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"To me, the value of human life is in the eye of the beholder. Some think that others hold more importance than a few. Humanity would willingly sacrifice each other if it meant that they would obtain something greater or they would live longer if they did so. I have seen such a thing happen many times over. It just goes to show you. In times of great peril or dire need, the lives of the "many" outweigh the lives of the "few". But I have also seen that humans tend to be critical in this line of thought, as they condemn anyone who tries the exact same thing. Sanctions are handed out and labels are branded. That's why we have "heroes" and "villains". But it matters not to me. In the end, they're all the same; they're a bunch of test subjects to me. Nothing more, nothing less...."
— Undine commenting about the value of human life.

Leo Symbiote/Diamond
Undine Hoshikagumi.jpg
Name Undine Hoshikagumi
Kanji 水精星火組
Alias Five Elements Ruler (五行定規, Gogyō Jōgi)
Undressing Professor (脱衣教授, Datsui Kyōju) (by Giselle Mercury)
Leo Symbiote (レオ·シンビオート, Reo Shinbiōto) (by Joker)
Scientific Queen of Annihilation (消滅の科学女王, Zenmetsu no Kagaku-joō)
Ahriman Deus Knight (アーリマン·デウス·ナイト, Āriman Deusu Naito) (Formerly)
Diamond (ダイヤモンド, Daiyamondo) (by Joker & the other Zodiac Knights)
Soul Armour Knight Deus (神鎧纏最高戦士聖特使(ソウル・アーマー・ナイト・デウス), Sōru Āmā Naito Deusu; lit. "God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Holy Envoy")
Race Symbiote (Unknown-Hybrid)
Birthday June 21
Age "Something" (Chronologically)
30 (Biologically)
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 110 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Auburn
Professional Status
Affiliation Zodiac Knights
Bureau of Magical Development (Ruse)
Occupation Head Scientist of the Bureau of Magical Development
Member of the Zodiac Knights
Leader of Team Nightfall
Previous Occupation Former Biology Professor at La Pucelle
Team Team Nightfall
Previous Team None
Partner Nasebe Ustradeldia (On occasions)
Previous Partner Giselle Mercury
Enerjak (Until his revelation as Amadam)
Base of Operations Various Locations
Personal Status
Status Active
Powers and Abilities
Magic Archive
Ring Magic
Nullification Magic
Organic Link Magic
Teleportation Magic
Weapons Claíomh Solais (天罰剣の濁贖罪(クライオム·ソルエース) Kuraiomu Soruēsu; Irish for "Shining Blade", Japanese for "Divine Retribution Blade of Impure Penance" )
Holy Driver
Arms Weapon: Juggernaut God Claws
Soul Armour
Soul Armour Name Soul Armour Knight Deus (神鎧纏最高戦士聖特使(ソウル・アーマー・ナイト・デウス), Sōru Āmā Naito Deusu; lit. "God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Holy Envoy")
"Even common traits can be found in the unsuspecting of individuals, making it easier to blend in with their unsuspecting surroundings."
Lord Arceus

Undine Hoshikagumi (水精星火組, Hoshigumi ənˈdēn) is a deuteragonist debuting in season 2 of Daybreak: A Change of Perspective; she's known to be one of the first symbiotes to ever exist. However, everything about her past is a complete mystery. She's a leading scientist that's credited for inventing many things of the modern world, along with her arch-rival — Giselle Mercury; in fact, she's noted to be her foil in every conceivable way. This leads the two to have many bouts in wits during various occasions of the storyline.

It's known that through certain means, she adopted two children, which she cares much for; Kairi Chiyami, a fellow student at La Pucelle, who seems to taken an interest in Tsuruko Sejren and the rest of Team Daybreak, and Argo Hiyamori, who works as an undercover spy for the Magic Council and a close associate of Deen Lhant, a captain of the Rune Knights. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, these two actually serve as two of the minor antagonist in the series; they secretly initiate a chain of reoccurring problems that fits in to their mother's grandiose scheme upon her command. She's later acquainted with Jin Daisenkō, Argo's best friend, through comical circumstances. She "adopts" him because he has a good influence on her two children. She also "adopts" Haruto Tsukaimei — the ancient legendary hero of the Pergrande Kingdom, the latter becoming her servant in gratitude of taking care of him.

Through unknown circumstances, she acquainted with Oz Feyginmore — a student at La Pucelle and her biggest benefactor, having taken interests in her plans. Lastly, it should be noted that she becomes Jin's future mother-in-law with the forced engagement between Argo and Zariyana Lustfield — future matriarch of the Lustfield Family. Done on the orders of the Magic Council, it was to ensure the Lustfield Family is assimilated into the council itself, possessing the funds needed to continue their various projects and possessing members who could be potential Rune Knights.

Because of her status as a symbiote, she's part of the Zodiac Knights, a like-minded group led by their infamous leader, Joker. However, the latter is still in the dark of Undine's future plans, only serving as one of her many loyal pawns. It's also because of such an association that she comes in-contact with Enerjak on many occasions, helping him to fulfill his goals while using him to aid in her very own. Like Giselle, she also has a secret identity — Ahriman Deus Knight (アーリマン·デウス·ナイト, Āriman Deusu Naito), which is donned through the use of her Symbiote Powers; it's a charismatic, blue-robed "anti-hero" that helps her children & Team Daybreak on multiple occasions; the reason for it is because they too are part of her future plans.

Upon discovery of Symbiotes having the ability to gain their own Soul Armour, she strove to achieve such a stage — which she later does through undisclosed methods, albeit at the cost of "losing" her original Symbiote Form. In honor of such an evolution, she dubs herself as Soul Armour Knight Deus (神鎧纏最高戦士聖特使(ソウル・アーマー・ナイト・デウス), Sōru Āmā Naito Deusu; lit. "God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Holy Envoy") — having some form of attachment to the title she gave herself while using her old form; she's recorded to be the second Symbiote in the series to reach such an apex, officially becoming a Soul Armour Knight.


Undine as she appears in the majority of the series.

Undine is a woman that appears in her early thirties; although this is because she's a symbiote that alter her age at will. The reason she chose this age group is because it makes her feel young, yet at the same time feels so mature. She felt that if she' too young then people wouldn't take her seriously; the same reason if she was too old, along with the fact that people would see her as a liability. She's a tall woman, being the same height as Giselle herself, one of the many, albeit minor aspects that makes her more of a foil for her. She's a C-cup as observed & predicted by her son and daughter, something that's she's admitted to when she talked about herself upon adopting them. She has brown, wavy hair and pale-peachy skin. This is because she doesn't like sunlight, being an inside person because of her constant research, but only goes out if needed. Her noticeable trait is the bags under her eyes; this is one of the major attributes that make her akin to Giselle herself, who has that exact same feature. She gains these bags from her constant research she does on a daily basis non-stop. Both Kairi and Argo noted that they haven't seen her once rest ever since they met. It's later revealed that she sleeps only four hours and that's when they're not around; she also admits that she pulls all-nighters for her various projects that she works on in order to fulfill her ultimate plan. That and taking care of the two of them, something that touched their hearts respectively, showing how much she cares for them, yet worries them as she might collapse from exhaustion and end up sick. Because she's a symbiote and an immortal, this has yet to happen. Her auburn eyes have a bored look to them; this might be derived from her experiences on Earthland and her constant travels to other dimensions; she's witnessed the stagnant state of man and the endless cycle they're trapped it. Nothing truly changes for them and thus, they live mundane lives. This bores her to such extremes, thus the constant look. There are rare times when there's any emotion to them, usually seen when her experiments are a success or when her kids are in danger. She doesn't have any other distinct features, making her appearance the exact same as the common woman.

