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"I will protect this guild and everyone in it with my life, i don't care who my opponent is i will do what ever it takes to watch these kids fly free"
— Tristan Scalibur

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Tristan Scalibur

トリスタン スカリバー


torisutan sukaribaa


3rd Master Tristan
Angel's King




Male Male






October 12

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

2. Warrior Angel Guild Mark Warrior Angel Guild

Guild Mark Location

Right Pectoral


Guild Master

Previous Occupation

S Class Mage

Previous Team

The Three Legendary Tenshi

Previous Partner(s)

Bakura Minazuki
Mitsumi Inari

Base of Operations

Warrior Angel Guild Hall

Personal Status





Light Magic
Magic Formula (Barrier)
Restoration Magic
Angel Judgment


Heleos Blade

Tristan Scailbur (トリスタン スカリバー torisutan sukaribaa): is the third master of the Warrior Angel Guild preceded by the second master Alana Merle and first master Masaki Alberno and is the current wielder of the legendary Heleos Blade. He was one of the the greatest member in the guild to become an S Class wizard and was then appointed master for his determination and leadership. His unwavering loyalty and determination to protect others effect his guild wizards as they do the same. He turned the guild into the power house it is now, making it one of the most powerful guilds in Fiore and given the alias the Angel's King for leading such a powerful group of wizards with no trouble. He is a very brilliant wizard and also very talented that he is considered legendary among the citizens.  

Tristan was once apart of a three man team known as the Three Legendary Tenshi. Along with Bakura Minazuki and Mitsumi Inari. They are renowned wizards from Warrior Angel, hailed as three of the greatest wizards of their time. They participated in many battles and wars where they honed their skills and prowess that they eventually became the greatest wizards of their time and became the best of friends as well, however at some point in time Bakura lost his way and abandoned the guild. Tristan and Mitsumi tried to bring him back but Tristan failed to stop him and got away. With the their hearts broken about their best friends betrayal the team eventually fell apart. Mitsumi feeling grief about the event left the guild to be on her own while Tristan remained to hold his position as Master. Tristan holds the guilt of having failed to bring back his friend from abandoning the guild and falling to the dark side, its because of this that he tries to help out as many wizards he can from any problem they might have and give them a home in the guild.  

His ambition to protect others has caused him to join the Toveri Alliance to work with other powerful guilds to create peace. Much like his special friend Samarra Inari who he is proud to work with.  


Full Appearance | Master Uniform

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Tristans full appearance

Tristan is a tall man with blonde spiky hair and blue eyes, he has a leaned and muscular body followed with light tan colored skin. usually he has a calm expression on his face and sometimes relaxing, he also has an innocent and positive face that when most people look at it for some reason it makes them want to trust them instantly, on some occasions most girls would consider him handsome.

He wears a blue jacket with a yellow collar contacted to the zipper with 3 yellow circles on his sleeves from his shoulder to his elbow and a sliver hand collar on the end of the sleeves, with a black V-shirt underneath hanging over his pants, he wears dark grey paints with a chain attached on his right side and on the left is his holster where he carries the Heleos Blade, he also has grey combat sandals

Tristan often wears a Guild Master uniform to demonstrate his symbol of authority. His uniform consists of a blue head protector covering his forehead. He also wears a standard dark blue shirt and pants with a with black sleeves with two bands on both of them, a dark green vest and blue sandals. Along with this outfit he wears the official Guild Master robe over his uniform that was handed to him by Alana Merle. The robe is white with short sleeves closed in by a thin, orange rope. The robe is decorated with by red flame-like motifs on the edges. He also still carries the Heleos Blade holster on his left side. He often wears in battle and can Requip to it whenever he wises to



Tristan's indomitable spirit

Tristan is always perceptive and collective. He doesn't do anything unless he has a reason, he also doesn't make a move that doesn't go to waste. He always remain respectful to everyone even towards his opponents. He has an indomitable spirit and fierce ambition that drive him through all his choices in life. He has devoted his life to his guild and towards his members with unwavering loyalty to protect them and that devotion inspires all the members to do the same. He will get furious to watch his members get tortured for the opponents amusement but will keep a clear head and not make a move. Even as a child Tristan has always known the right thing to do and has an honorable heart, he doesn't let excuses or law stop him from doing what he thinks is right.

