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Umbra Death (本影死 Honkageshi)




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"Darkness is guided towards the light."
Arukana & Phantom

Theo Schwarzem (テオ・ブラック, Burakku Teo) is a Dark Mage Hunter that scours the world, hunting down and killing any form of dark mage in order to continue the mission that his father first attempted when he became a Mage: To destroy or eradicate any and all dark mages so that no one would ever become hurt again. Originally he was the first child to two wonderful parents and older brother to Lucas Sonne, who has also decided to take up traveling to find himself and see the world. Theo's reputation has grown vastly wide as many have viewed him to becoming the dark knight, a symbol of justice to the evil of the world, despite looking like one himself. Through the time he spent, he gained a reputation and earned his nickname Umbra Death (本影死, Honkageshi), for taking down an entire guild after he poisoned the guild master as well. During one of his long travels to find more enemies to kill, he came upon a hidden group that collected rare mages to be used as fighting and sacrifices in an attempt to resurrect Zeref from his imprisonment, and took his brother as well. After fighting to the death to rescue and save not only him, but an imprisoned girl named Dina Weiss, she and him became a Duo together, traveling to continue the mission he started despite his brother's attempts to try and show him justice doesn't have to be dark.

Theo is the first co-owned character of both Phantom and Aru and will be one of the four main characters in the upcoming storyline, Fairy Tail: Fallen.


Despite his age, Theo looks relatively like an average teenager, at least in the aspect of body. Theo is often described to have an air around him that makes most people want to stay away from him, mostly out of pure instinct. Theo has a lean body structure, although he does have a good amount of muscle, showing he does have some strength within him. He also has a light skin complexion, something that he has stated to have inherited from one of his parents, although it is unknown which one he acquired it from. Regarding his height, Theo is fairly tall, standing at 181 centimeters or, in layman's term, 5 feet and 11 inches. His hair, which is the one thing that generally makes him stick out from his "average teenager" look, is a vibrant orange color and is styled very spiky. His eyes are brown, often narrowed in complete seriousness at all times. His brother, Lucas, at one point commented that he looks constipated.

When going into clothes, Theo has a preference to wear only Japanese-inspired clothing. His clothes are all usually dark colors, specifically black and red, with a dash of white. His most known outfit is that he wears a white undershirt beneath his black shihakushō, which is now open. Held together by three "x"-shaped marks, it ends in a number of coattails. Theo also has wears black gloves, with white "x"-shaped marks appear on both the gloves and his forearms His secondary outfit is relatively similar to his first outfit, wearing a black kimono also consists of a red thick strap across his chest. He also has four red vertical lines on his forearms and red bands with white ends crossing over his chest, wrists, and ankles. Similar bands are around his neck as collars. It is unknown what these straps and bands serve as purpose though it is speculated it must be important.


When he was born, both his parents recognized that Theo would become a trouble maker, even only a few minutes after he was born, which showed to have come true a few years later as he showed himself to be the prankster, always doing jokes that made both his parents laugh as he tried to bring light into their homes. When he was one year old and his younger brother, Lucas Sonne, was born into the world, instead of showing any fit of jealousy that many young kids his age would show, Theo began to become very protective of his baby brought, always helping out their parents when they needed someone to keep an eye out on him, or even helping with some of the more difficult tasks like changing his diaper or feeding him when his mother couldn't or was too busy attending to the chores around the house. In his eyes, Theo saw his brother like his best friend, wanting to keep him safe and sound from anything that might want to hurt him or worse, take him away from his loving family. However, around the age of five when he had overheard both his parents discussing what had happened during his father's doctor visit, Theo found that his father, the man that he come to idolize as his role model, was going to die in less than a few months. This shocking news made Theo depressed, shutting down the once troubling and hyperactive prankster as he could not bare to face the world without his father by his side, but at that moment, his resolve slowly began to show as he decided that even when his own father would pass away, Theo would continue to be the Man and protector of his family, and swore to himself that he would get stronger in order to make sure that no one would become hurt after his father's passing.