Because she's a scientist at heart, her apparel is the same as the occupation she majors in. It consists of a white long-sleeved shirt and a brown pencil skirt. She also wears a long white coat which scientists usually wear inside the laboratory; she comically calls it one of her "lucky items", as she's never seen without it and it always with her when her plans goes the way she wants it to. Her lab coat is made from a stainless and durable material. It's crafted through her own design, thus making the coat indestructible through normal means and all dirt that gets on it will instantly vanish. It should be noted that the coat itself is self-cleaning; it will use the water molecules of the surroundings and the air itself in order to clean itself. That's why no matter how long Undine wears it, it always smell so clean. Even her kids are amazed at this fact when she reveals this secret to them; it also startled them, knowing how cheap she can be and sometimes wonders if their clothing is the same way, something she laughs at whenever she gets the chance. This attire is the only thing in her possession, nothing else. In fact, outside of her Soul Armor, that's all she ever wears. It's rare for her to wear anything else besides that. It's because, in her own words, she comments that "I [Undine] is most comfortable in my attire. It makes me feel important and it shows my position in man's society; it defines how most of humanity views me. They see me as a scientist, so I dress as such. Anyways, fashion is so overrated. I dunno why everyone makes a big fuss about it anyways, geez. " Even her adopted kids agreed on this statement she made, furthering her "attachment" to such an attire. In fact, they noted that it's kinda creepy that she only wears that and her Soul Armor on some occasions, stating that other people might also see her as single and lonely. She re-assured them that such things don't matter to her, so long as she can bring her plans to fruition.


Undine sometime in her past.

Not much is known about Undine past. A being that's existed for many eons, she has witnessed the rise and fall of many species; she's perpetually unchanging and thus didn't conform to the laws that surrounded her. This has allowed her to travel to various dimensions and study many creatures within. At some point, she came in-contact with the original Leo Symbiote, fusing with its being, thus being reborn anew and attaining her status as such a being. Eventually, she settled on Earthland, studying its many fauna and wildlife. For many eons, she lived on said planet and watched as man grew and evolve; this led her to become bored with existence in general and allowed her to hatch and enact a plan that would allow for existence to "be in a state of perpetual motion"; what this plan entails is unknown, but it's known that many events in the history of mankind has been in someway twisted by her, ending up with results in her favor. Sometime before the current timeline in Daybreak, she made contact with and joined the Zodiac Knights upon Joker's behest. Finding him/her to be a useful pawn in her grandiose schemes, she agreed. Thus, she worked under Joker's leadership of the then-forming group, carrying out task on his/her behest.

Through connections, she joined the Bureau of Magical Development, where she worked as a scientist for many years under the then-forming Magic Council. Through some strange connections, she became an acquaintance with Giselle Mercury; the two saw each other as mere scientists and nothing more. The two worked on many projects together, all of which led to the development of mankind's overall future; each one of them developed a certain amount of inventions and made new discoveries. This allotted them credit from their fellow colleagues. However, it's only with the creation and the end result of the Human-God Project that a wedge was created between the two, which led to the latter retiring from the Bureau while the former taking a sabatical from the job upon the orders of Joker. She later was assigned as a position of teacher of biology at La Pucelle. She taught there for many years, gaining the appeal and the care of many of her past students; this was the first time she ever felt any kind of emotion before. For once in her life, she actually felt happiness & glee, something that was totally new to her. In fact, many of the new students at La Pucelle always sign up for her class. It's because of this that she was branded as the most popular teacher at the academy. Many students in her class applauded her for her ethics and the way she teaches, as they're able to get the subject; more so than any of their other subjects. Thus, when a high-number of them graduated, they all became scientists at the bureau where she formerly worked. This made her happy in some regard as they now know the wonders of science. This also made it easier on her as he had more pawns she could manipulate later on, unbeknownst to anyone else around her at that time. However, then came time where she had to quit her job on Joker's orders and she was re-assigned to her former position; this saddened much of the student body and the faculty — both of whom cherished her greatly; they had a proper send-off for her and gave her various gifts, something that touched her deeply. However, upon her arrival at her former workplace, she was promoted to Head Researcher through the notions of the elders of the Magic Council because of the various innovations she put forth for humanity as a whole. It was then that the gears of her plan were put into full-motion.

Through various actions, the events that led to the current storyline were coming to fruition. At some point, she adopted two of her test subjects, feeling pity for them as they were abandoned by society — they were sent to the bureau to rot and die, their existence no longer necessary. When she asked for their names, they said they had none. She named them Kairi Chiyami and Argo Hiyamori respectively. Happy to get a new parent to care for them, they followed her commands strictly. She experimented on them daily, enhancing various aspects of their being. She then had them go through harsh combat training daily, just to heighten their skills. But she assumed the role as the mother, caring for them in many instances. It was something she enjoyed on many occasions, as it reminded her of her sanity which she thought she abandoned long ago and she deeply knew that they would never abandon her if anything goes wrong; they would stick by her side regardless, something that she appreciated above all. Thus, on occasions she would spoil them and allow them their freedom if they continued to followed her orders. It was then that the two decided to help their mother at any costs. Kairi enrolled at La Pucelle, keeping watch over the academy and the students from afar while assuming the role of the perfect honor student. Argo would join the Rune Knights and rise up in the ranks while closely observing the council's actions and various movements along with anyone else he deemed a threat to Undine. Surprised at their decisions, and later current actions, she knew that it would be an asset for her, thus allowed for them to go through it, knowing that there would be opposition in the near-future. She gave them gifts in the form of Soul Armors she personally crafted for their personal use, if anything goes awry and the situation calls for it. Currently, she crafted her own faux-Soul Armor using her powers and the technology at her disposal, dawning the identity of "Ahriman Deus Knight" (アーリマン·デウス·ナイト, Āriman Deusu Naito). With this new identity, she would sway various individuals to her cause through brave actions she would perform while secretly enacting her now-unknown plans. It's also known that she was partnered to Nasebe Ustradeldia by Joker to assist in the aid of the organization's overall plans. Later on, she adopted another boy, the one who was known as the "Pergrande's Lost Hero" (ペグランデの迷勇者, Pergurande no Maiyuusha) — the latter swore fealty towards her through unknown circumstance.


