ken Moe Idaina Ryū): By gathering a large amount of her Light Magic and the light particles from the surroundings into her hands, she can proceed to shoot out a large stream of the concentrated magic from her fist. While gathering the light particles it seems like a black void is forming around the her, as if all light around them is being absorbed. When shot, the stream seems to have swirls of fire trailing behind it. The attack is so strong, not only does the ground shatter on take off, but it continues to shatter the ground as it reaches its target.
  • Raksha (ディフェンス, Difensu): Is used by creating and gathering large amounts of light particles either from Theia's magic or the surroundings to create a shield surrounding her. The shield being able withstand extremely powerful attacks. If the shield should ever crack or break it is instantly repaired by the surrounding light inside or outside the shield. The Shield is also capable of shooting rays of light towards the sky that burst and cause multiple rays of light to rain down on the immediate area. They have quite the piercing power as they can shatter steel quite easily. Theia is also able to mold this shield as a thin shell that surrounds her body, almost as a second skin. Because of the magical drain it has to keep the shield in place, Theia is only able to use this for an hour or so.  
  • Light Dragon's Tears (光龍の涙, Kōryu Ryū no Namida): Creates a massive dragon out of light that flies towards the sky and once it is in position above the intended target. The Dragon bursts into hundreds and hundreds of small dragon heads that rain down towards a large area that are capable of shattering rock and steel easily. This spell could easily wipe out a decent sized city if not used by the right person.
  • Light Dragon's Luminous Destruction (光龍発光破壊, Kōryu Ryū Hakkō Hakai): Theia charges her fist for a brief moment, releasing a large quantity of light in the process.Because of the highly concentrated light energy, when she punches, she deals massive damage to them; so massive, in fact, that it even breaks their victim into pieces/ This is one of Theia's most powerful attacks and gives off energy equal to that of splitting an atom.

Luminescent Alloy Dragon Mode (モード冷光合金竜 , Mōdo Reikōgōkinryū; lit. "Luminescence Alloy Dragon Moder" or "Cold Light Alloy Mode): Radiation Alloy Mode is an advanced Light Dragon Slayer Magic and Metal Dragon Slayer Magic ability used by Theia and the dragon slayer who taught it to her. Refereed to as Cold Light Alloy Dragon Mode by her teacher, the dual-dragon mode is granted to a third generation Metal Dragon Slayer after meeting certain conditions. After eating metals and divine light, the two formidable elements fuse together which allows the user to use their Dragon Slayer magic enhanced with Metal and Divine Light.In this form, the duo are not only able to combine the divine light with the near-unbreakable metal but can also generate tremendous amount of radiation with their attacks and constantly give off about three times the amount of radiation required to induce cancer in human beings; thus meaning, they are capable to inducing humans beings with cancer just by being near them for extended time while clad in this form. The user themselves is protected from these effects due to the fact that the radiation caused by the ethernano is being exuded and pushed away from their body. When activating this mode, the user is enveloped in a cyan colored magical shroud that protects them for harm and increases their offensive powers. The shroud constantly radiates flickering flame like aura and Theia has considerably long and sharp retractable claws equipped in both her hands and feet.

The shroud itself generates an electromagnetic pulse which can disrupt all technology nearby and interfere with lacrima signals around the user.The users' of this dual mode are capable of using its secondary features, for example: they are not just limited to the manipulation of light and metals but can use the radioactive nature of this shroud to produce microwaves. The microwaves can be used to detect hidden enemies by simply sensing their static energy and the user becomes a human-RADAR. The user can even melt or completely incinerate objects and beings by projecting these microwaves.

  • Luminescent Alloy Dragon's Roar (冷光合金竜の咆哮, Reikōgōkinryū no Hōkō): Theia begins by inhaling a deep breath, concentrating the energy of their spell deep inside of themselves as their cheeks expand greatly.Then Theia releases the magical energy in one pressurized blast that is able to deal damage to anything in the direction of the roar. When Theia is in Luminous Ally Dragon Mode, her roar is a combination of silver small adamantine shrapnel's infused with White Light energy that is shot out at her target. The shrapnel shreds apart the opponent's body while the light delivers a powerful impact while increasing the speed of the shrapnel within it. In it's most basic power, the Luminescent Alloy Dragon's Roar is able to split through a forest in a matter of seconds, leaving a trail of splinters in its path. By increasing the magical output of the roar, the intensity of the attack increases dramatically, being able to tear down an entire building by only using 70% of its power. By altering the ratio of light magic and metal magic, this attack can be versatile in an offensive sense. By increasing the amount of metal magic present, this roar can cause irreparable damage to a targets exterior; leaving them covered with scars and cuts. Or by increasing the amount of light magic present, the roar can cause a more crushing effect, as the attack compresses their targets body upon impact from the sheer force behind the light.
  • Luminescent Alloy Dragon's Aerial Wing Slash (冷光合金竜の架空翼斜線, Reikōgōkinryū no Kakū Yokushasen): Countering the earth's magnetic field, Theia is able to levitate high into the air with little effort. Rotating her body in mid air, shifts the ethernano of the shroud, and allows Theia to easily concentrate it in one generalize location. Once concentrated, she infuses both light and metal magic into the shroud to create a long "beam-like" projection. Swinging her arms in a slicing X-formation downwards towards her target releases the beam as a large cross shaped projectile that extends 12 feet outwards in each direction from the point of intersection. The slicing power of this attack is able to easily cut through reinforced steel, and as it is combined with the ethernano of the Luminescent Alloy shroud, electronic disabling devices are rendered useless.
Holy metal wave

Luminescent Alloy Divine Spiral

  • Luminescent Alloy Dragon's Divine Spiral (冷光合金竜の天来螺旋, Reikōgōkinryū no Tenrai Rasen): Channeling light magic into one sphere, while channeling metal magic into another, Theia manipulates these two spheres to rotate at tremendous speeds together. The spiral itself is able to gather trace ethernano from its surrounds a grow to an enormous size, while creating a void in the center of the spiral. When thrown at the opponent, it can cause irreparable damage to their body, as well as drain them of a considerable amount of magic, that is sucked into the Divine Spiral. Upon impact the spiral erupts into a typhoon of light and metal magic, growing bigger as it feeds off the ethernano leaking from the targets body.
  • Malefic Waltz (有害な円舞, Yūgaina Enbu): An exclusive spell, the Malefic Waltz can only be used when he utilizes his Luminescent Alloy Dragon Mode in combination with the free ethernano in atmosphere. By manipulating the ethernano in atmosphere and combining with the power of this dual-elemental mode, the slayer is able to increase his range greatly. The ethernano in atmosphere allows her to extend her reach by projecting various arm like constructs out of her shroud equipped with razor sharp claws and are extremely flexible. These arm like constructs can be manipulated either mentally or Seraph can manually direct them by using her own hands. The projected arms normally strike down its prey at such speeds that only people who have the reaction timing of 0.21 milliseconds or less can avoid it. Theia can create any number of arms that they desire and they can also serve other purposes such as grappling hooks, to either grab onto objects or enemies from great distances, for offensive means, as merely touching one of these can cause fatal burns and much like the rest of the shroud are radioactive in nature. The arms can also be used to wield several weapons at once or can themselves be used as weapons as they possess the sufficient strength to crush human beings with their grip alone. This move can be very versatile as one can use and release these "so called" arms from anywhere on their body on a small or large scale.
  • Luminescent Alloy Dragon's Heavenly Step (冷光合金竜の天の歩, Reikōgōkinryū no Amenoho): The electromagnetic pulse given off by the Luminescent Alloy's shroud gives its user a unique ability. The wearer of the shroud is able to levitate off the ground by first sensing the electromagnetic pulse from the earth's core and then adjusting the composition of their shroud to create a pulse that reflects that of the earths. Similar to how to magnets repel each other, the user is able to repel themselves off the earth's surface and give them the ability to levitate. This can be useful when wanting to avoid elemental attacks, such as Earth Magic, for they can simple generate an electromagnetic pulse opposite that of the element to avoid being struct. This also helps prevent Theia from getting motion sick, a plague that devastates all first generation dragon slayers.
    • Heaven's Assault (天の傷害, Ten no Shōgai): This attack was first used and mastered by her teammate Seraph Kinmichi during his battle against William Harrison. After much pleading by Theia, Seraph taught this technique to Theia. This technique allows Theia to move at extremely high speeds by riding on the flow of electromagnetic pulse beneath her feet. By combining it with her own physical speed at random and unpredictable times, she is essentially able to leave at least four after images behind to confuse the enemy; two less than her partner Seraph. By simply generating a greater amount of electromagnetism, Theia is able to further increase his speed and attack the enemy without warning as she pleases. This allows her to often catch his enemies off guard. This technique being capable of producing the maximum speed of Mach 41, although Theia has only been able to go up to Mach 26 as of X792. It can also be used to hover or fly over long distances. Since, this technique generates such great speed, even a single hit from someone as small as Theia would generate enough momentum to decimate entire buildings.
  • Dragon Sense  (竜意識, Ryūishiki): The Dragon Sense is an unique sensory ability that is exclusive to Luminescent Alloy Dragon Mode users. It combines the ability of the Metal Dragon Slayer's to detect the presence of metals in their vicinity and the Light Dragon Slayer's ability to emit a ray frequency that enables for a transparency effect to visually penetrate solid objects or even see within objects; the later is often refereed to as X-ray vision. Interestingly, the Dragon Sense also consist of another form of detection which uses microwaves to determine the location of objects. This works exactly like echolocation used by bats but uses microwaves to locate people and objects around the user instead of radio waves. These three senses together give rise to what is famously known as the "Dragon Sense".
  • Vanishing Pistol Fist (消失ピストル拳, Shōshitsu Pisutoru Ken): This attack is a breathtaking display of the speed capable in the Luminescent Alloy Mode. Used in unison with Heaven's Assault, the user begins with a sprint towards their target while channeling a great deal of Luminescent Alloy magic into their fist. The fist is protected by a steel base coated with a titanium alloy, helping to protect the fist during impact as well as provide greater damage. The fist is then surrounded by high frequency microwaves of light, as well as infrared light; thus giving the punch an element of heat to boost its effectiveness. Once achieving speeds of up to Mach 41, the user approaches the target, and just before impact, refracts the light around them to give off the illusion that they disappeared. This allows them to quickly change the trajectory of their punch based off of the defensive actions of their opponent. This almost guarantees a hit, and due to the high speed nature of the punch, the target is first hit with the users fist, but then blasted with a gust of wind moving at a blistering 880 meters per second; making it feel as though they were shot with a canon at point blank range. The effectiveness of this punch can be seen when Theia and Seraph used it in unison to overcome the blinding speed of Julius Kaizar, once the hit landed, Julius was promptly knocked unconscious after sustaining several broken ribs and bruising.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision:

