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Touch Sensory Magic
Touch Sensory



Tatchi Senshingu


Caster Magic
Wind Magic


Dex D. Draco
Kaze Nanase
Gundahar Phrixus Xenophon
Kazuya Tokomodo

Touch Sensory (タッチセンシング, Tatchi Senshingu) is a Wind Magic spell.


Touch Sensory is a spell that supercharges your sense of touch. The idea of this spell is that it allows the user's neurons to record messages so quickly and powerfully when supercharged that the brain respond back to the body at faster speeds. This spell can be triggered in situations where an incoming attack, whether physical or magical, can be avoided by merely feeling the air currents created from movement in the surroundings or a single touch. Those who observed users of this spell all has one common misconception. In their perspective, the user is increasing the speed all of a sudden when it's actually just their natural speed and reflexes.


  • If the user is not fast enough the magic can't help as much.
  • The magic can be used to draw out certain reactions much easier than other magics.
  • A user must carefully wield this magic as to much information at once can overload the brain.
  • User's reaction time increases, however their speed itself does not increase.


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