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Samuel Colt's synopsis

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Oración Seis arcEdolas arcTenrou Island arcWild Lands arcKey of the Starry Sky arcGrand Magic Games arcTartaros arcAlvarez Empire arc


Samuel was born in the town of Alstroemeria to two unnamed members of the Colt family, descendants to the town's founding mother. He had a elder sister named Margaret Colt who he affectionally called Margy. During his early child, he began to wonder about magic and wish to become a mage to the town's local guild, Misericordia. Of course Margaret supported him in this endeavour, so when she was told about how he gotten interested in Guns Magic went to Henry Leavitt Ellsworth and spoke about Guns Magic, Henry said he'll take the young Samuel in and teach him everything he knows.

Through the years since then, Samuel trained hard in Guns Magic and using firearms as a whole by-then Misericordia's guild master and was made an official mage to to the guild. He joined when he was only 14 years old but was proven as one of their best youngsters due to his natural coordination with his firearms and his Guns magic. For his first official mission, he was assigned another to help him, with Henry choosing Mary Jane Kelly to assist him in the quest and the two left for it.

However Prior, Samuel was an captive of the Tower of Heaven having been taken when he was only 16 during his younger years as an mage of Misericordia and was forced into slave labour to build the Tower of Heaven. Despite this he was one of the few the Cult of Zeref considered a liable vessel in the revival of Zeref at the time. As a slave he had also made close connections to those in the tower, including none other then Erza Scarlet and Jellal and even Shô who he risked his life save from the cultist and punished severely. However he soon escaped during the revolt and made to the coastal city within the Kingdom of Caelum. He ventured through Caelum as an mercenary in order to gain currency and as he returned back to Fiore. However by chance of luck an legendary Fairy Tail mage, Lionheart found and was able to escort him back to his home town of Alstroemeria and reunited with the Colt family and his guild.

Due to his travels and his aptitude for firearms, Samuel began to look further into the prospect of firearms and pioneered the idea of magic projectiles and began a operation to create and expand on the concept. Within the five years of returning, he was elevated to S-Class status and became known as a widely successful gunsmith and his title as the The Merchant of Death soon arises due to the weapons his company has made. However despite his efforts, he along with his two allies Mary Jane Kelly and a unnamed individual was force to flee their hometown when the Illuminati attacked thanks to Samuel's sister, Margaret Colt being a double agent and forced to kill her. Departing from his two allies he ventured in the world to find new meaning, which was in his production of weapons and stayed clear from relationships. Soon enough the Magic Council walked up to him and offered a position as a Hunter and received newfound training and he accepted. As an Hunter, he now began to see a new meaning, he can protect everything as an Hunter and perused in this carer, however his true love lies in his engineering prowess and continued to make armaments and self-defence weapons with his company since then.

Samuel was proven as an valuable asset to the Council's Hunters and rose to become one of their "top dogs". Due to his intellect and analytical capabilities along with his engineering prowess in magical development, understanding and technology development, he has been sent on many missions involving of unusual magical events and conditions. His company was later declared an official partnership with the Magic Council in order to produce much finer and reliable weapons for the Rune Knights. While Samuel explained his company manufactured weapons, he soon began involvement in other weaponry for the Rune Knights to use.

At some point, Samuel encountered Bluestinger and engaged him in a battle that almost cost him his life, but it was saved by a unnamed S-Class wizard jumping and had him escorted safely away from the dark mage where he as treated.


Oración Seis arc

After Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus finally taken out the Oración Seis, the group began to finally to rest until Samuel appeared with Lahar and the 4th Custody Enforcement Unit in order to apprehend members of the Oración Seis arc. When Lahar took in Hoteye. However he explained his true involvement was due to Jellal Fernandes and ordered him to come with them peacefully and had him cuffed. As he took Jella to the prison carriage, he witness of Fairy Tail's outbursts how this is not just on how his arrest, stopping Nirvana and his good deed is a justification of him not being arrest and Lahar ordered their arrest. Erza soon halted the fighting and apologise on their behalf. However Erza recognized Samuel from the time at the Tower of Heaven. He explained to Erza that one good deed does not instantly redeem of many crimes he has committed prior, then he went to Jura, the Wizard Saint. Hoteye just told him in order to atone he must accept the consequences of his actions, and told him Jellal is exactly the same position. Jellal must be arrested and atone for his crimes. He then said that this is harder on Erza then anyone here due to their past. Soon after he leaves with Lahar apprehend the rest of the Oración Seis arc.