During his teenage years, growing and learning how to fight using a sword crafted by his father's own two hands and some magic taught to him by his mother, Theo soon began to take his official role as the man of his house, often making sure that his younger brother had someone who he could look up too, a sort of role model that their father couldn't provide after his passing. His resolve to become stronger filled his desire to train and get better, in order to ensure that both his mother and brother could live a peaceful life without either having to worry about anything. In time, his dedication to his work became his one simple goal, blocking out any other form of growth that related to meeting other people his age and growing as a person. He saw only one thing: Family was all that mattered to him, and if they were safe and healthy, he didn't need anyone else in his life, a mind sent that did not fit what a young teenage was suppose to be feeling at that time. However, the change of thinking would eventually change once again after discovering a secret: before his father settled down, he was a hunter of dark mages, all of whom he recognized from bounty hunting lists, and even saw that he kept record of updating ones, and how many kills he accomplished. What he saw though made him understand his destiny as in his journal, he talked about how one of the dark mages he hunted infected him, and brought him closer to his death before Theo was born. Not only that, but He saw that there were still a few that he never managed to capture, and realized that this was what he meant before he died when he told him to find and gain the power to protect what he wanted. Realizing that the time was now, Theo decided to become a dark mage hunter like his father, becoming the thing that would kill any who would threaten the safety of his own family and anyone else that would want to hurt them. Donning on the same outfit his father wore, he left his brother and mother, telling them that he would be doing this for them, so that no one else would ever have to experience what they went through ever again.

Years passed since Theo changed from the serious protector to now renegade Dark Mage Hunter, ruthlessly killing and beating them within an inch of their own lives, showing how much hatred and malice Theo feels to them as each time he does it, some claim that he may actually smile from the pain that they endure. Despite what many believe, Theo secretly does not enjoy beating or killing mages, in his mind, he believes that it is the best course of action to make sure that no one else would have to suffer for other's greed and corruption to the dark arts. Even with so much he has went through, Theo deep down inside still has the same desire, to protect his family against anyone that would dare to harm them, even with his younger brother now capable of taking care of himself. At times when the two get together is the only time that Theo ever shows the real him, the kind, caring, and all around gentle jokester that hasn't changed aside from growing taller and mastering his magic that his father taught him.




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Ashbringer (黒灰獄刃 (アッシュブリンガー), Asshuburingā lit. Black Ash Hell Blade): Ashbringer is Theo's weapon of choice as well as his father's last work, taking the apperance of a Daitō (大刀, Longsword). This daitō is entirely black in color and fairly long, almost the size of his entire body. The blade becomes curved as it nears the tip, with three protrusions along the blunt end of the sword close to its tip. It has a swastika-pattern as the guard of the blade while the hilt has a long chain over it, which wraps itself over the entirely of his right arm. Originally Theo's father found a secret cult of Dark Mages who were using a form of magic on a rock, which then took from them before killing them, and later found that the material made from the rock is actually a special mineral that could negate magic when used by those with evil intent in their hearts. However, the curse acted as a virus, attacking anyone who touched it, and infecting them with a magic virus that slowly crippled them from the inside out until they would eventually die from the disease. Before his death, he forged the sword, which later inherited the special properties as it allows it to negate forms of magic that are used by those with evil intentions whenever he slashes at them, resulting in the perfect Dark Mage hunting tool to have in his arsenal. It has been seen that when the blade is in collaboration with his Hell Buster and it's energy, the sword amplifies the energies signature, allowing even the energy attacks he throws at dark mages to neutralize the spells that they shoot out, canceling each other out without a hint of hesitation on either sides.

