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Toma Nakami
Name Toma Nakami
Race Human
Birthday July 9th, X859
Age 16
Gender Male
Eyes Deep Blue
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation S.L.E.A.T


Occupation S.L.E.A.T Officer
Partner Ali Trennan

Tiana Reese

Base of Operations S.L.E.A.T Linus Branch
Personal Status
Magic Spark Magic
Toma Nakami is a 16 year old freshman at P.E.N.A and a new officer working with S.L.E.A.T. He uses Spark Magic, a type of Lightning Magic.

He is one of P.E.N.A's A-Class Wizards, along with Jacob Forrester. He gets along well with his partner Ali Trennan.

He is the main protagonist of the Religion Side of the P.E.N.A - Agents of S.L.E.A.T.

Note: While the page may not be too detailed right now, more information will be added as the story progresses.


Toma is a young man of average build and average height. He has deep blue eyes and spiky black hair. Like all P.E.N.A students, his uniform is a pair of cream dress pants and a blue blazer along with a white dress shirt, black tie and black dress shoes.

When he works or goes out, he wears black jeans with a chain and a white shirt with black and red designs. Over it all he wears a black zip up hoodie. He often wears black sneakers.


Toma is an excitable young man who is full of energy. He does his best to be polite, but occasionally loses his temper.

He likes to help people, and enjoys his P.E.N.A field work because of this. He enjoys physical activity and spends free time playing sports or just taking a walk around the city.


Everything that Toma does throughout the story of P.E.N.A - Agents of S.L.E.A.T can be found here.

Magic and Abilities

Spark Magic

Toma uses Spark Magic, which is a type of Lightning Magic. While it is more versatile than it's parent magic, Toma uses it effectively for combat.


  • Flash Point: Flash Point is Toma's strongest spell, which helped him gain his A-Class status during his aptitude test. The spell is rather simple, being nothing more than a blast of heavily concentrated, high speed electricity.
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