Edolas arc

Due to his analytical skills and his involvement in magical development and technology, the Magic Council sent Samuel to investigate the sudden disappearance of Magnolia. He considered an connection to Fairy Tail as the guild gotten itself involved in many events in the recent months, but he believes they would not go against the town to eradicate it.

However in less then a week, the town was returned shocking Samuel as he ran to town and began to quickly check on the townsfolk only come to surprised the fact no one seems to realize what happen. He soon visited the Fairy Tail guild where he saw Exceeds speaking to master Makarov, who noticed him walk in. Makarov knowing very well who Samuel began to explain what the Exceeds told him, from Edolas, Faust and the Anima. Samuel sighed in relief and asked if he requires assistance from himself but Mirajane told him they'll be fine. Before leaving Samuel asked on the whereabouts on Erza, however the Exceed answered and she's likely still in Edolas but should arriving along with Natsu, Lucy, Happy and even Gajeel. Understanding all is well, he returned to the council before giving his regard to Makarov and reported to the Council on this endeavour.

Tenrou Island arc

Samuel was summoned by the Chairman to work with Lahar and Doranbolt to infiltrate Fairy Tail prior to Doranbolt actually infiltrating the guild itself. Lahar informed him that as a Hunter and a master killer of dark mages, he is required to take on if things get rough, as he is shown the only capable of going toe-to-toe with Erza as the two walked through the Council's HQ corridors, though he rebuked Lahar's remake after hearing the stories of her and believes he's outclassed in this scenario.

Later Samuel is seen on one of the many ships lead by Lahar anchored nearby Tenrou Island, utilizing his Archive to communicate all captains and Lahar on each ship to effectively coordinate their efforts. However a surprise to him the ship was he on exploded with the rest destroyed by one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, Azuma having noticed them prior his fight with Doranbolt.

While survived, Samuel was gravely wounded from the surprise attack and was treated by the Unit's medics as Lahar began to order his men to treat the wounded and told those who can move to prepare for a attack. However Samuel cut in, informing him that the destroyed was not done by Fairy Tail. Lahar questioned this and got the answer that Fairy Tail are not people that'll just blow up vessels willy-nilly and believes another faction could be here. As the two talked, Doranbolt appeared thanks to his Teleportation Magic and quickly told the two that one of the guilds of the Balem Alliance, Grimoire Heart is here along with Zeref shocking him and Lahar. Samuel asked Doranbolt to confirm and he did, causing to think a plan of action. Lahar told them that if the Chairman hears about how not only Grimoire Heart is here and even Zeref apparently, he would not hesitate to fire a Etherion. Before Samuel spoke up, Doranbolt protested but Lahar informed him that orders are orders and if they do perform it, there is nothing he can do to stop it. Lahar soon told Samuel to asked either himself or Doranbolt to inform the Council or else he'll do it.

At some point in time, they learnt Bluestinger is also on the island, shocking them. Samuel then explained Bluestringer's power involving Gravity Magic and it was a terrifying level of force. During a mission he encountered the dark mage and just his magic alone crippled him and almost killed him if it wasn't for an unnamed S-Class mage to stop it happen. Lahar then goes to inform command of the situation due to it becoming much worse, but Doranbolt stopped him and asked him for more time before teleporting away to the island once again with the lacrima crystal and stopping Lahar. When Lahar asked if Samuel can use Archive to communicate to the Council, he swiftly told him they're very out of range and can not.

After recovery enough to fully stand and began to use his Archive, a very shaken Doranbolt teleported on deck and Lahar went to ask what happened. According to Doranbolt, he saw Zeref himself and he believed he heard him say "Acnologia". The very name while didn't shook Samuel as he's not aware of the name despite being a hunter, Lahar was visible shaken in fear and asked Doranbolt to make sure he heard it right. When Doranbolt confirmed it multiple times, Lahar ordered a fast retreat, confusing Samuel as he asked who is Acnologia. Lahar and Doranbolt stared at him, shocked that he doesn't know and how explained it was a dragon from the Book of the Apocalypse, known to had single-handily destroyed entire nations. After hearing it, he did not protest to retreat and soon shipped away when the ships were repaired. Soon after they saw him, the black dragon Acnologia landing on the island and fighting the Fairy Tail mages then the next, saw the entire vanish by its mighty Roar, shocking Samuel to the core by the might of it.

Soon after the island was destroyed by Acnologia, Samuel lead an fleet of search parties alongside Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale in hopes to find them, using his Super Archive even to have a wider range to locate them, a magic he kept hidden from Lahar in order to not relay orders to the Council prior. However despite his efforts they weren't able to find them.

