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"I will protect this guild and everyone in it with my life, i don't care who my opponent is i will do what ever it takes to watch these kids fly free"
Tristan Scalibur

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Tristan Scalibur

トリスタン スカリバー


Torisutan Sukaribaa


Master Tristan
King of the Angel's




Male Male






October 12

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

3.1 Guild Mark Warrior Angel Guild

Guild Mark Location

Right Pectoral


Guild Master

Previous Occupation

S Class Mage

Base of Operations

Warrior Angel Guild Hall

Personal Status





Light Magic
Defense Magic

Tristan Scailbur (トリスタン スカリバー torisutan sukaribaa): is the third master of the Warrior Angel Guild preceded by its first 2 masters and one of the most influential mages in the country. He was previously one of the guilds S Class Wizards before he was unexpectedly promoted to guild master. He leads his guild with benevolence as he charishes every member as his children, due to this reason he has the complete loyalty and respect of every member of his guild as they as affectionately refer to him as Pops. His commanding leadership over his guild is greatly admired as he turned the guild into the power house it is now, making it one of the most powerful guilds in Fiore and given the alias as the King of the Angel's. He and his guild is well known for their destructive behavior that is frowned upon by the Magic Council that he constantly gets scolded by them.  


Full Appearance | Master Uniform

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Tristans full appearance

Tristan is a tall man with blonde spiky hair and blue eyes, he has a leaned and muscular body followed with light tan colored skin. usually he has a calm expression on his face and sometimes relaxing, he also has an innocent and positive face that when most people look at it for some reason it makes them want to trust them instantly, on some occasions most girls would consider him handsome.

He wears a blue jacket with a yellow collar contacted to the zipper with 3 yellow circles on his sleeves from his shoulder to his elbow and a sliver hand collar on the end of the sleeves, with a black V-shirt underneath hanging over his pants, he wears dark grey paints with a chain attached on his right side. he also has grey combat sandals

Tristan often wears a Guild Master uniform to demonstrate his symbol of authority. His uniform consists of a blue head protector covering his forehead. He also wears a standard dark blue shirt and pants with a with black sleeves with two bands on both of them, a dark green vest and blue sandals. Along with this outfit he wears the official Guild Master robe over his uniform. The robe is white with short sleeves closed in by a thin, orange rope. The robe is decorated with by red flame-like motifs on the edges. He often wears in battle and can Requip to it whenever he wises to


Tristan is kind-hearted, casual, and fun loving.

who cares for his guild and its members. 

He enjoys the antics his guild members causes as it strengthen their companionship allowing them to grow closer which they will then begin to rely on each other. He can even be cheerful and carefree, .

humble and collected man.

Very perceptive and shrewd, he was noted as not to do something without a reason.

He was well-aware of the terror his reputation inspired in rival villages and would take advantage of it at times, but even then he would remain respectful to opponents. Tristan also wouldn't pry into other people's personal affairs unless he felt it was necessary, and was not the type to hold grudges


Magic and Abilities

Light Magic:

Defense Magic:

Requip: Tristan is able to requip his outfit into his guild masters uniform which includes the Guild Master cloak, shirt and pants. He often requips into his uniform when he enters a battle or to demonstrate his authority as Guild Master.


  • Contract Seal

    Dispelling Seal

    Dispelling Seal: By placing his palm anywhere on a wizards body, a magic circle is formed on the spot of the body his hand was placed. Which will then remove any direct control the Wizard has over the active magic they casted before hand. Causing their magic to be canceled and dispersed. This however does not prevent the target from casting magic afterwards.


Immense Durability: Tristan has proven himself to be considerably durable. He is able to take multiple powerful attacks from dozens of wizards and emerge unscathed. Despite his the injuries he takes in battle he still able to continue fighting. He was able to take a direct hit from Hino Sontara's lightning magic only to appear with barely a scratch.

Immense Speed: Tristan possesses remarkable speed

Master Acrobatic Skills: Tristan has been shown to have great mastery of acrobatic skills. Able to keep the opponent guessing as moves around the battlefield with great speed unable to be spotted and still able to evade attacks if he was. He has great speed to go with his skills has he can dodge and evade any attacks with no trouble. His skills in battle are beyond amazing that he can do impressive flips and jumps to get to his target without them getting a solid lock on him to attack.

Master Sensor: Tristan possesses great skill in sensing and discerning the nature of Magic power. He is able to specifically pin point the enemy great distance away. He is able to detect even the slittiest hint of magic energy. When ever he sense a strong source of magic energy he is anxious from battle. Anyone who is able to sneak past his incredible sensing prowess must be extraordinary wizards

Immense Magic Power: Tristan is known for possessing a monstrous amount of Magic Power. The incredible amount of magic power he uses is what makes him so respective in the guild and how he is able to control such powerful wizards. Once he releases his magic energy the ground beneath him cracks from the intensity and destroys it, the magic power could terrify even the greatest wizard. He has a large amount of magic power that he could go an entire battle with still plenty of magic energy left to continue.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Tristan is an extremely accomplished unarmed fighter. He is able to fight equally matched with Zora Halo however that was before he became apart of the Ten Wizard Saints but even now he's still just a skilled as Zora is. He fight powerful opponents and will cleverly find a way to defeat them, his adaption to fighting an opponent is also what makes him a great fighter


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