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Name Cancer
Kanji キャンサー
Alias Crab Symbiote (クラブ・シムビウーツ, Kurabu Simubiūtu)
Race Hellion
Birthday 27th February
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 186 cm
Weight 76 kg
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Occupation None
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Himself
Partner Gemini (formerly)
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Limited
Status Alive
Powers and Abilities
Magic None
Curse None
Other None
Weapons Hellion Driver
Arms Weapon: Belial Blasters
Arms Weapon: Scarlet Orbs
Soul Armour
Soul Armour Name Soul Armour Knight Abyssion (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・黒朱悪鬼 (アビシオン), Sōru Āmā Naito Abishion lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Black and Scarlet Evil Spirit)
Crab Hellion | Soul Armour Knight Abyssion

Cancer (キャンサー, Kyansā) is the nickname of the Crab Symbiote (クラブ・シムビウーツ, Kurabu Simubiūtu), a Hellion who is a member of the Zodiac Knights. While his past and motivations are relatively unknown, he does seem to completely out of his league when compared to his enemies. If something goes wrong for the villains, it happens to him.

After Gemini dies, Cancer obtains her Driver Belt, the Hellion Driver, and uses it to transform into the phenomenally powerful and mysterious Soul Armour Knight Abyssion (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・黒朱悪鬼 (アビシオン), Sōru Āmā Naito Abishion lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Black and Scarlet Evil Spirit).


Not much is known about Cancer's human appearance, as he constantly stays in his Hellion form. However, his Hellion form is that of a demonic-looking crab, with a dark red, spiky outer shell and a purple mouthpiece. He also possesses a gigantic pincer claw on his left hand.

Personality and Traits

Personality-wise, Cancer is known to be rather laid-back as well as casual and prefers to laze around his personal lair which totally isn't a garbage dump instead of converting more humans into Hellions by pushing them into despair. Known to be rather cowardly, as he tends to make a run for it if a fight starts going south, Cancer is more often than not the butt of jokes due to his easily squished confidence and his terrible battle record- however, his cowardice stems more from knowing that after a certain point, he was hopelessly outclassed by everyone else and stopped attempting to put up a fight when it could seriously kill him- though he frequently states that he finds many of the Zodiac Knights' enemies, especially Kirika Hotsuin quite frightening. He's also quite scared of dark places and high altitudes.

After Gemini dies and all that remains of her is her belt, Cancer achieves the impossible- he has become a creature born from despair, driven to despair himself.




Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

General Combat Prowess: Even though he became a supposedly extremely powerful Hellion, Cancer was never especially talented, but he could at least hang for a bit during his first fights- this is best seen where he fought on par with Deen Lhant after the latter had first synched with the Zero Soul Armour. However, during the second part of S1, where alternate and upgraded forms for the Soul Armours kept being revealed, characters learned how to use their powers more efficiently, Cancer became an even bigger joke- compare Deen completely blitzing Cancer and a group of twenty lesser Hellions with Zero during the Silver Flash arc to their first fight, where the two were evenly matched. In fact, Cancer is one of only two characters –the other being Marisa Sejren- to go the entire Daybreak series without an upgrade before his temporary possession of Abyssion- and unlike Marisa, his lack of power-boosts shows. However, it should be taken into consideration that Cancer is actually quite durable due to his tougher-than-Orichalcum exoskeleton- while he sucks at everything else, he's damn good at taking obscene amounts of punishment. It can be theorized that Cancer's exoskeleton is even tougher than the materials that compose Tsuruko's Deus Machina frame, considering that while he rarely gets any notable hits in on his enemies, he can still tank quite a lot of blows, whereas the same characters who fight Cancer can actually land serious damage on Tsuruko.