  • Dragon Scale Mirrored Veil (竜鱗映じる覆面, Ryū Uroko Eijiru Fukumen): To show off her own mastery of light, Theia is able to combine her Light Magic with the newly gained element of Metal, to produce a near deadly attack that is almost impossible to dodge. Theia first produces numerous metal projectiles in the form of thin, razor sharp, discs that resemble a dragon's scale. Theia is then able to refract the light around these scale to match the wavelengths of the surrounding light, thus giving the projectile the appearance of being invisible, when in fact it is just camouflaged into the surrounding light. With a push of her hand she is able to fire the numerous scales towards her enemy with incredible speed. Because of the multitude of projectiles, and the inability of the target to physically see them, this attack is a sure hit. The scales themselves have the ability to pierce skin as if it were tissue paper.
  • Photovoltaic Roar (太陽光発電の轟音, Taiyōhikarihatsuden no Gōon): Theia shoots off a special type of Luminescent Alloy Dragon's Roar that contains metal particles that have had their outer electrons removed. This is done by infusing the roar with high energy photons of light, that when they hit the metal, dislodge the outer electron on the metal causing it to become charged. This is also known as the photoelectric effect. The charged metal particles cause a huge electrical shock to the target, the moment they come in contact with the target's body. This can have a paralyzing effect, with overwhelming muscular contraction, due to the barrage of millions of charged metallic particles. The particles themselves do not even have to physically touch the target, for in order for the electrostatic discharge to occur, they roar only has to come in close proximity of the target for the conduction to occur.

Theia's Primal Dragon Mode tattoo.

Primal Dragon Mode (親忘れ形見竜力, Puraimaru Doragon Mōdo lit. Parent's Memento Dragon Power) is a peculiar Dragon Slayer Magic power; it allows the Dragon Slayer to use the power of their parent dragon, bestowed in the form of a tattoo. When activating Primal Dragon Mode, the draconic tattoo begins to glow brightly in the colour of the user's element, causing their dragon teacher's powers to influence their body, resulting in a drastic change. The user's Magic Origin is modified in order to take the addition of the draconic power of their parent into consideration, becoming larger and amplifying the quantity and effects of the magical power stored within. Additionally, the user's body strength is drastically augmented, with the tattoo altering it in order to take upon the properties of an actual dragon at full power. As a result of the sheer volume of the magical power granted by this power-up, before even properly utilizing the power to its fullest, the user constantly discharges aftereffects of their element, and their speed and power drastically increase to levels that allow them to fight toe-to-toe with incredulously powerful beings- the power of Primal Dragon Mode can also enable them to shrug off some forms of Black Magic. When in this form, the user has access to enhanced versions of their normal Dragon Slayer Magic spells, so in Theia's case, her spells are referred to as "Light Dragon King's__" (竜王の, 'Kōryu Ryūō no__).

When the power granted by Primal Dragon Mode is exerted to its maximum, in a radius expanding meters, the surroundings itself becomes a storm of elemental energy which varies from user to user, and the user becomes cloaked in their element, which takes upon the manifestation of their dragon parent, causing a frightening visage. However, in order to utilize Primal Dragon Mode to the utmost of its ability, it can take an extremely long time to learn the ins and outs of the power, with the absolute maximum taking ten months of dedicated training to properly master, though in that case, the Dragon Slayer in question was mentally impaired. Another weakness of Primal Dragon Mode is that the magical power bestowed upon the user by their dragon parent is extremely finite, mostly due to the dragon parent only giving them this power in their last moments in existence; and once it runs out, the user can never utilize its power again. Theia has yet to test out the ability, and as such she hasn't been able to hone her abilities in attacks. She has however, been able to master the art of magical synchronization with her magic and Zhulong's, just in preparation for the day that she will have to use this power to protect those she loves.

Theia Dragon

Draco Surge (竜座 赤経, Ryuuza Sekkei) is the final stage for a Dragon Slayer, a side effect inflicted upon the Dragon Slayer Mage that overly utilized the powers of their magic without caution and restraint. When a mage uses Dragon Slayer Magic to such an extent that it becomes such an inherent part of their very being, the mage will undergo a transformation into the very beings their magic was made to kill: a Dragon. Even outside of the draconic transformation, Draco surge has a more than positive influence upon the mage's body. Once this mode has been achieved, the user will experience a considerable boost to their physical capabilities due to the aforementioned changes. Even as a human, the body will still be of a slightly more draconic nature, more so than usual. The body can endure much more trauma and the muscles can perform even greater feats of strength and speed. The most interesting and fascinating concept of this magic, is that it is rather contradictory of what it's purpose is. The Draco Surge is as of a matter of fact, not the act of transforming into a dragon, but rather the act of transforming into a human, to repress their draconic flesh into a more humanoid shape.

Mirror Magic (鏡魔法 Kagami Mahō): Caster Magic that incorporates the use of mirros and reflections, either offensively or defensively. After having seen it in battle, Theia was ratger impressed with Razia Sultana and her use of Mirror Magic. In an effort to get stronger Theia was bold and asked her opponent after the Dragon Slayer Royale if she would teach her the magic. So in exchange for hugs, Razia graciously taught Theia the basics for Mirror Magic as well as a few of her own spells.

  • Paragon (亀鑑, Kikan):Theia creates a mirror out of her own magic energy that is capable of making other things enter through the mirrors, and the "space" within them. However, due to it being a magical mirror, it cannot absorb living beings, nor can they be broken very easily. As such, this primarily serves as a defense, absorbing nearly all attacks that can fit within the mirror, and by creating another mirror, reflect the same attack back at the attacker.If a mirror breaks and something is within it, whatever was stuck within the "space" is freed, instead of being destroyed. This was one of the few spells Razia taught to Theia.
  • Red String (赤い糸, Akai Ito): A fairly simple technique, and considered a stronger version of "Paragon", but that is used solely for defensive maneuvers. Theia creates a mirror, and like the mirror she creates using Paragon, she cannot absorb living beings into it, but she is an exception. By entering the mirror, and creating another one instantly after at a different, nearby location, Theia can effectively "teleport" using reflections. However, even then, the location of where she will appear at next can be obvious for those who can track the magical signature of the mirror, even if invisible. But, regardless, Red String functions as a useful way to dodge seemingly undodgeable attacks, even if they destroy the mirror, nothing will happen to Theia's body, but she will be unable of doing anything to her foe while within the mirror. The range of where she creates her "exit" or other mirror is also limited. For example, she can easily create a mirror behind her foe, as long as he is near, but she cannot create a mirror a hundred miles, or within another country, as it is beyond her reach.
  • Honeycomb (ハニカム, Hanikamu): In an instant multiple mirrors are created around the enemy that extend and angle to form a dome around the target. Once Theia has entered the mirrors, it's possible for her to move between the mirrors at exceedingly high speed levels. The way she uses this attack can be combined with her Luminous Blade, or a Light Magic attack. Transporting between these mirrors it's near impossible to follow attacks sent out from this incredible movement. Theia will jump from mirror to mirror crossing paths with her target from various angles to slash or hit the body of her opponent. If a mirror is broken Theia can leap out of one of the fragments and continue her attack or move to another mirror. This allows her to continue her attack, although it will make her point of entry/exit more apparent unless she reforms a mirror. The technique requires a large amount of magic to maintain it, so Theia will only use this at the beginning or end of a battle as a way to greatly hurt her enemy up front.