Magic & Abilities

Natural Abilities

Ways of Combat

Theo's sword mastery
Exceptionally Skilled Swordsmanship: Theo is primarily shown to fight with his sword, Ashbringer, and has been regarded as a prodigy within the art of the sword, though Theo hates the word "prodigy" as he states he acquired his skill through blood, sweat, and hard work. Theo began to lean how to use a sword at a young age, being discipline to where he could use a sword the way he does now by his father, who himself could be seen as a master swordsman, and after training both Theo and Lucas, knew that Theo had the most potential to get stronger throughout the years if he continued training the way he did. Theo has a personalized fighting style that is designed for him to work for him and him alone. This style primarily uses speed over all other attributes, though it does still implicate them in some form of fashion. He is able to strike his opponents form all sides by using his impressive speed to maneuver around them and then attack before repeating the process over and over again. This can be dangerous at times as a person can track him or see a pattern going on. It has also been seen that the fast movements can often add a sort of misleading form, which can confuse an opponent to a point where they don't know if one of the many after images he leaves behind will come out to attack him, or if he will get close up to slash at him. While his sword style is mainly focusing on fast strikes and speedy movement, Theo also developed other forms of styles that work specifically against the dark mages, allowing him to use his more fluid movements and expecting strikes to throw them off balance as to not allow them full concentration in order to be able to cast any form of Black Art they may have under their sleeve.
  • Cerberus Hunter (ケルベロス·ハンター, Keruberosu Hantā): One of Theo's sword techniques and his most used. This technique was developed when Theo had noticed the effects that his sword had when he manipulated his magical energy into his sword before releasing it. To preform this technique, Theo will focus his magical energy into Ashbringer, condensing it to the point that it will gain a reddish black hue. He will then swing his sword in the direction of his opponent while at the same time releasing the built-up energy. This will send out three reddish black energy slash out, each one overlapping over another as they then separate into three individual slashes with one heading faster than the other. This will allow a unique effect to happen when the opponent blocks the first attack that is sent towards them much faster than the other two. The next slash will merge with the first slash that the opponent currently blocks, acting as a second slash, but will increase the power of the first one by merging with it and adding more power to the force, causing the opponent to be slowly pushed back. The last one will then collide with the two other combined slashes, adding to it's own power to the technique, and will detonate in the form of a large blast, going straight the opponent and delivering a great significant amount of damage as it also mows down anything else that is in it's path. However, despite the incredible force that the opponent is able to deliver, the technique can be cancelled immediately or weakened if the first strike delivered is broken or redirected to another area, resulting in the other two slashes, which are weaker, to be half of the force that it was originally intended to be, resulting in the opponent being able to break the other two with ease.
  • Tempest Twilight (嵐薄明, Arashi Hakumei): A unique technique that Theo developed while on his travel's, after seeing a twister in action in one of the towns he was visiting when he hunted a bounty. After seeing how the winds turned almost razor-like, he began to develop a similar style to it, which became his Tempest Twilight. It begins by him channeling Eternano through his sword, creating what appears to be a spinning stream around his blade as he focused and raised his own energy, causing the stream to spin faster and faster, generating wind from the incredible spinning. Once the technique is up to it's full spin, Theo then augments the Eternano stream as it becomes almost a twilight aurora as the black and his energy color show. Once finished, Theo simply slashes in a strong back hand style, causes a small wind updraft, combined with the release of his magic, creates a powerful twister that surrounds the opponent in a twilight twister, as they become bombarded with razor winds enhanced with Eternano energy as it keeps on the attack until the Eternano inside the twister drains out and dies down. The major risk to using this technique is time-factoring, meaning that despite being powerful, in order to fully access it's power, the user needs time to prepare the attack, leaving them wide open at any moment if there is stuff that Theo lacks and would need to somehow generate it himself to ensure that it will be at it's highest form. However, if some factors like wind is already in place, the time would be cut by half, but still leave him at a disadvantage of having to still prepare for it.
  • Erzfeind Kreuz(報復の悪殺磔 (ネメシスクロス), Nemeshisu Kurosu, German for Nemesis Cross, Japanese for Evil-Slaying Crucifixion of Retribution) Is an Ancient spell that Theo learned when he and Dina found a place that was guarded by a master mage, who they defeated and learned the two spells of. To preform this unique spell, Theo will dive deep into his mind and bring up all that he feels and knows about his opponent, not leaving out one detail, transferring said thoughts into his blade. Through this process, his body will exert a enormous amount of Magical Power, to the point the ground around him will begin to stink, forming a crater. Once Theo has completed the process of going through his mind, the Magic Power that was suddenly forcing the opponent down is gone. At this point, Theo will rush towards his opponent, appearing below them and will slam his palm into their stomach, sending them high into the sky. While they are still up above, Theo will have the palm of his hand pointed at them once more and will call out the name of the spell. Through this simple name, a cataclysmic large, cross-shaped blast of black energy will appear and engulf the enemy. However, despite the incredible force and power that this spell has to offer, there is a serious drawback to this spell if one wishes to use it. When Theo uses this spell, all the emotions he has for his opponent must be that of negative thoughts, any form of positive and the spell backfires right on him and deals the damage he would have dealt to his opponent.

Expert Martial Artist: While relying on his sword often, this does not mean that Theo is helpless without his sword if it should ever be thrown out of his hands. Theo, somewhere along the line in his swordsmanship training alongside his younger brother, realized that he was practically defenseless without his sword, in case of a situation where he would not be able to use it, and began training in the unarmed arts with his Lucas, who in turn had the natural affinity for his like Theo had the affinity for his swordsmanship. When he is fighting, Theo is able to deliver powerful attacks, being able damage the opponent while utilizing his strength within the mix depending on how much he puts into it. He uses his speed and reflexes to dodge and appropriately react towards an attack, though he does have his limits. His fighting style resembles that of a of a Hard, External Martial Art Style. This means that Theo emphases on the refinement of the body and physical prowess as well as meeting and countering an opponent's incoming force with equal and/or overwhelming force. This basically says that Theo fighting style relies around being able to take a number of attacks and then meeting said attacks, overwhelming them to the point where they are eventually defeated. It has also been seen that when in use with his Hell Buster mask, the energy that he channels into his fists or feet can allow for multiple impacts shots even when one punch is thrown, making him one deadly opponent to fight when he is in condition with both mask and his full strength in check. Despite his physical prowess and incredible style, it has been seen that Theo still lacks the control and focus that his younger brother has, as seen when the two of them went through multiple sparing matches together, with everyone of them as Lucas for the victor.

