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Thread Magic (文字列を操作する能力(スレッドマジック), surredo majikku lit. Ability To Manipulate String): A Caster Type magic created to manipulate threads for puppetry or surgeon-type needs, such as the case with Miyazaki Tora, a considerably competent user of such magic. Another prominent and powerful user of this magic is Axel LaRousse.


Thread Magic, as noted in the title, is a kind of magic that allows the user to conjure considerable amounts of string and easily manipulate them for the user's utilization. Several of the spells involve entangling of the target into the threads, powerful enough to cut the body in shapes. Other users with enhanced abilities may be able to sew back body parts, as shown in the GIF above. These users of this magic utilizes this in a way that almost not even the naked eye can see it, as utilizing it requires immense amounts of speed. Also, the user may choose whether or not to conceal the threads with a special technique, that almosgt looks like a transparent thread. Others may also choose to change the color of their thread, indicating their innermost personality. For Miyazaki, the color of her thread is blue, sometimes changing into a shiny pink. Some of the world's best surgeons are taught by those utilizing this magic, allowing them to perform nigh-impossible surgeries requiring the amputated body part. Others may choose to sew together wounds, stopping the bleeding.

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