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Tony Gambino
Name Tony Gambino
Kanji トニーガンビーノ
Rōmaji Tonī Ganbīno
Alias Gambit
Race Human
Birthdate X75?
Age unknown
Gender Male
Height 6"5
Weight 110kg
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Affiliation Gambino Family
Previous Affiliation 25px-Sabertoth mark-1-Sabertooth
Occupation Mafia boss
Previous Occupation S-Class Mage
Personal Status
Status Inactive
Magic Perfume Magic
Jutsu Shiki
Weapons Gauntlets of Azmodan

Tony Gambino (トニーガンビーノ Tonī Ganbīno), better known as Gambit, is a former Sabertooth S-Class Mage who is currently the head of the Gambino crime family.


Gambit is a tall, muscular light-skinned man that towers most of his peers. His most distinguishing feature is facial hair--Gambit sports a full chinstrap beard which covers his entire chin and jaws. He is also noted to have very heavy eyebrows and well-groomed hair in a lush goldenrod colour. Additionally, he is very conscious about his looks and he tends to groom himself twice a day to keep up his appearance.

Perhaps due to his status as a well-known figure in organized crime, Gambit is always seen wearing expensive, tailored designer suits to match the attire of his peers. A pair of matching white gloves is also worn to keep him from dirtying himself.




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Magic and Abilities

Perfume Magic (香り魔法 Parufamu Majikku): Gambit employs perfumes with a variety of effects, called Aromas, that seem to be passively emitted from his body. Gambit is immune to his own perfumes.

  • Dehydration Aroma (脱水の香り Dassui no Kaori)(lit. Scent of Dehydration): An invisible Aroma that causes those who inhale it to perspire at an extremely fast rate, dehydrating the body within minutes.
  • Disorientation Aroma (見当識障害の香り Kentōshiki Shōgai no Kaori)(lit. Scent of Disorientation): An invisible Aroma that causes those who inhale it to become disoriented. Motor functions such as running or throwing are impaired greatly.
  • Psychoactive Aroma (精神香り Seishin Kaori): An Aroma in the form of a pink gas that causes those who inhale it to hallucinate.

Jutsu Shiki (術式 Jutsu Shiki): Gambit is highly knowledgeable regarding rune enchantments of all types. He was able to erect multiple layers of barriers around his lair, seemingly without effort.

Genius Intellect:

Enhanced Durability:

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Enhanced Agility:

Enhanced Speed:


Gauntlets of Azmodan:

the Gauntlets of Azmodan

Personally crafted by his family's blacksmith, the Gauntlets of Azmodan are a large pair of gauntlets with jagged blades covering its entirety. The blades are enchanted with a spell that prevents them from ever dulling.


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