Wild Lands arc

Key of the Starry Sky arc

After Samuel was able to return back to Earth Land, he went to report to the Magic Council on his situation within the seven years of his disappearance and informed them on the undead Skeleton Lord threat. While the Chairman confirmed and understood the situation, he has another task for Samuel to undertake. In recent months major churches has been targeted and destroyed throughout Fiore and the Custody Enforcement Unit hasn't been able to locate nor apprehend the culprit behind the attacks. With the reputation of both the Enforcement Unit and the Council at stake, they hired him to assist with Lahar to investigate. Samuel having no choice but to agree, went to prepare himself as he met with Lahar to discuss their plan of action.

After much discussion, Samuel is seen at a church in a unknown town with Fiore knights in defense of the church. As he waited for an attack, he used Archive to survey the area and coordinate the knights. Soon after he walked inside the church and went underground to speak with the priest of the church, a female named Maria Izabela Wiłucka-Kowalska known for her soothing voice and harmonic tender to those she's with. Samuel informed her that she must leave the area as he fears that she's the true intended target, not the church itself. However Maria refused to wish to die in the church if her fate is sealed here, giving some shock to Samuel on her convictions to stay. However he soon heard criers of his knights as he turned to see a Cobra, shocking Samuel as last him he saw him he got arrested. Soon after Maria cried out as he Samuel turned to face her with Angel having killed her with an unique dagger. Cobra commented on this is his lucky day to encounter the hunter Samuel and Angel soon compliment him by saying he's the most handsome knight around here and that is worth 10 angel coins, a cost of 100 to summon forth Raguel. Cobra then went to strike against Samuel as he turned to block but soon struck by Raguel's Sound Magic that almost made him go deaf as Cobra used his Poison Dragon Slayer Magic roar to send him outside the Church. Angel then noted 40 coins for the attractive men of the knights as they began to charge into the church and summoned the Hammer Angel and both she and Cobra engulfed the church in flames and defeated the knights. As the two finished their, Samuel appeared behind Angel as he used his Hunter Skills to strike against her leg then her head which prompted her to be sent flying to a brick pillar. As Angel stood up, Cobra said they're work is done here and must find the "last disciple". Samuel then called out what they mean but Cobra told him to shut mouth and told Angel that she must be found, attacking at random is not a viable strategy. Before Samuel attacked, the angel assault did more harm as he fell to one knee. Angel then said a handsome man shouldn't have such dirt on his body before she and Cobra left, leaving Samuel with the ruined Church.

Samuel is later soon communicating with with Lahar with a lacrima crystal where Lahar was with Doranbolt. Samuel told the two that the attacks is directed not at the church but priests and they referred someone as the "last disciple". Lahar commented that he suspected the church wasn't the main goal as the priests there always died. Lahar soon told Samuel and he and Mest, the name Doranbolt wants to go as is going to a countryside to a church to ask questions. Samuel confirmed and said he'll continue to investigate further as they do that.

After recovery from his two-vs-one fight against Angel and Cobra, he went to use his Archive to find out any other possible churches that'll be hit next. He was able to arrive to an church that has yet to be attacked and asked the Fiore knights on the conditions of the priest. He was told they're relocating him to another location for his safety and Samuel went to go with him as to provide greater defense from anyone who'll attack her. As he moves with her, he introduces to her and will do everything in his power to keep her safe. However one of the knights shouted an enemy spotted, Cobra of the Reborn Oración Seis. Samuel declared to Cobra that he wont even go near the Celestial Wizard as he loads as weapon and aimed at him. Cobra however seem pleased to finally meet the esteemed Samuel Colt, The Merchant of Death known for creating powerful armaments, including some he considered quite horrifying in concept. However despite Samuel's and the knights efforts, Cobra was able to take them. However Samuel while battered stood in front of the Celestial Wizard, ditching his firearms for unarmed combat fully aware of his Hearing Magic. He was able to clear his mind and got hits on Cobra but in the end, he was taken down due to prior engagements weakened him considerably and failed to save the Celestial Wizard as the Anti-Link did its job and the curse taking hold. Cobra seen left, leaving the injured Samuel as Erza, Max and Evergreen appeared to see the carnage. Erza quickly went to Samuel side and asked what happened, informed her that Cobra got the Celestial Wizard and he failed to protect her.

