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"Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it."
— Lloyd Alexander
— Ash



Hola, welcome to my page, the user page of Ash9876

But, you can call me Ash. So, here's where I'mma tell you more about the Admin of, um...Characters?

I'm generally easy to get along with, and there's no pressure in trying to talk to me about something. I'm usually quite objective on things unless you push a button, at which I can snap. I prefer not to be strict, but I don't like people who break the rules either, so yeah. :)

About Me

Well, hiya guys, I'm Ash9876, if you couldn't tell that is. I'm known by many names, but here are some of the more common ones: Mewtwo, Phantom and Ash. So, I'm an Administrator over here, but please don't be intimidated because of that. I've been here for about a year and a half, and I'm pleased to say that this wiki has grown massively in both userbase and articles over this year and a half. Over here, my current, and hopefully permanent story until finished, is Fairy Tail: Flocking Home.

I'm a relatively nice guy, and quite easy to get along with if you don't pull my triggers. I'm relatively neutral on most topics, so if you have a debate I'll try to be the mediator and bring about a peaceful solution. If you want an opinion from me, I'll give it, with some constructive advice as well, and I hopefully won't make you tear up with harsh comments. But, I might be boring you, so, I hope we'll get along. Have any issues, go to my talk page :)

My main storyline is Fairy Tail: Flocking Home, although I have been more recently working on Fairy Tail: Drifting Tales. Check 'em out!

Contact Me!

If I'm not here and you really need to talk to me about something, here are some links as to where you can contact me.

Bleach Fanon Wiki, Ash9876

Naruto Fanon Wiki, Ash9876

Ultimate Crossover Wiki, Ash9876

Major Characters

"To-Do List"

Firstly, gotta at least flesh out these new characters I've made in the following order:

  1. Hassan XIII — Assassination prowess, Murder of Crows, Personality.
  2. Ishvar — Martial Arts and Ki, how do I format these and what do I write in them?
  3. Hildegarde Valenti — Basis of her personality, her inventions and her use of Magic.
  4. Erik Gauss — Basis of his personality and flesh out Augury.
  5. Marie Antoine — Her personality and her perception/intelligence.
  6. Sigurd Atlantis — Basis of his personality, extreme intelligence with regards to both his business pursuits and Magic skill and expanding on his To Be Named Magic Card style.

Secondly, gotta really freshen up some of my older articles and make articles associated with specific important characters I have:

  1. Aria Family — Properly write out their role in Ishgar and among the Magic Council. Give them a niche based on what you've already established: we don't need unnecessary powerhouses.
  2. Houdini Family — Make the page, establish their role as teachers and emphasize their reputation through the wide spread of their teaching institutions as highly personalized and effective.
  3. Brevia City — Use better terminology, updated information and perhaps new images and reinvent the city to seem more plausible.
  4. Courtroom of Truth-Makers — This was cool! Finish it!
  5. Crystal (Terminology) — This also.
  6. Esoterology — Might be useful if you put in the effort.

Favorite Quotes (Long)