Cochlear Magic (蝸牛の魔法, Katatsumuri no Mahō): is a highly specialized subspecies of Sound Magic. It is a Caster Magic that revolves around the acute manipulation of acoustic qualities such as pitch, amplitude, intensity, frequency, and tone. One of the most noticeable differences from its parent magic comes from the mastery of frequency manipulation, rather than relying on the intensity, or loudness, of a sound. However, its particular means of creation and execution is where the underlying specialty comes in. Like that of its parent magic, this magic allows the user to perceive, generate, and manipulate all types of sound and vibrational frequencies. The creation of a spell’s sound is an internal process however, that does not require the output of ethernano into the environment to form the desired pitch or frequency. The manipulation of ethernano is an internal process within the body that is then projected outwards as an organic vibrational wave with the desired properties. Because of the skill and knowledge required to produce the sound internally before projecting it outwards, a mage must be highly skilled in the practice of Ethernano Manipulation to be able to achieve such attacks without damaging themselves in the process. This particular process, however, allows a mage to send off an attack without it requiring ethernano to maintain its effect. The formation of the sound will utilize the abilities of ethernano to help the mage adjust the sound to suit the particular desire, yet once the particular vibration is cast, it functions as solely that. The sound will travel as a vibration that propagates through a medium as its typical wave of pressure and displacement of molecules. This allows a mage to overcome ethernano manipulation techniques that have the ability to displace an attack due to the fact that it is an organic attack of that was achieved through magical means. This is not to say that ethernano isn’t required to maintain the duration of such sound wave, and so a mage must continuously mold the ethernano to achieve the desired output for a longer duration. This particular feature is one of the sole reasons that many sound mages work so hard to achieve such mastery over their magic, so they can one day achieve this particular subspecies.

The downside to this is that they can only produce organic spells that have a point of origin at their body; spells that require their point of origin to be further out must rely on the typical teachings of Sound Magic. But the sound waves produced through the means of Cochlear Magic still hold its effectiveness in close to long-range combat; making it one of the more versatile magic in existence. The strength of this magic comes from its keen manipulation in frequency. Emitting such vibrational frequencies can have both positive and detrimental effects. For example, when a mage emits a high vibrational frequency into their blade, its cutting power can be increase to help slice through molecular structures deemed impossible for normal blades. Or perhaps they emit sonic pulses from their feet to improve their speed to tremendous levels; a pulse that they can redirect and adjust to match the frequency of a tall building to cause it collapse in on itself. This organic sound is also deadly on its own, due to the fact that these waves can travel through nearly any medium; regardless of being solid, liquid, or gas. And due to the fact that sound is invisible, it makes a cochlear mage’s attacks nearly inescapable and undetectable if emitted at the correct frequency and amplitude.

  • Nekodamashi (猫騙し, ねこだまし): A technique Theia picked up, and slightly altered, from watching sumo wrestlers in the ring. This technique is usually done to surprise an opponent by doing a loud, unsuspected clap in front of their face to cause them to lapse in focus as well as close their eyes to open themselves up for a strike. Thiea has managed to amplify this technique through her Sound Magic by amplifying the wavelength and altering the pitch to cause a petrifying effect. Theia will read the opponents stance, facial feature, magical pressure, heart rate, breathing pattern, and muscle twitches to determine when there is a relative gap in concentration, or an opening where they let their guard down; as well as the state of mind in which the person is highly susceptible to outside stimuli such as Nekodamashi. This sudden release of sound resonates at a frequency in the brain that is an inverse to the natural synaptic transmission frequency, cause the opponent to lose mobility for around five seconds; a time ample enough for to execute a hard hitting attack.
  • Voice Mimicry (音声擬態, Onsei Gitai): Used heavily in reconnaissance and jobs, Theia is able to adjust the output of her vocal chords to mimic any sound she has heard or is able to listen to for a duration of fifteen seconds. This mimicry is highly effective in infiltration and bypassing vocal scanners, as well as confusing the enemy through phone calls and misleading directions in groups. She can use this to manipulate and scare an opponent by releasing large explosion sounds, or even throwing her voice to mislead the direction in which her attack is coming from.
  • Sonic Pulse (音波パルス, Onpa Parusu): Theia can create a counter vibrating frequency to cancel out another object's natural vibrational frequency, thereby causing it to shatter. This ability takes advantage of the ideal that everything; including objects, living creatures, immaterial creatures, space, time, matter, energy, and so on,  gives off a vibrating frequency, and by emitting an opposing frequency, both the frequency and the object are destroyed. However there is a limit as to what Theia is able to destroy using this counter-soundwave.  Due to the limit in her skill right now, she is only able to determine the resonate frequency for static material objects after hearing their emission from hitting another object. This is extremely useful when it comes to battle during those who rely on weapons, as she is able to determine the opponent’s weapon frequency when it clashes with her own, which allows her to emit a sound wave to help destabilize the molecular structure of the blade and cause it to lose its effective shape. This can typically be done through the emission through her vocal chords. She is also able to let forth a scream to resonate against various structures such as stone walls, concrete barriers, brick buildings, and of course shatter glass.
  • Acoustic Wall (音響壁, Onkyō Kabe): Using the same principles as Sonokinetic Flight, Theia is able to emit a frequency to help repel objects and attacks. This attack usual expands with a twenty-five foot diameter of optimal effectiveness, but has a five foot buff of effectiveness dependent on the strength of the offending attack and the dissipation of the sound waves in the medium. This can go one of two ways, with a high frequency wall or a low frequency wall, and is a choice Theia will decide when she is facing the opponent. Typically a high frequency wall is used, around 29,000 Hz to avoid hearing damage, as it can repel most physical items include those of the liquid nature; but when facing an opponent who uses fire, she will take on a low frequency approach. Ranging from 30 to 60Hz, soundwaves have been proven to extinguish flames, as the difference between the high-pressure peak and low-pressure trough in the sound wave is large enough to douse the flame.
  • Sonokinetic Flight (ソンッキネティクフライト, Sonkkinetiku Furaito): Through the emission of two unique sound waves to surround her, these sound waves will be at frequencies slightly above the audible range--roughly 22 kilohertz. When these sound waves are precisely aligned, it creates two sets of sound waves that perfectly interfere with each other, setting up a phenomenon known as a "standing wave". At certain points along a standing wave, known as nodes, there is no net transfer of energy. Because the acoustic pressure from the sound waves is sufficient to cancel the effect of gravity, she is able to levitate when placed at the nodes. This requires a great deal of concentration for her to maintain levitation. She will usually emit these frequencies through ethernano emission in her feet, palms, and other various joints along her body to help maintain equilibrium in the air, as well as provide a method to advance her propulsion to that of the speed of sound.
  • Sonokinetic Shield (ソンッキネティク盾, Sonkkinetiku Shīrudo): The most basic of her defensive spells, Kalina can form a multitude of sonokinetic shields of varying shape and thickness, functioning independent of one another. This barrier is made up of highly vibrational ethernano molecules, making it impossible for even mages of the highest skill to manipulate or consume. These barrier particles vibrate in such a way that, even though they can be broken with a fairly strong attack, they can withstand most weapon attacks, physical attacks, and projectile attacks from that of an average mage. The dimensions of this barrier is typically only two to three inches thick, but is fluid enough to cover a variety of objects in a 120 square feet area. They also are not bound by earthly ties, meaning that the barrier itself does not have to have an anchor and can freely float and move alongside Kalina should she use it as a shield. This also means that even if a mage does happen to break out of the barrier, Kalina can simply manipulate it to stretch back around the target, and then reinforce it so it doesn’t happen again. The benefit is that this construct can be made a multitude of ways, from the typical Sound Mage way of vibrating the ethernano through her vocal chords; or he can use ambient sound waves made from a snap of his fingers to the stomp of his foot. This helps her avoid exposing her insides to the likes of poison gas or other inhalable substances before he can erect a shield.
  • Techno Fist (テクノ拳, Tekuno Ken): Cupping her hands together, this attack can be performed in various levels dependent on the level of strength desired from the output as well as the standing frequency of the target. For the first stage of the fist, an output of a low frequency sound is released into a contained space to resonate. For this, Theia will cup her hands together by holding the wrists together and keeping the palms open. She will then extend her fingers towards the center of her palm and begin emitting a certain frequency of ethernano from them, keeping the force contained within the space in front of her. Her fingers act like buffers for the sound to resonate back and forth, the waves altering their pitch until it reaches the correct frequency to disrupt the construct of the target in front of Theia and deal substantial force. This pulse of sound feels like a freight train hitting dead on in the chest, as well as having the potential to rupture the ear drum of a target that is hit. Once the correct frequency is reached, Theia will push forth a large surge of ethernano from the middle of her palms, breaking the containment she had on the mass and sending the blast of sound forward in a beam towards his target at a resounding speed. The pulse is able to be sent out in a shot of three different bursts, and dependent on the frequency, it does not take long to repeat.
  • Songbird's Lullaby (歌姫の子守唄, Utahime no Komori-Uta): Hearing this progression of notes causes a mage to feel extremely drowsy and practically fall asleep. This attack relies on what is known as binaural beats to help slow the target’s brain wave pattern from a normal waking Beta frequency to a slower Alpha frequency, then to a slower Theta frequency (the brainwaves when we are dreaming), and finally to Delta waves (the brainwave frequencies of deep sleep). Scientists have stated that, “Within the sound processing centers of the brain, pulse stimulation provides relevant information to the higher centers of the brain. In the case of a [two different wave forms] the electron pulse rate in one part of a sound-processing center is greater than in another. The differences in electron pulse stimulation within the sound processing centers of the brain are an anomaly. This anomaly (the difference in electron pulse stimulation) comes and goes as the two different frequency waves mesh in and out of phase. As a result of these constantly increasing and decreasing differences in electron pulse stimulation, an amplitude modulated standing wave (the binaural beat) is generated within the sound processing centers of the brain itself. It is this standing wave which acts to entrain brain waves.” By emitting these two alternating waves from each of her hands, Kalina is able to adjust the frequency slowly to lure the target to sleep. Because this frequency is in tune with the natural wave frequency of the brain, a target will not be able to hear the song start, only begin to notice as they are starting to get drowsy and sluggish as their brain begins to adjust to the emitted binaural beats.
  • Song of the Lotus (蓮の歌, Hasu no Uta): A high pressure sound wave whose frequency and intensity can cause extreme nausea and disorientation in those who hear it. These sounds waves will shift the endolymph within the three semicircular canals of the ears, causing the hairs within the ampule to depolarize and send a signal via the vestibular nerve to tell the brain the position of the body. When these signals originating from the ear do not match up with the signals perceived from the visual cortex, the body cannot determine its correct orientation and the target will become extremely nauseous. Its effects have been described as being as severe as a Dragon Slayers motion sickness; forcing a mage to remain motionless unless they dare suffer projectile vomiting.
  • Death Song (死の歌, Shi no Uta): Though not actually causing death, this attack of infrasonic sound can cause an unfamiliar mage to go into a severe panic attack, as well as cause lasting damage to the eyes and eyes if sustained long enough. The low frequency of infrasonic sound and its corresponding long wavelength makes it much more capable of bending around or penetrating your body, creating an oscillating pressure system. Depending on the frequency, different parts of the body will resonate, which can have very unusual non-auditory effects. For example, Kalina will start off the song at 19Hz. This will cause the opponents eyes to twitch; and as she turns up the volume to approach 110 dB, her opponent will start seeing colored lights at the periphery of their vision or ghostly gray regions in the center. This is because 19Hz is the resonant frequency of the human eyeball. The low-frequency pulsations start distorting the eyeball's shape and pushing on the retina, activating the rods and cones by pressure rather than light. Theia will then slowly increase the song and alter the Hz to allow for different effects. At 130 dB, the inner ear will start undergoing direct pressure distortions unrelated to normal hearing, which can affect her target’s ability to understand speech. At about 150 dB, people start complaining about nausea and whole body vibrations, usually in the chest and abdomen. By the time 166 dB is reached, they will start noticing problems breathing, as the low-frequency pulses start impacting the lungs, reaching a critical point at about 177 dB, when infrasound from 0.5 to 8Hz can actually drive sonically induced artificial respiration at an abnormal rhythm. This combination of infrasonic effects practically immobilizes a mage, robbing them of two vital senses as well as inducing hyperventilation. This allows her to easily bypass a mage’s defenses and subdue them. 
  • Sonic Drop (ソニックドロップ, Sonikkudoroppu): Concentrating ethernano into her palm and placing it on the earth, she is easily able to cause large tremors. Though usually using her palm, she has done this spell by performing a transition from a punch or kick before striking the ground with incredible force. The ethernano that had been concentrated into her extremity will be instantly released into the ground upon impact, cause the earth to spiderweb out in cracks from the sonic soundwaves disrupting the stability and construct of the ground. This will cause the opponent to become off balance and distracted, allowing for a subsequent attack. The Sonic Drop also releases a great deal of rubble skyward due to its extreme concussive nature, causing large chunks of shard like ground to burst up and further damage opponents. Theia can concentrate the usual 50 foot span of this attack by altering the release and frequency of soundwaves to prevent the uprooting of earth further away. The speed at which the earthquake happens is about 14 km/second making it almost inescapable for that of a normal human, but a mage of great speed will be able to dodge the cracking earth; hence why Kalina will send in a second pulse of sound to help uproot the shards of earth to those who try and escape into the air.

