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Ursa Major
Ursa Major

The Greater Bear


Celestial Spirit


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Caley Dullahan

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Ursa Minor

Way of Combat

Earth Magic

Ursa Major (おおぐま座, Ōguma-za) aka The Greater Bear, a Celestial Spirit, is another of the many Silver Keys of Celestial Spirit Magic and is currently owned by Caley Dullahan.


Ursa Major's Human form

Ursa Major's Human appearance

Ursa Major's usual appearance is that of a large Grizzly Bear, standing roughly 12 feet in height. Ursa Major also has the ability to transform into a more humanoid appearance. In this form he has grey hair, a blue eye, the left eye being covered by an eye-patch and he wears what appears to be similar to the clothing of Native Americans.


He doesn't speak, in either form, and usually communicates through grunts and growls, that Caley seems to be capable of understanding. As a bear he is fierce in battle, aiming to quickly overpower and defeat the opponents. When in his human form his fighting style is similar, though he shows more strategy and thought put into his fighting.

He is loyal to Caley, as most Celestial Spirits are to their owners, and will violently attack anyone who threatens her infront of him. Part of his contract with Caley involves looking for the key to Ursa Minor, and Caley was more than willing to agree to help.

Magic and Abilities

Earth Magic: Ursa Major's main magic, used for offensive attacks, or creating walls to trap his opponents so they cannot run away.

Ursa Major Transforming

Ursa Major transforming

  • Alioth's Crushing Claw: Ursa Major covers his arm in granite and other tough and strong rocks and slashes the opponent.
  • Bear-Baiting Wall (クマ苦しま壁, Kuma Kurushima Kabe): Ursa Major creates a round wall around the target, preventing them from going anywhere but back towards him.

Transformation: Ursa Major uses this magic to take on his human form, and he can partially change back into his bear form from his human appearance, leading some to think that Ursa Major's magic is actually Take Over.

Extreme Strength: Ursa Major, being a bear already has more strength than the average Celestial Spirit, but he is even stronger than would be expected.

Immortality: Being a Celestial Spirit Ursa Major cannot die unless he is forced to stay in Earth Land for too long.


  • Ursa Major's normal appearance is that of Kuma from the Tekken fighting games
  • Ursa Major's human appearance is that of Senri from +Anima
  • Alioth's Crushing Claw is named after the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Major
  • Bear-Baiting Wall is named after the blood-sport of worrying and tormenting (baiting) bears
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