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Rage of the Red Dragon
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Faithful Servant

The now wrecking guild of Nature Hunters was up in smoke, all that could be seen was dead bodies along with what appeared to be burning chains on the ground as one moved suddenly to attempt to grab one of the pair mages Muerte was fighting as he manipulated the chains, using them as whips while the mages kept attempting to get close to him, only to find themselves blocked by the giant barrier chains around him.

"Dammit, this isn't working." Leo complained. "Rift and Geno didn't tell us her familiar was going to be this strong." He ducked under an array of chains that shot towards his head, using his magic to jump back out of his range a second later. "I thought he was suppose to get weaker the farther away from his master he was?"

Another Barrage shot towards his partner Terra who, instead of dodging, reduced them to shrapnel with a single palm thrust. She retreated back to Leo's position, keeping her eye on their opponent while she talked. "Opponent's can improve companion Leo, what is true of a person one day may not be the same the next." A mass of chains bared down on them, causing them to separate again. "Come, attack him from both sides." She called, charging at Muerte with Leo following suet.

Muerte saw both of them attempting this as he slammed down his fist as he sent multiple chains rapidly around the area, attempting to slam them down. He saw each of them pass through however, and attempted to block them by setting the chains on fire and lashing at them.

Leo became swiped up in the assault, receiving a few small burns before surrounding himself in a bubble of light and allowing himself to be brushed aside in the shear volume of attacks. Terra however, was much more successful.

"Palm Revolution!" She cried, spinning on her heel smashing through the chains with her magic infused hands. She landed next to Muerte with a heavy stomp, and spun again to deliver another palm strike to his chest.

The impact was heard through the area as Terra looked up, "Your strength is quite impressive little one...." Muerte said as he slammed his fist up into her chin, sending her flying. "But you are still so weak...."

"Terra!" Leo cried as she bounced back across the floor, before he refocused on Muerte again. "Damn bone bag. Sagitta!" A spear of light formed between Leo's hands, which he hurtled at Muerte. The skeleton stepped aside, allowing the spell to land between his feet, before hearing Leo come at him again. "Meteor!" Muerte looked up again to see Leo surrounded in light, shooting at him like a bullet.

Muerte was unimpressed, razing an arm to shot a single chain at the young man. Leo rolled over the attack in midair, coming down to deliver a heel drop on Muerte's shoulder. It didn't have much of an impact however, and Muerte took hold of Leo's ankle to throw him away as Terra charged at him again. She thrust out both hands and called. "Dual Palm Hammer!"

The attack landed it's mark as he was sent slamming down into the ground, breaking the floor beneth him as he got up, showing his jaw to be broke, but reattached it. "It would seem that I must stop playing around" He said summoning what appeared to be giant skulls out of flames as he sent them at both of his opponents.

The skulls surrounded them both as Terra took up a fighting stance to intercept them. Still clutching his ankle, Leo franticly looked between the sculls and Terra. "What do we do?" She stayed quiet, apparently weighing out options. "Terra? what do we do?!"

"Push through." She answered, just as the skulls bore down on them. Leo dove towards a gap, moving as fast as he could to outpace the flames coming for his life. He brushed by each one, feeling their intense heat on his skin with each pass, until one misstep allowed one of the smaller skulls to bite down over his shoulder. He cried out as it's teeth dug into his skin, burning brighter as Leo tried to fight it off.

Leo calmed for a moment, looking up at the skull before holding out his arm inside it's mouth. "Stra- Strato Burst!" The skull flashed, dissipating in a shower of small yellow lights. Free of it's hold, Leo collapsed, to occupied with the pain in his shoulder to worry about much else for the moment. He slowly rose to his knees, spotting Muerte silently observing their struggle, and seeing flames dispersing from the spot he had ran from.

Terra emerged from the flames, pulling the now burning bandages off of her right arm, revealing the wrinkled skin of a massive previous burn covering it's entirety. "I must say Sir Familiar, you are quite powerful." She took up a fighting stance, and it was at this time that Leo began spying small burns over her body. "But your fire magic is no where near the level of Master Ravens."

"My mistress will easily destroy the pathetic fire-child, but for right now, I will end both of you!" He said slamming his fist into the ground to erupt a flame way towards for both of them.

Leo rolled out of the way, wincing from the pain in his shoulder, while Terra leapt out of the flames and charged at Muerte again to engage in close combat. She ducked under a torrent of flame that Muerte summoned, and sprung up below him for a powerful uppercut.