After his confrontation to Cobra, Erza decided to take Samuel back with her to Fairy Tail's second guild to go under medical treatment after fighting Cobra and told him to stay here as he's too injured to continue. However Samuel began to protest, remembering his time in the Tower of Heaven and his powerlessness failed to stop not only the cult itself but Jelall, but Ezra told him that regardless, he was too beaten to continue fighting. In order to stop Samuel knowing how Council enforcers such as Hunters operate, Mirajane casted Sleep Magic on him and forced him to sleep.

Samuel awakened during the final hour of the Infinity Clock being activated and went down stairs to offer assistance. While he is still too injured he can provide help in saving lucy.

After the Infinity Clock was deactivated, Samuel is seen celebrating with the Fairy Tail guild and the Legion Corps as he spoke with the guild's 4th guild master, Merlinus Ambrosius on the topics of future of the guild. Merlin told him they'll be fine and Samuel remembered the guild being one of a kind. After Legion Corps left he decided to depart as well and bid farewell to the guild. However before he left, Erza asked him about Jellal, however he seen told them he was sent to Edolas and stuck for seven whole years before finally returning. While this shocked them Lucy soon asked how was the Edolas Fairy Tail and Samuel smiled, showing their guild mark on his right shoulder, stating his an permanent member.

Samuel is later with Doranbolt and Lahar as they spoke with Org concerning the Interguild Dispute Interdiction Treaty revision, however Org noted that is not Lahar's reasons to his visit, as he suspects he's wish to know on chief members of the Fairy Tail guild. Samuel believes the chairman's choice to make blame on the guild and not Zentopia as an selfish act, but he did not spoke on his opinion as he's just a hunter.

Soon after, the chairman soon had Samuel summoned as he discussed the Grand Magic Games and the possibility of Fairy Tail joining due to their core members returning. the chairman soon asked Samuel to go to the capital city of Crocus and keep a eye on the Fairy Tail guild if they do participate and to stop anything that'll cause issues. While he believes the paranoia of the chairman is out of line, Samuel obeyed and began his travel to Crocus in preparations of the Grand Magic Games.

Grand Magic Games arc

Samuel arrived to Crocus sometime prior to the beginnings of the Grand Magic Games in order to keep a eye on Team Fairy Tail. However as he traversed, he used his Archive to keep track on Fairy Tail's guild members. When he used Archive during the Preliminaries, he noticed both Wendy's and Carla positions is at the castle courtyard, quite confused as according to his knowledge she was part of the magic team. He went to investigate on Wendy and when he arrived, found both Wendy and Carla on the ground unconscious and went to quickly investigate on their overall health with his Archive. When he checked on their magic, he used Archive to contact Warren and explained the fact he found Wendy and Carla in the courtyard. Warren said that both Happy and Lisanna are in the courtyard, so Samuel provided them his coordinates to retrieve their guild members.

When both Happy and Lisanna arrived, the two found Samuel tending to Happy and Carla. He helped them take them both medical wing and the next was present when the Fairy Tail guild was told on the conditions between the two. Erza soon asked Samuel if he knows the perpetrator but he doesn't know, however he vowed to look into the matter and keep a eye on any suspicious individuals and when he does, shall contact her. Soon after Porlyusica appeared and informed them that they gotten Magic Deficiency Disease as Wendy explained an unusual creature attacked. Samuel vowed to the guild he'll locate and apprehend the culprit, believing it to be an mage of one of the guilds to hinder the guild in the games. Erza thanked him and asked if he found anything to tell her, and he well. He also said that he'll keep a eye on Wendy and Carla with his Archive, believing that she might be attacked again regardless of her condition.

Samuel was present as the announcer proclaimed the eight teams that past the preliminaries. However when Raven Tail made its appearance, he got confused on their appearance as an dark guild. As the announcers read on their file and explained on how they became a legitimatized guild, he got suspicious on that and how they got it. Samuel soon put the two together that they were the likely perpetrators on Wendy and Carla due to their relationships between Fairy Tail and Raven Tail.

Samuel watched as the Hidden round of the games was going but only thought upon the efforts of the mages inside. As soon the Hidden round ended for the combat round between Corona and Lucy, he raised his guard as he watches the battle closely. He believes Raven Tail might be planning something due to their act on Wendy and Carla. He seen perked upon Lucy attempting to shout to her friends before Corona's hair silenced her, making him think there is something else in play. As the battle unfold he studied Corona before it finally hit him, noticing one of her hair trails hadn't move since and her with it and looked towards the stand, using his weapon's scope to see Corona's hair near Asuka. Using his telepathy's Archive and communicate with Natsu on the situation, who was able to make it in time remove Corona's hair away from Asuka and allowing Lucy to finally battle.

