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"The Only thing that is Impossible, is Impossiblity"

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Trouble in Paradise
Trouble in Paradise

Trouble In Paradise


Parandise Panic


Paradise Island

Main Character

Ryga Shotimoto Thundah Mason Helena Turigama Catagura Lohr



Theme Song

B1 Collision Course Saga Theme:

Trouble In Paradise or Paradise Panic is a storyline created by The Kaio-Ken Kid reciting the events of that occured on the Island of Paradise after the destruction of a ancient prison holding the Worlds most Famous and Notorious Dark Mages,releasing them onto planet once again.This is the quest of noble Mages fighting to maintain peace and order to balance the Events of the Past with the Outcome of the Future. Thus this is the tale of The Warrior Princess,The Lost Soul,The Heartless Minstrel Mercenary and The Dragon Lost in Time.


Main Protangonists

Su protector de cuello by ryuujin oc-d6n91xq WGur Tokugawa.Ieyasu.(Sengoku.Basara).240.936028 Chipp
Ryga Shotimoto Helena Turigama Thundah Mason Catagura Lohr

Supporting Characters



Book One:Awakening 

Collision Course Saga

Chapter One: Introduction! Enter:Ryga Shotimoto

Chapter Two: Welcome To Paradise

Chapter Three: Job Shadow! Enter:Helena Turigama!

Chapter Four: Rude Awankening! Jail House Raid!

Chapter Five: Darkness Unleashed! Attack of Titanus Muranai

Chapter Six: The Lost Golden Dragon of Time! Enter:Thundah Mason

Chapter Seven: Prison Break! Paradise Lost


  • The Original name intended for the series was "Jail House Raid" but was decided later that it was not fit to be the title of the series so it was later turned into the second part of the title for an Episode
  • Originally The characters were planned to be all Male
  • This beginning of the series takes place between the End of The Edolas Arc and The S-Class Promotions 
  • Cameo's are accepted,just ask in the comments with the link to the character and what you think they should be doing when shown
  • Because the story takes place during the same time in which the series does,there will be little tid bits of information and talk about the news of Fairy Tail so the readers can keep up with what is happening in Fairy Tail also effects what happens in the story as well along with keeping up the timeline 
  • Each Book is split into 4 Parts known as Saga's in Each Saga The main focus character is switched 
  • Each Saga will have its own Theme and unlike some the Themes will go in a Pattern of:Japanese,English,Japanese,English
  • Suggestions for Themes can be put in the comments
  • Each episode will be posted 3 weeks after one another on Fridays for the author to brain storm and to give thought  them
  • The next episode will be aired on July 13
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