Muerte was shown to be too slow as he gotten hit by the attack, only instead of it lifting him off the ground, he slammed his own fist right into Terra's stomach, sending her flying.

Muerte saw a flash in his peripheral vision, looking over just in time to see Leo launch at him with his Meteor spell again. Muerte shifted back to avoid the young man's assault, and Leo skidded to a halt on the other side of him. Gritting his teeth through the pain, he threw up his hands and called. "Strato Burst!" Launching a barrage of tiny lights at Muerte.

"Flame chain destroyer!!" He said in response as he created a powerful wall of flames that shot high into the air as the light was blocked, which he then responded with a powerful flaming chain towards Leo.

"Orbiter!" Leo protected himself from the flames with a sphere of light with a wave of his hand, though the chain crashed through his shield and hit his stomach like a hammer. He rolled back, coughing up blood and slightly winded from the impact, and saw Muerte slowly approaching him. He grunted to get up, clutching his stomach and gasping for air. "Terra... We need... To take him together." He glanced up just in time to see Terra dash past him, running full tilt at Muerte. "Terra, wait!"

"Heavy Palm Shockwave!" she slammed her arm into the ground, throwing up a field of debris that intercepted another fireball Muerte lobbed at her. Following up, she delivered a spin kick to one of the larger rocks, launching it at Muerte.

Muerte suddenly slammed down his hands, causing the ground to shake as they all began to feel the earth shake beneth them, which was followed by multiple flaming skulls appearing once more, only this time, a wave of chains emerged as they all went forward towards the two.

Terra stood ready to intercept Muerte's attack, however she was swept out of the way by Leo at the last moment, carrying them both to safety. "I said we should attack together." Leo complained after the pair of them rolled to a stop. "God, your just as stubborn as the other Tyrants, aren't you?"

"Not stubborn." She argued, a little insulted. "I can take care of myself companion Leo, as can you. Besides, even one comprised of magic such as him has a limit." She took her fighting stance again as Muerte turned to face them, apparently growing annoyed with the both of them. "And I believe we are drawing closer to it."

Murete glared at them, "This is becoming very tiresome..." He said jumping upward before spinning as he unleashed a spinning attack of flaming chains towards them.

"Celestial Rings!" Leo called, sending out a pair of shining discs. They cut through Muerte's chains, sending then soaring out in all directions with their own momentum. Unfortunately, this didn't have quite the effect Leo had hoped for, as hundreds of burning chain links now rained down on him. He shielded himself with his forearms, gritting through the pain, before looking over to Terra only to find her missing.

Leo looked around to see that she had dashed forwards, under the familiars chain attack, and sprung up just under Muerte in Mid air. "10 Palm Impact!" She thrust out her arm, aiming her attack at Muerte's chest.

Muerte was able to block the attack with ease, but he suddenly felt a powerful blast that sent him flying into the wall, as the attack that hit him felt like he had been hit ten times all at once. "I must admit, you two have proven to be quite powerful, but now I must end this..." He said sending out what appeared to be over 100 miniature flame skills, all of them aiming towards the duo as they were sent flying towards them.

Terra backed away to buy herself more time to intercept, but caught Leo struggling with his burned arms out of the corner of her eye. She ran to his side as the skulls bore down on them, turning back to face them once she stood in front of Leo. "100 Palm Storm!" She began a rapid volley of palm thrusts that swatted through the burning skulls one after another. She wasn't able to get them all however, as one slipped past and left a deep gash along her thigh with it's teeth. Another moved my and took a small chunk out of her hip, followed by a third that left a small cut just above her eye.

She began struggling to keep up with the attacks, while Leo looked up from nursing his arms to see Terra in trouble. He quickly sidestepped around her in a brief lull in attacks, waving out a hand that emitted a glowing particle effect. "Orbiter!" The skulls struck against a dome of light covering both the mages, and Leo smiled to himself. "That should keep them out." He muttered, watching the flames disperse over his shield before turning around to face Terra. "You're still ok right? You can keep fighting?"

Terra took a moment to catch her breath, before wiping the blood seeping from above her eye and smiling down at Leo. She was about to speak when her eyes widened and she wrapped her arms around Leo's shoulders, spinning him away from whatever it was and using herself as a shield. Leo's wall of light shattered as Muerte crashed through it with his fist, slamming Terra square in the flat of her back with a firry explosion. She flew away without a sound, keeping Leo tight against her chest until they hit the floor the first time.