"Life & death, good & evil, all that jizz. What's so damn special about them? All they do is put forth boundaries and limit the capabilities of the human mind. They utterly trample on the freedoms of many species. Especially man, who's considered to be the most vulnerable. No wonder many others say that humanity is a weak race. Well, I guess that's one thing that needs fixing when I set my plans in motion. Let's see how man progresses when the laws of nature no longer applies to their kind. It should prove to be interesting, nonetheless. *giggle*"
— Undine questioning the laws of nature and relating it to her goals.

Undine's common persona — bored and emotionless.

Undine is a difficult person to read; she tends to not show much of her emotions to those around her for particular reasons. This makes it harder to truly discern her true self or her motives. The only ones who would possibly know her truly is her adopted children, whom she's closest to — she shares her most intimate moments with them alone and they in return, help foster the familial relationship they have with each other, or Giselle herself, as the two beings are exactly alike in various aspects, something that even Tsuruko noted upon first meeting her. This is seen in her latest statement of the former: "She [Undine] reminds me of Giselle.... Everything about her screams Giselle.... Is she her sister or something? Possibly a clone? It feels like I'm speaking to the actual thing...." This comes from the person that close to Giselle more so than any other individual in the series, further attesting to the previous statement. Undine can defined as many things, but only a few would be quite accurate, depending on the context its put in, especially when done while having a certain perspective about her.

"Does it look like I give a fuck?"

Normally, Undine tends to be lackadaisical, jaded, and very blase. This is seen in some of her actions not related to the grand schemes of her plans and in her speech patterns; this certain trait furthers her overall appearance as the "tired & bored scientist". Because she has lived so long and experienced the myriad of truths held within many universes that she's visited, there's virtually nothing that seems to catch her off-guard. She's adapted to the behaviors of many species, giving her a general outlook on them as a whole. Thus, any action they take, even if it surprises them or affects them in some grandiose way, she labels as "typical" or "predictable". This makes people think that she has some sort of pessimistic outlook on life; however, this isn't entirely true. It's just that everything to her looks and feels the same at this point; everything is in a perpetual state of stagnation in her eyes. It's because of this that she believes others never truly learn from their mistakes and they're destined to repeat the same act over and over again; this is true in many of her eye-witnessed cases as she's seen the fall of many species and generations because they repeat the same acts that landed them in trouble. No one is exempt from this ideology of hers. Usually emotionless in some cases, she is de-voided of the concepts of fear or worry. Thus, she tends to have boundless confidence against various foes in the storyline and time prior while exuding her lazy and somber persona. However, like Giselle herself, she has a "no-nonsense" attitude, and follows through with her goals with unexpected determination, putting said order before anything else; when something doesn't go her way or when someone screws up her plan, there are rare times where she gets super-pissed. At that point, the person(s) or object(s) responsible are usually dealt with in a swift manner, usually without mercy. She's willing to sacrifice others if it means the outcomes will be in her favor; she also has no qualms of disposing of someone or something if they have long-lived their usefulness. This is because she holds no feelties towards any single individual or group, making it easier to handle them in such a manner when the time comes. Thus, she is known to have a cruel streak in her, something that even exceeds the Virgo Symbiote's in certain cases. It should be noted that she will work under others if it meant that her own goals will come to fruition, feigning loyalty to said group while assuming the role of the loyal subordinate. This is seen upon her membership into the Zodiac Knights; she views everyone in-said group as nothing but minions in her schemes, even the leader herself, despite taking orders from that same person.

Undine studying her next subject, taking an active interest.

Because she's a scientist, nearly everyone is a test-subject to her; her fellow cohorts, her enemies, even herself & her own children. There's barely no one is excepted from this fact. If she finds someone or something that interests her, she will examine it fully and will use any method that will further said subject's growth and improvement. This is seen on two separate occasions. The first is when she met the original Leo Symbiote somewhere when traversing various dimensions, fusing with said being and obtaining its powers, and by extension, her status as one. The second is when she decides to observe humanity some eons ago upon discovering them, being the only sentient and very intelligent species that captured her interests. She has played in the shaping of much of human kind, albeit from the shadows, by the orchestration of various events that have occurred over time. Eventually, when she made herself known and worked with the then-forming Magic Council, she developed many inventions that led to the development of current generation of mankind; she mainly wanted to observe how they will use such devices, like they have in the past, something that actually captured her interests even more. Upon seeing how the current generation were making mistakes, she began to become pessimistic once more, thinking of them of being like the rest. However, after seeing the improvements they made to mend their mistakes and how they learned from them, her previous opinion of them was lessened to some degree.

"Damn, it's hot in here! I should take this top off for *ehem* "reasons"...."

However, it's also due to her status as being a scientist that she acts too logically and lacks common sense; this causes her to have horrible social skills, something even her own children chide her for; this is also partially due to working in her lab most of the time, while in others she's far away from civilization. A common example of this is seen through a *ehem* certain habit she partakes in on a daily basis — stripping. Yes, stripping. Without thinking, she would remove various parts of clothing from her being if she feels either uncomfortable or when they get dirty through unknown circumstances. This is due to humans being naked in the beginning and still thinking they have that certain trait hidden within the depths of their consciousness; she thinks its still okay, even though she's in modern society and no one finds that acceptable, especially in public. This is seen when she strips in front of another person in public, the latter getting embarrassed and extremely flustered, while Undine herself is confused at his actions. She also tends to talk about subjects with others that are considered either perverse or inappropriate for either the situation or the environment she's in, though they tend to have some relevance in its own right, and in some cases, can lead to the answers for said issues, strangely enough. It's because of such actions that she's labelled as a "nutcase" or "indecent" in certain cases; this in-turn causes her to diminuate her re-composed opinion of modern society, calling them "unintelligent prudes". When having conversations with others, she take things at face-value; she often misinterprets what others say and takes some things way too literally. This leads to misunderstandings and eventually causes her to be alienated as a result, confused as to what just transpired. If one closely observes and takes notes of the culmination of these examples, the penultimate conclusion reached is that Undine is not cut out to be a "people's person".

Undine is a person of high status in modern society, and because she's a person with an IQ over 500, she tends to act snarky at times, talking down to others and calling them "inferior", while still exuding her blase persona. The only ones she doesn't do this to is her own children and Giselle Mercury — a person of equal intellect. She's also a woman who keeps many secrets to herself, only letting a few people she actually trusts know what they are. Later in the series' progression, she reveals that everyone in her eyes are either classified into two categories: "test subjects" or "pawns"; the latter is for the enactment of her plans to further humanity and prevent any further stagnation it may encounter in the near future. She believes that everyone has their purpose in life, some to serve as stepping stone to others. This dangerous line of thinking tends to further her jaded personality to an extent, but its then revealed she does so for the purpose of improvement of society as a whole; she well understands some of the concepts of the human heart, thus tries not to trample on them, if possible. In certain instances, she has shown a remarkable ability to consistently shatter the perceptions of many people that she confronts, conforming them to her way of thinking; she does so by telling 'half-truths', leaving out vital points of information so long as it works in her favor. This trait has been dubbed as "a great evil" by Giselle herself, as anyone can swayed into doing something irrational through this method, but Undine retorted that it's up to the individual to believe in her words or not. Thus, this certain trait also helps to define Undine as an individual.

