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Parent Magic

Swan Magic


Hiroya Shirahana

Tsubasa (Wing) is a Swan Magic Spell.


This spell summons disembodied white wings that can either be conjured singularily or in a pair; these wings have numerous functions and is among the most versatile of spells relating to this type of magic; these functions are two in number: Despite the spells great power and usage capability - Hiroya rarely uses Tsubasa unless his opponents are especially powerful due to the constant strain on his magical power.

  • Defense: The first and primary usage of these are defense; the wings are noted as being incredibly durable and are thus fit to defend against most spells by covering Hiroya up - additionally, being disembodied, they can freely move around the entirety of Hiroya's bodily axis and block attacks from behind; if Hiroya uses both wings to defend against an attack, the defensive power is also effectively doubled:
  • Offense: The second usage is offense, both ranged and melee-oriented, the first option is achieved by flapping one of the wings with great force; which creates a powerful sonicboom that can send most opponents scuttling trough the air at great speeds, likely resulting in collaterral damage - if Hiroya uses both wings in conjunction to do this, it summons forth a powerful twister that attembs to pull anything in its immediate sorroundings inside itself, adversaries whom are affected will thus find themselves repedeatly assaulted by flying debris from all directions even if they manage to avoid the whirlwind itself. For close combat situations, the feathers of the wings can at a moments nature become as sharp as blades and can be used like improvised Tessens; once again, because of their disembodied nature, they can attack from any angle that is within their range, making them very versatile.
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