Siphoning Magic (サイフォンの魔法 Saifon no Mahō) is a highly unique Caster Magic that is derived from its parent, Magical Drain. This magic requires extensive knowledge on Ethernano and the Ethernano Circulatory System (ECS) to perform properly, but when successful, it gives Theia the ability to drain away a target's ethernano. This can come in the form of draining it from their body or siphoning from an ethernano based attack; giving this magic both an offensive and defensive purpose. Once the magic is siphoned into the caster's own body, they can effectively utilize this ethernano to replicate spells that they have already seen performed by there target. Though great skill is required to utilize this rare magic, the benefits and rewards will surely guarantee any caster a victory.

In order to use such a magic and begin to drain the ethernano from a mage or construct, the caster must make contact with the target with the use of "siphon tubes". These siphon tubes are actual minuscule capillary like extensions of ethernano that the user creates to tap into the ethernano circulatory system of the opponent. Because of their size they are able to bypass the membranes and gap junctions within cells to enter into the body and expand to the width of capillary and venous walls to siphon off the flow of ethernano. Depending on the expertise of the caster, they can create initial siphon tubes that are fractions of a micrometer to enter through the skin of their opponent unseen and begin working their way deep into the vessels that carry ethernano throughout the body; something that would make it extremely detrimental to the target's system if they were to attempt to remove them by physical force. Once inside, the mage must expand the siphon tube large enough to seal off the vessel walls, making it easier to create the parameters needed to siphon magic. Though their invisibility to the human eye plays to the advantage of the caster, the initial siphon size needed for this magic to go into effect limits the cater to close range combat in order to get the skin contact they need to plant their siphon tubes. Atmospheric conditions and outside forces will generally send the microtubes off course, and starting off with a diameter similar to that of a Wire Magic spell would lose the element of surprise with the siphoning. Although many a mage will use a large siphon tube to trick the opponent into thinking it is a typical Wire Magic spell, getting enough skin contact to fray their ethernano and leave a microscopic siphon tube attached to their opponent while they "reel back in the wire".

Siphoning magic

Once they have a siphon tube attached, they can generally extend the length of that tube as long as their magic will allow; but the longer the tube, the slower the siphoning of magic will be. That is why maintained physical contact is the best method of this magic, as it only requires a few millimeters of siphon to get through the thickest of skin and clothing and into the ethernano system of their opponent. A touch of only a second will be able to siphon off about 78.86 milliliters of ethernano, which is about half a liter per minute. This means for an average mage, who has about 5.5 liters of ethernano circulating their body at one time, it would only around eleven minutes to completely rob a person of their magic until their origin restores. Though in combat, sustaining that long of contact with the target isn't feasible unless they are rendered completely immobile; meaning that generally a caster is only able to siphon off about as much ethernano as needed for a basic spell before the siphon tubes are damages by an attack. But luckily this magic also works in absorbing offending attacks that come the caster's way as long as they are ethernano based. The quality of ethernano that is absorbed is far less concentrated, due to the transmutation properties it undergoes during casting, as well as the atmospheric impurities that mix in. So, in order for a mage to take in this ethernano and use it as their own power; they need to absorb a far greater quantity of it in order to replicate the attack that they just absorbed.

The basic mechanics of Siphoning Magic is similar to that of an actual siphon; something that requires little effort from the user after the initial priming to continue to drain out the magic from the other person. After attachment of the ethernano tubes into the opponents Ethernano Circulatory System, the caster will then create a pocket of space in their ECS by holding a greater deal of ethernano in their magic origin to lower the intravenous pressure of their ethernano system. This creates a pressure drop throughout the ethernano siphoning tubes, in the same sense that 'sucking' on a straw reduces the pressure along its length all the way to the intake point. The intravenous pressure at the intake point responds to the reduced pressure by forcing the fluid outwards, sustaining the flow to fill in the space at the other end of the siphon and equalize the pressure. This effectively pulls the ethernano from the opposing target, forcing it to drain into the caster’s Ethernano Circulatory System and allowing them to use the properties of said ethernano until it runs out of their system. The greater the caster drops their intravenous pressure in comparison to the target, the greater amount of magic they will steal.

Gravity, pressure and molecular cohesion are the acting principles that allows this magic to work without any effort outside of attachment of the ethernano tubes. This is because the flow of ethernano out of the target’s body depends on the difference in height between the inflow and outflow, as well as the difference in intravenous pressure. Gravity comes into effect for this magic when the attachment point for the siphon tubes is higher than that of its origin. This causes the gravity to push down on the ethernano inside the siphon and forces it to flow at a faster rate than that of the intravenous pressure method. This can lead to a mage attaining a greater deal of their magic in a shorter period of time to reap for their own benefits. This also allows the caster to continue to circulate a greater deal of ethernano to allow them to continue to attack during the draining process. One of the downsides of this method is its reliance on high differentials and gravity, forcing the user to pay attention to their attachment points and the angles at which the siphon tubes are, in order to keep the flow constant. Another downfall of this method is those who can control gravity, such as those with Gravity Change Magic or Cosmic Magic, can alter the natural flow of gravity to prevent the siphoning of their ethernano. That is why most users prefer the intravenous pressure method, as it overcomes this downfall.

The intravenous pressure method is one of the most full proof ways for mages to siphon, as it eliminates the effects of many outside factors. This method is not dependent on atmospheric pressure, as even in varying air pressures ranging from sea level to 39,000 ft altitude had relatively no effect on the flow during experimental tests. This shows that even in a vacuum this magic will still work; something that some users have used to steal the air rich ethernano of Wind Mages who attempt an airlock during combat. It has also been shown that in these high-vacuum conditions that the molecular cohesion of ethernano, as well as the actions of the intravenous pressure, are the principle factors in the operation of the Siphoning Magic. As a system will try and move towards equilibrium, equalizing the pressure between the two ethernano systems, the tight molecular cohesion properties between the molecules themselves and that of the siphon tube walls, allows for the ethernano to flow uphill if need be. This cohesive property overcomes the downfall of the gravity method and allows for a mage to feel at ease in the effects of their magic as long as their siphon tubes stay connected. Even if an opposing mage had a high degree of control over their ethernano system to help offset the pressure differential that drives the siphon, the caster would just offset it until the opponent would effectively have to cut off use of their magic entirely to prevent it from being stolen.