Undine teaching in one of her many classes at La Pucelle.

Despite the many jaded & odious traits that Undine possesses, she also has a kinder side to her being — one filled with kindness and care; however, this side is shown in rare instances and towards a select few. She's known to have a certain love for children. This is because she firmly believes that they're the future of their race's survival; they pave the road to mankind's face. Not only that, they are more interesting than most people her "age" or older; they have more emotional issues they deal with and their outlook on life is more colorful, not black & white like those around her. However, this love has created a form of internal conflict inside her being; she personally knows that with a few simple words, she can easily sway them to her side. This is because children are pure and innocent, ignorant to the horrors of that life presents to its inhabitants. On the other hand, she wants to preserve such purity, knowing that it what makes mankind more humane and proper. She tries her best to hide this struggle when she teaches her classes when assigned to La Pucelle under the command of Joker. This led to the development of certain quirks she exudes, something that many around her notice very often; she becomes a klutz and tend mess things up, but she smiles more often and talks in a loving and cheerful tone; it was something contradictory for someone as jaded like her. This, however, made her very popular amongst the students and garnered their attention from then, albeit unintentionally. There were times when her jaded ideals would come to surface in the form of questions or essay topics, but the students saw them as possible debate topics to use, something she didn't expect but at the same time relieved her. In the years she taught at that academy, she was the teacher that was closest to the students; she genuine cared for them, something that hasn't been done for the many eons she's existed. This certain emotion helped Undine understand the human heart even more. When it came time to leave her position, Undine felt sadness at the fact that she will be separated from the one thing she actually cared for the most; this furthered her understanding more than prior, letting her develop a sympathetic side and slowly disarming her of her jaded persona she exudes on a daily basis. Her love for children is seen in the adoption of her own; she secretly desired to have her own and to be a mother, something she originally dubbed an impossibility for someone like her, given her status. The children she adopted, Kairi and Argo respectively, were abandoned by society, thus she decided to be sympathetic and give them a home. This shows that her kinder side is ever-growing. Because of such kindness she's shown them, the two swore fealty towards her, deciding to dedicate themselves to her — this made her flustered to some extent, assuring them that she just wanted them to be themselves. From then on, besides from enacting her future plans for humanity, she would care for her new family. This later would apply to her subordinates, some of whom were former students of her's at La Pucelle, inspired by her to pursue such an occupation. She would help them in anything they would ask for, giving them advice on certain subjects, some of which aren't related to work entirely, or helping them in projects while fulfilling her own; this also shows that she's becoming more thoughtful of those under her care. Amusingly enough, another trait she shares with Giselle is that, despite her jaded personality traits, she oddly seems to have a subconscious affinity towards childish things. This is seen in her interests in the Kamen Rider-esque themes of the Soul Armors, which she later crafts for her children and she mimics through her own powers, and having a sweet-tooth.

Undine swearing vengeance against one of her enemies after causing grief to her loved ones.

Another form of her kinder side, albeit one influenced by negativity, is the vow of vengeance against any single individual who dare harms or causes grief against either her family or her subordinates; normally called "righteous fury" by a normal individual. Such a case is seen when upper echoleon the Magic Council had threaten her children when she didn't conform to their plans. In that single instance, she released a massive amount of killing intent, all of which were aimed at each of the members. She then further stated that if they ever thought about going through such an act, she would personally hunt down each of them and would make their lives into a living hell. Given Undine's fondness of her children, something like this wasn't really far-fetched for her to do; in fact, she really will do it if the need arises. In this way, she can be compared to Giselle yet again, as the latter is very protective of Team Daybreak, willing to risk her life for their safety — especially true for Tsuruko since she's Giselle's daughter. Another instance is when some corrupted members of the Rune Knights attacked the scientists because they were feeble and weak. Upon witnessing such an act performed on her subordinates, she brutally and viciously beat said members within an inch of their lives and concocted a story to pin the blame on the captain in-charge of such men. This further shows how much she loves her family and subordinates to such degrees.

Undine assuming one of her various roles.

Because she tends to lead a quadruple-life of sorts (the first as a famed scientist, the second as a member of Zodiac Knights, the third as the mastermind of a grandiose & convoluted scheme, and the fourth as an anti-hero that helps certain individuals in various cases), there are times where she would assume the role of an actress; she would go with the flow of the situation and use the advantages that presents itself to her benefit. This is mainly seen when she acts as either the damsel-in-distress or the normal bystander, taking the chance to observe the opposition up-close and act accordingly; this is helps measure the situation and how much of a future threat they would become. She's not above helping either one or both sides if she knows that she can gain some sorta benefit from it; this derives from a previous statement about joining teams if the need arises. It's then that she would assume her secret identity of Ahriman Deus Knight, using said identity to pull of feats that would end in the results she predicted sometime down the line. Unlike Giselle, Undine takes priority over maintaining the fact that the Ahriman Deus Knight and herself are two different people; she maintains her act in-front of others or takes the chance to transform in secret and go out to do what needs to be done.

As Ahriman Deus Knight, Undine is stoic and level-headed individual. She fights using both logic and instinct guiding her instead of relying on one; this makes her battle-style more refined and focused. To an extent, she enjoys fighting with her opponent, toying and demeaning them as much as possible before delivering the final blow. She would often lend advice to those that need it or give them openings in order to finish off the opposition. There are even times where she would visit said side, giving them special boosts or other items that she either made herself or obtained through mysterious methods; this is to ensure that they win next time or at least gain the upper hand. However, as usual, the true motive behind her actions is to test the development of said individual(s) and see if they are either useful or a detriment later on. The only exception is when she helps out her children when they're in extreme amounts of danger — which is a rarity, given how strong the two of them are respectively. Like Giselle as Phoenix Knight, on several occasions, she performs exaggerated and over-the-top moves; this derives from her childish side she tends to exude in certain instances and her bias that superheroes usually end things off with a bang. When she's about to act, she usually says her signature catchphrase — Begin Operation. Execute! (動作を開始。実行!, Dōsa o kaishi. Jikkō!); this habit is later adopted by her children when they don their own Soul Armours.

Equipment & Inventions

The previous wielder manifesting the weapon in all three of its forms at once, using much magical power to do so.