"Yeah, he's exactly right. My feelings are borrowed. A pretense I put on, copied from someone I once saw saving another. When it happened, I was empty inside. Everyone was dying indiscriminately, and I couldn't save a single one. If I hadn't resigned myself to the idea that that's how people are, I never would have survived. That's why...That's precisely why I admired his ideal. Was that so wrong? Are these feelings fake just because they aren't my own? I musn't achieve that ideal, just because it's fake? That's not true. I know that's not true. It doesn't matter if it's fake. Or an unattainable wish. I know that I can't save everyone. I know that no one can be saved without sacrifice! Even knowing that it was nothing but an ideal, I only kept chasing after it even harder. Even if I hurt one to save the many, I'll keep pursuing a happy future, where no one will be hurt. And at the end of everything, this is where he ended up. A man once told me, 'What you believe in, what you believed in...It's all hypocrisy.' But in spite of that, the man who said those words stayed true to that same hypocrisy to the end. Which means that I can do it. Even if it's borrowed, even if it's fake, I don't care. I'm okay with that. Emiya Shirou can keep this dream going! Even if he doesn't find a single thing he was searching for!"
— Shirou Emiya, affirming his resolve.
"Let us tell the story of a certain man. The tale of a man who, more than anyone else, was set aflame by his ideals and was driven to despair by them. The man had wished that everyone in the world could be happy. It was something that all boys would once hold in their hearts, a childish ideal that they would then cast aside. However, that man was different. He came to know that all lives sat on the scales of balance between sacrifice and salvation. And once he understood that no side of the scales could ever be empty, he steeled his resolve to become the one who would measure the balance of the scales. If one wishes to reduce the most amount of grief coming from the world with the most certainty, this is the only path that can be taken. That path is the act of slaughtering the few in order to allow the many to survive. And thus, in order to save as many as possible, he became proficient in the ways of killing. There was no question, no doubt of right or wrong in his methods and his objective. He became the infallible balance of the scales. The man saved many people and killed many people, with no discrimination. But he realised it far too late — to value all humans fairly and equally is the same as to never be loved by anyone. Perhaps he should feel no anguish, as he perfected himself into a bloodless, tearless measuring instrument having frozen and mortified his young heart. However, that man was different. A smile of delight would satisfy him. A voice of lamentation would shake his heart. Anger accompanied his deep resentment and he could not help but hold out his hand to the tears of desolation. For one who pursued the ideal beyond the rationality of the world of men — he was far too human. This is the tale of such a foolish man."
— A description of Kiritsugu Emiya from the Fate/Zero manga.
"We've been dyed pitch black!? I see, if I were a piece of white cloth, that would certainly be true. But if I'm anything, I'm probably underwear with lots of crinkly hairs stuck to it. "A white banner"? They're nothing as soft and sweet. I don't know about the people around you, but these guys are different. They're not easily swapped with a colour. If I had to call them something, they'd be grime. No matter how much you wash, they're the stubborn stains that won't come out. Because they're stubborn things that won't come out no matter how you wash them, you start feeling affection for them. They're really troublesome things. But even though they're stains, over time, the collection's turned into something we can show others. Before I knew it, they'd created an excellent banner. They've got no schooling and no manners. Rather than logic, they're a bunch who spring into action based on feelings. I have no idea what that enigmatic bunch is thinking. Sensei, you can't control them. They won't be defeated by any colour, and neither will they be dyed by any colour."
— Kondō Isao, Gintama Episode 102.
"Kotarō...for a General that leads an army, what do you think is the most important quality? No matter how mighty a warrior he is, and no matter how cleverly he can use his soldiers, if a General's head is taken, the war ends in his loss. If you die, you cannot protect your soldiers, your country, or anyone at all. Therefore a General must be the most cowardly person on the battlefield. Being more fearful than anyone else, more cautious than anyone else, and surviving is the job of a General. So Kotarō, feel no shame in crying. It's okay to be a weakling. As long as the General lives. As long as you alone live, our family will not perish. It's okay if people call you a coward. Live on, Kotarō. No matter how people speak ill of you, we will know that you are a great General."
— Katsura Kotarō's grandmother to Katsura Kotarō, Gintama Chapter 563.
"What are you looking at with those eyes? You’re not even looking at me, your enemy. And you’re not even passing a glance at the name ‘Strongest’. When you fought Hōsen and when you fought Shinsuke, you were fighting alone in some different place then, too. Who is your enemy? What enemy do you want to defeat? And what name do you want to get? …..I’m the same as you. I was empty. I lost everything. And knowing the fear of loss, I lived on empty. I lived on without meaning or a name. And what gave meaning back to that empty vessel were the ones that had filled a place inside me before I knew it. Your little sister and Shinpachi. All those people that barged their way into me before I knew what was going on, gave me a name once again. When that happened, I realized I hadn’t lost anything. All I was doing was running away because I was scared. Somebody that refuses to look at the weakness inside of themselves won’t find strength on the outside no matter how much they look. I’m not running away anymore. Not from protecting or from losing. My enemy, is right here, in me. So I don’t need some important-sounding name like ‘Strongest’ or some crappy sounding name like ‘Idiot Big Brother of Earth’. I’m Yorozuya Gin-chan."
— Gintoki Sakata to Kamui, Gintama Chapter 585.
"I was the same as all of you. To get my Master I killed my Master. The one that got that man captured was me. I thought I could still take him back. I believed he would still come back. You and I are the same. Because of our weakness, we lost our Masters. The one thing that differs between one of us vowed even if it was something else clad in the corpse of that Master, he would not betray that person again. And the other vowed even if he had to kill their Master once again, even if he had to lose his Master for all eternity, he would take his Master back. From the point when we had the same Master, we were fated to turn out this way. Until this blood that my Master gave me runs dry, I will continue to stand in your way. So you must keep fighting. Until that soul you received from your master rots away, continue to resist! That is how we, the disciples of Yoshida Shōyō are, isn't it?"
— Oboro to Takasugi Shinsuke, Gintama 591.
"Listen well, there are times when disagreements are unavoidable. It is a consequence of staying true to your own ideals and beliefs. Just not let it diminish your respect for the opponent you are clashing with. It is never acceptable to let it turn to hatred or a grudge since then violence will be the only possible outcome. That's what it means to be a Guild...a Family."
— Makarov, Fairy Tail 507.
"I continuously fought rebels like you all my life. I executed all of them through impalement and left them hanging there until their meat rotted away. But—now that I face you, I finally understand. Your rebellion is an expression of your noble soul. At any and all times, you kept fighting to stop the strong from oppressing the weak, even if it never came true. O mad idealist, did you dream of a fair and equal world?"
— Berserker of Black, Fate/Apocrypha Chapter 11.

Favorite Quotes (Short)

"No matter the reason, where humans are involved...there is no black or white, no justice or evil. There is only...our will."
— Oz Vessalius, Pandora Hearts Retrace LXIII, Purpose.
"When fiction is locked up inside a cat box, it becomes truth."
— Willard H. Wright, Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru, Requiem of a Golden Witch, Chapter 38, Eternal Slumber.
"Suffering can be withstood...but all are powerless against happiness."
— Magilou, Tales of Berseria.
"Justice can be easily manipulated. Don't force yours on me."
— Soramaru Tenka, Donten ni Warau Gaiden, Chapter 11.
"But other people's sense of what's right is just a joke if you change perspectives. What matters is what you yourself want to fight for. Be sure to decide it for yourself."
— Fraulein (aka Evangeline) Yamamoto, Zetsuen no Tempest.
"Remember this one thing. If you use force to serve one is going to follow your idealistic scenario. No one's going to agree to that!"
— Celestia Yupitilia, Re:Creators.
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