Titan Rage



Gorgin Kai

Jackals Yaku (formerly)

S-Class Mages

Kenshin Jackson


Legal Guild

Dark Guild (formerly)



Bosca (formerly

Titan Rage (タイタンの怒り Tai Tan no ikari) is a former Dark Guild which was formed by Gorgin Kai, Jackals Yaku, and Kenshin Jackson. They were created to make sure the Warlocks don't go extinct. They are currently located in Fiore but was formed in Bosca. They are currently the number 9 guild in fiore


Gorgin Kai, the Warlock made a pact with the Kingdom of Bosca that as long as the Warlocks did not attack them they would not attack them. If the Kingdom broke this rule, Titan Rage was allowed to start a war with them. A few years back, the Kingdom of Bosca attacked the Warlocks and a war begin. Eventually, the Titan Rage Guild moved to Fiore.

After moving to the Fiore, they became a legal guild. After a few years they even became the number 10 guild in fiore and then the Number 9. Gorgin Kai has has mutiple offers on becoming one of the ten wizard saints but has always refused. Unforunately, the warriors of Bosca plan on attacking not only Titan Rage but also Fiore itself. 

Years before they moved their guild Fiore, Bosca had already planned to start a war with Fiore but was not able to due to Titan Rage who had forbid when they made a contract with the Kingdom of Bosca.


Name Rank Status
Hiro Dragis Mage Active
Violet Vera Mage Active
Kenshin Jackson S-Class Mage Active
Gorgin Kai Guild Master Active
Jackals Yaku Guild Master (Formely) Deceased
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