"If you sully my divine work, I will have to do the same to mine own hands by wringing your neck, mortal!"

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Introduction Chapter


July 15th X791. 3:35am

A lone, cloaked figure trudgily ran through a quiet city as the pouring rain battered their face and body, soaking them to the skin. While one hand was open, the other was closed tightly around a piece of paper. The person was making sure it did not get wet in the slightest. Slip! The person flew forward onto their stomach in a puddle, making a small splash, the only sound in the entire city, not counting the gentle but rapid pitterpatter of the rain on the ground.

The person got up and carried on, seemingly uninjured. The person continued their marathon towards the guild hall of the local Mage Guild, Sabertooth. They dipped and dodged through the odd passed out drunk on the street and continued on. Reaching the guild, the person panted as if they were on their last breath, and heavily knocked their fist againt the door of the guild, and slid the piece of paper they were holding, under the doorframe, and thusly ran back the way they came.

However, before they could get too far, the door creaked open, revealing a dark-haired male, Rogue Cheney. Without a word, he pursued the stranger down the streets of the city, and they darted round a corner. But, when Rogue turned that same person, the stranger was gone! Baffled, the Dragon Slayer returned to his guild to investigate the piece of paper, pinning it up on the board for the next day, as he eventually returned to his own lodgings elsewhere in the town.

Chapter End.

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