Physical Prowess

Supernatural Abilities

Alternate Forms

Armourize (進化態 (アーマーライズ), Āmāraisu lit. Evolution State): Every Hellion can interchange between their original human form and a unique armoured form known as Armourization. Armourization is also known as Hellion's evolved form as it is the form that they take upon becoming stronger after being stuck in their corrupted human form. The unofficial term that the Magic Council gave the form is the Battle State (戦闘態, Sentōtai); as it only seems to be utilized in combat. The Armourized form is radically different from a human body in many ways, while usually at least semi-humanoid, varying drastically between each Hellion, with characteristics of either a plant or an animal, or even a concept. Armourization also supplies the Hellion with body armour which is either flexible or rigid, or varying between the two that is resistant to all supernatural powers except the Zero Effect and its strength varies wildly among Hellions as good measure of one's power. While Armourized, some of their kind can assume a Hybrid Form, becoming more creature-like in appearance; granting them further characteristics. Many Hellions in Armourized form have a forward-leaning posture, with naturally bowed legs and noticeably elongated arms. They have no visible genitals or other gender characteristics, nor, it seems, excretory organs. The Armourized form is entirely geared towards combat, with no regard for other activities. Some Hellions in their evolved state are equipped with powers beyond strength, claws and fangs: venom, acid, nitrogen or even laser weapons emitted from their bodies. Something interesting to note is that a Hellion's evolved state is functionally identical to a Soul Armour at the biological level, meaning that they share similar powers, such as manifesting a personal weapon, a special ability, and of course, one more evolution.

Crab Symbiote

Cancer's Armourized form is known as Crab Symbiote (クラブ・シムビウーツ, Kurabu Simubiūtu); and as such, he has all of its abilities. As per his position of one of the thirteen pillars of the Zodiac Knights, because of his (supposed) incredible power and his form, this has what granted him the nickname of Cancer (キャンサー, Kyansā), a name he is constantly referred to as. While Cancer's combat record may be extremely spotty as he's constantly against people who are usually leagues stronger and a lot more competent than him, it should be taken into consideration that his ability to Armourize is easily the finest of the Zodiac Knights, as Cancer has never actually deactivated his Hellion form and permanently stays within it at all times- not even his boss, Joker, can achieve such a feat. Cancer's natural Hellion form is that of a demonic-looking crab, with a dark red, spiky outer shell and a purple mouthpiece. Cancer's left hand is covered with a powerful clawed gauntlet called the Pinchy Piercer (ピンチ・ピアサー, Pinchi Piasā) shaped like an oversized crab pincer claw on an actual crab. It is exceptionally sharp, cleaving through any sort of material that one could think of short of Soul Metal, as well as concepts such as slicing through water, lightning, and the environment far in front of him in one swing, releasing powerful shockwaves with every movement.

However, due his incompetence in regards to combat, Cancer usually just swings it around wildly and ineffectively, and it has a weakness that it shares with real-like crustaceans: if it gets tangled, he can't use it, and thus, can be left open for attacks. The Crab Symbiote's skin is protected from all angles by a hard spiked shell; over ten millimeters thick, the shell seems to be made of a material that is unknown to mankind, and while it can be considered simply the skin of a Hellion, it is in reality, much tougher. The shell is known to be capable of withstanding all sorts of supernaturally powered attacks- it has been said that if Cancer uses his Shell Withdraw technique, which is effectively him retracting all of his limbs into his shell, he can shrug off a direct hit from the Magic Council's continent-busting satellite, Etherion. It can be said that the thickness of his exoskeleton is a necessity, as Cancer is ponderously slow and incredibly clumsy, finding it rather difficult to evade any form of attacks. Additionally, because of this shell, Cancer is immune to diseases, poisons, and gases that can paralyze or kill humans and animals, as well as that of supernatural beings. However, as per any crab, the shell can be quickly burnt through via prolonged exposure to fire- and of course, like every other Hellion, the shell's durability is rendered null and void if it comes into contact with any form of Soul Metal; this is best displayed both Zero's Soul Blade and Super Galaxy King's High-Frequency Blade were shown to slice through his armour as if it was nothing.

Not achieved.