Claíomh Solais (天罰剣の濁贖罪(クライオム·ソルエース), Kuraiomu Soruēsu; Irish for "Shining Blade", Japanese for "Divine Retribution Blade Arsenal of Impure Penance" ): Undine found this weapon sometime ago in the country of Seven; she went there in order to explore some ancient ruins that foretold the future of humanity. Exploring its confines, she came across it, sensing that it was drawn to her power. Upon touching it, the weapon became one with Undine's being. Processing what just transpired, she felt said weapon's immense power and an overall increase in her already-vast magical capabilities. She later read in the tome that was near the weapon the name, its history and the various powers it grants. Finding it interesting, she then decides to test out her newfound power on the vast surroundings. Quickly razed and Undine standing in a smoke-filled crater, she was very pleased with the results she's gotten, thus opted to keep the weapon for future use. Despite its namesake, the sentient weapon takes on three distinct forms: a sword, a shield, and a pair of wings; it also gives the wielder three distinct abilities, each one corresponding to one of its forms. The sword, which is designed in a Western European fashion, having a jewel near its base and surrounded by a golden hilt, has the ability to cut through anything that it makes contact with, regardless of its origins. The shield, which looks similar to a dagger and has a jewel in the center, and a handle in the back to hold it, is able to defend against any energy-based technique, regardless of strength. The pair of wings, which takes the form of three bladed-feathers attached to disks connecting to the user's back and held together by a single piece of arched metal, is able to manipulate all forms of energy within the vicinity, leaving it at the disposal of the user. It's said that just summoning one takes great effort, only responding to a need, not a desire; also, it takes much magical energy to stabilize their forms. Those who have wielded it in the past had vast amounts of magical energy at their disposal, thus one of the reasons why they were chosen by it in the first place. Initially, one can muster the strength to summon one of its three forms. However, when mastered to a certain extent, it's possible to manifest & utilize two of three at the same time. It should be noted that only a select few are able to manifest all three at once and utilize them effectively; Undine was able to perform this feat many times over, showing her mastery over the weapon. A single use of this weapon is enough to equate one of the Divine Tools with mere ease, something that's considered to be an impossibility by normal means given that latter's status. This is seen when Undine used said weapon to overpower Argo and Kairi respective tools during one of their training sessions. However, it should be noted that the latter two were fairly new to utilizing them, despite their individual strengths. Not only that, Undine didn't use a fraction of the weapons' power, in fear of causing severe injury. Thus, what it can truly do has yet remained to be seen. It's noted that, like its namesake states, its powerful against any being deemed evil in the eyes of its beholder, reacting to their will and empowering itself accordingly. Thus, one can say its power is directed from its wielder's will; if the user is enraged against a certain foe and has the mentality, which is not only strong but thinks that the opposition is evil in some form, then its overall power grows immensely. However, the opposite is true as well; if the user's will is weakened in any way or if faced with an opponent whom they consider to not be truly evil, then its powers weaken considerably. Interestingly enough, its form changes whenever Undine becomes Ahriman Deus Knight. This might be because she's using a combination of Soul Metal, her own powers, and that of the symbiote's to create the Soul Armor; the three must have a strangely affected the legendary weapon in some way, despite its great power and being sentient in nature.

Lacrima (魔水晶(ラクリマ), Rakurima; lit. "Magical Crystal"): Lacrima is a Magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas. Lacrima can be powered up with different spells and used for different purposes. Lacrima is crystallized Magic. Metaphysically, Lacrima calls upon the wisdom of the world in order to manipulate nature itself. This manifests as the phenomenon of magic for most Lacrima, although other Lacrima pieces enhance the user's abilities. To withdraw the power from the stabilized crystal, a shock triggered by the user's mind is required. As a result, the Lacrima user's mind is weakened and frequent use of Lacrima without rest taxes their stamina. A Mage can charge their Magic into a Lacrima to suit their uses. Lacrima is best used when slotted into a weapon or a piece of armour. Once slotted into an equipment piece, the user can unleash powerful attacks or call upon special effects relating to the type of Lacrima itself. Using Lacrima has both pros and cons. Depending on the type and strength of the Lacrima equipped, some stats may be hindered or enhanced. Throughout the second half of Daybreak, Undine has made various weapons and enhancements using Lacrima as its base; these were mainly done for experimental purposes, giving it to various characters and wanting to see what the end-results might be. It's later revealed that, like Giselle, Undine is the person responsible for creating various types of Lacrima used in everyday society and the discoverer of Red Lacrima — a special type of Lacrima that cancels out magic entirely. This type of Lacrima is found in much of her anti-magic devices that she invents. Ironically enough, because of her symbiote status and her overall power, she's not affected by the powers the Red Lacrima contains, using it freely while still being able to employ magic.

One of Undine's portable gephion disturbers placed somewhere on the battlefield.

Gephion Disturber (魔法粒子周波崩壊波機構(ゲフィオン·ディスターバ), Gefion Disutāba; lit. "Magic-Particle Frequency Disruption Wave Automaton"): A special portable device that Undine invented in her spare time, ironically; its purpose was to disrupt eternano and the use of magic within a certain radius. She said that it was created "out of boredom's sake", the invention being just a mere plaything to her. Undine made up the excuse that she wanted to experiment on Red Lacrima — the main ingredient serving as the machine's core, thus it came about as such. Taking the form of a small device, similar to that of a bomb or landmine of sorts, when placed in a certain area and activated by a remote control, it releases anti-magic wavelengths that re-acts with any magical substance within a certain radius; the waves cause a slight disharmony in the wavelengths of both the magic and surroundings, causing the two to cancel each other out at a constant rate, effectively erasing any form of magical activity so long as the machine is active. Thus, it becomes impossible to use magic or eternano so long as one is near the machine's radius. Because they are small, their range is a mere two meters; however, the opposite can be said when there are more in the area, especially when they are linked together through some means. At this point, when all of them are activated at the same time, the waves they release bounce off of and amplify each other greatly; their radius becomes larger, reaching almost ten-meters, and their effects become stronger and more apparent. It's said that any magic already cast in the area, no matter the strength or potency, is instantly cancelled, the eternano slowly evaporates until there's nothing left, and any magical being suffer symptoms similar in most diseases and sickness; these includes nausea, headaches, paralysis, amplified sensory nerves, drowsiness, etc. The only ones not affected by such effects are those donning Soul Armours; Undine theorized that the Soul Armours are directly linked to one's overall will and uses little magic to sustain the transformation; strangely enough, they can be built into the Soul Armours, being used as actual weapons as seen in Kairi's and Argo's cases respectively; they used the built-in disturbers in order to disrupt enemy-fire before landing the finishing blow. These symptoms, however, go away immediately if one is out of the machine's range or if some of them are destroyed — which will weaken the symptoms' effectiveness considerably. Being forged through the use of titanium and other high-class material, it takes a certain amount of force to completely destroy at least one; even then, they would have to worry about being exposed directly to the intense light of the Red Lacrima released after said machine is shattered. This machine, despite its very strange background, serves as one of the many plot devices seen in the storyline, especially when associated with Undine under her guise of Ahriman Deus Knight.

Undine's self-made alloy-based cards that refracts certain offenses.

