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Twin Gates
Twin Dragon Gates

とゐん どらごん がてす


Towin Doragon Gatesu

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Vista Seal House of Vista


House of Vista

The Twin Dragon Gates are massive walls that enclose a vast piece of private property owned by the House of Vista. In a circular manner, it guards the property. Within the confines of the gates is Bermae Mountain, a dormant volcano, near the central point of the property. The mountain is surrounded by dense jungle filled with various species of animals, from vicious magical beasts to more peaceful and docile animals. The Twin Dragon Gates are incredibly tall, standing as a sight to behold, as well as exceptionally thick. It's said that dragon scales were mixed into the metal when it was being built two centuries ago. However, Sanjo Vista regards the claim as nothing more than an urban legend. Yet, what perplexes many is not what the gates are composed of but what they protect. While the exact nature of what the walls protect is unknown, it's said to be confidential.




  • The land area confined by the walls are protected by a spherical barrier, leaving infiltration by air an impossibility.
  • Only Vista can pass through the gates.
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