Soul Armours (神鎧 (ソウル・アーマー), Sōru Āmā lit. God Armour) are specialized armours worn by various powerful warriors known as Soul Armour Knights (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト), Sōru Āmā Naito lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior); they are human or humanoid warriors who transforms from a natural human form using a Driver Belt into a superhuman form clad in the armour. The Knights secretly patrol their respective territories to protect civilians from demons. Armed with special magical equipment, the knights carry an eternal war to maintain the light over the darkness in the realm. When transforming into him Soul Armour form, Abyssion gathers his willpower within his hand, swishing it across the belt which releases an enormous amount of darkness, manifesting Cancer's Armourize form, which breaks apart to manifest his Soul Armour, allowing Cancer to become Soul Armour Knight Abyssion (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・黒朱悪鬼 (アビシオン), Sōru Āmā Naito Abishion lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Black and Scarlet Evil Spirit).

Soul Armour Knight Abyssion

Initial | Evolution

""Drive on!"
"For us!"
Doraibu On!)
「ナウ, NAU」
Watashi-tachi no tame ni!)"
— Cancer's activation phrase and the Hellion Driver's transformation announcement for the Abyssion Soul Armour.

Soul Armour Knight Abyssion (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・黒朱悪鬼 (アビシオン), Sōru Āmā Naito Abishion lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Black and Scarlet Evil Spirit) is the form that Adam Altland, also known as the Cancer Hellion, can transform into when revving the Hellion Driver. Originally, the Hellion Driver was Carmine Crimson/Gemini Hellion's Driver Belt, allowing her to transform into Soul Armour Knight Pierrot, until she was killed by Kirika Hotsuin. However, Gemini's Driver Belt fell near Cancer, which he then took as his own. The Symbiote Driver Belts have a unique function that allows them to take upon different forms according to the wielder, resulting in Abyssion's different appearance than Pierrot. The Abyssion Soul Armour takes upon the form of a rather large armour- indeed, it can be said that this Soul Armour is a little less than thrice the size of normal Soul Armours- as a height comparison, during their first encounter after Cancer gained the Soul Armour, Abyssion towered over Tsuruko/Gaiki- even the Arms Weapon was bigger than Gaiki; due to its immense size, it can be considered more a giant robot than an armour, and Abyssion can defeat an enemy by simply stepping upon it. The Soul Armour referred to as Abyssion usually hides its main body behind its ragged red cloak that reaches down to its boots called the Disaster Mantle (ディザスター・マント, Dizuasutā Manto); which, like Soul Armour Knight Zero's Mantles, possesses special properties which enable the Soul Armour to teleport; the crimson cloak is held by the armour's two black wings on each side which are folded downwards to cover the body to provide additional protection. The helmet of Abyssion possesses a dome-esque shape; while it is predominantly black, on both sides of the helmet are multiple barcode-esque magenta markings, separating the rest of the raven helm. In the middle of the front of the helmet is a green gem with two golden fins extending sideward beneath this, causing it to resemble a 'V'. The Atmospheric Conductor faceplate is a lighter black, almost deep purple, with two vents and a red spike on the chin- the Various Visor optics are emerald.

When Cancer disengages the Disaster Mantle, which results in the wings becoming positioned at the back, Abyssion's true form is revealed; the shoulders are slightly spiked and are two-toned in light purple and black with magenta barcode markings like what is on the helmet on the ends- the lilac panels can slide open to reveal gun-barrels which can launch blasts of energy at Cancer's opponents- these markings are known as Vector-Con Units (動摩擦の操作原理具(ベクター・コン・ユニット), Bekutā-Kon Yunitto lit. Kinetic Friction Manipulation Principle Tools) and play heavily into Abyssion's Knight Power. The rest of the arms are mainly black and have a large spike on each shoulder that extends downwards- the hands of the Soul Armour have golden fingers. The extendable gigantic black arms at the sides are referred to as the Fury Faces (フューリー・フェイス, Fuyūrī Feisu), which serve as Abyssion's primary melee weapon and shield- the Fury Faces, as the name would indicate, have an exact replica of Abyssion's Atmospheric Conductor faceplate on the palm- they can additionally transform into a fanged mouth for melee combat, and by opening the mouths, large beams of concussive force can be launched. The golden fingers of the Fury Faces can be fired towards the enemy, acting as drones
referred to as Slaughter Seekers (スローター・シーカー, Surōtā Shīkā) that are the armour's secondary ranged weapons. The rest of Abyssion's body is in blacks and light purples, with an abdomen that can open up to reveal a demonic mouth referred to as the Chest Crusher (チェスト・クラッシャー, Chesuto Kurasshā), which is capable of biting an opponent in very close range or to 'eat' enemy's ranged projectile attack, nullifying it and having the energies that constructed the technique be broken down and absorbed to add to Abyssion's Knight Power. This mouth also contains a hidden white drone with a sharp horn that can emerge and take the enemy by surprise. Black knee-guards and hooked boots are attached to lilac legs and feet, and the ribcage below the abdomen is a discoloured grey; finally, the skirt armour is mainly raven on both sides, with lilac and deep purple in the middle. Overall, when compared to other Soul Armours, Abyssion looks positively demonic and evil- something only matched by the Super Galaxy King before its evolution into Airgetlam and the Black Soul Armours.