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Tristan anxious to fight

He isn't afraid to enter a battle, he won't even hesitate to volunteer himself to fight with his own guild members for fun. During a battle he holds back his power to where its a fair fight towards the opponent. He declared the rule of a one on one battle for his guild so that everyone has the chance to get better themselves, he gave them a goal to be the best in the guild and now everyone wants that title, he also made the rule that no one should enter a fight with their guild stating it tells them that they are weak and can't protect themselves.

He see's his members as if he was a father figure towards them and enjoys watching them grow, laugh, and fight. He cares less about the Magic Council and their rules and let his members do whatever they like while he takes care of the Council. Whenever someone attacks his guild or a member does anything to harm the other he steps in and takes care of it personally



Tristan as a child

Tristan was born in a small village in the east. He was raised as an orphan living in the streets with nothing but ragged clothes on at the age of 10. He was accompanied by a boy who was slightly older then him named Bakura Minazuki who was also an orphan with ragged clothes, the 2 grew up together and were best friends despite the life they were living. Neither of them knew what happened to their parents or if they even had any at all, all they knew is that they've been together from the start. The two were inseparable always laughing together, fighting together and playing together, however Tristan could always sense a dark personality hiding in Bakura but he didn't think it was a problem and there was nothing he could do so he just ignored it.

The two would ask anyone if they could lend them some jewels or food to survive, some were kind enough they give them a small amount of food and jewels but it wasn't enough to last very long, 2 days at most. The two aren't going to last long if they keep doing what their doing so Bakura left Tristan to see what he can do. About an few hours later Bakura had returned with a large amount of food. Tristan was shocked and asked how he got all that, which he responded saying "don't worry about it just leave getting the food to me." So Tristan didn't question it for he trusted his best friend. As the days went by Bakura kept returning with more and more food but this time Bakura returned with scratches and bruises on him. Tristan grew concerned and asked how he got that, he responded saying not to worry and said he tripped. Tristan sensed that he wasn't being honest so he pretended to believe him.

The next day when Bakura left to go get food Tristan decided to spy on him to see what is happening. As he followed him he noticed he stop close to a food market acting all sneaky and Tristan hid behind a barrel as he watched Bakura. He watched as he saw Bakura wait for the right time for the market owner to looked away for him to grab as many food as he could before the owner looked back, just before he looked back Bakura ran away but the owner noticed what he was doing before he did and ran after him. Tristan was shocked of what he saw and ran after him. He found them in an alleyway where Bakura ran into a dead end, Bakura was caught and beaten up by the man. Tristan couldn't believe that his friend would do that and ran away back to where they were living. Hours later Bakura returned with some food but Tristan was not happy about it. Bakura wondered what was wrong and that's when Tristan came out and told him he stole all that food. Bakura instantly knew he followed him and got mad at him. The two argued at each other, then Tristan picked up the food he stole and said he was gonna return it to where it belongs. Bakura wouldn't let him do that and shoved him into a wall. Tristan knew that if they fought Bakura would win for he was older and bigger then he was but that wouldn't stop him and tackled him to the ground and began fighting. As they were fighting they were rolling down the street both were trying to get on top of the other but were suddenly stopped when they rolled into an old man.

