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Henshin Mahō


Caster Magic



Transformation Magic (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō) is a type of Caster Magic which revolves around the user altering their appearance.


While Transformation Magic is a deep and complex art, basic Transformation Magic is relatively easy for Mages to learn. High-level Mages such as Mirajane are capable of performing this Magic easily in all of its levels. People from Edolas can also use a special box that contains Transformation Magic. As mentioned there are different levels of Transformation, three in total. The first level, also known as Basic Level (新米順位, Shinmai Jun'i lit. Beginner Rank), allows the Caster to change his or her outward appearance into that of another person. However, it doesn't allow the Caster to change clothes or additional features such as his or her voice. The more a Mage knows about this level, the easier it is to perform. After becoming accustomed to this level, they will often move on the next one that is known as Intermediate Level (名人順位, Meijin Jun'i lit. Expert Rank), which outside of the similarities to the basic level, grants the user the ability to not only change their outward appearance, but their clothes and voice as well. It should be noted that changing clothes with this magic is different when compared to that of Requip. Finally, the last level within Transformation is Advanced Level (妙手順位, Myōshu Jun'i lit. Master Rank), which in addition to all the previous abilities from the past levels, grants the caster the ability to acquire additional physical features such as wings or gills, and can even change size. According to Mirajane, this level is very useful in combat. This looks slightly similar to Lisanna's Take Over yet at the same time, it is different.


Chronos' Spells

  • Behemoth (巨大企業Kyodai Kigyō): Chronos turns a knob on his left shoulder, labeled by the number three and he transforms into an enlarged, muscular, green-skinned version of himself. In this form, his mustache also seems to grow bushier.

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