A vast departure from the normal Soul Armour designs, which are sleek and well-rounded, Abyssion is a Soul Armour that disregards the concept of high speed and mobility, which had been the key factor to as to why Soul Armours are so deadly, and focuses completely on the Soul Armour's offensive and defensive capabilities. To accomplish its goal of mass destruction as decided by Cancer's decision to eliminate existence, the Soul Armour is equipped with several deadly weapons and abilities that allows it to singlehandedly destroy a big city like Four or take out a large number of enemies, including an army. Despite its immense size, like all Soul Armours, the wielder and armour are perfectly synchronized, with Cancer controlling the armour with his thoughts alone. Normally, even with the numerous thrusters installed within the frame, it would have a top speed slower than other Soul Armours, leading to many assuming that it's as slow as molasses, but Cancer takes advantage of this preconception as all the special features and enhancements of Abyssion are often used as a trump cards in combat. Opponents often presume Abyssion can't attack from certain angles, move as fast because of its mass, and overall physical slow reaction time; these people show a massive lack of understanding of Abyssion's full capabilities; thanks Cancer's Shadowmeld Knight Power which allows him to make impossible movements in the blink of an eye, this hulking brute is still very agile and capable of delicate movements. Whereas most Soul Armours only have a single Arms Weapon and whatever the user wields normally, Abyssion backs up its twin revolvers with two forearm-mounted pile bunkers, two pulse cannons in its shoulders, two large hands that serve as shields which can also bite an opponent while launching the fingers as drones, and finally, feet which can fold into drills and launch drill kick attacks, while the fists can rotate at a high speed for screw punch attacks which can penetrate almost any substance imaginable. The incredible precision and reaction time displayed by Cancer allow him to wield them all to devastating effect, causing the Soul Armour to give off the feeling of being a walking artillery platform or weapon of mass destruction.

Due to Abyssion's extremely durable armour that can't be dented by anti-aircraft attacks and renders sharp, bladed weapons useless, donning the armour can render the user invulnerable to external physical attacks while also using one of its two Knight Powers to boost the user's strength and size relative to the amount of damage absorbed. The design of Abyssion's armour was meant to allow efficient fighting spirit dispersal for both offensive and defensive measures; it is thick enough that it can withstand direct Arms Weapon hits, as the Kinos-Go's rifle shots had almost no effect upon Abyssion. Abyssion is the largest Soul Armour, and it shows by having the most monstrous punching and kicking power. Consequentially, it also has the worst jumping height out of all the Soul Armour Knights, and any Soul Armour Knight can practically outrun it- that is, without Shadowmeld activated. In addition, the purple portions of the armour helps boost Ardor Field strength when encountering heavy weapons fire and melee engagements. In terms of battle capabilities, after the death of Gemini, the only person who he considered a friend and the only one in the Zodiac Knights who didn't look down on him or mock him (much), and the loss of his already tenuous grip on reality, Cancer taking up her Hellion Driver and gaining his own Soul Armour in a similar way to how Sion obtained Agito is a massive improvement. Originally, while Cancer was always quite clumsy and relied on his immense durability to make up for how inept he was, after awakening Abyssion, a powerful Soul Armour to use which is twice as big as normal Soul Armours and wielding two Arms Weapons, Cancer receives an enormous boost in power, going from one of the least serious antagonists and a total joke in combat to a stark-raving mad berserker with a vicious fighting style which allows him to throw his large size around easily- indeed, once he obtained this Soul Armour, he become strong enough to fight Deen/Zero and Kirika/Airgetlam at the same time.

