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"It's best if you keep your nose out things, young prince. It'll prevent you from getting hurt in the near future. Take the warning to heart, lest you regret it later on." — Gilvan Astraius
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"Those damn weapons! They always seem to get in their way. It's rather typical, as they serve as the antipode of the seven evils. It's how "he" constructed them to be, acting as a last resort should all else fail. They may prove to be difficult to deal with because of their respective abilities and incredulous powers."
Sin's Godfather about the weapons being an obstacle in his plans to gather the Pole Star Fragments, alluding to their prowess.
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Four Holy Magic Swords



Urumu Manadaito


Magical Item
Magical Weapon
Holder Magic


Dante Alozade
Sebastain Tetras
Michael Vargas
Iya Orcosis
Kaiser Greymore

Ulm-Manadite (最神影·概念力帝武(ウルム·マナダイト), Urumu Manadaito; lit. "Highest God Reflection: Conceptual Force Imperial Armaments"), alternately referred to as the "Four Chromatic Edges" (四色彩刀, Yonshikisaitō) — due to their overall coloring and wondrous design, are a group of all-powerful, sentient, and legendary magical weapons that's been used throughout the generations, naturally acting as opposition to the Pole Star Fragments; they're said to be one the few tools that's not made by human hands, instead forged by an "unknown force" — acting as a fail-safe against an "evil which proves to be too great". It's said that the bearers of such weapons are referred to as "Quernastrella" (黎明号令色彩神仙騎士(クワーナストラエラ), Kuwānasutoraera; lit. "Daybreak Order Chromatic God-Knights") and are destined to save the world.

Currently, all four weapons are in the hands of each general of the Colonel Faction, uncovering them by accident during one of their myriad assignments. Each one is eventual mastered and later becomes their signature weapon.


Four Holy Blades Background

The first known wielders of the legendary weapons seen receiving them from their original creator in a temporary human medium.


General Powers and Abilities

Stjarnagarm Divinity Arts

Four Sacred Blades - Star Arts Usage

A previous user calling forth one of the various techniques associated with his weapon.

Stjarnagarm Divinity Arts (過励万応現象·純流星闘技(スターナガルム·ディビニーティー·アーツ), Sutānagarumu Dibinītī Ātsu; lit. "Overboosted Mana Phenomenon: Pure Falling-Star Combat Techniques")

Known Blade Fragments

Name Description Picture Owner
Tenjinsōseiken (天従創聖剣, lit. "Venerated Sword of the Creation Gods") Tenjinsōseiken Sebastain Tetras
Jūbakuraizanba (重爆雷斬刃, lit. "Heavy Gravity-Lightning Bombardment") Jubakuraizanba Jin Veritas
Tenchihōmetsuzan (天地崩滅斬, lit. "Cataclysmic Slash of Heaven & Earth") Tenchihōmetsuzan Iya Orcosis
Bushinkōrinken (武神光臨剣, lit. "War God's Holy Manifestation Blade") Bushinkorinken Dante Alozade
Eigō Rinbu (永刧輪舞, lit. "Eternal Cycle Dance of Aeon") Eigo Rinbu Kaiser Greymore
Kagenmi (過現未, lit. "The Three Temporal States of Existence: Past, Present, and Future") Original Holy Blade SPOILER WITH-HELD


  • This is one of the author's earlier ideas for his storyline; apparently, this was something that was also gonna be scrapped, but decided to keep seeing how he's able to fit them in with the revised aspects of his story's ideas without breaking consistency.
  • They're obviously based on the Holy Swords from the series, Saint Seiya Omega.
  • It's been noted that certain details of the article will be withheld, only to be revealed when the author introduces them in the chapters in the near future. Thus, certain parts of the article will have "false information" sorta speak.
  • Most terminology and phrasing is derived from the anime/light novel series, Gakusen Toshi no Asterisk — despite it being just another SAO in his opinion.
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