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Trébol François de Jarjayes

トルボル フラノイス ヅ ジャージエーエス


Toruboru Furanoisu Du Jajeiesu




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Professional Status

Wild Banshee Guild Wild Banshee

Previous Affiliation

Magic Council

Base of Operations

Cloud Biotope

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Trébol François de Jarjayes (トルボル フラノイス ヅ ジャージエーエス, Toruboru Furanoisu Du Jajeiesu) is a seated member on the Wild Banshee's committee of elites.



"Unpredictability is more funner than the predictable, being predictable makes it routine and dull. While you can predict the unpredictable, you can't predict the specifics of said unpredictability which makes it so much fun to predict and see what happens."
— Speaking about the nature of unpredictability vs predictability

Trébol François de Jarjayes tends to be a very mysterious and enigmatic figure. He's cunning and is very manipulative and charming if he wishes. He uses methods also that make him rather unlikable by the other seated members at Wild Banshee and the Magic Council. He's a very confident and reserved and calm man and seems to boast some modesty as he tries to avoid any fights at any cost which leaves him a mystery how he gets to where he is. He even calls himself weak, although some suspect this to be a facade to hide his actual abilities and true intend. He also appears to not like to talk about the past. Him purposely hiding his abilities though made those around him uneasy as they never knew what he was up to, and he's suspected to be very strong despite claiming himself to be weak. He also tends to find fun and enjoyment in political maneuvering as shown when he won over the election and boasted it in Ataram's face claiming to return if it ever gets dull to play again.



Very little is known about Trébol's past outside of the fact he came from a war ravaged continent on the south-east peninsula known as Iroquoian, during a time of rebellion against the current ruling governments.


Arcana City Arc

Fighting Festival Arc

Magic and Abilities

Genius-level intellect: Trébol is arguably one of the most intelligent characters of the series. He managed to rank first in every round of the election and eventually win the chairmanship, calculating every step from the very beginning. All of his predictions are accurate, even the one regarding Kazuma healing before the end of the election, although the odds were greatly against him: he based his moves since Egon's appearance basing on a simple hint uttered by Vermillion disguised as Aoto. He outsmarted Ataram, who he himself deems superior in terms of procedural skills, and even surprised Vermillion with his sudden abdication of the presidency. He more common than not also tends to predict the unpredictable circumstances on what's within the bounds of both improbability and impossibility, even if he doesn't exactly know the precise details of what might occur.


"If logic is similar to predictability, then by default the illogical must be the equivalent to unpredictability. If you predict the unpredictable and calculate the algorithms of mathematical fallacies, is it not logic?"
— Trébol

Major Battles


  • His appearance is based off of Sakura from the anime and manga series Toriko.



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