The old man looked at them and wondered why they were fighting in the street. Tristan got up and apologized for bumping into him, while Bakura just stood up and looked at him not even caring for he was still in a bad mood from the fight. From what the old man could tell their both orphans living a rough life he asked them completely guessing. Tristan shook his head, The old man like Tristan's honesty so he made them both an offer. He took out a glass sculpture out of a basket he was carrying and placed it on the ground. He told them that if either one of them could break the sculpture while he guards it then he will take them both as his students. The boys looked at each other and grinned accepting the old mans offer. They both took a fighting stance and Bakura attacked first, he slid on the ground and tried to kick it away from him like a soccer ball but the man was one step head of him and put one foot on the back of it and flipped it into the air evading his slide kick. Bakura then caught himself and jumped back to catch the sculpture before the old man could but the man caught it with his teeth and turned his head the other way and Bakura hit the ground. The old man said that was enough for him and let Tristan take his turn and placed the glass back on the ground in front of him. Tristan took awhile to think of what to do, when he got an idea he ran towards the old man. When he got close he jumped over him instead of going for the sculpture and landed behind him, he then lost his balance and fell on the old man who also loss his balance and fell and landed on top of the sculpture thus breaking it. Though not what he intended he still cheered happy to have succeeded and Bakura ran to him and cheered with him as if they were best friends again.

The old man kept his agreement and took them both to his palace. The boys were amazed, not knowing that he lived in luxury and followed the old man inside. There they met a girl who was already living with the old man. They were all in wonder of who they were when the old man walked up and introduced her as Mitsumi Inari. The boys waved hi and greeted her properly but Mitsumi didn't take a liking to them and walked away. For a few days the old man fed the boys, clothed them, and took care of them like they were his own children. Then one day the old man called all three of them to what appears to be a training room. He then informed the boy that he was a wizard and that he was gonna train them how to use magic. The boys looked at each other in excitement and he also informed them that Mitsumi was already training under him for few years. Before he could start the old man informed them that they must not use his teaching for their own greedy purposes for his teachings are meant to protect others. Both of them promised to use their powers for good and their training began. After awhile Mitsumi grew fond of Tristan and Bakura that they quickly became good friends

5 years went by and Tristan and the other two became exceptional wizards and the old man was proud of them however the old man suddenly became ill and just as quickly past away. The boys were unable to keep the house for themselves, so they packed up their things and began traveling with Mitsumi at their side. One day during their travels the three travelers were discussing what their dreams would be now that their wizards. Tristan mentioned how he wanted to become a powerful and famous wizard and also be the guild master of a powerful guild. Bakura joked around saying it was a crazy dream that won't come true but then he decided he'll have the same dream and both made a promise to fulfill those dreams. Mitsumi laughed at their dreams but not knowing what she wanted to be herself she agreed to them that she will be a powerful wizard as well.

They eventually made there way to Deltra City and met a very nice lady named Alana Merle who was shopping for supplies. They soon discovered she was the master of the famous Warrior Angel Guild which made them really happy and asked if they could join the guild which Alana answered yes. They were given their guild marks and the three become honorable members of the guild. While at the guild they witnessed a sword next to the guild masters chair. Alana informed them that it is the Heleos Blade, the guilds signal of leader ship. Tristan and Mitsumi were amazed at it but when Tristan looked at Bakura it was as if he was in a trance as he looked at it. He tried to grab it only to be blown away by its power. Alana informed them of the blades power. It was then they Tristan and Bakura decided to become guild master so they can wield the blade but both had different reasons for it.

As the years went by the three friends became very skilled and talented wizards. They participated in many battles and wars together at the age of 21 as their skills in magic improved even greater throughout the years. During these treacherous wars Tristan and the others performed valiantly as their power and skills quickly turned the tied of those wars and gained the advantage. Because of their excellent achievements their names became quickly known far and wide throughout the continent as brilliant and powerful wizards that they became legendary and together they were known as the Three Legendary Tenshi. A title that would follow them for the rest of their lives and which they themselves would use with pride.

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Tristan after becoming Guild Master

It wasn't along until, 5 years went by that Alana stepped down as master because of the heartache she suffered from due to the loss of her husband Kozuki Merle and the disappearance of her daughter Esca Merle and when it came down to who would take her place Barkura was eager to take her stop but instead she has decided to appoint Tristan as Warrior Angel's next Master for she believed he could raise the guild to greatness. Mitsumi celebrated Tristan's raise to guild master and over joyed however Bakura became greatly angered by this; believing he should have been appointed guild master and not Tristan.

