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Tristan Sakright
Tristan Sakright Profile
Name Tristan Sakright
Kanji トリスタン・サクライト
Rōmaji Torisutan Sakuraito
Race Human
Age 16
Gender ♂ Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Trident Shark
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Magic Celestial Spirit Magic

Tristan Sakright (トリスタン・サクライト Torisutan Sakuraito) is a Mage of the Trident Shark guild who uses Celestial Spirit Magic. His Signature Spell is known as Overlay: Ptolemy Messier 7.


Tristan has violet hair with a Big Dipper-themed accessory attached to it, near his face. His outfit consists of a dark blue jacket with purple areas on the sides and near his neck, a very long light purple shirt that is longer than his shirt and has a cut on the right side, white pants and yellow shoes. Tristan has a Trident Shark guild's crest on his back, located in the left side. Tristan also wears a black belt, and to the belt, a black key holder is conjoined, where Tristan stores his Celestial Spirit keys.


Magic and Abilities

Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊魔法 Seirei Mahō):

  • Multiple Summon:
  • Constellation Overlay:
    • Overlay: Ptolemy Messier 7:

List of Constellation Spirits

Constellation Spirits:
Constellation Spirit Antares
Antares, the Scorpion
Constellation Spirit Spica
Spica, the Virgin
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