  • File:SoulArmourKnightAbyssionArmsWeapon2.jpg
    Arms Weapon: Belial Blasters (ベリアル・ブラスター, Beriaru Burasutā): The Belial Blasters are the name of Abyssion's own Arms Weapon. Like all Arms Weapons, it can be summoned by Cancer revving the Hellion Driver, causing it to manifest within his hands. The Belial Blaster takes the form of a pair of revolver-esque handguns. They are designed to rapidly fire bullets instilled with Cancer's fighting spirit. Both weapons resemble an extremely large Desert Eagle with a six-chambered hexagonal cylinder. It has an overall bulky, brick-like shape and possesses characteristics of both a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol, with both a cylinder and a slide. It also has two triggers and an external hammer, and each pistol has stylized grips twisting into sharp points. There are targeting sights, and porting on each barrel to reduce recoil and muzzle flip; and an obvious extra barrel underneath allowing for a double shot. The cylinder has also been modified to release on the right to reload rather than the usual left. Each gun is ten centimeters long; weighing two thousand grams- blades of energy can be generated from the barrels, allowing Cancer to use the weapons as handheld sabers. A strike from the Belial Blasters as a close-combat weapon in Fury Smasher Mode is generally incredibly damaging, as Cancer is capable of using his Arms Weapon to flip a segment of a large stone bridge with enough force to send a bunch of Rune Knights flying over a large gap. The Belial Blasters are powerful enough to shatter all sorts of materials, and is shown to be capable of knocking entire skyscrapers down. Due to being fuelled by Cancer's fighting spirit; the Belial Blasters never have to be reloaded; generating extra bullets whenever Cancer runs out through willpower alone. This charge ability has three charge levels, each requiring more power to be channeled from Cancer's energy reserves. They are represented by the guns glowing different colours. Additionally, the pistols can attack targets through walls as the pistols have the ability to manipulate space, allowing Cancer to open wormholes to direct his shots- Cancer can use a telescopic view in battle. They also appear to surround Cancer's kicks and punches in blue magical energy when he uses them in conjunction with Juu Kune Do, acting as both a melee and long range weapon- even without spatial manipulation, all bullets fired by the Belial Edges will ricochet off surfaces at least once and attempt to hit nearby enemies. While each gun is a powerful weapon with especially powerful bullets displaying destructive power capable of easily puncturing bulletproof vests and killing large animals in a single shot when discharged from a handgun, its true use lies in the specialized firing pin and additional modifications for firing different types of ammunition. Cancer is capable of using the recoil from each shot fired from the Belial Blasters to enhance his mobility in combat, firing shots to propel himself short distances, simultaneously attacking and evading opponents; and he can use the recoil to launch himself into the air at astounding speeds.
  • Arms Weapon: Scarlet Orbs (光邪邪獣球 (スカーレット・オーブ), Sukāretto Ōbu lit. Hope-Crushing Cruel Beast Spheres): The Scarlet Orbs are the name of Abyssion's secondary Arms Weapon. While normally, a Soul Armour is only capable of possessing a single Arms Weapon, not counting extra equipment like Seekers and side-arms such as a user's personal weapon, due to Abyssion being the result of Gemini's remaining spirit overlaying Cancer's own as the latter inherited the method of becoming a Soul Armour Knight from the former with her death, Abyssion is capable of harnessing Pierrot's powers. In any case, the Scarlet Orbs are a series of a quarter of hand-sized crimson spheres of pure energy which Cancer can alter the shape of by thought alone in order to serve almost innumerable purposes, whether they be for offense, defense, and other supplementary uses- when they are not in use, the Scarlet Orbs float behind Abyssion's back in a circular formation. The Scarlet Orbs are noted to be constantly standby once willed into existence- though they can also be dismissed whenever Cancer deems it suitable. Cancer cannot create additional orbs after the initial acquisition number; as four is the absolute limit, since he still requires enough focus and energy to power his other weaponry, Limit Breaks, and both of Abyssion's