However Samuel then had an angered look in his eyes upon Lucy's defeat, easily sensing an third-party got involved and nullified the Urano Metria spell she was casting. After Lucy got sent to the medical room, he went to talk to the guild master Makarov while Mavis was present without knowledge due to not having the Fairy Tail brand and wish to work more closely with the guild to protect members from any outside harm. Makarov agreed with Mavis and assigned Bisca with him to scout out and keep a much closer eye on Raven Tail. He also went to tell them he was assigned by the chairman to report any activity done by the guild in order to attempt to disband them, but he wish not to do so as he enjoys the guild's ever timing presence. While Makarov suspected at that, he was pleased to see Samuel being supportive to the guild and began to think he could become a member due to his dedication. However Makarov told him to not act against Raven Tail until they brought themselves to the public on purpose, which Makarov believed they will mess up at some point.

In the same day, Samuel was simply overseeing the entire arena until his Archive opt in and identified Wendy and Carla once again moving but it was shown they weren't awakened and prompted him into action. He soon landed in front of three armoured figures carrying not only Wendy and Carla but the guild's medical advisor Porlyusica. The four were flabbergasted on how they got caught as one of them pulled out two magical revolvers and acted cocky in front of them. Before they all reacted, Samuel swifted in and used his unarmed martial arts to knock them all one by one as he safely got the three. Soon after Natsu ran towards him, having caught their scent prior. Natsu thanked him on saving the three as Samuel raised his hand to not worry. Soon after Samuel had three kidnappers tried and escorted as he used his Archive to contact Natsu's guild members on the situation and told him to be careful as he left with the kidnappers. He took them to the Fiore army and stayed with in order to obtain information, obtaining the fact Raven Tail hired them. As he was leaving, he was suspicious on the royal guard as he noticed the actions of Raven Tail doesn't seemed to been punished in anyway.

Later that night Samuel was contacted by Erza and Mystogan to discuss matters and had him involved with concerning of strange magic power. Samuel asked the two why get him involved, and Mystogan, who was actually Jellal Fernandes commented on his efforts from the time of Edolas and the Infinity Clock incidents and found him a useful ally when it comes to internal affairs of Crocus as an Council Hunter. He understood and gladly accept to help. He was told on Zeref and the presence of his magic, which prompted deep thinking. When Jellal mentioned that he should've sensed in the years, Erza quickly explained Samuel wouldn't had due to him being sent to Edolas prior to the Grand Magic Games creation and only arrived sometime before they were released from Fairy Sphere.

In the next day, Bisca contacted Samuel to assist her in keeping a eye on Raven Tail as Laxus' match against Alexie was about to begin. He obliged to the request and is seen above the arena across from Bisca's position as he kept on eye on Alexie, kept in contact with Warren's telepathy. He informed that Alexie is not performing any magic throughout the fight and soon enough soon tell them there is no worry. However eventually the truth was revealed as the real Laxus emerged as Alexie hit the arena's wall, along with the other members of the Raven Tail guild. Shocking him, he quickly leaped down to the arena as the match was called and Raven Tail's master being Alexie all along, disqualifying them as the members participated illegally as well. Samuel walked besides Laxus and towards Ivan and arrested him. Assisted by the fiore knights, before he could be taken away Ivan spoke to his son on the Lumen Histoire but he told Ivan to shut as he was taken away.

Soon after arresting them and taking them to the fiore knight's HQ, Samuel is later seen speaking with Makarov on the situation with Ivan, telling them due to their actions the guild was disbanded when he reported it back to the Council.

Sometime during the battle between Wendy and Sherria, Samuel was seen walking around the arena halls with people crowded in the way, using his Archive to sense the magic presence of "Zeref" within the grand magic games. Soon enough it began to move towards the exit as he began to rush to its location. However he noticed Mystogan being confronted by Doranbolt and decided to quickly sort that out, since having Jellal reveal himself will ruin the plan they laid out, with Lahar soon arriving with a small squad of rune knights, now in a dire situation. Doranbolt soon removed his mask, revealing to be Jellal and before the rune knight acted, Samuel appeared to stop their advances. Lahar questions Samuel and the hunter explained this is why he ways the mask, due to being a look a like. Soon after Yajima appeared and explained on Edolas and that Mystogan is from that, counterpart existing. Due to Samuel and Yajima, the situation died down as they leave. Samuel asked if he felt it and Mystogan said yes but now they lost it due to that confrontation.

Tartaros arc