Alright, this has been happening for a wee while so I'm making a blog post about it. Anyways. So, new users are popping up all over the place and don't seem to know what to do, what rules we have and whatnot. So I shall devise a simple process for all you new users to follow until you guys get the hang of things.

Step 1


A very important thing on any wiki is it's rules. So when you get on here and ask an admin a question, PLEASE don't ask them if I can make a "Space-Time Dragon Slayer" or whatever, cause then the admins will be annoyed. When you get on here, go to an admin and preferably ask a link to THE RULES!. Once you find the rules and whatnot, READ THEM!. Everyone should know this, but rules are an essential part of the wiki and despite what people say about they are necessary for this fanon to function properly.

Step 2

Create a character!

So, you've read the rules thoroughly and whatnot, what's the next step? MAKE A CHARACTER! a very fun part about wiki, making characters :D. Now, for all those who are stuck on what type of character to make and how to make it, check out my other Hints and Tips blog for some advice. Do you need help with infoboxes? Don't be afraid to ask! We'll be glad to help and explain things to you :D.

A big thing that users don't seem to get is that POWER IS NOT EVERYTHING IN A CHARACTER. I do not mean to be antagonistic, but many new users seem to jump straight onto a Lost Magic, Slayer Magic and want a character for it! Then they seem to get these wild ideas on their heads about "Space-Time Slayers" and so many others that aren't necessary.

So, what do I recommend? Start of simple. Maybe make a character with normal Fire Magic instead of Dragon Slayer, and perhaps begin with Thought Projection instead of huge illusions? Don't rush into S-Class Mage level characters, maybe start off with a normal mage, learn to expand them and eventually grow from your limits, experiment with different things while staying with the rules. Maybe make a character totally specialised in one form of magic like my Thor Lucian, who specialises completely in Lightning Magic. It isn't hard, it just takes some diligence and patience, both of which are important virtues.

Step 3

Create Magic! And/or Spells or even Weapons!

So, you have created your character, and you want to give him/her a unique magic or even spells or weapons to a certain magic? Well, the first thing you need is.....


Ideas are one of the major things needed for any magic or spell, as without ideas on the actual concept, you are essentially lost. So, an idea could range from anything to be honest. From a simple requip weapon to a complex and intricate magic, you need to have a starting point.

So, you have your starting point, and you want somebody's opinion on it? Ask one of us admins! Or even ask a fellow experienced user like Aha or Void, they know alot about creating and expanding ideas as well.

Well, second part is done, you have the idea, and have some feedback on it. So....YOU CREATE THE PAGE! Now, when creating it, and you don't want anyone else using this idea of yours, you should use Template:My Cake, it is quite effective I must say. To format your page, you place the "My Cake" template first, then the Template:Property template and finally, the Template:Magic Article template, or if you creating a Black Art, use the Black Art variant.

Right, you've got that down. So, you're up to the description. A simple thing really, your description are your ideas culminated into a well-structured paragraph or sentences. Now, when writing your descriptions, there are four important things to remember.

Mechanics!(See here for more info.

These four things should be clear to you. But I shall go slightly in-depth into these, barring Mechanics as a link is provided for you.

Detail: Rather obvious, it's the amount of detail you put into explaining everything about the magic. The more detail, the better quality the article usually is. Now, detail does not mean you essentially place EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING about the magic and what it can do and jam it into the description, that can be saved for spells. However, with detail it is important to lay it out in such a way that those who read it aren't confused and make sure you're not too repetitive with your statements.

Effects:Easy, what does your magic, spell, etc do? If something is used in a specific way, what effect does it bring about? Does it damage the environment, cause internal, external, magical damage? Or does it do no damage? Perhaps it affects the opponent's senses? Or any other effect. Don't list them as I did here, try to flow it in with the article, perhaps use another magic's layout in the description as inspiration? It helps quite a bit.

Weaknesses: Another simple thing, Weaknesses. What weakness does your magic have? Does it cause immense magic consumption? Perhaps it's power is weakened when used in a specific way, maybe it causes damage to the user him/herself? Make sure to outline the weaknesses, at the least enough so you remember them and others can exploit them in a RP of sorts.

More to Come

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