Knight Powers. As they are manifested from fighting spirit, the Scarlet Orbs are capable of busting straight through ordinary magics as if they were invisible, rendering weapons such as Eternano Sabers and Eternano Rifles null and void by destroying their insides immediately- as an extension, against beings such as Espers and Magius, as they are tuned to the essence of magic itself, they can be used to deal extra damage, allowing Cancer to disrupt their connection to magics. Cancer is capable of controlling the Scarlet Orbs one-by-one or all at once- no matter the control manner, he can shape the spheres through mental commands alone into countless forms- effectively the sky is the limit for what the Scarlet Orbs can be transformed into. No matter the form and composition, the Scarlet Orbs are widely known to be exceptionally powerful- just by colliding with a solid, non-living structure; a single ball is capable of reducing it to dust. They can be directed as projectiles which close in on Cancer's targets like bullets, and if Cancer deems it suitable, he can grant them explosive properties by having them rapidly expand- on the opposite end, they can be used to heal his own injuries just by contact. In battle, Cancer commonly forms the Scarlet Orbs into spears to mentally direct at his opponent, just as Gemini once did.
  • File:SoulArmourKnightAbyssionExtraArms.jpg
    Fury Faces (フューリー・フェイス, Fuyūrī Feisu): The Fury Faces are Abyssion's auxiliary armament- optional equipment, they take the form of extendable gigantic black arms at the sides which have golden fingers, each possessing an exact replica of Abyssion's Atmospheric Conductor faceplate on the palm; they are linked to the Soul Armour via extendable parts. Extremely versatile, the Fury Faces are capable of serving almost countless purposes to suit almost any situation. In close-range combat, the Fury Faces can open the Atmospheric Conductor faceplate in order to reveal a fanged mouth which can harnessed in melee by biting down upon enemies and their attacks, resulting in the faces not only possessing the ability to chomp through one hundred millimeters of any type of alloy, they can also immobilize an enemy by holding one of their limbs in place with the fangs restricting them, allowing Cancer to follow up with any other type of attack that he deems suitable- a popular extension is to restrain the enemy and then blast with his Tragic Genocider Limit Break. The Fury Faces can also generate energy blades from the fingers for close combat, and can be used as hammering weapons, crushing the enemy in between them with repeated blows while also serving to coil the faces up into a fist and simply punching the opponent or spin around at high speeds to mimic drills. By themselves, the Fury Faces can serve as exceptionally durable shields which can shrug off almost any form of blow- even managing to withstand a direct Chaser Smash Limit Break from Tsuruko/Gaiki, which was able to punch a hole through a dimension. In this form,
    when the ravenous maws are open, they are capable of focusing Cancer's fighting spirit into the mouths before releasing gigantic glowing purple beams of concussive force which tear into anything that they come into contact with, rending the landscape in twain in the blink of an eye. The golden fingers of the Fury Faces can also be fired towards the enemy- more detail on that below. Interestingly, due to the flexible joints which serve as the connection between the Fury Faces and the main body, the pair of faces can be positioned very freely, and are capable of expanding and contrasting for almost any length imaginable in the blink of an eye, commonly being used to take an enemy by surprise, travelling through the ground and erupting before an unsuspecting opponent to immediate obtain an advantage; all of these traits give off the impression that the Fury Faces appear more like a snake.
    • File:SoulArmourKnightAbyssionSeekers.jpg
