Trinton Bowers
Name Trinton Bowers
Race Human
Birthday July 11
Age 31
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Orban
Blood Type B
Unusual Features Tattoo around right eye and Scar on left
Professional Status
Affiliation The Silent Claw Guild
Occupation Fourth Guild Master
Team None
Base of Operations The Silent Claw Guild HQ
Personal Status
Relatives Grand Father: Alexander Bowers

Father: Wayde Bowers

Marital Status Not Married
Alias Old Dragon
Magic Fire Dragon Slayer
 Trinton is the Third Guild Master in his family to be the Guild Master of the Silent Claw Guild, but is the Fourth Guild Master of Silent Claw. The reason for this is because he left before it was time for him to take over as Guild Master in his fathers stead. He did this because he did not feel that he was ready to be Guild Master, But his father was getting too old, so a temporary Guild Master was apointed till his return.



Magic and Physical Abilities.


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