  • Degenerating palm

    Degenerating Palm-Thrust.

    Degenerating Palm-Thrust (堕平突き, Dahiratsuki): Is one of the fighting moves both he and his brother learned from their father before his passing, and has improved on the technique since. To begin this technique, the user must first allow the Eternano to be able to flow freely, rising their energies up through concentration as they then focus the flow directly into their forearms, concentrating them in the middle of their palms before they expand it throughout their whole hand. Once the energy is equally balanced, the user then condenses as much as they can, focusing it as it is packed tightly within the middle of their palm, and when ready and the user does a fast palm-thrust, the end result is a powerful Eternano explosion that acts as a form of ripple throughout the opponent's body, making them feel the impact as if it were a multiple hitting attacks, weakling them from the inside out until the ripples settle down. A second and more improved version is where the user condenses both mini-explosions into their palms, which can not only double the ripples throughout the opponent's body, but can also be used to hit two people at the same time into two different opponents if they need to. While the original is a very multiple use technique, the risk to it deals with how much time it would take for the user to harness it, due to the condensing taking much longer than it would an average one, and leaving the opponent to allow for a counter attack or even the chance to run away. It has also been seen that the ripple lasting depends on how much Eternano is condensed, meaning that if one would want to make the state of paralysis last longer, they would need to concentrate more energy into the condensing.
  • Star Smash (星割る, Seiwaru): One of the two inner techniques that are said to be the opposite of each other,taught to him and his brother when they were still in training, with Theo taking on the task of mastering the light side of the move. Drawing on the energy of his own body, along with an altered Eternano that Theo augments through instinct, he is able to produce a pure white energy, said to shine as bright as a morning sunlight at the peak of dawn. It has been shown that there are two ways both this technique and it's counter part can be used. The first happens when the energy is released around him, it begins to solidify in a way that makes it appear as if he has light markings around his body, which gives him more incredible form of strength and his other natural abilities, making him seen to be a warrior of light when in use, something not of his nature. The second way that it has been seen that Theo uses this technique is it allows him to actually propel himself, granting him the ability to fly high into the air so long as the energy continues to burst, granting him such incredible speeds that some say that it appears as if a comet is flying across the sky at such a close range. However, the true strength of the move lies within when the user makes contact with the enemy, by smashing right into them head on, which then releases a tremendous force of energy that in term releases multiple bits of "star dust" that continuously beat down on the opponent the more the impact is delivered. After which, a large explosion occurs as it has the force similar to that of crash, which delivers a powerful impact that it shows to even hurt Theo from the impact result. While the technique is considered to be quite powerful, the drawbacks can also be very risky as once used, the user would be unable to draw out any magic that they have inside of them, making them rely on their own natural abilities until the technique is cancelled or finished. When in it's comet state, it has been shown that if another object is moving at the same speeds and with the same force as this technique and collides with the Star Smash, the impact from both opposing and equal forces will cause them both cancel out as the impact that would've hit the opponent backlashes and hits Theo at full force. The last and possibly greatest weakness is that this move is like a double edge sword: although it grants the user multiple uses and incredible strength, once the impact is delivered, the user themselves take damage equal to the damage that they delivered to the opponent with equal force they themselves inflicted, and if used too many times, would most likely cause the user to pass out from the strain that is placed on their bodies.
    • Quasar Smash (クエーサースマッシュ, Kuēsā Sumasshu): The final technique passed down from the father of both Theo and Lucas, who said Only the true bonds of trust and respect will give birth to a new light and taught them both the initial keys to unlocking this powerful technique. One half of each technique is required to activate the hidden art, each of which is inside one of the brothers. To begin said technique, it is said that both users of the smashes must first enter their flight mode, allowing their energies to match in perfect synchronization as the energies slowly begin to merge with one another as the energy slowly begins to surround not only one user, butt both of them at the same time, creating a new grey-like energy to appear as both users begin to show signs of symbols all over their body to show the complete union of both moves. Once fully charged and in sync with each other, the next step has them in their flight form, allowing them to move at double the speed they originally were able to go with, causing many to confuse them with going as fast as meteor showers themselves. During the fast movement. the brothers move as one, allowing them to be able to react to anything as one being, which in term allows for much greater abilities between the two when they use this move. The secret behind this power is the impact that it gives, like it's two separate techniques before it, when the user impacts another opponent, the impact would trigger a great explosion. However, with Quasar Smash, the combined power of both users allows it to become an incredible blast of energy that can mow down half an entire forest with it's force, resulting in multiple trees being shredded or obliterate in a second. However, such a powerful technique is said to be used in an emergency situation, else both users would feel the severe consequences from this technique. The first being that in order to even be attempted, both user must be sync both physically and mentally as both techniques require pure trust and focus or else it will explodes and take them both to their doom. The second risk to this technique is that while it is possible to deal incredible damage, like the two separate ones before it, result in a backlash to the opponent, causing the same amount of damage to both of the users as it would the opponent.