      Slaughter Seekers (スローター・シーカー, Surōtā Shīkā): The Slaughter Seekers are a secret weapon of the Abyssion Soul Armour, designed to assist Cancer against superior enemy numbers or just when he feels like achieving a quick victory- more specifically; they only reveal themselves when Cancer is pushed into a corner. The golden fingertips of the Soul Armour's Fury Faces are actually a series of conical remote weaponry which Cancer is capable of directing through his thoughts alone. The Slaughter Seekers are literally flying spikes with cutting edges forged from the same material as Soul Metal blades, making them exceptionally sharp and granting them immense penetrative power as long as Cancer is determined. This allows them to store large amounts of fighting spirit to greatly increase their damage potential, darting across the battlefield at speeds that make them invisible to the naked eye in order to offset the fact that unlike other Seekers, the Slaughter Seekers cannot serve as ranged or even melee weaponry as they do not emit beam blades of fighting spirit, more than making up for it with lightning-speed and exceptional power, indeed, while in flight, they can only be perceived as glowing golden blurs. Instead they rely on their sharpness to penetrate the enemy and they can act in ways that normal Seekers are incapable of, such as arranging themselves into a combined hexagonal formation for greater defensive and striking power; since they are infused with Cancer's fighting spirit, the Slaughter Seekers can emit an Ardor Field by placing dozens of Slaughter Seekers in a closed spherical formation; and Cancer himself can attack outside of this sphere; leaving him essentially invulnerable. This sphere serves as an almost impenetrable shield; only the most powerful weapons are capable of breaching it, and even then, damage to Abyssion is generally minimal. Normally, it would place immense mental strain of a user of any form of Seekers to control more than three at once, but Cancer is capable of manipulating over fifty of his Slaughter Seekers simultaneously.
  • Knight Power: Assault Absorber (動摩擦の操作(アサルト・アブソーバー), Asaruto Abusōbā lit. Kinetic Friction Manipulation): Abyssion's Knight Power, referred to as Assault Absorber, is a passive skill; it is also a constantly activated one- it enables the large, hulking Soul Armour to nullify the kinetic energy transferred through melee and projectile based attacks the moment that they come into contact with Cancer. This process is performed by the magenta barcode armour plates of the Soul Armour emitting energy constantly when the armour is donned- known as Vector-Con Units (動摩擦の操作原理具(ベクター・コン・ユニット), Bekutā-Kon Yunitto lit. Kinetic Friction Manipulation Principle Tools), these portions of the armour, infused with fighting spirit, can absorb the shock of an impact and reduce the effect it would have on Cancer's frame to nothingness, visually represented by the magenta barcode portions of the armour erecting an invisible hexagonal barrier of fighting spirit inside the Soul Metal of Abyssion, hardening the density of the Soul Metal in response to physical trauma, absorbing the energies released and reducing the kinetic force of an impact, no matter how powerful, down to zero, before storing that transferred power and evenly distributing it throughout the ports of the Soul Armour, resulting in a massive boost in strength, durability, and the area-of-effect of the Shadowmeld power. Because of this as well as the density of the Soul Metal that already composes the armour, Cancer is now extremely resistant to physical damage and any impact shock is negated, and when combined with his natural Hellion ability of high-speed regeneration, makes him downright indestructible to nearly any form of blunt force- the Vector-Con Units are capable of absorbing the energy of physical attacks, such as punches, bullets, and concussive forces. This incredible power is best shown when Tsuruko/Gaiki fought Cancer/Abyssion; as in regards to the attacks of Tsuruko Sejren, where she constantly transmits the force of her blows through a medium upon contact with an enemy, resulting in powerful strikes without equal, Abyssion's Assault Absorber offers complete resistance to this force as it sucks the momentum and kinetic energy out of Tsuruko's punches and kicks even with her Soul Armour equipped, rendering any chances of her projecting her power into Abyssion's Soul Metal, making her attacks useless; even after she launched a rapid volley of fisticuffs towards Abyssion, he simply shrugged it off as if it were a gentle breeze. However, this kinetic energy absorption ability is not an absolute- a Limit Break from another Soul Armour can break through the ability and land a clean strike. As more kinetic energy is absorbed and with every negated strike, the Abyssion Soul Armour becomes stronger and more resilient until Cancer has gathered a truly immeasurable amount of power within his armour- at this point, he can release this energy in the form of a powerful shockwave with a Limit Break. However, this kinetic energy absorption ability is not an absolute- a Limit Break from another Soul Armour can break through the ability and land a clean strike.