The very next day Tristan and Mitsumi was told that Bakura abounded the guild and ran away. After hear this the two left to go find him and bring him back or at the very least get answers as to why he left and try to settle it. It wasn't easy tracking him down but finally both he and Mitsumi caught up to him. Tristan asked why he left the guild. Bakura laughed stating he no longer wishes to be apart of pathetic guild, he also said he despises everyone in the guild. He then turned to Tristan with an angry look and attacked him saying he hated Tristan the most. Tristan was left with no choice but to fight back even though he didn't want to. The two were locked in an intense battle, the combat destroyed parts the area they were battling. As the battle continued Tristan noticed Bakura's magic power was increasing as his anger grew. The battle became more intense with each passing second with neither side giving an inch until both wizards decided to use their most powerful spells. The collision of their spells reshaped the battlefield and both wizards were left battered and beaten. Tristan's guild masters robe was a wreck with Tristan left unconscious Mitsumi who witnessed the entire thing went over to care for him. Bakura who was barely conscious and badly injured, used the opportunity to leave. Mitsumi picked up the unconscious Tristan and watched as Bakura made his leave which upset her greatly. When Tristan awoke back at the guild he remembered everything about the fight and knew that Bakura was gone and was left depressed.

As Tristan recovered from his intense battle Mitsumi came to a conclusion. Feeling heartbroken about failing to bring back their friend; she felt she could no long remain in the guild. She then wished well and said her good bye as left without another a word. Though out the remaining years he doesn't know where or what shes doing.

10 years went by the guild has changed greatly and Tristan watched as more members joined the guild and welcomed them with open arms. Each child who came to him had their own personal problems which he tried his best to help. The wizards then decided to join the guild and it became so famous and powerful that it became the strongest guild in all of Fiore.

One day Tristan attended another guild masters meeting. He has attended every guild masters meeting ever since he was announced guild masters he became bored of the meetings. He was also the only one there who wasn't old enough to have wrinkles. He was sitting at a table with a bored expression staying out of the conversations with the other guild masters. He soon got the idea of leaving early until a young lady walked up to him asking for help. Tristan didn't recognize the girl and wondered who she was. She introduced herself as Samarra Inari the newest guild master of a guild that was made a while ago called Koma Inu. She told Tristan it was her first guild masters meeting and wondered what happens in these meetings. Tristan informs her about the meetings and the 2 instantly became good friends. At that moment they decided their guilds would become allies.

Magic and Abilities

Light Magic: Tristan's main magic. Tristan has shown great mastery in a type of Elemental Magic which relies around the use of light. He is known for being capable of manifesting his immense Magic Power in the form of light, as well as to use it to attack his target. , such mastery with this particular magic is what earns him the title Angels King.