Physical Attributes

Theo's pure force

A simple swings of his sword can dispel a Wind Magic spell.

Excellent Strength: When his father was alive, Theo began doing different methods of training that seemed to show ruthlessness and almost near-death experiences, but slowly developed a method in which his body would absorb more Eternano through his lungs, which in turn travels through to his muscles as the Eternano slowly increased his physical stature without making him too bulky. After finishing his training with the same method he learned from his father, Theo's physical strength showed to be much more incredible even though in terms of appearance, he simply looks like he only does moderate training to keep his muscles in check, but when in use, he is able to lift nearly three times his own weight. When fighting unarmed, each strike he sends out has about the same force as double of a Vulcan swing, being able to break through solid stone like it was tissue paper, and not even using half of his power when he does it. When using all of his strength in Hand-to-Hand combat, the punches he delivers are much more powerful that they can at times even create a shock wave that is strong enough to break apart glass just from the force it, and knock the opponent straight through a wall into another building behind it. However, when the strength is combined with that of him using his sword, Ashbringer, many often at times almost never want to be in his way, because with one swing of his sword at full strength, can cause the ground beneath him to be split open and carved out for almost a good ten meters, making him more powerful when he is using a sword than when he is fighting. It has also been seen that when he swings a sword, he is able to whip up a mini-whirlwind that can often at times blow away any form of smoke or poison upward, and away from himself and anyone that it might put in danger.

Incredible Endurance: With the strength training that Theo was taught to do by his father, he also began to use it in different variations to his advantage in a fight of any kind, one being allowing his strength to act as a form of armor to his body, allowing him to take more beatings than any one normal mage would be able to take. When he is in a fight, both his strength and level of magic allow him to have a higher range of stamina than most normal mages, allowing him to hold out longer than anyone else, and making it tougher for the other opponent to keep up with his level of endurance that he has. It was shown that Theo is also able to take quite the punishment as at one point, he was sent into a death fight against nearly twenty opponents, and even after fifteen rounds, he was still able to stand up and shrug off anything that got thrown at him, as if the pain was none-existent, holding out more than anyone else with only his strength of will and his body's heavy resistance. It also has been seen that Theo's own body at times can be considered as strong as iron, often at times allowing him to take on much heavier attacks, and still not feel any form of pain despite the opponent's incredible barrage of attacks that could be thrown at him. When he laces himself with Eternano energy around his body, it's shown that he has more incredible endurance, due to the more thicker cushion added on top of his already cushioned body. At one point in his time, both he and Lucas both attempted to settle the score in the sparring matches that Theo lost over time, the match ups seemed to last for almost the entire day, leaving them both tired and exhausted, but still standing as their conditioning eventually lead to Theo passing out, but still not falling, which shows a resilience that goes beyond even his own mental state, but also shows that despite how much he can endure, he is still not invincible as he fell a few minutes after passing out, making him one of the most enduring mages in the entire earthland, and one of the most difficult fighters to handle.

Theo's speed

Theo's speed allows him to create multiple afterimages.

Unmatched Speed and Reflexes: Speed is the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate and Theo has been shown to reign supreme within this area, being said to unrivaled when he is moving. Theo's lean body allows him to move at an incredible rate, to the point where it is incredibly difficult for his opponent to follow him, while at the same time, allowing for Theo to get a sneak attack when the opponent attempts to follow his patterns or movements. He can move from one point to another with such speed, that most people often speculated that he is actually using some modified version of Teleportation Magic as they are mystified at how such a person can move so fast. Theo's speed is a result of his training where he was forced to carry weights on his back for days and anytime he said they felt light, his father instantly up them to where he would have to struggle once again. This allowed Theo's body to adjust under the heavy weight and allow him to return back to his original speed with the weights on, which would allow him to move faster without said weights. Theo's speed is not the only thing however that is impressive as his reflexes are up-to-par as well. He is able to react with great speed, weaving through attacks as though they are moving in slow motion, which Theo actually confirmed at one point. He can react accordingly and counter an attack, taking down his opponent with minimal effort. Theo can make great use of his speed and reflexes when he is fighting. When fighting with his sword, Theo is able to strike with such speed that the opponent is unable to track his sword strike and he can quickly follow another.