They tumbled to a stop again, for what felt like the hundredth time that day. Leo slowly rolled over, before rushing to Terra's side after seeing her struggle to even get her feet under her. "Why did you do that?" He tried to help her to her feet, but she just didn't seem to have the strength yet. He looked back to see Muerte walking towards them, apparently realising he had delivered a powerful blow to Terra. "Come on Terra, he's coming. Get up!"

It was too late as Muerte had arrived to be right behind them, and as he was about to make his final attack, multiple sharp throwing knives seemed to move at incredible speeds as it pierced his body, sending him flying into the walls as he looked over to see who it was that his former master's daughter, Fiona, who was holding throwing knives in her hand. "This is just a suggestion Muerte, but I'd leave now before things get ugly" She threatened before throwing more throwing knives, piercing his skull.

"Fiona?" Leo asked in disbelief. "What are you..." Leo trailed off as Terra rolled onto her back, gasping for air over the pain of her latest wound. Leo watched over her, not sure what he could do to help, before looking back up at Fiona "Fiona, what are you doing here? You're suppose to be back at Phantom Breaker."

"I had to come here for one last mission..." She said as Muerte laughed crazily, pulling the knifes from his head as he glared at Fiona.

"So, You have returned home." He said to her smiling as he roared, sending out a powerful roar of flames that aimed towards her, only to have her dodge it as she sent out more throwing knifes at him with lightning speed, piercing him once more.

Muerte's flames still swept towards Leo and Terra, until they took a sudden turn upwards and blasted a hole in the ceiling. Stunned, Leo looked up to see Clair standing in one of the doorways with her hand reaching out to them. She slowly lowered her arm and approached them, watching Leo lean Terra up against a wall to rest. "You barbarians never change." She muttered, causing Terra to grin despite her pain. She refocused her attention on Muerte just as he yanked the last of Fiona's throwing knives from his eye socket. "You their, tell me where I can find my darling Raven."

Muerte simply glared as he summoned up more chains, aiming them towards all of the people in front of him as they narrowly dodged his attack, "I will not waste my time with an insignificant spec!" He said roaring as another fire blast was sent flying towards them.

Clair stepped up first, holding out a single hand to stop the flames. It worked for the most part, as Muerte's fire came to an abrupt halt against Clair's Reflector. She took hold of her elbow with her other hand to increase her focus when the flames intensified. The fabric of her sleeve began to catch fire, and Clair waved her arm out to the side to send the flames shooting off through the wall, allowing the outside air to flow into the room, carrying with it the slight smell of sulfur. Clair pulled on the string of her detached sleeve, allowing it to fall away as she regained her composure. "I'm sorry, but your flames will never reach me." She mocked, despite her making it sound like an apology.

Leo watched them both in awe, amazed that Muerte still had the power to fight after taking them both on. He was about to step up to join them when he felt Terra tugging on his arm. "Go find Master Raven." She muttered between breathes.

"I can't just leave you like this." He rebutted.

"Do not worry about me. I will retreat as soon as I get back on my feet." She said with a slight smile, ruffling Leo's hair as she did so. "Your family would be proud of your actions here today. So go find master Raven and both of you bring this assault to an end."

Leo seemed apprehensive about leaving his comrades, especially with Terra being in the shape she was in, but slowly stood up and looked at the door Muerte had chased them through. "You better not die." He ordered, to which Terra gave a wide grin. "Meteor!" Leo became surrounded in light, rocketing off towards the door, and their target Sabriel.

Fiona was about to follow him, but was suddenly chained by Muerte. "I am not here to fight you monster!" She said using Velocity Magic to move at high speeds, slamming Muerte right into a wall as his chains released her.

She landed crouching next to Clair, who watched disinterestedly as Muerte obscured all the exit's to the room with his chains and sighed. "Just so we're clear, I'm not here for you." She said to Fiona, seeing no other option other than to fight. "Once we are through with him, I intend to locate my love."

"I don't really care" She replied using throwing knifes once more, but this time Muerte was prepared as he sent down a wall of flames to protect him before burrowing the chains under the ground to attempt to attack them. Both the girls jumped in different directions as the chains shot out of the ground by their feet, each fending them off in their own manner. They landed free from harm, and clashed with Muerte once more.

