Thousand Lions Mark

Thousand Lions Guild Mark

Thousand Lions
Symbol Thousand Lions
Thousand Lions Mark

Ragnorok Souleon

S-Class Mages

Ruby Nightshade


Legal Guild


Fiore, Oak Town

The Thousand Lions Guild is a legal guild ran by Ragnorok Souleon. It is located in Oak Town and has taken the spot where Phantom Lord once stood. Since it is a new guild it has very few members.


The guild was first created during Year x979 when Ragnorok stumbled upon the remains of Phantom Lord. Inside he met an elderly man who have him words of wisdom. He thought about it, and felt as if he was right. Ragnorok then went to the Grand Magic Council to get his guild legalized.

From that day forward, Ragnorok has left on several jobs, making a name for his guild and recruited a grand total of 20 members. They've gotten their name around but haven't yet been recognized as a powerful guild.


The Guild isn't overall that powerful, but it does have a handful of powerful members. The guild's master; Ragnorok was considered to become a wizard saint due to Makarov's disappearance but wasn't given the role because of Makarov's return.


Name Rank Magic Status
Ragnorok SouleonGuild MasterSky Demon Slayer Magic
Plant Magic
Light Magic
Shadow Magic
Ruby NightshadeS Class MageTransformation
Earth Magic
Kuzan GodheartMemberHeavenly Body Magic
Heavens Eye
Arcane IblusMemberFire Dragon Slayer MagicActive
Leo SouleonMemberWind MagicActive
Mariah RedcasterMemberEarth Magic
Maverick MagedawnMemberBeast MagicActive
Violet ValentineMemberLight MagicActive
Circe AlucardMemberSatan Soul
Take Over
Shadow Magic
Flora SouleonMemberPlant MagicActive
Yukihara AkadeMemberWater MagicActive
Marko RursamMemberTitanActive
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