  • Light Blast: Tristan releases magic energy in the form of light out of the palm of his hand and blast it at the target deal great damage.
  • Light Barrier: Tristan holds his hands together and a magic circle of light appears. The circle is about the same size has his entire body. The circle protects everyone behind it from and kinds of attacks. Tristan uses it against magic blasts when he step in the fight to protect his ally.
    • Mega Light Barrier: Same as the Light Barrier Tristan holds his hands together and a magic circle of light appears, but this time the barrier size is increased drastically capable of protecting him and everyone behind it from any kind of magic no matter the size or power. Tristan uses it to protect everyone from a Jupiter Cannon without any trouble what so ever.
  • Light Cannon: Tristan draws a magic circle in the air made of light. He then fires a massive blast of light out of the circle causing massive damage. The circle usually drawn by waving his arms in a pattern but Tristan is able to draw it instantly with one wave of his hand.
  • Light Eruption: Tristan draws a magic circle on the ground under his targets feet without them knowing. When they realize it the circle begins to glow and an intense blast of towering light fires from below. The towering blast deals everyone inside the circle incredible damage. Normally it takes a small amount of time to successfully draw the circle however Tristan is able to draw it in seconds while dashing passed the target with incredible speed. Whenever Tristan begins to use this spell he draws his Heleos Blade and uses that to draw the circle, when he has that in his hand during the making of the spell the spells power is increased dramatically.
  • Falling Stars: While in the air Tristan's hands begin to glow. He then collides his hands then multiple blasts of light come falling towards the target. The light blasts fall towards the target at an alarming rate and deals great damage to them. The multiple blasts of light are to many for anyone to withstand.
  • Light Core: Tristan focuses his light magic in the palm of his hands until it appears in the form of a small orb of light. He then throws the orb of light at the target, once it collides with anything all the concentrated magic energy in the orb of light are released in a single explosion that covers a wide area making it nearly impossible to evade. The magic energy released from the explosion deals great damage towards anything caught in the explosion. It is a very powerful spell not to be underestimated by its size, however any attempt of this spell will drain tristan of his light magic, unable to use them for a limited time.
  • Angel's Wings: Tristan releases intense magic energy as light from all over his body. The light gives an illusion of giant, beautiful wings from an angel. The intense magic energy the wings give off is enough to terrify anyone. Despite its intense light and magic energy this spell is not meant for battle and the user is unable to use it for flight
  • Angel's Preyer: Tristan releases an intense light that surrounds the battlefield. All dark types of Magic that are weaker in power then Tristan's magic power are negated. This magic is similar to the one of the three legendary Angel Spells Angel Shine, however it is not as powerful.

Magic Formula: Tristans own kind of defense magic. He is able to draw magic circles and use them to form barriers to protect himself and others around him. The stronger the spell he uses the longer and more magic power it takes to use them.

  • Magic Formula Lv4: Mirror Barrier: Tristan creates a purple colored magic circle from his hands. The circle is then treated as a barrier capable of protecting him and everyone behind it from any kinds of magic attacks and absorb into the barrier. Tristan then waves his hand making the barrier flip over and the attack that was absorbed is fired right back at them with twice the power causing more damage to them then it would to him. He only uses this spell only if he is up against a blast attack that is too powerful even for him or when he is facing an enemy and cant afford to take a direct hit from them.

Restoration Magic: Tristan is able to release magic energy as an aurora. The magic energy spreads to long distance mostly the entire guild hall. Everyone inside will be given the magic energy that will heal any injuries, even the clothing will return to how it was before and died plant life will be brought back to life as well. Despite his great mastery over this magic he is unable to heal injuries from inside the body such as viruses and life shorten magic powers, he is only able to temporarily holt them, such as the virus that was inside Jessie Longside. This method is also what's preserving </span>Ren Kurushimi to live longer as his life is slowing being shortened by the Sufferer's Blade, however it is least likely that it will keep him alive for long.

Requip: Tristan is able to requip his outfit into his guild masters uniform which includes the Guild master cloak, shirt and pants. He often requips into his uniform when he enters a fight or to fight in the name of the guild and to demonstrate his authority.

Angel Judgment: Despite his amazing talent and abilities Tristan is only able to use 1 of the 3 legendary Angel Spells which is Angel Judgement. However it is by far the most powerful spell he has, it is also what makes him able to control such a powerful group of wizards in the Warrior Angel Guild. Once he claps his hands together and a magic circle with the Warrior Angel Guild mark appears. Tristan's hand beings to glow and places his hand on the circle. Once that happens dozens of small glowing dots of light shoot out of the circle, the dots of lights happen to be small glowing angels that fly around as far as he wishes. The angels

Dispel: Tristan is capable of dispelling certain and advanced spells with relative ease.

  • Contract Seal

    Dispelling Seal

    Dispelling Seal: A very useful spell where Tristan can temporarily dispel any magic or spells by placing his palm on the target. A magic circle seal is then place on the target temporarily cutting their magic energy from the spells and magics they used making the spells and magics they used vanish before they can reach their target. This magic is mostly useful for summoning magic but can still be used in various ways.

