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Training! Vant Vs Oliver!

トレーニング! Vant VSオリバー!


Torēningu! Vant VS oribā!


Dragon Gunfire

Main Character

Vant Seas
Oliver Ore

Theme Song

Scream by Thousand Foot Crutch

This story is about Oliver's training with Vant Seas.


Vant was grabbing his sword as he walks out of apartment. He was getting ready for his fight with the Crystal Dragon Slayer Oliver Ore. He crackes his hands and he walks out to the battlefield.

" hope you ready Crystal Drake. " Vant said to himself.

Oliver gets his things and his crystal sword. He looks in his mirror and he said a quick prayer to himself. He then leaves and walks to the place of battle.

" Sea Boy will go down today. " Oliver said as he puts on his jacket on and leaves his apartment as well.

30 minutes later...

The two Dragon Gunfire mages were out in the open on a spot they made as they were ready rock and roll.

Vant runs foward with his sword in hand and begins to slash away at Oliver. He looks into Oliver's eyes.

Oliver grabs his crystal sword and begins to counter his attacks. He looks into Vant's eyes as well.

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