Physical Abilities

Enhanced Senses: Theia has a very keen sense of smell. Being able to recognize scents from up to two miles away and even those who have been covered by the scent of the terrain. Her hearing and sight is what she really excels at though. She has such keen hearing that it acts as a sensory type tool, where she can know how many enemies are approaching, just off of the sound of their breathing. It has been seen in battle that she can locate an enemy it a pitch black setting just by listening for a mage's heartbeat. This is in thanks to the influence of Sound Magic and its ability to alter the physiology and anatomy of the cochlea, allowing Theia to hear as low as 12 Hz with an extended upper range of 28 kHz due to modified and multiplied stereocilia. This upper of 28 kHz is similar to that of a cat’s acute hearing, which allows Theia to register ultrasound; something cats are assumed to use in hunting to track the ultrasound emissions of rodents. This is particularly useful in echolocation, as she can send out a pulse of ultrasound and register the distance of particular objects. This also prevents the reverse from happening, as she will be able to hear if any enemy is attempting to use sonar to locate her, although she will not be able to tell the direction of its epicenter. But can emit the same frequency sound to help hide her location for the enemy’s sonar. Being a Light Dragon Slayer, she is able to sense shifts in the photons around her, allowing her to tell what direction an enemy is coming in which helps her counter "surprise attacks". This also allows her to see wavelengths unseen by that of the normal human eye. In her normal form she is able to see 1012 Hz to 1016 Hz, making her capable of seeing almost all of the infrared spectrum to the ultraviolet spectrum. This can be used to her advantage in generating attacks of great heat, as well as altering the wavelengths of her attacks to make them appear invisible to the average human eye.

Incredible Intelligence and Tactics: Having been taught all about magic from Zhulong, Theia has an impressive understanding of how many magic abilities work, and how to counter them. She is highly observant and analytical, and judging from how quickly she can analyze an opponent's power and attack patterns to ultimately make them useless against her with due time, she has been called an excellent strategist who knows how to use the environment to her advantage. She is capable of performing a calm analysis of battle conditions, even when in danger, and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. This can also translate into easily pinpoint weaknesses, stay a few moves ahead of her opponent, and quickly calculate new battle plans as the fight is taking place. This is in part due to her great instincts and intuition which allows her to quickly become aware of his surroundings and react to incoming danger in time. It has been shown in many battles alongside Dragon Gunfire that she is able to coordinate multiple mages at once, and use other strength in combination to help perform the best attack. In addition to her incredible tactical prowess, she is also shown to be a very perceptive; being able to deduce a person’s true motives and intentions by thoroughly observing their individual patterns, personality traits and characteristics.

Incredible Strength: Theia possesses phenomenal strength and superior hand-eye coordination, and can break free from almost any attack that binds her and prevents her from moving.  Contrary to her particularly delicate frame, she is capable of lifting 3 times her body weight. After years of training, she grasped onto a level of finesse which allowed her to effortlessly fight hand-to-hand and use that strength to overwhelm her opponent during a physical fight.

Immense Stamina and Durability: Theia possesses high physical endurance to match her strength, and is capable of taking as much punishment as she is able to deal out. She is able to use the light surrounding her as a cushion when she sense a blow coming her way, lessening the damage she takes. Capable of holding off a multitude of highly powerful foes for a considerable amount of time without rest. After having trained with Zhulong for countless hours, this stamina is another gift from the Light Dragon that she is grateful for. Although when her magic is running low, she will not use the light as a cushion, and will henceforth take damage equal to that of it's strength.

Immense Magic Power: Theia has huge amount of magic power at her disposal. She can use very destructive and powerful spells, but feel little to no fatigue. When exerting her magical aura, she can damage the earth around her, and even stop weaker spells simply by giving off magic energy greater than the attack. Her magical aura is a whitish-golden color, and while Theia usually keeps her magic under control, when sufficiently angered, she can release it to its full extent. Theia's magical power is unlike anything ever felt before. The presence it exudes is completely at odds with her personality and appearance; as the magical pressure itself has a feeling equal to that of Theia's emotions. When Theia's emotions are pushed to her breaking point, her magical aura transforms into the frightening visage of a dragon which surrounds her, striking fear into the hearts of her foes, as well as blinding them from such an intense form of light.

  • Dragon Force:Dragon Force is an advanced form of Dragon Slayer Magic. Dragon Force can be voluntarily activated by Theia, being a Third Generation Slayer, where her body becomes sort of a humanoid dragon, gaining reptile-like scales and traits, such as further elongated and sharp canines, scaly features, as well as claws. According to mages, Dragon Force is the most powerful and final state a Dragon Slayer can attain, this granting power comparable to that of a real dragon, and the ability to destroy everything. Dragon Force greatly increases the damage done by Theia's standard Dragon Slayer spells, and grants her access to more advanced, powerful attacks with ease. It also drastically enhances her physical prowess, making her far stronger, more resistant and faster, and boosts her Magic power, prompting it to violently become visible, taking on the shape of a dragon; when used at the fullest, the generated silhouette seems to gain corporeality, likely as a result of the immense amount of Magic power employed. When Natsu Dragneel achieved such state through the use of Jellal Fernandes' Flame of Rebuke spell, his flames also gained the ability to devour offending Magic, even that of Zero's ultimate attack Genesis Zero.
  • Large Ethernano Reserve: Contrary to her size, Theia hosts a very high level of power and magical energy. Theia's endurance within battle is a reflection of the level of magical power she has, as demonstrated by her ability to produce large-scale spells despite being considerably injured from various attacks. After facing a severe crisis while out on a job with her team, she has awoken the full potential of her magical power, otherwise known as the Second Origin. This immense amount of magic has carried her through grueling tournaments and battles such as the Dragon Slayer Royale. Able to take on subsequent foes one after another with energy to spare. It was because of this reserve that she has been able to outlast more mighty opponents and secure the title of a Wizard Saint.
  • Magical Aura: A Magical Aura is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mages of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts, which will be outlined in the following sections. A standard aura is produced by mages with a moderate level of magical power within their body. By exerting it outward, it forms a thin layer of pressure that can cause one to be intimidated if they aren't a mage, or if they are a rather weak mage. This is generally demonstrated by individuals of S-Class strength when they are holding back, or when standard mages are showing that they are entering their full reserves of power. It should be noted that the density of this aura, by a S-Class mage, can cause physical attacks to be repelled with notable ease. Theia, being that of a Wizard Saint level, is able to give off an aura capable of repelling average mage's attacks if she wishes. Although typically not resulting to such wasteful measures, Theia's aura has been seen to be a golden-white light that dances as if it were flames.

Ethernano Manipulation: As Theia has begun mastering her own magic, she has gained the capability of drawing in ambient eternano from the atmosphere, and instead of absorbing it into hard magical origin, she is able to manipulate the eternano for offensive, defensive, and supportive purposes in any way that she wishes; allowing her to harness her magic power more efficiently and utilize it in a variety of different ways; although right now it requires a great deal of time and concentration for her to harness ambient ethernano, and so it isn't used in battle. Generally, a magician has an easier time collecting this stray ethernano in environments with higher concentrations of it such as the area where a vicious battle between others has progressed. She has however, been able to manipulate her own ethernano reserves with great skill, and is slowly improving her skills with radiant ethernano manipulation. At the absolutely highest level, a master magician's eternano prowess functions as a defense against illusions due to their sheer mastery over it, making them all but immune to everything except the strongest of fabrications.