Immense Durability: Tristan has proven himself to be considerably durable. He is able to take multiple powerful attacks from dozens of wizards and emerge unscathed. Despite his the injuries he takes in battle he still able to continue fighting. He was able to take a direct hit from Hino Sontara's lightning magic only to appear with barely a scratch.

Immense Speed: Tristan possesses remarkable speed

Master Acrobatic Skills: Tristan has been shown to have great mastery of acrobatic skills. Able to keep the opponent guessing as moves around the battlefield with great speed unable to be spotted and still able to evade attacks if he was. He has great speed to go with his skills has he can dodge and evade any attacks with no trouble. His skills in battle are beyond amazing that he can do impressive flips and jumps to get to his target without them getting a solid lock on him to attack.

Master Sensor: Tristan possesses great skill in sensing and discerning the nature of Magic power. He is able to specifically pin point the enemy great distance away. He is able to detect even the slittiest hint of magic energy. When ever he sense a strong source of magic energy he is anxious from battle. Anyone who is able to sneak past his incredible sensing prowess must be extraordinary wizards

Immense Magic Power: Tristan is known for possessing a monstrous amount of Magic Power. The incredible amount of magic power he uses is what makes him so respective in the guild and how he is able to control such powerful wizards. His magic power is so great he is able to wield the Heleos Blade with no trouble but even without it his power is legendary. Once he releases his magic energy the ground beneath him cracks from the intensity and destroys it, the magic power could terrify even the greatest wizard. He has a large amount of magic power that he could go an entire battle with still plenty of magic energy left to continue.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Tristan is an extremely accomplished unarmed fighter. He is able to fight equally matched with Zora Halo however that was before he became apart of the Ten Wizard Saints but even now he's still just a skilled as Zora is. He fight powerful opponents and will cleverly find a way to defeat them, his adaption to fighting an opponent is also what makes him a great fighter

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Tristan possesses great mastery in swordsmanship with his Heleos Blade. He is not only skilled at using its magic but is remarkable with the blade itself as well. His quick attacks and reflexes with the blade makes him a powerful swordsmen. His attacks with the blade are so powerful it can slash right threw a large bolder with a single slash. He can get creative and wield the sword with his feet, as he holds the handle by the bottom of his shoes.


Heleos Blade: Is a magic sword that has extraordinary magic power, who ever wields the sword will be granted access to such overwhelming power and their magic energy will be increased beyond compare. It also grants its wielder the power to use Light Magic, however for someone such as Tristan who already posses such magic the blade enhances the power of the Magic's spells making it more destructive. When Tristan became the third master of the Warrior Angel Guild the Blade was passed down to him. He uses it as a symbol of his leader ship over the guild and Tristan uses it only when he has to and when he does the battle is then intensified.

  • Light Magic: Who ever wields the Blade will be able to use Light Magic with the use of it, however with Tristan who naturally uses light magic the Blade will enhance its power making its spells more destructive. Tristan is still able to use spells from the blade but its power is not enhanced since it comes from the blade itself.
    • Light Blast: The entire blade of the sword besides its handle glows blue, then the tip of the blade is pointed at the target. Might light is then fired at the target as a blast capable of destroying the target.
    • Star Shield: The entire blade of the sword besides its handle glows blue, then Tristan holds the sword out and uses the tip to draw a star shape magic circle the size of his body. The star protects him from incoming attacks. There are very few spells that are able to break threw it with no trouble.
    • Light booster: The Blade of the sword begins to glow blue. Magic energy is then released from the glowing blade allowing it deal greater damage then regular to the target.
  • Immense Magic Power: Whenever Tristan holds or touches the blade, he will be given overwhelming magic power from the blade and added to his own. If someone else were to grab a hold of it, if their magic power isn't powerful enough, will instantly feel the overwhelming magic power that is far to much for them to control and will be blown away the next second. Tristan has wielded the blade for years so has gotten used to the overwhelming power.
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