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Tsuyo Morduin



Tsuyo Mōduin


Sword of Retaliation (腹癒の剣, Haraise no Tsurugi)
Macnia (年若英雄(マクニア), Makunia; lit. "Youthful Hero")


Human (Transmigrant)


Male.png Male


19-24 (Seekers)


174 cm


84 kg


November 11th, X772

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

TDSymbol.png Tuatha De Danann

Previous Affiliation

Vindicators Guild Symbol.png Vindicators' Guild


Independent Mage

Previous Occupation

Bounty Hunter
Apprentice of Macha Branwen


Team Seekers


Kogu Marlowe

Previous Partner(s)

Macha Branwen

Base of Operations

Ruaéan Workshop

Personal Status



Eiyo Morduin (Mother)
Daitan Morduin (Father)


Tsuyo Knignal


Sword Magic
Spatial Magic (Requip: The Survivor)
Celestial Grace



Image Gallery
"The light of the radiant sun will shine forth."

Tsuyo Morduin (ツヨ・モードゥイン, Tsuyo Mōduin) is an Independent Mage acting as the leader of Team Seekers, a faction comprised of Mages who were brought together through certian circumstances in order to accomplish their own ambitions. Stationed within the country of Bellum, Tsuyo tends to focus on seeking out and eradicating Dark Guilds in hopes of finding those who are responsible for the death of his family, having devoted his life towards vengeance. Known as the Sword of Retaliation (腹癒の剣, Haraise no Tsurugi) as reference towards his swordsmanship prowess, he has garnered the attention of the Magic Council due to his constant elimination of Dark Mages and unintentional heroic actions.

As a result of Transmigration, Tsuyo is the reincarnation of a Mage who has ascended their Magic to the point of being recognized as independent from the original source of Magic, The One Magic. According to Macha Branwen, he is the third incarnation of the Warrior of Light (光の戦士 Hikari no Senshi) ー a heroic warrior hailing from Stella who fought against an entity of darkness which threatened to veil Ishgar within an age of destruction. Inheriting the title of his predecessor and the responsibilities tied with it, Tsuyo is meant to act as a beacon of hope and extinguish the darkness with a light that would shine upon all creations throughout Earth Land.

Tsuyo serves as a main character with the series Fairy Tail: Seekers, acting as the protagonist.


Tsuyo's general appearance during the year of X791.



"My quest is nothing noble. I seek vengeance against those who took my family away from me."
— Tsuyo's motivation.


Main article: Fairy Tail: Seekers


Tsuyo equipping Fragarach as he prepares for battle.

Fragarach (軍神の烱然刃(フラガラック), Furagaku; Irish for "The Answer" and Japanese for "Radiant Blade of the War Hero")

Celtchair (セルッチャーア, Serutchāa): Celtchair is an Edolas Item that was given to Tsuyo in order to make up for his inability to use Magic in the alternate universe while the Revolutionary Army continued to work on synthesizing Mana Pills. Being classified by Nemain as a pair of "Prototype Sealed Flame Gauntlets" (原型・封炎篭手, Genkei Fūenkote),

Magic and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Ways of Combat

"Being a swordsman is much more than the ability to cut through anything. A sword that can simply harm anything isn't a sword. The mightiest sword is the one that protects what it wants to protect. A true swordsman can cut nothing and anything. Cut without cutting."
Daitan Morduin

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Throughout the entire series of Fairy Tail: Seekers, Tsuyo has displayed exceptional prowess in the art of swordsmanship—earning a reputation as the "Sword of Retaliation" (腹癒の剣, Haraise no Tsurugi), acting as a testament toward his skill. Having been trained by a multitude of people who specialize in this form of combat,

  • Sword Pressure (剣圧, Ken'atsu):
  • Musō Zenshin-ryū (無双前進流, Peerless Advance Style)

As a practitioner of Heihuquan, Tsuyo is capable of utilizing one of its special techniques.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Despite his seemingly reliance on swordsmanship, Tsuyo has proven that he is just as capable when placed in a situation where he is forced to fight without his sword. Having been trained by his uncle, Tsuyo is a practitioner of Heihuquan (黑虎拳, Chinese for "Black Tiger Fist")—a martial arts that allows him to mimic the characteristic of a tiger. This fighting style primarily revolves around the user making use of their strength in order to break through any form of defense, whether it is physical or magical. This is done by Tsuyo striking his opponent with the "tiger claws" (虎爪, Kosō)—allowing him to tearing, ripping, clawing and grasping an opponent, as well as striking with the palm of the claw to inflict the upmost damage onto his foe. He also makes use of devastating and dynamic kicks, such as the whirlwind kick and swallow kick. Thought this animalistic style, Tsuyo is able to fight on even terms with combatants that are considered masters within their own right such as Hogotsu Sezoku and Genghis Breningoch. There have been instances where the Heihuquan has proven to be ineffective due to Tsuyo's lack of mastery. In situations like these, he will rely on his instincts—attempting to survive any attack that is thrown his way—akin to a berserker. Based on what has been seen, Tsuyo will only resort to fighting like this in either moments of desperation or when he is actually enjoying himself. The most well known example is during his match against Damon D. Draco, his cousin and rival in terms of fighting stance. Overall, Tsuyo is a capable fighter when he is pushed in the position, dishing out powerful strikes and reacting accordingly in combat.