Wild Alloy Reflection (光通信技術鋼波動札(ワイルド·アロイ·リフレクション), Wairudo Aroi Rifurekushon; lit. "Photonic Technology Steel Undulation Cards"): These cards are but another one of Undine's inventions; they usually reserved for her and her family's personal use only, given what their battle styles are respectively. Made of silicon and titanium alloy, they're crafted & patterned as multiple smaller black triangles that are perfectly aligned next to each other facing the opposite direction; it seems they have a holographic-esque afterglow to them when exposed to weak light. Because they're so easy to make, yet serves many practical uses in battle, Undine tends to mass-produce these and utilize them in many of her fights in the storyline. The main purpose behind them can be summed up into three words — refraction, reflection, and deflection. When hit with an attack that utilizes magical energy, the card breaks apart and absorbs said magical energy for a brief instant, scattering itself in mid-air into tiny triangular shards as it does so. While still suspended, it releases the magical energy in various directions, focusing it at a single point; in some cases, said energies will bounce off of each other and greatly improve their speed and the force put behind them. Anything that's hit with such concentrated force is bound to be either destroyed or take heavy damage. The power behind the attack is sometimes proportionate to how much magical energy was put into it; its excellent to use against attacks that use a great amount of magical energy. However, if the magical energy proves to be too great, then the card(s) in-question will instantly be destroyed as a result. Undine tends to use this for amplifying her own attacks & spreading their overall range while utilizing as little magical energy as possible. These cards are usually seen when she's Ahriman Deus Knight, using them to improve her special moves to cause more damage or block enemy fire. Later, her children use them for the exact same purposes; it proves to be more useful to Argo, given his status, his weapon(s), and the magic he specializes in.

The ancient device of Undine's that unlocks one of the most powerful weapons in Earthland's history.

Brionac (古光神の追悼の神器(ブリューナク), Buryūnaku; Irish for "Holy Light Spear", Japanese for "Divine Tool of the Ancient Light God's Memorial"): The control device that allows one to fully manipulate Lia Fáil's immense powers. She came across it around the same time she discovered Haruto during his long hibernation. Taking the form of a oddly-shaped organ-esque device, it has seven metal bars, each containing a color related to the rainbow — which serve as part of the controlling mechanism; they are used to produced unique sounds, which are required for manipulating Lia Fáil. It's said that when a certain order of sounds are played, then Lia Fáil's power is unveiled in all its glory. It's noted to be made from an indestructible material, most likely being Orichalcum; this is to prevent it from being destroyed, thus losing the only method to controlling Lia Fáil.

The tower containing a very immense and god-like power; it's a keystone to Undine's overall plan.

Lia Fáil (報復や贖罪の天塔(リア·ファル), Ria Faru; Irish for "Stone of Destiny", Japanese for "Heaven's Tower of Retribution & Atonement"): Taking the form of a massive, three segmented, black tower, it's an ancient device found in the regions of Joya — stated to contain a mysterious power. According to Undine's later discoveries, it's later revealed that said power was the manipulation of the evolutionary process. She also discovers that it was used in times past in order to help develop various civilizations & helping to create more forms of magic. It's unknown when & how she discovered it, but it serves as a staple to her overall plans. The power contained in this tower can only be controlled by the sound patterns emitted by Brionac — its control device. When active, channels across its surface glow bright red with its energy. Panels of its middle section move out on beams, revealing a solid red core and a shaft of red light is emitted from its top.

Thought-Inhibitor Drug: Considered to be one of Undine's many concoctions and proof of her chemical genius. Made from various hazardous materials, it's a special drug which can stop thought processes from occurring within the brain. Stored in a purple vial, it can be injected into an individual physical contact or when coated onto a weapon; she commonly does this to her Claíomh Solais. This drug restricts the individual's control over all motor functions, as is the case when one of her fellow scientists. After applying it to them, he was rendered unable to evade a simple attack from Undine when the former attacked the latter in a frenzy, reasons being unknown. It also can cause the individual's emotions to go out of control. These effects, however, are not long-lasting; they stay within the system for about ten minutes before completely wearing off. On an interesting note, this drug causes the affected individual's eyes to glow with a purple tint.

Biology-Alteration Serum: Another invention that Undine created in her spare time; considered to be one of her more "common mistakes" — something she didn't intend to make, but just came about. It's a special serum the changes the biological makeup to its intended target. While experimenting on ways to enhance a person's overall capabilities by a milestone, as part of her grandiose plan, she utilized several theories relating to the anatomy of the human body and various other species. She also performed myriad experiments and performed various equations. While she achieved the end result, perfecting the ultimate chemical formula that can achieve what she desired, the leftovers were converted into a compound upon later use. Unbeknownst to her, the combination transformed into a serum. Upon discovery of this some time later, when applied to another organic being, its biology changed greatly; they "evolved" in a sense, fixing faults within their original biology & enhancing them to some degree. Undine stated that this was one of the possibilities of the experiments she was working on — one that denoted to the natural law of the world. However, since its incomplete, there were many side-effects to it in the form of adverse mutations. Though the subject experienced enhancements, there was an eventual breakdown of the body because of the instability contained within the serum. Thus, the subject's body would eventually cease functioning and they will die as a result. It's because of this that Undine states that this one of, if not the cruelest of her inventions. It can be applied to an opponent during combat, but she advised herself against it, stating in her own words that "I [Undine] wouldn't wish such a fate on anyone, no matter how much I despise them." Thus, this invention is locked deep within the confines of her lab, never to see the light of day.

Youth-Restoring Cosmetics: Taking the form of various cosmetics (lipstick, hair gel, skin creams, etc.), the compounds contain within helps one to restore their youth, albeit temporarily. It's a combination of various chemical formulas mixed with traditional herbal medicine. Undine created this out of curiosity, as she was reading a magazine section of Sorcerer Magazine; it was a section aimed at women who constantly worried about their youthful appearances and aging. Decided to, in her own words, "stop the constant bitching", she used the formula basis found in many skin products. Then, by analyzing her own DNA, which contained the secret of her perpetual youthfulness, she copied the compounds from those and broke it down into simple molecules. This gave her the ability make it into a special chemical formula, which she applied to some cream. It took her about three hours until she finished the end result. When tested on one of her fellow scientists, they noted that their skin became younger in an instant; not only that, various parts of their body as well (i.e. hair, face, etc.). She then decided to give samples to her fellow workers to use at any given time and can always ask for refills. But under the condition that it shouldn't be shared with anybody; the reason is that it would cause a huge uproar amongst the populace should they learn where it originated and everyone would come begging and nagging her for some, a headache that she wants to avoid at all costs. She would usually use some on herself occasionally, but since she's already youthful, it was rendered ineffective.