Assorted Others

Brilliant Intellect: Since he was at a young age, Theo has displayed that he is quite intelligent, being proclaimed as a genius due to how quickly he is able to learn different subjects. An example of how well he learns information would be similar to that of a sponge absorbing water, with him able to gather and understand information at a much greater range than most normal people. Theo is quite perceptive in several different subjects, ranging from trivial things, such as folklore, extending more forgotten things, such as ancient text that some people have already forgotten since the days of old. This makes Theo a very dangerous person, as it is possible that he can have any knowledge on a subject and then began to draw a connection between that and another, and can often manipulate it to his advantage whenever he feels it is needed. Theo's intelligence is actually one of the important facts that is within his fighting style, being used whenever he is fighting against a person that has a Rare or Lost Magic, making him not only intellectual, but very resourceful as well. He is able to analyze the magic, seeing what exactly makes it work and the properties, which he can then uses to find different ways to counter said Magic or disable it temporarily to allow him a better chance of defeating the opponent. He can also use this in the same way when it comes to hand to hand combat, being able to see what traits that they focus and then strike at their weak points. It is also seen that Theo's intellect allows him to use much better forms of his Eternano Manipulation along with his fighting style, something that many others are unable to do most of the time.

  • Deceptive Tactician: It has been shown that in a fight with anyone, Theo learns more about them by analyzing how much of their fight goes on, allowing him to plan a more carefully counter attack, while also attempting ways to deconstruct the opponent to make it easier for him to defeat. His quick thinking and understanding allows his mind to perceive things differently, playing to his advantage whenever he finds himself in a situation that requires much more thinking than fighting. For Theo, everything needs to be a move with three steps forward, allowing him the chance to fall back on the second and third move if his first initial move fails, making him quite the expert planner and strategist to boot as well. One of his more incredible accomplishments was the user of his tactics to not only poison both Guild Master and Ace, he was able to determine who was the more deadly opponents in the entire guild, defeating them off first before ending the rest with ease, making him a genius in terms of a guild ace himself.

Magical Abilities

Destructive Magical Energy: Since he was a young child, Theo had always shown small signs of being able to not only absorb Eternano into his body, but also be able to manipulate it bit by bit over his young childhood, which often made it easier for him to prank his parents since they did not discover it until a later time. It was after this discovery that his father began training him in the ways of magic, both on how to use it and how to gradually increase how much magical energy he himself would be able to produce over time. During his training days, he showed to be a very fast learner with how to use Eternano in many different ways, showing him to have a natural affinity for it over the course of the training, improving on said skills when he learned to properly control it through his mother, who herself was an Eternano Manipulation Master. After the passing of his father and leaving the house in order to continue on his legacy of Dark Mage hunting, Theo continued on to fight incredibly challenging opponents, often at times making him go beyond his normal limitations, as each fight he got himself into, his own magical energy began to increase more and more, allowing him to generate much more powerful spells and incredible stamina with his Eternano coursing through his very body and the control he has over it. Eventually after earning a name for himself and gaining the infamous reputation that took him much time, it was said that Theo's magic energy was nearing it's incredible peak, something that wouldn't happen to anyone his age, meaning that his incredible magic was able to be feared and classified as being someone not tied to any one guild and being near the level of a Guild Ace at the young of 33, making him one of the rare few to have magic and gradually increase it to a higher level instead of being born with incredible magic energy inside them already. While Lucas has shown to have magic energy nearing Theo's own level, Theo himself is the strongest of the two brothers, not for having more magic, but for having the best control and knowledge to use it in better ways than his younger brother, who was born with magic, but often uses it to balance his strength only. The full force of his magic, when released, is said to be able to generate a powerful shock wave that blows high speeds of wind for a long distance, while at the same time, breaking apart the very ground that he stands on, only leaving a large pillar that's enough to support him.

Magic Mask

Magic Mask (魔法のマスク, Masuku no Mahō): Mask Magic is a unique Holder Magic that revolves around different variations of, as the name suggest, magic masks that are created by different mages. When said mask is put on, it allows anyone who wears the mask to use an ability depending on the mask they currently possess. When in use, each mask can allow for a special ability that is solely dependent on the mask's creation and their usage. Some masks when worn can allow the user to transform themselves into different shapes or objects just by thought, while some masks can actually hold different forms of magic that are simply worn, and immediately they have the powers of a magic so long as they wear the mask. For Theo, when he puts on his mask, it causes a reaction as his eyes change from their normal shape to that of gold pupils and black iris as the mask slowly melds with the user's face until it is bonded with him for as long as the magic is in use.