Beast of Burdon

Located in one of the higher level's of the guild, scientists fled in all directions as a pair of mages clashed with a massive grey skinned man, Sabrile's personal solder Groot. He sent one of them soaring through a wall with a swing of his massive arm. Rift landed on top of a pile of rubble, rolling away as Groot crashed through the wall behind him. "Damn..." he groaned, rubbing his aching neck. "This guy really knows how to play rough."

"No joke, it's not exactly like he's the type to lose steam either, the witch made him to be constantly generating his energy" June said as she landed right next to Rift, sending up a large bolt of lightning towards Groot as he took the attack.

He came out of it relatively unfazed however, shaking of the shock and charging again. June and Rift split up, allowing Groot to pass between them and come to a stop on the other end of the room. "Wow, guess this is how Leo feels all the time." Rift commented with a toothy grin as Groot pawed at the ground like an ape. June looked at him quizzically, and Rift levelled his hand across the center of his chest. "You know, always being shorter than whoever he fight with."

Groot jumped towards the two, attempting to take them down as he slammed the ground, creating a rock wave towards the two as Rift blocked it with an Iron-Make spell, allowing June to charge her lightning in her hands, slamming them right onto Groot's head as he roared out in pain.

Just as June got out of range, Rift appeared over Groot's head with a massive cleaver in his hands. "Iron Make-!" He swung it off his shoulder, slicing through part of the ceiling as he brought the weapon down. "-Guillotine!"

"Burst Shocker!" June said sending out electricity to electrify the iron as it hit Groot, causing a powerful surge of electricity to erupt along with the impact of the attack.

The combined attack left a deep gash in Groot's shoulder, spraying thick dark blood out over the area. He roared, brushing the blade away and delivering a powerful uppercut that sent Rift sailing through the ceiling. He stomped his foot into the ground, bearing down on June with a massive punch.

June was sent flying as she coughed up a bit of blood, sliding down as Groot jumped up, slamming down hard onto the ground as he sent out a powerful rock wave towards her, attempting to bury her alive.

The ceiling came down in front of her, and Rift landed a moment later. "Iron Make: Grand Shot!" A barrage of blade shot from between his fingers, dicing through the rocks and deflecting them away from himself and June. The rubble settled behind them as a stream of blood dripped from Rift's forehead. "This dudes starting to piss me off." he stopped for a moment to spit out a wad of blood, before turning around to offer June a hand. "Hope you still got some fight left in ya."

June nodded as she got helped up by Rift as Groot roared and broke away the rock that was under him, she saw where they were and had an idea, "Rift, you need to slam down and break the floor!" She said as he looked at her with confusion.

He didn't enquire as Groot drew closer. "Iron Make:-." A broadsword grew from his palm, metal teeth whirling around the blade like a chainsaw. "-Metal Slayer!" Rift swung the sword through the ground below him, dividing the room cleanly in half. Groot fell through the floor just in front of him, buckling it under his massive weight. His chest bounced off the edge of the still remaining floor, before crashing through the floor in the room below and falling into an even bigger room below that. Rift watched down the hole in the floor, the hum of his weapon still reverberating over them. "Hope you got a plan June." He quipped, before Jumping down after their opponent.

"The path bellow leads to a magma chamber, Sabriel lost half the guild digging for it, it might be the only thing that can stop Groot once and for all" She said as June was being held by Rift on the way down.

"Oh good." Rift said with a grin. "And I was thinking this was going to be easy." They both landed hard in the room Groot had fallen too, breathing hard from the sudden spike in air temperature. Most of the room was composed of rock and strange machines lay dormant in every direction, apparently a project in progress. They spotted Groot crouched next to several pipes that lead into the ground, though Rift was to overwhelmed with the rooms contents to really pay him any attention. "What. The hell. Is all this?" He asked, scanning over the area one last time.

"Sabriel has been trying to harness the power of magma, but she still hasn't been able to get it working, so she stopped it" June said sweating profusely.

"Magma?" Rift repeated. "You can't be serious." Though a quick look over at June confirmed to him that she was not joking, followed by another look at the many pipes leading out of the ground. "Wait, don't tell me those things are full of-." Groot's roar drew his attention away, just in time to see him lift a digging machine over his head and lob it at them like it was weightless.

June summoned up her lightning, surrounding both her and Rift, enhancing their speeds as they both moved to dodge it, "We need to push him into the lava!".