Oroborus-Sight Liquid: Another one of Undine's drugs. It's considered to be her favorite because of the overall effect it has on a person, which was thought to be possible through supernatural means. Kept in a black vial, it can only be applied through physical contact or when coated onto a weapon like before. It spreads throughout the body but only affects the brain and the nervous system. This drug has unique properties that grants the target the power of precognition or lets one see into the future. This is done by causing said target to enter a time loop in their mind during a battle; whenever they "severely injure" Undine, they are sent back to a fix time period — specifically the very beginning of the battle, forcing them to restart the entire process. This continues for a very long period. Even if the target is aware of what's taking place, they are helpless to do anything about it. As this drug affects the hippocampus section of the brain, which governs short-term memory, going back more than ten times will cause the user to experience complete bodily paralysis for thirty seconds due to the part of their brain that controls their sense of balance temporarily shutting down. This is effective as Undine can do anything she desires to them in said time or use that opportunity to make a hasty retreat. The name of this drug comes from the term Oroborus — a snake biting its own tail. In many cultures, it represents eternity and immortality. Thus, due to the drug's effects, its naming can only be considered to be too poetic.

One of Undine's destructive, yet intuitive creations yet; being more potent than Jin's Fenrir, it has multiple functions to its design.

Mistleteinn (万能世界征服の衛星(ミストルティン), Misutorutin; Old Norse for "Mistletoe", Japanese for "All-Purpose Satellite of World Conquest"): One of the most destructive inventions she's ever created, it's purpose is to serve as Undine's bargaining chip should something happen to derail her future plans. Originally, she created it out of boredom, but after witnessing Jin's Fenrir and the power it possessed, she decided to build one of her own. In fact, Jin helped her in this endeavor by giving her the blueprints to his own cannon and helping out with the mechanics. While making a few modifications to the original blueprints, she incorporated various programs into it that will activate when certain conditions were met. Undine estimated that it took exactly three months to complete it, even with Jin's help. After its completion, she launched it into outer space away from the watchful eye of the council. When it was tested, a single blast was able to annihilate a wide-area with mere ease, not leaving a trace. Jin commented that it was something that his satellite could accomplish with two or three blasts, not counting magical defenses and natural resistance to energy signals, thus applauding the scientist's intellect over his own. Undine stated that she took the very design plans of Etherion that she received from Argo through unknown circumstances and incorporated that into the satellite's overall design. Thus the reason for its destructive power. However, there's a slight difference. With Etherion, it used the fusion of various magics in order to accomplish the task. But with Mistleteinn, it uses pure eternano particles gathered from the planet's atmosphere and concentrates it at the focal point. It then travels through several formulas, which are of her own design, magnifying it to monumental degrees while giving off an intense temperature — one nearly comparable to that of the sun's surface. By this logic, the power the cannon unleashes is enough to wipe out an entire fortified city and the landscapes surrounding it. It's been noted that the heat signature of the blast's aftermath is nearly equivalent to an atomic bomb, having enough power to utterly melt any and all substances that happen to be near it, regardless of density and mass. The only substance that's not fully effected by this is Orichalcum, the hardest known metal in the Daybreakverse; it's damaged only slightly. Thus, the meaning behind the satellite's name is very appropriate, as the power it possesses is enough to make the world bend to Undine's whim. The satellite's functions can be controlled either through the use of her Soul Armour or through her Archive. This means that it can perform certain commands in any given situation, thus allowing for a variety of possibilities to be accessed. Asides from its destructive power, which can be controlled in any given situation, it can be used as a transmitter — sending information to and from various sources, a locator — using the data of Earthland's geography in order to find specific locations or targets, regardless where they are located, a jamming device — by converting eternano in the atmosphere and firing it as a unique frequency, it can cause much interference to its intended target, amongst its other various functions. It can also be fired at any given location, thus allowing Undine to manipulate it regardless of her whereabouts. When questioned about its appearance by her children, she stated that since it was originally a modified version of Jin's Fenrir, but seated with various unique functions and utilized highly-advanced programs, it's only fitting that it would reflect such major changes. Not only that, she wanted to appeal to her "feminine side" for once. Crafted completely from orichalcum, it takes on a unique form — one that defies the normal standard of a satellite cannon. However, it has little similarities with Jin's own since it was based on it. Having a cat-shaped head, it lacks any eyes, being attached to the central processor; when certain functions are performed, it glows chromatically. The processor's design is very intricate and unique, having an half-oval design, having an indent in the center. The bottom is slender in the middle, possessing a ring around it and square designs, and extending outwards again in two smaller half-oval-shaped designs, one connected to the other. This gives it a similar design to a case where one would eat a hard-boiled egg out of. The strangest part of the satellite's design is the huge gap between the main body and the firing piece. Originally perceived as a design flaw by Argo, both Undine and Jin stated that this was done on purpose; it was done so that the flow of energy and data would be much easier to manage and the satellite itself wouldn't overheat from multiple uses. Undine further stated that the two pieces are connected by a strong magnetic pull emitted by the earth's gravitational forces. Specifically, the satellite has a unique function that allows it to manipulate the gravitational forces around itself in order to sustain its positioning and various functions. It's because of this reason why the two pieces remain aligned while separate from each other. The firing piece takes the form of a long needle-like structure with many indents and curves to it. When one closely observes, it looks like the needle is, in fact, three pieces combined into one, something that was disproven by Jin himself when explaining the specs of the satellite. Perhaps the other interesting thing about the satellite is the wings that reside on each side. These wings are, in fact, highly-concentrated traces of energy emitted from the satellite itself. They either shrink or grow depending on how much energy is emitted when certain functions are performed; they serve to recycle leftover energy to prevent the device from overheating. They also serve as auto-repair units, using the energy in the atmosphere in order to repair the satellite in the event that it's damaged in any way. Not only that, they can produce a high-frequency barrier made from the atmosphere's energy in the event that the satellite is in danger of being harmed. Overall, the appearance of the satellite is evenly matched with its given functions, possessing no flaws that will hinder it. The machine serves as one of the many signs of Undine's power & supremacy. Not only that, it's the main reason why both Lia Fail & Brionac were able to be located respectively, despite being declared as lost & abstract machines by various intellectuals, the two being keystones to her grandiose schemes. According to Undine, the full name of this satellite is Type MC-AXDSI No. 99 — Mistleteinn (型・MC (魔法評議) ・ AXDSI (軸鑑識宇宙利根)・ No99・ 万能世界征服の衛星 (ミストルティン), Gata Mahō Hyōgi Jiku Kanshiki Uchu Rikon NO.99 Misutorutin; lit. "Magic Council's Axis Judgment Space Intelligence Type No.99 — All-Purpose Satellite of World Conquest").


Undine's first appearance in the series; she's heading off to her next operation in a car.

Magics & Abilities

"The mind should be pure, uncontaminated by self-serving distortions and preconceived ideas. The mind should be flexible, able to change shape according to the situation without resorting to rote learning. Water is pure and flexible. I am like water. Because of that, I'm untouchable by you two; I have nothing holding me down despite my status as a scientist. I am able to move in such a way, allowing myself to battle in any way I feel like without being leaving myself vulnerable. On the other hand, you two have distracting thoughts and preconceived notions on beating me. That's why you two are losing now. What? You thought because of my position that I was weak?! Quit fooling yourself! I have much more experience in my pinky finger than either of you have in your entire bodies. If you keep this up, you'll never be a match for Team Daybreak.... or anyone else at all. You'll be deemed as a liability to me. Now, clear your mind and come at me like your life depends on it. Try your damnest to kill me. Anything less is a mere waste of my time."
— Undine to Argo and Kairi during one of their various sparring matches.