  • HellBuster1

    Theo, Hell Buster on and ready for combat.

    Hell Buster (奈落・破壊者, Naraku Hakaimono): Hell Buster is a spell/mask that Theo originally found in a pile of his father's former dark mage hunting attire, which is shown to be similar looking to that of a menacing skull found in some dark guild temples. The mask is white, and has only two thick vertical black stripes, each on one half of the mask, which are interrupted by the widened eye-holes and the jaw; overall, it creates a rather demonic sight to behold. When the mask is placed on Theo's face, it's magic begins merging with Theo's as it begins to release what appears to be black energy that is shown to be a form of multi-striking impacts through each blast or impact when it hits the opponent at close or long range. It has been seen that the person is actually able to coat themselves with said energy, allowing it to become much more focused in it's powerful impacts when the user hits an opponent and it pierces their body deeper and deeper with each additional impact. When Theo draws his sword, Ashbringer, he is said to be able to generate said energy directly into the sword as it causes a unique melding, with a similar effect with the piercings, but instead the attacks feel like multiple sword slashes that the opponent would feel. Although the incredible abilities of this mask seems almost limitless, there are some risks when it is in use, the first being that if the mask is knocked off the user by any means, their connection with the energy inside would be disconnected until the mask is placed back on top of them. Another risk to this is that the more the mask is used, the more it seems to break apart bit by bit, which takes it much longer to regenerate it's broken pieces.


Shatterpoint (ポイント打ち砕く Pointo Uchikudaku): Shatterpoint is a unique fighting style Caster Magic and is known for being the Subspecies Magic of Crash that allows the user to view the various fault lines of any physical object or person they see or touch, allowing them to in term manipulate them to their advantage when the user has physical contact with said object. To begin using this magic, the user concentrates a considerable amount of magic energy into either their eyes or their hands, which allows them to see or feel for the multiple fault lines in anything around them due to nothing ever being perfect, and having weak points inside of them no matter how small or big. When the user indicates and finds said lines within others or themselves, there are two variations that Shatterpoint allows the user to manipulate them: the first version is that when the user is fighting against an opponent, they can simply cause the full breaking of the object that the user holds, which allows them to be destroyed or broken into pieces, and often can give a very powerful blow when the opponent feels it. It works by the user giving pressure to the fault line, pushing it more and more until eventually the strain is unable to bare it, which causes a powerful implosion of the fault line, dealing the damage to the opponent or the object. The second use of this magic is that instead of breaking the fault line, the user is actually able to strengthen them, or in another way, heal the weak points on the area where there is most damage to anothers body. This in term can often have medical advantages as it often allows for anyone to help in the healing process when the fault lines are more strengthened, and can give relief to those who feel it. Despite being an incredible magic, there are certain risks to it, one of which is that although it can fine fault lines, it cannot detect them through something that was made to be reinforced, which means super hard objects like swords cannot be broken easily unless it has taken near-breaking damage. The second weakness is that in order for the full search or understanding of where fault lines are, the user must have physical contact with someone for more than 20 seconds to allow a full analyze of where the fault lines are hiding, making them an easy target to an enemy.

Imperial Embodiment

Imperial Embodiment (帝国・実施, Teikoku Jisshi): Imperial Embodiment is a unique form of Magic that one can possess but not use without risk. When this magic was first revealed, people had thought that the magic belonged to ancient civilization of magic users, who discovered a way to freely manipulate the magic within their bodies with ease, amplifying their bodies with their choice of Magic. This theory was soon proven wrong as a young mage by the name of Hogotsu Sezoku had created this magic, basing it off of the Earth Land equivalent of Dragon Ball Z. This magic as stated before is meant to enhance specific physical attributes of a single person with a type of Caster Magic. The attributes that are amplified all depend on the magic that is used, as the person would gain the properties of the magic. However, it is noted that only Elemental Magic is capable of being harnessed along with Imperial Embodiment.

In order to harness the power of Imperial Embodiment, after casting any elemental spell, the user suddenly and briefly voids their magical container, which was popularized when a certain Fire Dragon Slayer performed it against a rather irksome Flame God Slayer on Tenrou Island—emptying it as to allow the user to properly accept the sudden surge of elemental energy without any risks. Once this is done, they can safely accept the oncoming elemental magic; drawing it into their body, before flaring up their magical aura once more—the sudden return of their magical aura allows them to safely take in the magic; and use precise control of their magical aura in order to spread it within various limbs; essentially their whole body and use their magical origin to prevent it from harming them from the inside. This provokes an extraordinary change, cloaking them (most of the time) in the element of their choice; granting them enhanced speed and power, along with the ability to cast brand-new spells.

