"Charlotte, Charlotte! Where are you." Lucian was shouting as he was looking for Charlotte.

" I'm here, don't worry." Charlotte replied as she came through a door.

" Where were you, we have a mission."

"Sorry, I was busy. Let's go." Charlotte said, as they both headed off to their mission.

The first fight

"Where have you two been." Another voice said off in the distance.

" Oops, sorry we're late. Hiroshi." Charlotte said to him.

"Whatever, let's go." Hiroshi said, leading them in an awkward manner. After a long period of time, they got to their destination.

"Well, this is the place. But where is the monster." Lucian wondered, when suddenly a large monster came out of nowhere, with a crystal in it's body.

" Let's go, you two."Charlotte said, gripping her staff.

" Don't order me."Hiroshi said.

" Let's go Susano." Lucian said, creating a magic symbol, and summoning a large being made out of fire. "Fire ring." Lucian said, surrounding th monster in fire.

" Water dance." Charlotte said, generating a magic symbol and a large amount of water collected in her staff, and she released it as a torrent of surging water. Pushing the monstr back.

"My turn. Bug Mania." Hiroshi said, as his dark magic symbol appeared, and a large amount of flying bugs went toawrds the enemy." Your power cannot stop my bugs, they eat through any substance and break it down until it crumbles. This includes magical power."Hiroshi said as the monster was fading away.

"Was that all. That wasn't hard." Charlotte said, as she saw the crystal glowing and creating another monser.

"It seems, we have to destroy the crystal."Lucian said. " Flare mayhem." Then Amaterasu created a large flame ball and threw it at the monster creating a devastating explosion.

" Bug sphere." Hiroshi said as bugs swarmed around the monster. Charlotte was quickly running towards the monster, with water surrounding her.

"Water trample." She chanted, as the point of her staff was covered in highly pressurised water. She jumped and aimed it towards the monster's crystal, making it shatter into many diamond pieces.


"Yeah we won." Lucian said as he rejoiced.

"Indeed, let us collect our reward and head ack to the guild." Hiroshi said as he left.

"Hey wait up."Charlotte said as she and Lucian were running behind him. They got back to th guild and went to Rosa.

" Master, we are back, successful." Hiroshi stated to her and went away.

" Well done you three." Rosa said as she left as well.

" Well, Lucian. What else do you think has in store for us." Charlotte asked Lucian while looking at the sky.

" Well, who knows." Lucian replied looking at the sky as well.