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Kazan N-3
Training Branch N-3



Kunren Miseban Suri


Kazan Island

Controlled by

Sting Eucliffe(Leader)
Mike Hachi(Vice-Leader)


Magic Council

N-3 (該当スリー Gaitō Surī), officially known as Magic Council Training Branch Number Three(魔法評議研修枝ナンバースリー Mahō Hyōgi Kenshū Eda Nanbā Surī), is a council base located somewhere in the oceanic area of Seven and Isenberg near the frontier. According to Florz Grapin, it's a training branch full of problems and irrational mages. Sometime later after it's creation, the Magic council recommended Sting Eucliffe to become the leader, which was approved.


The base is said to be in the oceanic area of both the countries of Seven and Isenberg and also somewhere near their frontiers, since Sting comicaly stated they could be a Island Frontier.


Notable Members

The base indeed has 1 Base Leader/High Official Trainer, 3 Vice Base Leaders/Official Trainers and lots of trainees.

Name Rank Status
Sting Close Sting Eucliffe
  • High Official Trainer
  • Base Leader
Mike Close Mike Hachi
  • Official Trainer
  • Vice Base Leader
John Close John Bane
  • Official Trainer
  • Vice Base Leader
Blize Close Blize
  • Trainee
  • Unit 01 Member
Muke Close Fuke Morrey
  • Trainee
  • Unit 01 Member

Training Horary

The first training section of the day begins at 5:30 AM when a trainer and the trainees run around the island at the beach without any stop or interruption finishing at 8:30 when they have a quick breakfast. The second section starts at 9:00 when the trainees travel to the wild jungle of the island and try to survive with the Trainers observing them, then at 2:00 PM the trainees are brought to the base again ;there in that trial, they survive by hunting beasts and catching food, and so on. At the base they train with each other and also with the trainers ;there's the weight training, the swordsmanship training, Muay Thai and Kick Box training, swimming training, magical training differing on the magic and more special sections, dinner also included. Finally the last section of the day, when the time reachs 9:00 PM, they have to walk at the island's vulcan going up and down 20 times until the bed's time comes, in case 00:00 PM.


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