  • Physiological Meliorism (生理的な改善説, Seiri-tekina Kaizen-setsu) is a unique ability that a mage can obtain through advanced training in ethernano manipulation. This ability gives the user enhanced physical stats, without the use of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, by altering specific physiological function to obtain the desired result.Through the use of this magic a user is able to alter the efficiency of particular cells to allow for greater efficiency of a certain physiological process. Particularly used on the endocrine system, nervous system, muscular system, and skeletal system; this ability is able to effect all anatomical systems to improve a mages performance. This is done through the manipulation of their ethernano, allowing their magic to act as a catalyst or substitute substrate in various reactions in the body. This can greatly increase the output and efficiency of cell, as the body is able to use a form that can be replenished slowly through the means of ambient absorption; which is far less finite than the traditional metabolism and production. 
    • Aldo Mena: Vigilant- Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands; especially in conditions of stress, increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and preparing muscles for exertion. So once the mage is able to get control of the glands that secrete adrenaline the user may experience effects such as increased blood pressure allowing the user to react faster and become faster in general. As vasoconstriction occurs, the user may feel a bit stiffer afterwards using this.
    • Aldo Mena: Unleashed- The manipulation of norepinephrine can be used to treat oneself and give the user on final push if the user is extremely wounded or fatigued. Once the user seems like he/she is about to faint or lose a fight due to fatigue the norepinephrine can kick in to increase blood pressure. As norepinephrine is referred to as a "stress" hormone, using an excess amount can lead to organs being worn down faster than usual.
    • Aldo Mena: Propogate- Using ethernano as a substitute, a Mage is able to disperse ethernano through the epimysium of the skeletal muscles and cause massive depolarization of the muscle fibers which causes the body to utilize all myofibrils during contractions. This can give a Mage an extra 20% increase in brute force, but this comes with a cost. Because a Mage is overriding the bodies natural defense mechanism of not utilizing all muscle fibers, prolonged use of this spell can result in extreme tearing of the muscles and related torque injuries. 
    • Aldo Mena: Nutriment- but utilizing substrate substitution or ethernano catalysis on the adrenal gland, a Mage is able to increase their levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone. One this spell is in effect, the body will begin gluconeogenesis, allowing the body to have an increased supply of "fuel". Although this can increase the output of muscles, but giving it the copious amounts of energy it needs, it is one of the more risky spells to use; as prolonged use can increase water loss, increase protein and bone degradation, and decrease immune and healing functions. So this spell is best used for a quick boost in power on a final hit.
    • Aldo Mena: Inspiration- By increasing production of erythropoietin in the kidneys and liver, the body is signaled to begin erythropoiesis, or the creation of red blood cells. With physiological meliorism a mage is able to increase their erythropoietin levels to hypoxic condition, which is about 10,000 mU of the hormone per milliliter of blood. This increase red blood cell production by almost 1000 fold, giving the mage a greater capacity for gas exchange, allowing their muscles to perform aerobic respiration and prevent the build up of lactic acid, which causes soreness.
    • Aldo Mena: Vitality-  Activating this spell will increase metabolic rate, protein synthesis, bone growth and repair, and increase the body's sensitivity to hormones like adrenaline. The manipulation of these hormones, via substrate substitution or ethernano catalysis, will increase protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism of the mage's body and improve how cells use energetic compounds.
    • Aldo Mena: Vigor- Manipulating the hormone produced by adipose tissue, a mage is able to increase the concentration of Leptin going to the hypothalamus. Using this spell helps slow down appetite, speeds up lipolysis, and maintain energy homeostasis allowing a mage to fight without fatigue for a greater period of time, while still maintaining substantial enough energy to fight at peak performance.
    • Aldo Mena: Overhaul- Concentrating their ethernano on the anterior pituarity gland, a mage can stimulate release of Growth Hormone (GH) to stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration. This allows a mage to recover from injuries and minor wounds within a matter of seconds. The effects of this spell is only highly effective on superficial wounds, yet it can help with deep wounds by increasing the healing process exponentially related to the amount of ethernano output.
    • Aldo Mena: Alleviate- This is a two fold modification that helps with releasing greater concentrations of enkephalin, a pain suppressant. This is one of the more difficult spells to master if the user wishes to grant instant pain relief. This can be done as a localized spell, or a generalized spell. The user will modify their ethernano to act as a substitute preproenkephalin, a signal peptide that will cause the cells to release proenkephalin. If wishing to use this a precaution, a user can stop this spell in the first stage and allow their body to naturally create enkephalin through the post-translational modification of proenkephalin. If wanting to grant instant pain relief, the user may enter the second stage and use their magic to catalyze the proteases used to cleave peptide bonds on proenkephalin and greatly reduce the time for the opioid peptide to take effect.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Theia's reaction time is incredible, her body moving at a lightning pace in the heat of battle. Her speed and reflexes gives her the upper-hand in unarmed combat, easily dodging surprise attacks from behind, and disappearing like a flash of light, only to reappear for a deadly attack. Honed from experience fighting different enemies, this Wizard Saint hosts pre-determined actions to undertake when certain movements are being used against her. Because she's smaller than most of his opponents, she can be highly flexible at times, using her speed in order to get into the enemy's blind spots and attack accordingly, launching a flurry of perfected and unforeseeable amount of attacks in which it becomes impossible to stand up against let alone defend through normal means. Furthermore, Theia is able to apply this accelerated understanding of her opponent's movements even to fighting styles she has not seen before. By having a well versed understanding of the fundamental basis of fighting, Theia is able to counter most strikes, making it extraordinarily difficult to successfully hit her. Her speed is considered to be astonishing, being able to outrun even the fastest individuals with her Light Magic, even able to outrun those who use the magic High Speed. Her movements, at times during her Light Drive, Thiea's opponents have confused her movement with the concept of teleportation altogether. Many fighters who are known for their speed pale in comparison to Theia's own, mainly because Theia's leg strength plays a big factor for her speed, as well as her personal emphasis on precise footwork. It is the combination of her speed and reflex that Theia attributes most of her victories to.

Master Acrobatic Skills: Theia has been shown able to easily perform amazing acrobatic feats high above the ground, positioning herself in places which enemies cannot reach while she uses her Light and Wind Magic against them. She is able to gracefully move in the air, and perform flexible maneuvers to evade attacks from her enemy; even managing to retain balance while switching positions without a single effort. She is able to perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts with ease. Theia is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, making feats such as flips and springs as easy as breathing. She has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most skilled acrobats and easily incorporates this into her fighting style. She has impressive personal strength and phenomenal equilibrium, making her one of the more skilled mages; as accomplishing feats such as scaling a wall, evading trip wires, and leaping from roof support beams is easily accomplished with little to no discomfort.

Weapon Specialist:Having learned great deal about weaponry from her teacher, Haruko, Theia has become rather proficient in the sword, knives, and whip. She rather excels when it comes to using dual-weapons, especially the dual sia she keeps on her, moving fluidly and gracefully to block and strike down any enemy in her path. With the sword she has shown that she is incredibly skilled in the one handed grip, not losing a significant amount of power when compared to that of the usual two handed grip. She is able to swing her weapons in an incredible fast manner, using her reflexes and speed to the fullest, as well as incorporating her Light Magic to improve her speed even greater. She is able to unleashed swift strikes, often attacking in such an aggressive and swift manner that her opponent is unable to retaliate or deflect all of the powerful blows. Her speed at manipulating her weapons has even been able to deflect bullets and projectile from an enemy, as well as even being able to move so swiftly that she can block rather rapid Light Magic attacks coming in. Her power with a weapon is also able to produce shockwaves from her strikes, giving her tremendous cutting power capable of effortlessly slicing through defenses while pushing enemies to their absolute limits. Her defenses when blocking seems unmatched, and her offense is capable of tremendous precision. Utilizing evasion techniques, with effortless counterattacks, Theia tends to use her acrobatics, agility, and speed to overwhelm the opponent and create an opening for himself.