A primary example of this would be when Hogotsu uses his Lightning Magic while using Imperial Embodiment. Hogotsu, after going through the procedure, would gain enhanced speed and reflexes. As an added bonus, Hogotsu's melee strikes would also cause shock damage to whoever he hits. Not only that but by doing this, he become the element in question, using all of its abilities as if it was part of their own body. However, physical enhancement and magic personification aren't the only limit regarding Imperial Embodiment. The users are also able to access a new set of spells that before may have seemed impossible. Another thing to note is that depending on the form that one enters, their physical appearance will change. An example would be a person that uses Darkness Magic would enter the first form of Imperial Embodiment. Their hair might change to either black or the secondary color of their Darkness Magic and they also might have a slightly blackened skin tone. This physical changes range depending on the form that the user is in and each is different for another person.

Although there are many positives to Imperial Embodiment, that does not mean there are not any risks. The risk behind this, however, is that they can be harmed by the element that counters the one they are currently using. The exception is that if the amount of magic used to induce the effects of the Imperial Embodiment and what stage of the spell they're in. If they are in the Ultimate Form of the spell and used a lot of magic to power it, then they can't be harmed by the element opposite to their own. Also, it's important to know that mastering the flow of magic in your own body is a general factor to use it. If one attempts to use the spell and has not yet mastered the flow of magic in their own body, not only will it not work, but it will potentially backfire as a result and in most cases, severely damage or even kill the user, depending on which stage they want to enter.

Theo, after reading and experimenting, was able to gain the qualities need to utilize this magic. While very difficult at first, the book not actually helping that much, Theo was later able to perfect his usage of this magic to the pount that he was considered an expert in it. He uses his knowledge of Dark Flame (暗い炎, Kurai Honō) to grant himself the properties of said magic. This not only increase his strength and endurance but also allows him to utilize unique spells that were beyond his compression before. Theo has named his Imperial Embodiment as Remnant Flame Mode (残炎モード, Zanen Mōdo).

Assorted Magics

Telekinesis (テレキネシス, Terekineshisu): Telekinesis is a mental Caster Magic that allows the user to focus their mind and manipulate the Eternano around them along with their own to allow to move physical objects with only a simple thought. In Theo's case, his more focused and instinctive way allows him to use this magic more easily as he only need to feel the motion of anything that he visualizes, allowing him to grasp said object, and bring it towards him or throw it whenever he wishes. In some cases, Theo often uses the manner of telekinesis known as Macro-telekinesis, which allows him to move much heavier objects that would be almost impossible to move alone with just mind power. It has been shown that he often uses this style to allow him a link with his sword, and often at times brings it back whenever it is knocked out of his hands without him even having to go near it. While the magic has it's various uses, there are certain risks that go with it that many often have to take into consideration when they use it. The first being that despite looking easy, this magic takes much concentration and focus to even be able to move anything heavier than simple paper, which shows that Theo cannot use this magic continuously or else risk a mental strain that might do more damage to himself than his opponent. The second is that while it is possible to lift objects, the heavier an object is, the more energy is required for the person to be able to lift it, and it can often leave them vulnerable to an attack from an opponent if they take too long.

Flight Magic (飛行魔法, Hikō Mahō): Flight Magic is a supporting Caster Magic that allows the user to focus their Eternano outward to collect more in the outside, which is then solidified as it creates what appears to be an invisible platform that can be used for the user to stand in mid-air or be manipulated by the user depending on how they imagine it's uses. Theo's training in this magic has allowed him to use it more as a second nature, which entitles him to be able to create multiple platforms at once without as much as being winded afterwords. In battle, Theo can often use it at times to create what appear to be stepping stones if he should ever feel the need to dodge an opponent's attack, which gives him the appearance of walking on air when he does this, and can also stand on a very solid platform that can support the weight of himself and up to four more people due to his level of concentration that it takes to keep it leveled and solid. It has also been shown that if used correctly by him, Theo can often create multiple mini-platforms that can act as an jumping points, allowing him to increase and use his incredible speed to either dodge incoming attacks or confusing an enemy as he then goes on the offensive faster than the opponent can react to. However, the magic itself comes with a few risks, the first being that if there is an area with only a limited amount of Eternano in it, the platform will not be able to become big enough or solid enough for Theo himself to use at any time. The second risk to this magic is that the more platforms he creates, the more concentration it takes him to keep them in place, or else look the risk of the platform failing with him dropping down straight to the ground because of it.


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