"Yeah, that sounds easy." Rift said sarcastically. Another large machine came flying in his direction. "Iron Make: Auger!" A massive drill formed around Rift's hands, which tore through the machine before Rift charged at Groot.

June began concentrating as Runes began appearing all over the area, "Demolition Burst!" The runes exploded as the force of the shock threw back Groot a bit.

He looked up just in time to see Rift's drill, which he barely caught in the palm of his hand. Metal tore through flesh, and Groot's arm was ripped away just below his elbow, until the drill slipped sideways and Groot slammed his shredded elbow into Rift's chin. He flew back, covered in Groot's blood, while Groot stumbled into one of the lava pipes.

Rift stood up, shaking the blood that now almost coated him away. "God damn it, this thing just won't die will he?" Groot rebalanced himself, apparently not aware that he had just lost half an arm. Rift was more preoccupied with the pipe he had landed on however, as it had buckled slightly under his massive weight and began seeping lava from a small crack. "June, I think I got an idea." She looked back at him momentarily, careful not to take her eyes off the opponent for to long. "See if you can by me some time."

June used her runes to energize herself as she began to fly around with rune wings, shooting out her lightning magic as Groot kept jumping up and smashing at them.

Groot swatted at June, taking hold of a large rock to increase his range. This only made his swats more predictable however, and June continued to buzz around him with lightning speed.

"Anytime now sweety!" She said slamming her fist into the rock, using Shatterpoint to break it as she delivered a powerful kick that sent him flying into a wall.

Rift wound back his arms, placing his fists together before slamming them both to the ground. "Duck June!" Metal strips shot from between his fingers and into the ground, just as June retreated away from Groot and landed behind him. Their was a dull rumble and suddenly the strips erupted from the ground, coiling around Groot, the pipes, and any remaining machinery not destroyed in the fighting.

Groot squirmed in within the bands, only to find himself bleeding from the saw teeth lining both sides of the bands. "Iron Make-!" Rift took June around the waist and pulled her in close, before flinging a chain up through the hole in the roof of the cavern. June hung around Rift's neck, as the chain he shot up wrapped around a large piece of rebar and mutated into a large iron block, which pulled them upwards towards the upper floors. "Band Saw!"

With his hand still closed around the bands as they flew upwards, causing them to spin against everything they wrapped around and dig it to pieces with it's saw teeth. Sparks flew in all directions and blood sprayed down the walls as Groot and the machines where cut to pieces. Just as the pair of mages lost sight of Groot, an orange glow illuminated the cavern, signifying that the pipes Sabriel employed to harness the magma had also been torn through.

The tension disappeared from the bands, and the couple shot through the last floor, crashing into the ceiling of the room they had begun the fight in. Rift rolled over from the landing, and June landed with a tad more grace. both scrambled to the hole in the floor to make sure the fight was over, just in time to see lava cover the floor of the cavern. They briefly smiled at each other, before hearing a primal roar echo from the chamber below. They both looked down to see Groot glairing up at then, standing knee deep in lava and barely recognisable for the deep gashes covering his body. "Wow, this thing just won't quit will it?" Rift quipped as Groot pared at the roof with his remaining arm. "So... You want the last kick at this thing?"

June went running and jumped up, slamming down one final kick to send the creature into the magma pit. All that could be heard were the sounds of painful roaring as it eventually stopped, letting them both breath much easier as they fell to the ground in relief.

"Remind me never to come back here again..." She said sighing as sweat was still coming down her face.

Rift rolled onto his back, laughing to himself as he did so. "What, finally grown sick of good old Genosha?" they both chuckled a little, before Rift sat up and crossed his legs. "So what was it? The massive earthquakes? The psychotic dark guilds? Monsters straight out of a horror story?" He flashed a grin of his infamous pointed teeth over at June. "Or maybe the weather just isn't to your liking?"

"I'll pick all of the above" She said sighing before lying down next to him, "In any case, we need to get out of here fast, or else we'll be trapped here." June said trying to get back up, but found that she had taken much more damage than she originally thought.

"What do ya' mean be trapped here?" Rift asked, raising an eyebrow. "The old man from the Breakers said we'd have... What? Four hours?" June shrugged as Rift helped her to sit up. "It feels like we've only been here like, fifteen minuets. I think we can afford some time to catch our-." He was abruptly cut off when the room began to violently shake, causing small bit's of the ceiling to fall away. The half of the room facing the outside fell away, dropping into the pool of lava below. "Alright so. Trapped here." Rift said quickly, jumping to his feet and scooping June up in his arms. "Message received."