  • Sword Specialist: Theia is able to utilize both short and long ranged attacks at various angles with her Dragon Luminous Blade. The tremendous cutting power of Theia's sword strikes are capable of effortlessly slicing through defenses with extreme accuracy and proficiency. Combining with her physical and magical abilities, Theia can instantaneously blaze through every enemy before her with her own speed and light magic, leaving more blood behind her than the sweat of her brow. Theia's fighting style focuses on strong, quick, and concise strikes that deal a great deal of damage. Her attacks are typically that with a large, quick, sweeping movements, using her sword to cleave through opponents with every strike. She has great range on his attacks, as weapons are levitated and logically thrown at the intended targets nearby, which causes great difficulty for those trying to advance on her. Her speed and precision helps her create a large-scale mobility as a means for versatility and uncertainty when attacking
    • Master Iaijutsu: One of the principle sword techniques Theia has at her disposal, this technique is by far her most proficient. Iaijutsu is a combative sword-drawing art, but not necessarily an aggressive art, because iaijutsu is also a counterattack-oriented art. Iaijutsu technique may be used aggressively to wage a premeditated surprise attack against an unsuspecting enemy. This fits in well with Theia's nature as she is never one to initiate attack without reason, and this art allows her to focus on counter attacks.
    • Ikishinkage-ryū: This is mainly learned to teach a mage footwork and breathing. The footwork used in the Jikishinkage-ryū style and can be translated as law, rule or method (for) transporting, conveying or carrying ('walking'). It is stressed that both feet stay firmly planted on the ground at all times. The kiai consists not only of the shouting, like most martial arts, but of the proper way of inhaling and state of mind as well. Every kata has two distinct roles called uchidachi, the striking/attacking sword, and shidachi, the doing/receiving sword. Roughly, the swordsman draws a semicircle (upwards or downwards) with both their right hand (holding the sword), and their left hand (free). They finish the movement with his arms extended, the sword pointing upwards, and the free hand's index finger pointing downwards. They represent all the things in heaven and all the things in earth, and Kazuo in the center of everything. Another typical technique is both arms movement in which uchidachi raises with both arms and receives the subsequent uchikomi with the side of the blade. This results in thrusting the left arm forwards and turning both arms outwards to allow to absorb shidachi's cut which is in kiritsuki style like performed by a kaishakunin.
    • Hokushin Ittō-ryū: Hokushin Ittō-ryū is a very intense dueling style, which focuses on simple and fast techniques where no unnecessary movements are made. Controlling the enemy’s center line with the Kiri-Otoshi and dominating him with extremely fast tsuki-waza are the signature techniques of this ryūha. The principles of this style are that a perfect technique should contain defense and offense in one action.
    • Sword Pressure (剣圧, Ken'atsu): When performing the Sword Pressure technique, the user swings forward with their sword, swinging the blade so swiftly that it seems that the user is able to utilize air itself to slice enemies, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which the user launches at foes; sending it through the air towards the user's enemy. It is a powerful blade of pressure that appears as faint ripples of wind that is launched towards the foe at high speeds; this attack enables the user to assault things which are out of their sword's range, sending slashes which fly through the air itself; and can even remain floating in it until the right moment to slash. The person struck by the sword pressure is assaulted by countless invisible blades which happens so fast that they would normally be unable to properly react in time, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet; this technique possesses enough power to slice down many trees in a forest. This technique can deflect both physical and sound wave attacks and attack at the same time, making it both an offensive and defensive technique. These blades of wind possess incredible range and devastating power; and at its highest level of mastery, the sword pressure is capable of cutting through barriers of magical energy; and they can even remain floating within the air until the right minute to slash.
    • Sword Beam (魔力剣波 (ソード・ビーム), Sōdo Bīmu lit. Magical Power Sword Wave) is one of the most basic Sword Magic spells to exist; while it is unknown, perhaps it is one of the first spells to be developed, as it is the basis for any magical attack that launches some sort of energy from a weapon; it allows Theia to fire a wave of magical power from their sword.When performing the Sword Beam spell, Theia infuses their sword with their magical energy, condensing it to its utmost limit, converging at a singular point—the tip of the sword; intensifying the kinetic energy that is about to be released by convergence and acceleration. This process can take from about half a second to a full minute, depending on Theia's preferences or the properties of the blade; Theia is capable of compressing even more of their magical energy upon their sword to achieve a higher level of power. In any case, once this process has been completed, at the instant of the slash, Theia swiftly releases the magical energy compressed upon the blade which magnifies the slash attack, unleashing it in the form of a wave of energy that flies forward at high speeds. The principal use of Sword Beam is to strike at adversaries outside of the sword's range, effectively nullifying the claim that swords are meant for close-range combat only. In any case, the Sword Beam spell, without any modifications, is extremely powerful, as it possesses great force that enables Theia to unleash large-scale damage and destruction. Upon impact, the Sword Beam spell causes a large explosion with enough momentum to breach defenses; making it extremely powerful, ripping into the ground and destroying a very large prison building. A single swing of it is more than enough to disperse an entire rainstorm; as well as demolish a large radius of the surroundings and leave behind a huge crater in the wake of the attack. It can be utilized in many ways; striking at the ground allows Theia to unleash the energy condensed upon their blade as an omnidirectional blade which can used as an impromptu shield for incoming attacks while upturning the earth before them; the debris of which crushes everything in its path. What should be noted is that the Sword Beam spell possesses homing properties; tracking the foe's heat signature in order to sniff them out and deal damage; curving until it reaches its destination; once fired, Theia can move around as normal without any drawback. The attack requires about two seconds to travel a few hundred-kilometer distance, and Theia can immediately fire the next attack after confirming a miss as long as they have magical energy left.
  • Spear/Staff Specialist: Her skill as a warrior with the hanbo stands high, allowing her to use a variety of polearms in battle. She can be seen utilizing fluid motions when she is wielding her hanbo, giving her attacks a sense of grace, as well as a seemingly endless array of potential strikes. By slowing her breathing down to match her opponent's Theia is capable of entering a state of keen awareness of her opponents moves, basing it on the pattern and alteration of their breaths. Her stance can alter between one for countering her opponent's moves by using the shaft of her spear to deflect attacks away; or she can lower her spear toward the ground to execute various ethernano defenses, like Defenser. It is this lowered stance Theia becomes far more deadly, as she is capable of blocking attacks from any direction as well as being able to attack with a swift raise of the spear. She is able to perform as a dual-handed spearwoman, capable of using each hand to fight and throw her opponents off guard. When using her spears she has shown a master usage of Sojutsu and Bojutsu, with an elite mastery in Torunku Ryu,  and has even gone as far being capable of moving her spear fast enough to deflect projectiles. Her ability to perform tremendously powerful and precise strikes, launch several consecutive strikes in a matter of mere moments, and versatility against opponents has given her the skill to render many of her targets unable to fight by striking and paralyzing the joints needed to wield a weapon.
    • Torunku Ryū: The offensive aspects of the style focus on conditioning Theia on an instinctive basis to, when fighting with a pole weapon, always keep the opponent within a certain zone of attack to optimize offense while still retaining the ability to defend oneself. By keeping the opponent a comfortable distance away Theia is able to focus more on offense. Taking advantage of the extended reach of the staff, Torunku-Ryu holds a distinct advantage over weapons with shorter reaches, besetting the enemy with a relentless flurry of vigorous assaults at range. In the interest of pressing the advantage, practitioners of this weapons form are able to close considerable distance in a short space of time relying on pure agility as long as the opponent is within 15 meters of their position. Because of the extended reach of the weapons used in this form Theia is able to deliver attacks faster than the time it takes for an opponent to cast a spell, forcing the mage to attempt to physically dodge or block Theia's strike. Thus, this weapons form is extremely effective in closing the distance and forcing a direct physical confrontation. A master of such art can fight fluidly with two polearms at once. The draw back to this form is that Theia will not be able to fight quite as effectively in extreme close quarters, nor can the advantage be maintained if the opponent's weapon is sufficiently heavy or of similar length to Theia's. Torunku Ryu is also excellent at defense and evasive maneuvers. The defensive aspects of the style rely on perception and awareness of surroundings. By using deceptively quick sweeping movements Theia is able to divert force away from their body easily by simultaneously shifting into the least accessible position while also not confronting the force directly when necessary. This can work to defend Theia even from extremely swift assaults. Theia can easily alternate between offence and defense, as this form allows for fluid transition. In addition Theia is trained to whip the staff around their body so quickly, they are able to block multiple projectiles from several directions easily so long as none are fired from a blind spot. This form is less effective in close quarters or in tight, confined spaces with places to potentially catch the staff weapon and halt its movement. Adept skill in the style allows Theia to fight on par with close range combat masters on equal terms, and mastery of the style allows Theia the ability to fight on equal terms with nearly any opponent.
    • Bōjutsu: The basis of bo technique comes from thrusting, swinging, and striking techniques that often resemble empty-hand movements, following the philosophy that the bō is merely an "extension of one’s limbs". Bōjutsu attacks are often avoided by agile footwork or jumps and returning strikes made at the enemy’s weak points. The bō is typically gripped in thirds, and when held horizontally in front, the right palm is facing away from the body and the left hand is facing the body, enabling the bō to rotate. The power is generated by the back hand pulling the bō, while the front hand is used for guidance. When striking, the wrist is twisted, as if turning the hand over when punching. Bō technique includes a wide variety of blocks, strikes, sweeps, and entrapments. The bō may even be used to sweep sand into an opponent’s eyes.
    • Sojutsu: Sojutsu focuses on the various uses of the spear in combat, and is one of the principle stance and holding techniques for those who learn the spear. Generally speaking, there are many kinds of spears or, Yari, that a mage can use within combat, however, nearly all of them are used in the same way. Theia holds the bottom of the shaft with one hand and uses the other one near the middle. With the spear held like this, Theia can keep the weapon between herself and the opponent, giving her a great advantage, and can also move it out of the opponent's range and slash back at them easily.

Master in Hand-to-Hand Combat: When combined with her Light Drive to enhance the power of her blows, Theia possess remarkable prowess in the use of hand-to-hand combat. Being able to use it to great extent, and to take on more than one opponent at the same time, Theia has shown to overwhelm some of the toughest opponents. She specializes in Okinawan Kobudo, using a hanbo and dual sai most often, as well as Aikido to be used in close range combat. She had chosen Aikido specifically as to help defend herself, but also prevent serious injury to her attacker. This technique specializes in joint-locking and throwing techniques; using the opponents momentum against them. She has recently taken up the style of Ki no Michi, a fast paced style that has become recently popular, to help give her a bit more power to her close range combat.

