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巨人, ジヤイアント,




Caster Magic


Makarov Dreyar
Cazzar Scorn

Titan (巨人(ジヤイアント) Jiyaianto?) is a Caster Type Transformation Magic utilized by various notable mages.


Titan is a rather advanced form of Transformation that requires considerable skill in manipulating one's Eternano. The user forms an invisible membrane of Eternano around their body which they can change the shape and manipulate freely. When the user changes the shape of the membrane, their body conforms to fit the shape of the membrane. In other words, by expanding the membrane so that it is several times the size of the user, their body will follow the shape of the membrane, filling in until the membrane is once again skin-tight. The shape of the membrane does not have to be proportionate to the user's initial size, so the user can change the size of their arm and fist without the rest of their body changing. However, the user cannot completely change the anatomy or skeletal structure of their body. For example, a user could not form the membrane into the shape of a horse in order to turn into one. The user's amount of Eternano also directly corresponds to their maximum size when using Titan. This is shown by how Makarov Dreyar a member of the Ten Wizard Saints and a person with immense reserves of Eternano, can easily change his body size to match that of the gigantic Tenrou Tree.

Subspecies Magics

Subspecies Type Users Creator Free Use
Colossus Caster Magic Bianca Vironec, Fiona Gulwick, Eiyo Ryokō User:Phantombeast Permission Needed
Titanic Compression Caster Magic Veronica Carson User:Ash9876 Permission Needed


  • Titan was featured in the canon, but due to little explanation of it's mechanics Yahoo774 has added some elements.
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