  • Knight Power: Shadowmeld (影覆座標移動(シャドーメルド), Shadōmerudo lit. Shadow Shroud Coordinate Movement): Shadowmeld is the name of Abyssion's second Knight Power. While normally, a Soul Armour is only capable of possessing a single Knight Power, due to Abyssion being the result of Gemini's remaining spirit overlaying Cancer's own as the latter inherited the method of becoming a Soul Armour Knight from the former with her death, Abyssion is capable of harnessing Pierrot's powers, including its Knight Power. When activating Shadowmeld, the Disaster Mantle begins to pulse with an inky blackness before contacting the space-time continuum in the location that he wishes to appear in and fading into shadows, traversing a distance and reemerging in any place that Cancer wishes. It is essentially a form of short-range spatial teleportation. Using this ability, Cancer is capable of traveling over short distances in an instant, even in the midst of battle. In dire situations when an enemy target is about to fatally hit him, Cancer his capable of instantly jumping away and flanking his enemy's position (usually several meters from behind or side. More often than not, Cancer milks it for all it's worth, and, in a fight, uses Shadowmeld to constantly disappear and appear at will, hitting, running, and flanking without any effort at all and barely any threat of counterattack. Cancer has been able to travel a maximum distance of about four thousand, four hundred and eighty feet in this way. Cancer can perform Shadowmeld mid-combo as well, causing the enemy's attacks to miss while simultaneously acting as attack cancels for him. With this, Cancer can move at speeds up to one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour, the maximum velocity at which he is still able to breathe.
  • File:SoulArmourKnightAbyssionLimitBreak.png
    Limit Break (必殺技 (リミット・ブレイク), Rimitto Bureiku lit. Finishing Move): A Limit Break is the "ultimate attack" (絶招, Zesshō) of a Soul Armour—they are extremely powerful attacks enabled via the user taking damage in some way. When the user takes enough damage to gain an enormous amount of energy, they may perform a Limit Break. The user gains more energy to perform a Limit Break as they get angrier, and foes push them to their limits, the user unleashes an "unimaginable power". When the user's fighting spirit rises to its ultimate limit, for a short while it aligns with and emits from the user's body, allowing powerful abilities that cannot be performed in a natural state. Though generally, a Soul Armour Knight has no problem dealing with mere magicians and other magical races, against beings such as symbiotes and other Soul Armour Knights, they require much more than 'stab it/kick it/punch it until it goes down'. Thus, the Limit Breaks come into play. It gathers their fighting spirit and transforms it into power, unleashing a single attack with no equal aside from other Limit Breaks. Abyssion is capable of performing the Tragic Genocider (全弾発射・一撃必殺(トラジック・ジェノサイダー), Torajikku Jenosaidā lit. Fire All Guns – One Shot, One Kill) attack, where Cancer aims both Belial Blasters and the Fury Faces at the enemy, before launching the Slaughter Seekers from the fingers of the Fury Faces and delivering a salvo towards the enemy with the Belial Blasters, annihilating them through unleashing all of his arsenal at once at the enemy and the surrounding area. He can also use Bloody Fears (血痕蹂躙拳(ブラッディ・フィアーズ), Buraddi Fiāzu lit. Bloodstained Ravaging Fist), where Abyssion charges fighting spirit into one of his fists, causing it to resemble crimson energy smoldering off of the arm before unleashing a powerful punch. As Gemini/Pierrot's power is overlaying Cancer/Abyssion's own, Abyssion additionally has access to Pierrot's Spacer Kick (スペーサ・キック, Supēsa Kikku) where Abyssion teleports in front of the enemy using Shadowmeld before unleashing a powerful high kick aimed at the enemy's face; this attack is capable of sending an enemy smashing through a building.



  • Cancer's personality is inspired by Waspinator from Beast Wars- likewise, after obtaining Abyssion, his personality shifts to something more akin to Waspinator's much scarier Transformers Animated counterpart.
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