Physical Prowess

Tsuyo displaying his impressive strength, staggering a Vulcan.

Peak Physical Prowess:

Magical Abilities

Filled with rage, Tsuyo unintentionally manifests his magic power as an aura of light.

Immense Magical Power:


In the midst of combat, Tsuyo summons Fragarach from his pocket dimension.

Requip (換装(レキップ), Rekippu; lit. "Interchanging Equipment") is a Caster Magic and type of Spatial Magic that allows the user to store items and equipment within a pocket dimension.

Sword Magic

Tsuyo infusing Fragarach with the element of earth, strengthening the hardness and density of the sword.

Sword Magic (剣の魔法, Ken no Mahō) is a Holder Magic revolving around the utilization of Magic in order to apply certain properties to a sword, making it a form of Weapon Enhancement Magic (武器強化の魔法, Buki Kyōka no Mahō). Viewed as popular amongst mages who specialize in melee weapons due to its simple and versatile nature, Sword Magic eliminates the traditional limitations of bladed weaponry as the user is only bound by their imagination and mastery of weapon. With the simple action of exerting magic power into the sword acting as the fundamental invocation, the user is capable of preforming a variety of feats which can invoke a shift in the tide of combat. Despite there being a plethora of unique applications which can be triggered through Sword Magic, there are certain abilities that are viewed as common amongst the general users. The basic applications are classified under the tree of blade enhancement, revolving around modifying properties of the blade. This includes manipulating the sharpness of the blade to enhance its cutting potential and modifying the size and length to go beyond its traditional range in the midst of combat. However despite the usefulness of such abilities, most practitioners concentrate on advanced applications which are classified under sword empowerment, focusing on imbuing a sword with the power of elements and energy-based amplifications. This particular branch of Sword Magic is known for bestowing the ability to unleash projectiles upon the user, serving as a common solution towards the ranged limitations of swordsmanship. However as seen during the Grand Magic Games of X791, Erza Scarlet displayed another solution by utilizing Telekinesis to remotely maneuver swords from a distance, utilizing them in a multitude of ways. In conclusion, Sword Magic is considered to be common throughout Ishgar due to its personal customization and constant ability to grow depending on the user in question.



Creation and Concept

"Well, look how far we've come."
— The author reminiscing on the creation of Tsuyo.

Tsuyo's original apperance, later used for Tsuyo Knignal.

The idea behind the creation of Tsuyo was spawned from reading through articles of Fairy Tail Fanon, specifically Tsuruko Sejren, Jason LaHote, and Vladimir Gideon—characters created by Perchan and Aha. After reading through said characters a multitude of times and even checking out the series they each hailed from, the author finally worked up the nerve to join the community and bring Tsuyo to life. Created under the name Tsuyo Kushibuki (騎士武器強, Kishibuki Tsuyo) which meant "Strong Knight's Arsenal", it was originally decided by the author to use the Hero from Dragon Quest: Swords for the appearance. This was primarily due the the author being an avid fan of Dragon Quest as well as the fact he wanted someone who was similar to Vladimir in terms of appearance. From there, the author moved onto backstory and personality since they were practically the same thing. In terms of personality, Tsuyo's most noticeable characteristic was being a mute—being unable to speak due to an injury that damaged his vocal cords. This tied into his backstory with Tsuyo being a member of an unnamed guild that was destroyed under orders from the Magic Council. As a mute, Tsuyo did not have a way of communicating with others, making it hard to role-play with him. In order to work around this, the author decided to create Aogu, a creature that was meant to act as Tsuyo's companion and "voice". Going into his abilities, Tsuyo specialized in swordsmanship and even used Sword Magic in order to enhance his prowess in the way of the sword. He also used a plethora of swords and shields, which he stored via Requip, with their own unique effect—primarily revolving around Elemental Magic. It was this reason, along with his muteness, that the author gave him the moniker of the Silent Infinite Sword (無音無限刀, Muon Mugentō).


  • Tsuyo's appearance is based on Shu Ouma and Scrooge from Guilty Crown, an anime and manga series.
  • Hilariously, Tsuyo's favorite food seems to be glazed donuts.
  • Out of everyone in Silent Virtue, Tsuyo idolized his uncle Shumon the most.
  • During the Edolas Arc, it is revealed that Tsuyo is allergic to wolfsbane, an ingredient found within Mana Pills.
  • Tsuyo's main theme throughout Fairy Tail: Seekers is called Overture; his battle theme is Vindicator. However during his battle against Balor, his theme switches over to It Has to Be This Way.
  • Due to sharing a striking resemblance to Michael Serafian, Arashi constantly calls refers to him as the Red-Eyed Michael (赤目マイケル, Akame Maikeru).
  • Tsuyo's stats are: