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Verne walks to the open space of Beast Heart Guild as he was crackling with electricity and he gets into his boxing stance.

" Lightning Right Hook! " Verne said as he punched the air with a very strong right hook with electricity around his fist.

Then he used Lightning Body to increase his speed and agility as he all over the place as to any eye, he was a yellow blur. He then jumps into the air and he used Discharge Beam as he opens his hand and shoots a powerful beam of electricity at a training dummy. He lands back on the ground and he begins to punch the dummy with such impact and force.

" faster! More power! " Verne yelled to himself.

Then, the full moon came out of the clouds ans into view. Verne grunts as a dark purple sigil appears above his head as he begins to morph into his werewolf form as he using the Lupus ability while he gain extra muscle mass in his arm, chest, and while he was changing, his fur turns yellow and white. His clothes were surprisingly not ripped. He bought a stretchy material outfit so he doesn't have to buy another uniform. His right arm started to glow as he howls.

" Right Moon Claw! " Verne roar as he cuts the dummy clean in half.

Verne standed there and he begins to channel his incredible magical power into his fist as he got into a boxing stance. His whole body was beginning to be covered by lightning and a hint of danger. He then begins to throw rapid punches in the air, small electric sparks was flying around in the air.

" Lightning Body...let's see how fast i am this time..." Verne growled.

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