"If you sully my divine work, I will have to do the same to mine own hands by wringing your neck, mortal!"

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Alakitacia Arc

Chapter 2

July 16th X791. 08:22am

A lone figured moved across the land at the speed of the wind itself. Their face hidden with a scarf, but their clothes in plain sight. His long, maroon trenchcoat fluttered from tailwind. He was heading towards a small inn residence in the distance, a few miles off. The figure's mouth rose into an eerie smirk as he travelled. Eventually he reached the building, and headed calmly inside. His footsteps echoed hollowly on the wooden floor, waking up the front desk worker again. The figure reached the desk. The elderly concierge went to open his mouth to speak...but everything went black.

BOOM! The trio of Ezra, Sif and Hayden were almost literally blown out of their beds down the hall, in Sif's rented suite of course, by a huge explosion of force and heat, scalding the group. No. Eroding them almost. Had they been regular humans, they would have been dead. Ezra punched a mound of wood and stone off of him and his team, coughing from the dust kicked up as he clambered out.

"What the hell was that?!", the silver-haired canine-featured Mage, Hayden, asked. "It was like a damn bomb when off. Jeez, my head hurts like a bitch!", he further muttered as he rubbed the back of his head, his bushy wolf-like tail scrunched from irritation. He pushed his foot on a broken wall segment, sending it down on the ground. Small fires were all over the place, of varying intensities.

Ezra pushed through rubble, making his way towards the foyer. He what remains of the walls and floor stained with blood, and the elderly concierge's body impaled into the wall with a solid construct of purple light. Above, written in the same body's blood, was one, simple message. "Hurry up, kitties". The trio looked in disbelief and horror, and Sif looked the most disturbed, physically shaking in disgust.

"...Our job supplier did this.", Ezra stated with a hint of anger behind his solemn vocal tone. "How could they do this, especially to an innocent civilian!", he continued, "..We need to get to Alakitacia. Yesterday.", he almost commanded as he immediately set off in the foreign continent's direction, tailed by both Hayden and Sif, with the girl looking back at the destroyed inn with sadness and reluctance. "They're going to pay." he grumbled angrily as he walked onwards, not bothered by his tattered, scorched clothing. His wounds healed naturally, a happy after-effect of possessing Healing Magic at a beyond-S-Class level.

Chapter End.

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