June blushed as she and Rift began going towards their goal: to find Sabriel and ending her life.

Flames of Destruction

Despite the numerous battles raging throughout the guild, Sabriel herself seemed fixated on her current project, almost to the exclusion of everything else. Raven stood on the room with her, half waiting for her to make an attempt on his life, and half listening to the sounds of the others fighting after being ejected from the room. Growing board of waiting, Raven decided to speak up. "Yo, crazy lady. You going to just sit their all day or what?"

"You're still here? Why?" She asked not even bothering to turn around as she focused on what was in front of her rather than who was behind her.

"Oh, well, you know, just thought I'd hang out a bit." He said sarcastically. "Come by Genosha, take in the sights, get a feel for the local dark guilds." He laughed a bit, and apparently became annoyed when Sabriel didn't respond. "On yeah, and there was something about torching your ass too. Can't seem to remember why though."

"Are you done attempting to do your mediocre threats?" She said adding a few drops of something from a container to whatever it was she was currently working on.

"Oh, not even close." Raven said with an evil grin. With a quick look around the lab he spotted a large shelf full of notes and various things preserved in formaldehyde jars. He cracked his knuckles, then pointed his index and middle fingers at it. A small fireball formed at the tips of his outstretched fingers, which he launched with a shooting motion. "3rd Spell: Ra!" The second the fireball made contact with the shelf, it burst into a violent explosion that reduced it to splinters. Glass, wood, and paper scraps shot in all directions, while Raven laughed to himself as the fire burned. "Do I got your attention now?"

Sabriel ignored him as suddenly the room began to warp around, "I could've told you that move would be pathetically bad, and now you've made it angry" She said as suddenly the room began to warp itself, expending stone arms from it's hands while attempting to attack Raven.

"Whoa!" Raven jumped back in surprise, sending out a short burst of flames to dismiss the arms. Though hot, the flames did little to deter whatever it was that was attacking him and continued through the fire. "God damn... 2nd Spell: Nusku!" he reached up an arm towards the ceiling, causing a magic circle to appear and multiple burning hands to reach towards the ceiling. Attaching themselves to whatever they could find, Raven used this to pull himself off the ground, and away from the reach of the arms. He landed standing on an operating table, sending his flaming arms out to match the ones erupting from the ground.

A roar was heard as a head was constructed from the walls, aiming towards Raven as it attempted to chomp on him while Sabriel continued to write and do her experiments.

He leapt backwards as the table he had been standing on was bitten in two, landing with a roll against the wall behind him. The creature, or whatever it was, reared back again to attack as Raven grinned. "Sorry chick..." He slammed his hand onto the wall, and a line of fire carved a massive magic circle into the floor below their feet. "But this thing ain't going to do shit against me!" The dull red light shone through his shirt from his stomach as the circle on the floor lit the entire room orange. "4th Spell: Pele!"

The room suddenly roared in pain as it slowly began to stop moving as it eventually stopped, slowly dying down as Sabriel scoffed and stood up, "Worthless experiments, but of course, all in this reality is worthless" She said grabbing her staff and looking back towards Raven.

"Finally decided to get off your ass then?" Raven taunted as the glow faded from his stomach once again. "Guess I really did piss you off then huh?" He stepped up onto the corpse of the creature he had just killed, summoning fire in the palm of each hand. "Come on, show me what the monster's made of."

Sabriel simply slammed her staff down as suddenly the entire roof of the room broke apart as the floor rose up into the open celing as they eventually stopped at the roof of the guild, "You worthless piece of skin, I will end your pathetic insolence once and for all!!" She said angrily before sending out one incredibly large sonic shriek from the end of her staff.

Raven raised a hand to intercept the attack. "1st Spell: Agni!" Flames jumped to match the attack, but Raven quickly realised he had underestimated Sabriel's attack. He held up his other hand to double the volume of his flames, but he still found himself being pushed back along the roof.

Thinking fast, he shifted his flames sideways, taking the sound with it as the two attacks crashed through one of the guilds tall towers. Another magic circle jumped from his outstretched hand, aiming at the fall debris from the tower. "2nd Spell: Nusku!" Arms of fire shot out of the circle again, grasping at the rouble and throwing it at Sabriel like an avalanche. "Catch bitch!"

