It had been a while since August had returned to the guild hall from today's job of delivering a love letter to a celebrity, an uneventful job of delivering a love letter to a celebrity, and he was dieing to let loose and put some holes in stuff, but where was the question. He overheard some chatter at the bar about the guild's sub level 2 where the members were able to train their abilities, which interested August as to see if he could use the field to test out some new moves. He made his way downstairs and was astounded to what he saw, even in the underground levels Koma Inu still kept their style. He made his way over to the door that said Cater Magic on it, seeing that nobody was in there, he invited himself in. The field was littered with targets which he guessed for accuracy, but to test this theory he shot a revolver bullet which hit the target but it remained unscathed. August decided this was perfect and thought about the new spells he wanted to try out, up first was a slightly more powerful version of revolver, with more shots to it so August could fight more without having to reload as often. This was a success so he decided to make the spell he called pistol his new default and decided to reserve revolver for attracting attention. The next was a spell called shotgun and it was powerful but it only had two shots and kicked like hell. After this August was tired and decided it was probably a good idea to stop for a while.

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