Vash Speedy was wearing his usual black mission outfit as he was running around at mach speed to get back to the guild.His was known as the speed demon of Harpy wing as he  often ran around at mach speeds. The reason he was running so fast was because of an important message he had gotten from his Team's Leader Asa Mizure had sent a message for an important meeting that needed the main power houses of the guild.

Suddenly a dark barrier appeared in front of him causing him to run into at full speed. THe broke barrier broke frrom the force of Vash's running speed but not before Vash bounced back from it going a total of ten meters back. "Ouch that sure was shocking" Vash spoke as he got up looking for the mage who put up a darkness spell to stop his high speed. "come out Now i Don't have time for this Shock charged barrier tricks". 

Vash was answered by a darkness beam aimed at him. He used his highspeed to evade the beam causing the beam to explode into a tree behind him. "Hmm i Guess i will have to shock things up a bit" Vash said as Lightning started to come from his body. "well let's begin this shocking arrangement" Vash said as he released a huge blast of Lightning all around him. This blast was meant to seek out the hiding Dark Mage but the Unknown Dark Mage had put up a dark barrier to protect himself at the last moment.

"hehe well not a bad barrier i have to say thats a unigue darkness barrier reminds me of my mentor's magic" Vash had teleported up above and behind the Mage after using the mage's  Dark barrier to locate him. "Shocking Blast" Vash said as he pointed his hands at the Enemy. His hand then released a lightning bolt out at his enemy shpocking him and stunning him."well i'd like to chit chat and figure out who you are but im in a hurry you see so ill shock you later buddy" Vash said to the unknown Mage as he peered over his stunned body. "Well gotta shock" Vash said now speeding off at mach 1 running speed.


"Hmm quite interesting one of you mages can stand in my gravity feild quite interesting but your not of this small lowlife guild ar eyou mister?" Terra the Earth shaker spoke as he looked onto the mage standing before him now. Terra Had Red hair and wore a simple white garb shirt with brown pants. you would say he is somewhat of a scrawny character but that is the exact opposite of who and what he is. "So who are you then?" Terra asked the unknown Mage.

"heh so this is the help that Wind Mage came to get well at least i understand him wanting ya'lls help" the unknown Mage said. this Unknown Mage was wearing all black Tuxedo with black Slick Pants. he was of a tall build. "Hmm well i guess ill make this a little interesting." he said unsheathing his blade, "Darkness blade style: Double slash". The Mage slashed in an X like pattern as his blade threw out Dark beams.

Suddenly the Earth surrounded Terra making a formidabble sheild agianst the Dark Beams. "hmmm that is quite a powerful attack too bad i have to vanish now for i am in a hurry sir, Terra Morph", Terra puts his hand on the ground as the Earth shield goes back to the ground. Sending a bunch of Eternao into the ground he causes a minature Earth-quake  causing the guild building him and the Mysterious mage are in to crumble."Terra out", using Earth magic yet again Terra then suddenly drills out of the building.

As the building crumbles around him him the mysterious mage smirks and says, "hmmm i shall meet you again Terra the Earth Shaker". The Mysterious mage sheathed his sword as he simply began walking out of the crumbling guild Hall. "this mission has become quite interesting now".


"ahhhhhhh" Said Azure as she was hit full on with a Light blast spell. Azure was probably the brians of the Wings of Magic, being  nicknamed The Tactician. She had blue hair and was wearing a blue garbed outfit to match her blue hair and eyes. "ugh what do you want you bastard" she says making another sheild of Archive screens appear in front of her to block his next incoming darkness beam attack.

"why do i always get stuck with the weak opponents tch and she even uses my own magic tch" said the attacker. He was also clad in blue matching his blue eyes and hair. "archive explosion" he says as he points his open hand towards her. suddenly a screen appears in front of Azure then explodes causing minor damage to Azure. "I'm here to beat the bulb out of you Azure the Tactician" he says as he walks over to her.

Suddenly water surrounds her forming a barrier between Azure and her attacker. "I see then i guess ill just have to make sure i can get away fast enough," she says. "Water- Makes Spikes!" she yells as the water surrounding turns into several spikes all stabbing her attacker, knocking onto the ground. suddenly a Quick Flash of Lightning flashes by Azure. Then suddenly as quick as the the Flash appeared Azure is gone. 

"Ouch i forgot she used Water-make in conjuction with her Water Magic and that must of been The Flasher at work, I gotta admit he is as fast as they say i never expected him to finish off the Dark mage we sent after him and then make it here to Azure that fast even with his Lightning Magic" said The mage said  as he got up. "Well i guess its time to leave this deserted ruin although i have to admit it was a nice change of scenery from the Guild hall" he says as  he walks away vanishing into the wind.


"Okay sis i Got her Here and she is okay as well and isn't as hurt as bad as we thought she would be" Vash says now in the guild hall Library. Asa Mizure in her more relaxed clothing looked at Azure and asked "you okay Azure?". Azure Coughed a little. "I'm fine just not as used to battle as you guys are where's Terra?" Azure asked looking around for Terra.

Terra walked into the Library, "I'm over here Azure and im glad that Speedy got to you in time i was a little worried that he wouldn't be able to do that", Terra said as he bent over Azure making sure she was okay. He patted her down a little Just in case.

"She's Okay terra Calm Down, look Her healing Magic Lacrima is finally taking effect and auto healing her" Asa said as she bent over to point at the vanishing wounds on Azure. "Uh hum i think i can speak for myself My Queen", Azure said standing up to dust herself. "now onto business you called us for a meeting Asa?".

Asa Replied in a more serious tone, "yeah we have a new mission that somone wants us to do and it seems important enough now that i know all of you were attacked and possibly by the same guild that this Friend wants me to go after."


Somewhere off on a distant hill resided a single man who seemed to have  a phoenix like aura around him as he stood and looked at the sunset. This man was wearing a jacket that was slightly opened to reveal a black shirt. he was also wearing a normal looking pair of blue pants. "Hmm you have finally decided to show yourself Yami" The man Said to another man that had just suddenly appeared behind him. 

This new man was wearing a tuxedo like shirt and jeans. He had red eyes and a brown hair. "Hmm you are even able to sense me how intriguing i never knew of a being who could match not only my darkness but also sense my very being as if he knew of me" The man called yami exlaimed. "hmm who are you and what do you want with me the guild Leader of the Dark Phoenixes" he asked seeming already bored of this moment.

"hmmm nothing i just wanted to meet you So i can destroy you later" The unamed male said as he looked at Yami and smirked. he raised his hand and suddenly a dark shockwave came out of it casuing destruction and causing the earth to disenegrate the ground causing a dirt cloud to appear.As the dirt cloud disappeared Yami noticed that the unknown man had vanished."hmmm how intriguing he thinks he can kill", he says as he laughes out loud maninacally."well we will see about that".

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