  • "Damn it man, can't you do anything right?! I gave you a simple role and you can't even do that properly! Well, whatever..... I can always recover from such setbacks. I can have someone else cover for me in the meantime. Just..... Make yourself useful and fetch me something to drink. I'll think of something else in the meantime." — Undine to Enerjak after he ruins the latter's plans through his machinations.
  • "My beloved children mean the entire world to me. They would do anything I ask and try to ease my pain as much as possible. They never even think of failing me and they try their damnest to become stronger than I. Even though that will never happen. Is this what it's like for a mother to be proud of her children? I have to say, it's a good feeling to have *giggle* I should do this more often when they're not around! Anyways, both of them specialize in certain areas that tends aid in my grandiose schemes. Argo is a militant specialist, Haruto is a white knight acting as my bodyguard, and Kairi is a faux honor student. They represent my eyes and ears, allowing me to obtain information from even the most safe-guarded of sources; I should add that they did this of their own volition. No one told them to do it. They must want my love that badly. I swear, kids these days. They can be so clingy, yet at the same time, so dependable." — Undine talking about her adopted children to her cohorts.
  • "What to do, what to do.... So many options to choose from, so little time to enact them all. Either way, it works in my favor. There's nothing stopping me now. Everything is going according to plan." — Undine deciding on her next course of action.
  • "All of you.... Survive and get stronger. There are greater evils out there who're a lot more powerful than this one. If you ever wanna defeat them, train yourself to be the best and obtain an ironclad will. Otherwise, your demise will be imminent. And personally..... I cannot allow that. Especially you little girl. Fate has something special in store just for you." — Undine, as Ahriman Deus Knight, talking to the members of Team Daybreak during their initial encounter after defeating an opposing enemy.
  • "Despite their high standings in power, their secrets & various funded-projcest will definitely come in use when the time calls for it. Whether they like it..... Or not! They're merely one of my puppets dancing within the palms of my hand. They may think they're in control, but I'm the puppet master of this stage. They will conform to the part I set out for them." — Undine commenting on higher echoleon of the Magic Council's role in her future plans.
  • "Coffee is an amazing thing. In my opinion, it's one of man's greatest creations. It has the power to energize you when you're tired. Perfect for early in the morning. One sip and you feel wide awake. It gives you the energy to get you through the day; you can taste it in the flavor as well. It's like it's saying to wake up and get moving. It's every scientist's best friend! It's what we need to keep on striving day-in and day-out. However, I know of the consequences when used as a crutch. It's addicting like nicotine and we tend to substitute it for meals. This can lead to undernourishment and can cause us to get sick at times. The same can be said with all other caffeinated products. However, despite its fallacies, I love it regardless; it's actually one of the few things that I'm willing to taste. What's even more is that there are various flavors, various styles, and even machines that can make 'em the way you want to enjoy it! Isn't that amazing?! You've got to at least agree with me on that one. You saw the magic behind it! Sometimes, I swear that this drink will be the end of me one day. *giggle* I don't mind. It's not a bad way to end things off. At least I die enjoying one of the things I love. Now, what should I drink next? Ooooohhhhhh, it's sooo hard to choose! So many flavors, so many styles, so many ways to eat and drink it!" — Undine comically, yet passionately talking her overall love & amazement towards coffee & caffeinated products to Jin & her kids.
  • "The perfect being, huh? There is no such thing as perfect in this world. That may sound cliché, but it’s the truth. The average person admires perfection and seeks to obtain it. But, what’s the point of achieving perfection? There is none. Nothing. Not a single thing. I loathe perfection! If something is perfect, then there is nothing left. There is no room for imagination. No place left for a person to gain additional knowledge or abilities. Do you know what that means? For scientists such as ourselves, perfection only brings despair. It is our job to create things more wonderful than anything before them, but never to obtain perfection. A scientist must be a person who finds ecstasy while suffering from that antimony. In short, the moment that foolishness left your mouth and reached my ears, you had already lost. Of course, that’s assuming you are a scientist" — Undine's jaded, but truthful views about perfection in relation to science to a fellow colleague competing with her.


  • She's heavily based off of Kiyama Harumi from the anime/manga/light novel series To Aru no Kagaku no Railgun.
  • Ironically, when the author chose this character, he found that her qualities matched all of Giselle's, down to the last parameter. Thus, she was the obvious character to base Giselle's foil off of.
  • Not surprisingly, she's one of the few beings in the Sun Trilogy that possibly equates to Giselle Mercury in terms of intellect, typical of a foil.
  • Even though she requires no form of nourishment of the sort, due to her status as an immortal, she takes a liking to coffee or any caffeinated-drink. This is because it gives her the boost that she needs and in her own words, it makes her feel even more grown-up. In fact, she's seen with a coffee using drinking it; this is evident in the most inconspicuous situations she finds herself in, such as the Zodiac Knights meetings, when she's spending time with her family, etc. Comically enough, her children wonders where the coffee even comes from and how much she can drink in a single sitting. The only times she's seen without it is when she's in her faux-Soul Armor form; however it magically appears at her side once again when disengaging the form.
  • Undine loves classical music, as it's refined and soothing in her own words. She tends to play some when she's either working or in the field.
  • Surprisingly enough, Undine loves kids in general. This is seen in many instances of the storyline, and anything prior for that matter. Such proof is the adoption of her future children and teaching at La Pucelle for a certain amount of years. In fact, she tends to visit orphanages in her spare time and play with the children there.
  • It should be noted that, even though she loves kids, she will make sacrifices; they're not an exception to this rule. This is because her plans involves the whole of creation, not just a single part. She figures that when she destroys the natural law, then any sacrifice she's made along the way will be mended automatically.
  • Undine's name comes from the term Undine. Undine or ondines are a category of elemental beings associated with water, first named in the alchemical writings of Paracelsus. They are usually depicted as being female, and are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. Although resembling humans in form they lack a human soul, so to achieve immortality they must acquire one by marrying a human. Such a union is not without risk for the man, because if he is unfaithful he is fated to die. This naming highly fits Undine's overall character. Undine, for one tends to drink much liquid, preferably coffee, and love to be near bodies of water. She states that it soothes her to some extent, besides her adopted children of course; the latter reminds her of the sanity that she still retains while going through with her grandiose schemes. Another is that because she's an immortal and a symbiote, she essentially doesn't have a soul; she not truly human. Comically enough, one of her fantasies to get married to a faithful man; anyone will do so long as he makes her happy. She hates men who don't keep to their promises, and at times will kill them when she's pushed to a certain point, which is known to be in some cases.