"Everything Will Be Taken Over, By A Sea Of RED"

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— Says Todoroki to Akuma

Todoroki Windtail
260px-Kyoya MFury
King of The Hurricane
Name Todoroki Windtail
Kanji 轟風テール
Rōmaji Todoroki Kazetēru
Race Human
Birthday April 10
Age 13 (Pre time-skip)
18 (Post time-skip)
Gender Male
Height 5'9 (Pre time-skip)

6'0 (Post time-skip)

Weight 140.67kg (Pre time-skip)

194.68kg (Post time-skip)

Eyes Blue
Hair Green
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Fangs
Professional Status
Affiliation Windtail Family
Volcano Core
Occupation mage
Team Team WildFang
Partner Akuma Hawknight
Suima Sandstorm
Base of Operations Windtail Family House
Volcano Core Guild Building
Personal Status
Relatives Chikara Windtail~Father
Sora Windtail~mother
Marital Status single
Alias Hurricane King
Magic Wind Magic,

Sword Magic

Todoroki Windtail is an A rank mage of Volcano Core. He is a fifth generation wind mage of his family with also gaining a different form of magic from them. He is known as the King of The Hurricane (ハリケーンの王j, Harikēn no ō) for his skill with wind magic.


Todoroki is a tall, teenaged boy with tanned skin and a muscular figure. He has dark green hair that spikes high above his head along with a pony tail that drapes behind his head. He has sharp blue lion-like eyes which match his trainers and a long scar shaped like a cross going across them. He also seems to have teeth like a lion.

Before Time-skip

Todoroki wears a green coat with ripped-off sleeves on a tatty, torn black shirt. He also wears a brown belt, brown gloves, brown boots and beige pants. He also wear a round pendant around his neck.

After Time-skip

He wears a sleeveless black jacket over a green shirt. His shirt has a rip that goes across the bottom of it which makes it shorter. He also wears a brown belt, brown gloves, brown boots, light grey pants and a necklace with a fang hanging on it. 


— Todoroki's signature word

"The Sharp winds of the Hurricane, will shred everything to PIECES!!!"
— Todoroki releases his magic power


  • Todoroki Windtail is based off of Kyoya Tategami from the Beyblade Metal Series
  • According to the Author
  • Todoroki's favorite food is tacos.
  • Todoroki's hobbies are training and reading.
  • Todoroki wishes to fight either the Sky Dragon or Sky Dragon Slayer to prove his prowess with wind.
  • Todoroki's favorite word his "Roar", refering to his roaring winds.
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