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  • I live in India
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Attack Helicopter
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"Stalking is never a good idea unless you're going to make a Batman leap at the last moment!"
— Zef

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Hello there! Welcome, my name is OmegaDragonite, I am often referred to as OmegaDragonite, Omega, Zef, Dragon by other users on the wikia and the chat. I am a member of Fairy Tail Fanon Wikia. I love to collaborate and create my weird stuff-stuff...ugh, you have no idea but it can get crazy sometimes. I am an active member, so I should normally respond to messages or roleplay thingies. If I am not doing that, I am probably slacking off. So there you have it. I am a weird, narcissistic, asshole of a slack. You have been warned. If you have still have any questions leave me a message on my talk page and I will respond as soon as possible and happy editing!






Zef (ZEF, Zef)
The Harbinger of Death (先駆けの死, Sakigake no Shi)
The Smartass Dragonite (知ったかぶりカイリュー, Shittakaburi Kairyū)
Manwhore (やりちん, Yarichin)
Nick (ニック, Nikku)


Alien God-Human Hybrid (Probably)


August 19


West Bengal


Male Male



Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Brown


Slightly impaired (I don't know. Maybe 15/20?)

Skin Tone

Tan (I don't know? Indian? Fuck it!)


169.2 cm/5'7" (Yes, 69. I can't help it.)
170 cm


128 lbs
130 lbs

Medical Concerns and Ailments

Superiority complex

Tattoos and Unusual Features

Has a mole on chin
Does having a fetish, count?

Professional Status

Fairy Tail Wikia


Wikia Editor
Wannabe Batman


Lizardo (Bestie)

Base of Operations

Hall of Justice! I mean my livingroom ...

Personal Status


Marital Status

Single AF








Koma Inu Icon Koma Inu

Powers & Equipment

Ranting Magic
Creation Magic
Plot-Twist Magic


Science Curse
Manipulative Bastard Curse

"If nobody hates you then, you're doing something VERY wrong, buddy!"
— Zef
Hey, <insert name here>, this is 'Omega' (Oh-meh-ɡə). No, I am not a Dragonite. I am a real human being; with great emphasis on the word "Real". But, if you are reading this page, you and I are probably close enough for you to refer to me as 'Nick'. Greetings from the exotic and mystical land of India; who am I kidding? It's not exotic or mystical. So anyways, like all good narcissist, I am here to tell you about me! TADAAAAH! I am a 17 year old, guy (I checked; twice), who is obsessed with anime and science but you know: "IT'S A MAGICAL WORLD"; so I try my best to make sense in this higgledy-piggledy world of Mary Poppins and use logic, as much as I can. That aside, I am a high-school student (yes, like Peter Parker) and I do whatever he did: BE AN ABSOLUTE NERD!!!

Totally my calling card...

I am also Lizzity Liz's friend and it would seem that we share our temper problems. I can be sassy and throw temper tantrums if enraged; as she puts it, "I'mma go Super Saiyan on yo ass!" So ...uh, yeah. (Well, to be fair, I am everyone's friend .. okay maybe not Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda OR ISIS). Can't believe I just told you that!? Now to answer the most imporant question: Why is my username OmegaDragonite? Doesn't it sound childish? answer that in a blunt way, "Yes, it sounds ridiculously childish but I was 12-13 when I came up with that and I honestly, for the love of God, cannot remember why". While on the topic of god, yeah, I am "an agnostic atheist" but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy researching various religions, their myths, et cetera.

As for editing, I am a decent editor at best; but don't worry, I'll totally make it seem like I am something of a pro, even though I am not and you'd benefit a lot more from other use---wait, the fuck? Also, that happens; every now and then. I have a self hating/loathing personality, that surfaces sometimes and I can be a bit needy at times but if you can still keep up with me then BRAVO. About my dreams and goals? Okay, that's an easy one. Even though I am pretty good at physics, I actually want to major in Statistics; something that will eventually help me with my career in future but enough of the boring talk...

I am single, by the way, if you missed it... which I seriously don't know how but OKAY. Let me put it in a better way, ever since my break up with my cheating, lying, girlfriend I have been single as frak! It has been 6 months but hopefully, I'll meet someone. *sigh* Did I mention that I am also a magnet for bad luck?

If you have made it so far then, I congratulate you for sitting through this mindless blabber and if you haven't then, well, good for you! On an unrelated note, I am open to collabs. In fact, I love collaborations and most of my work is in fact; you guessed it, collaboration. It has either something to do with people of Koma Inu being real sweethearts and amazing people that inspire you or something to do with my personal fear of being alone. Huh, one of those things isn't like the other.

Here's something I would like to say— Koma Inu, is the best guild in my opinion. I have met some incredible people during my time in the guild and while I am no longer the typical "new guy", I can honestly say, I did not expect to become a part of something so marvelous, in such a short time. I mean, I was welcomed in a group of a bunch of strangers by ANOTHER stranger and you know what's the craziest part? I freakin' love them! They accepted me for who I am (a clown; a non creepy, sciency clown, if I may) and yeah... there was warm welcome and fireworks everywhere; goodluck figuring what fireworks mean, by the way.

I have to be honest, I feel inadequate whenever I am compared to "ANY AND ALL MEMBERS"; each of them have creativity and writing skills that far outmatches mine but it's not just, aside from being brilliant writers, they are great people to hang out with in general... I mean, they put up with ME! What else do you need, right? I gotta admit, all of the chats on kik, all of the small talks or arguments or funny moments; all of them totally outweigh all of the BS I have to endure IRL (that means- in real life, by the way). Despite my life being turned up side down in the past few months, team KOMA and their friendship have helped me cope with stress and just have a laugh, for a change.. I honestly can't thank them enough. Wait, this isn't a blog, is it? Dammit Zef! Ugh, oh wait, I am totally that guy... THE GUY WHO WON'T SHUT UP. Man, I hate that guy... Moving on ~ What can I say? I am not the most emotionally stable person.

I am generally online from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm (GMT+5:30), so if you have anything that you need, feel free to ask me or message me and I'll get to it as soon as I can. Despite not looking like it, I do enjoy working with and helping people. Just ask around, I am sure, I am not that big of an A-hole. How do I know? BECAUSE I'M BATMAN.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your visit! I guess, I'll see you around, stalker. Ciao! Oh and if you still feel like knowing me even more, then feel free to scroll down... However, remember, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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