  • Ki no Michi (木の道, Ki no Michi lit. "The Way of the Tree") is a martial arts style created by the monks of the Minstrel Mountains. It is said that the monks created it to be an integration of their martial arts practices and the personal expression of their philosophy to "live like that of a tree. Staying sturdy with deep roots, even in the face of a growing storm or scorching sun." This fast paced, flexible style of martial arts focuses on neutralizing an attack early on or using Kazuos momentum and predicted trajectory to dodge said attack for a counter. It emphasizes a majority of throwing techniques and joint manipulations, although the use of a mages Ki, later realized to be ethernano, is of great importance when delivering an effective block or counter. Also of particular importance is the timing of a defensive technique, either to blend or to neutralize an attack's effectiveness and to use the force of the attacker's movement against him. This means that a mage must be of fast body and mind in order to read an opponents intentions and movements in order to effectively block.
    • God Cedar Cranial Descent (神杉頭蓋降下, Kamisugi Tōgai Kōka): Working best as in immediate counter move to follow an opponent's momentum, however, this move does require a great deal of strength to aid in the execution. As an opponent comes in for an attack, the mage will target the leading foot and scoop one the opponents thighs with their free hand. Using the opponents momentum to aid in their ascension, the mage will lift their opponent upside down so that their head is the closest point of contact to the earth. The mage will then proceed to drop to their side or back, driving the opponent into the earth on their neck and shoulders, or on the top of their head. If executed properly this move will follow one fluid motion and can leave the opponent with severe dizziness, a concussion, cracked cranium, paralysis, or even death if the opponent happens to land in such a way.
    • Great Banyan Dance (大きなガジュマルの踊り, Ōkina Gajumaru no Dansu): Beginning with an ethernano pulse from a low rise kick to the opponent's sternum, a mage is effectively knocked up into the air. Afterwards, Theia's moves will differ based on the opening they see. They will typically swivel gracefully to land a kick to the left side of their opponent. This will shift the opponents center of gravity on their fall to cause them fall on their side. On the opponents decent, a backhand strike to the face will shift the opponent's body to be parallel with the ground. It finishes with a ethernano infused punch to the gut upon the opponents impact with the ground. This final blow has been seen to break ribs, and never fails to knock the wind straight out of their lungs. Mages have been seen infusing their own magic into the hits to make this dance much more lethal and powerful. 
    • Jaya Sri Maha Kick (ジャヤスリマハキック, Jayasurimahakikku): Once Theia is able to see an opening, they focus a great deal of ethernano into their leg for power, while also maintaining their center of balance and delivers a kick at the opponent's weak spot. The only major weakness of this technique is that Theia has to focus a great deal of ethernano into their legs, forcing them to lower the power given to their arms; this can be covered by an X guarded stance, or use the free leg to block as well. With the swiftness and power concentrated into the leg, this is easily break bones if an opponent holds no defensive protection. This is also a versatile skill that can be used to launch Theia into the air with a vertical distance of 45 feet.
    • Jōmon Sugi Thrust (縄文杉の推力, Jōmon Sugi no Suiryoku): This technique begins with an open palm uppercut to the opponent's chin at close range. Once the hand is placed against the opponent's chin, the free hand is then used to strike the connected elbow. The force created from both hands is now behind a single point that's in contact with the opponent's chin. Since the hand is already in contact with the opponent's chin, they won't be able to evade the second hit. This is a skillful move to evade a grasp, as your opponent is within range and would not be able to stand the backward force to their spinal column without releasing their hold.
    • Chankiri Revenge (チャンキリ復讐, Chankiri Fukushū): With one arm cocked back, and the other extended forward, the practioner throws a punch from the drawn-arrow stance. The mage delivers an swift punch forward to the chest, using a pulse of ethernano to knock the wind out of the chest. A swift turn of the hips will send the other hand to dig into the heart with wrist bent and elbow facing downward. The end result can lead to cardiac arrest from blunt trauma to the heart. This move does take a great skill of precision to deliver the second blow through the spacing of the ribs.So a mage must practice on a multitude of targets before delivering such a fatal blow.
    • Kannimara Chord Cut (カニマラコードカット, Kanimara Kōdokatto): while in a fighting stance, the lead fist is thrown straight ahead and the arm is fully extended. With fingers extended outward, Theia covers their hand in a coat of ethernano; at the moment of impact, the pronated hand is generally held in a horizontal orientation with the palm facing the ground. The power of this attack comes from it's ability to cut the vessels of it's opponent when executed with enough force. Using two fingers can cut off blood flow until the pressure is released, three can cause severe bruising, four fingers can cut superficial nerves and vessels, and 5 finger can damage muscle fibers.
    • Tembusu Mania Blitz (テンブスブリッツマニア, Tenbusu Burittsumania): This strike follows a downward push of the target's own strike by applying fierce pressure to the joint's of the target's striking limb and causing it to lose it's consecutive momentum. Afterwards, fighter had to stiff his body to it's utmost limits on the moment of impact. When Theia uses it at the right moment in a strike, all of his joints will be fixed. Although difficult, if done correctly,they will strike with the weight of their whole body. When the strike is covered in ethernano, and comes in contact with the water that makes up the human body, it sends a shock wave through the body that can temporarily paralyze the target.


Theia suit

The second S.F.E.R.I.C suit, also code-named "Firefly", is specially designed to suit the fighting style utilized by Theia, made by Seraph Kinmichi in preparation for the war with Othrys. The base being made of microfibrillated cellulose and low-refractive-index polymer is eight times stronger than steel, thrice the flexibility compared to plastic, nearly transparent, and has a tensile strength of around 1412 MPa (2.353 x Steel). The addition of the low-refractive-index polymer makes it easier for Theia to turn invisible with her clothes on, as it's refractive index is very close to that of air. Due to being woven with polyvinyl chloride fiber, it becomes softer and more elastic when exposed to extreme heat or fire; making it essentially heat resistant/fireproof and thus giving Theia the ability to travel at amazing speeds without worrying about setting her clothes on fire. The suit is invulnerable to crease and is resistant to chemicals and relatively weaker acids. The bi-weave polyethylene armored layer makes it capable of stopping small knives and subsonic bullets. Additionally, Theia's suit has two assorted compartments near her boots which house a pair of manji designed sai's that are made of a iron-titanium alloy, making them very sharp and resilient and a versatile tool for close combat. This suit has a full faceplate made of Gore-Tex and graphite; the former is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane.

However, instead of having diamond-nitrile treated gloves, Theia's suit has retractable sharp talons that can be used to climb and scale otherwise impossible surfaces as well as to use in combat. The talons can also be used to inject a person with fentanil; a potent synthetic opioid analgesic. The suit is named Firefly (蛍, Hotaru)because of it's ability to emit intense light from it's chest and palms; these are wired to a single light emitting source: a light lacrima. Finally, the suit has a cool down system that cools down Theia's body (after detecting excess heat) and can harden around the area of a broken arm to hold the bone in place and administer painkillers. According to Seraph, the suit is state of the art. Unlike other versions of S.F.E.R.I.C this version does not feature a communication watch (a simple watch fitted with an communication lacrima) but instead has a small communication lacrima built inside an earpiece of sorts.

Just prior to the war, Seraph tweaked the suit a bit and treated it with genetically modified bacteria to produce semi-water proof nano-cellulose and further added a material to dampen shocks and impact, along with a spinal brace, to protect Theia from blunt force. The face plate was modified to have an electrostatic precipitation system that can filter out chemicals.

The boots are now made of a lighter fiber and are much more flexible to allow for full extension when kicking. The soles of the boots have an electromagnetic pad that allow them to adhere to certain metallic surfaces. Lastly, it was sprayed with a black latex like material that dampens Theia's energy/magic signature, making stealth possible.

Theia sai

Manji Sai: Only consistently utilized when she is wearing her Firefly suit, she carries a pair of dual sai that are stored in a compartment located near her calf. These sai are made of iron-titanium alloy, making them very sharp and resilient and a versatile tool for close combat. The tsukagashira is unique in that it is sharpened to a point, in order to increase its lethality and versatility. The handles have been coated with a Ethlylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) which has excellent heat, ozone and chemical resistance. Low temperature resistance is very good and EPDM can be compounded to give excellent electrical resistance.This rubber allows Theia to use her photovoltaic attack on her blades to infuse them with lightning without being shocked.The moto of each sai is also modified to contain a lacrima that houses a unique fire magic in one, in order to heat up the blades during battle; while the other contains a light lacrima to amplify her attacks, as well as achieve her photovoltaic attacks that she is known for. The dual lacrima are special to Theia, for they remind her of her teammate Seraph; the combination of red and gold reflecting the color of his eyes.

Hanbo :Theia has also been focused on mastering her skill with the hanbo. Although the hanbō can be held toward one end, and be swung like a katana or kendo sword, Theia tends to favor holding it in the middle like a staff to strike and block from either end. Her hanbo is unique in that she has it engraved with a dragon along the entire staff, to remind her of Zhulong's teachings. She uses the hanbo as a means of striking, restraining or even throwing someone. Her hanbo is specially designed for easy travel, for it features a metal locking mechanism in the center. The staff can be separated into two halves held together by an internal chain. This allows her to carry it in a sheath on her back with ease, and can even translate into a nunchuck-like weapon, using the internal chain to swing either end. It is a useful skill to know because sticks are abundant and can be picked up if attacked. Theia is even able to utilize it when parrying, by deflecting the sword and striking the flat parts of the blade, making it more than capable of defeating a katana.

Dragon Luminous Blade

Dragon Luminous Blade (聖竜刀剣ドラゴン・ブレーズ, Doragon Burēzu lit. Sacred Dragon Sword):Dragon Blades are extremely powerful blades, which are forged from a Dragolith Element (工芸の竜水晶ドラゴリス, Doragorisu lit. Dragon Crystal of Crafting), a special ore which can be obtained in caves of dragon-kind creatures, simply - in dragon caves. Usually, these orbs have very special, but pure Magical Energy within them, which converts itself into something different only after the orb is utilized within the blacksmith.The Dragon Blades, befitting their origin, also have the limited ability to absorb elemental attacks.Because Theia's blade was made specifically for the light element and its derivatives, it is capable of absorbing pure ethernano attacks, light attacks, and even absorb the heat given off by flame attacks.

The Dragon Blades are so unnaturally sharp that a wielder joked that it could "cut you just by looking at it", but on a serious note, a blade was able to cleave through diamond and even magic blasts effortlessly; and on one occasion, the user was capable of using the cold steel of the sword to absorb an energy blast before returning it to sender via another swing of the blade. The blades are reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonates at extremely high frequencies. This oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of anything it cuts, thereby increasing its cutting ability. Striking, cutting, and thrusting attacks are performed with the blade, with the sharpened edge and point used for lethal attacks, and the blunt edge used as a clubbing weapon.

The Dragon Blades' elemental power are naturally imbued within the dragon aspect of the blade. For example, the dragon scales as its core, when focused with the help of the user's magical power is capable of launching light and heat blasts - these blasts are as powerful as a Slayer's Roar spell. Also, if the sword absorbs light, it can be put on reserve for some time, so in the future Theia would be able to consume it.


  • Theia's favorite thing to eat is pastries. She often visits Plentiful Pastries, a local Crocus bakery, on her way to the Dragon Gunfire guild hall. She has become good friends with Bernard, the owner, who says that she is one of his best customers.
  • Theia's natural scent is that of Daffodils and Lavender; having spent her childhood growing up in a meadow filled with such flowers.
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