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Thunder Devil Slayer Magic



Ikazuchi no Metsuaku Mahō


Lost Magic
Caster Magic
Devil Slayer Magic
Slayer Magic


Lancelot Verne

Thunder Devil Slayer Magic (雷の滅悪魔法, Ikazuchi no Metsuaku Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic and a subspecies magic of Slayer Magic, Devil Slayer Magic, that utilizes the element of lightning in order to slay demons. It is utilized by Lancelot Verne, making him an Exorcist Mage (悪魔祓いの魔導士, Akumaharai no Madōshi).


Thunder Devil Slayer Magic allows the user to transform parts of their body into their perspective element, in this case lightning. By doing so, the user has dominance over the element of lightning, allowing them to use it for offensive or defensive purposes, as well as control the lightning of other magic via hand motions. Users of this magic are completely immune to the effects of lightning, making any attempt to harm them with said element completely null. The user can also consume external sources of lightning in order to replenish their own power. Interestingly, out of the two Slayer Magics, Dragon Slayer and God Slayer, Devil Slayer Magic seems to possess the most power, as it can consume the element of both its peers, while they cannot absorb Devil Slayer's lightning. Additionally, the user cannot consume lightning produced by Etherious and their Curses, due to them possessing harmful Magic Barrier Particles, and are harmful to the user.

The user is capable of morphing the lightning in various way, allowing it to have cutting power, and then change to a physical state, to strike like a blunt weapon. With greater mastery, one can shape the lightning into the forms of weaponry, much like Lightning-Make, but on a smaller scale, since the user is limited to only close combat weaponry, and cannot create functioning guns, and the shapes aren't detailed. Thus, blunt weapons, or blades, are the best possible options.

Users of this magic can also infuse lightning onto their bodies, enhancing their physical capabilities. Most notably, their speed increases to tremendous levels, allowing them to travel at "lightning speed". Travelling at such speed makes it incredibly difficult to track their movements with an unaided eye, and can be a great advantage in battle. Notably, the user emits a faint aura around them, that when released, causes slight shocking to those around the user, causing them to flinch. Though, these small electric shocks are generally harmless and are more annoyances than anything.


Basic Spells

  • Thunder Devil's Rage:
  • Thunder Devil's Strike (雷魔の殴打, Raima no Ouda):
  • Thunder Devil's Sabre (雷魔の剣, Raima no Ken):
  • Thunder Devil's Elbow Strike (雷魔の猿臂打ち, Raima no Enpiuchi):

Advanced Spells

Devil Slayer Secret Art (滅悪奥義, Metsuaku Ōgi):

  • Tengai: Hakuhi (天外:白日, Beyond the Heavens: White Sun):
  • Tengai: Makaze (天外:魔風, Beyond the Heavens: Evil Wind; lit. Storm Caused by the Devil):
  • Tengai: Senichiya (天外:千一夜, Beyond the Heavens: Thousand and One Nights):


  • This magic was approved by Per.
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