The roof suddenly manifested arms as it caught the pieces of the structure, letting them fall away and giving off a protective barrier as Sabriel sent her own hot flames towards Raven.

"Ain't you learned by now?" Raven said with a grin. Sabriel's flames bent into his hand, building up into a massive fireball that he held over his head. "Fire don't work on me! 6th Spell-!" He swung his hand down, sending the fireball barring across the rooftop at Sabriel. "-Cthugha!"

From Sabriel's staff was sent out a powerful sonic shriek towards the flames as both of them collided, hitting each other as the impact caused both to be thrown across the roof.

Raven came to a stop mire inches from the roofs edge, rolling up to his feet as the glow from his stomach returned even brighter than ever before. "You know, your a whole lot quieter than I had figured." His bright redeyes shone through the smoke of the now smoldering roof, and small embers flew from his mouth every time he exhaled. "What's the matter, nothing smart to say crazy lady?"

"Why waste my breath?" She said slamming down the staff as suddenly flames erupted as the roof began to move into the appearances into dragon heads as flames erupted from their mouths and shot right at Raven.

"You still don't get it do ya?" Raven quipped as the flames washed over him. "5th Spell: Radegast!" Sabriel's flames condensed into a thin needle like form, glowing a bright yellow in Raven's hand. "Fire is my oxygen lady. your dragon heads, your flamethrower stick, even that bone thing that follows you around. None of it'll even touch me." He took hold of his flaming needle as if it where a sword and pointed it at Sabriel. "You want to make this interesting? Let's see how good you are with that stick of yours." He taunted with an evil grin.

"Oh you hopeless imbecile, like I care" She said concentrating her staff as it began to pulse out powerful sonic shock waves as the flames were seen being blown away by it before she sent out a concentration of a sonic blast to Raven.

Instead of intercepting the attack, Raven rolled out to the side; allowing the sound attack to blast past him and rip through another tower. "Think I've got you figured out now." Raven mumbled through the drone of the falling tower. "You're like Clair. You can only attack at long range." He swung his burning sword at the roof, leaving a scorched gash at his feet, before charging at Sabriel. "Let's see how you do up close!"

Raven was about to get close to Sabriel, but suddenly an unknown force caused a feedback of sorts right when Raven was about to hit, causing his attack to backfire right at him as he was sent rolling, "Did you honestly believe I wouldn't have proper defenses for a barbarian like yourself?!" She said chuckling.

Raven sat up, clutching his side from the hard impact on the roof, but chuckled to himself and slowly rose to his feet. "Barbarian huh? God you even sound like Clair." He extended the fingers of his free hand, creating a small fireball on the tip of each; before pointing them all at Sabriel and the roof below her, attempting to blast the floor out from under her. "3rd Spell: Ra!"

The roof was shown to blow off as a chunk of it broke off with sabriel on it as she was calmly sighing before she put her fingers in her mouth to whistle. Suddenly a magic broom came out of nowhere to catch her as she was flying, sending sonic attacks towards Raven.

The roof fell in as the attacks rained down on Raven, finally buckling under the strain of the fighting. Raven came to a halt after falling a ways in the room below, in what appeared to be the meeting hall of sorts for the guild. Blood ran between his eyes and the lacrima in his stomach glowed brighter than ever as he grinned up at Sabriel hovering overhead. "Now, this is more like it!" He held both his hands up at her, creating a magic circle from both of them. "2nd Spell: Nusku!" A mass of burning arms shot from each circle, tearing at Sabriel to drag her back down to earth.

Sabriel managed to dodge the first barrage, but found herself captured by the leg by the second one as she yelled in pain, but slammed her staff into it, causing the sonic vibrations of her staff to break apart the rock as she fell on her feet a bit further away from Raven.

Flames danced through the hall around then, as Raven laughed maniacally in the wake of destruction the pair of them had brought down on the guild. "Hope you're having as much fun as I am lady!" Fire condensed into a small tornado in the palm of his hands, drawn away from the numerous piles of burning wreckage strewn throughout the hall. "Not going to lie, the big bad monster from Genoshia doesn't disappoint."

Sabriel's hat flew away as she glared at him, "I'm going to end you once and for all!!" She said summoning her flames as she glared at Raven, running towards him as he did the same, going to continue the fight.

Next Chapter - Demolition Fight

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